The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 177-180

Chapter 177: Swallow Qiandu!

After Lin Canghai dived into the water, he did not deliberately hide his whereabouts, rather intentionally caused a scene and created loud noises. Even in the pitch-black underwater world, he did some neck-circling exercises and aerobics, twisting his torso and butt——

A flower-like handsome man was making some attractive movements but unfortunately no one could appreciate it at all.

He waited a while but could not provoke the three-eyed ice toad to attack him.

There was not even the slightest of reaction.

"Strange." Lin Canghai thought to himself. "Given the toad's ruthless nature, as well as its degree of understanding of the flow of water in the lake, it should have known. But it still hasn't shown itself, what exactly is it trying to do?"

Lin Canghai deeply admired Li Muyang's bravery and loyalty, so he wholeheartedly wants to rescue him.

Therefore, he decided to make his move.

Clasping his sword, he gathered qi in his dantian. Then, the tremendous body of qi that passed through his sea of qi, transported to the ordinary iron in his grasp.

His arm transformed into a crimson-red, and his sword turned purple-red.

Following the convergence of qi, a huge white ball emerged at the end of his sword.

The white ball of light grew bigger and bigger, becoming the only source of light in the underwater world that not even the ice water could extinguish or lessen its brightness.

The moment the light ball grew to the size of a bamboo basket, Lin Canghai swung out his sword, thrusting the ball of light out at the same time.

The white ball thundered towards the darker depths of the darkness.

Like a paper coated with ink was hacked in the middle by a sharp knife and a white mark was left behind.


The sphere of light exploded, sending multicoloured sparks shooting in all directions, and the bottom of the pond turned as bright as day.

Water at the lake bottom began to surge up violently, strange rocks flying into all directions.

On the surface of the lake, waves swelled, rising skyward, almost to the height of the giant waterfall.

Chu Xun stood still on the shore, watching intently at the white, giant waves soaring up like a tremendous dragon rising into the air, a cold smile flickering at the corners of his mouth.

"Seeking your own death."

Lin Canghai swung down his sword, as though the qi and force of the sword were about to split the entire underwater world apart.

This time, let alone the powerful three-eyed ice toad, even a dead three-eyed toad might be awakened by him——

Lin Canghai's action was indeed effective. Shortly after, he felt a strong flow of water rushing up behind him. A colossal monster about to attack him.

Lin Canghai twisted around, flinging his sword to administer a horizontal strike.

The sword hummed, making a loud, crisp sound.

The flame-like sword qi shot towards the three-eyed ice toad. The toad immediately slapped it away with its hand, sending the red sword qi into the distance. Then an underwater explosion rocked the bottom of the lake.

Lin Canghai's attack failed. With both his feet floating on the surface, he sailed towards the enormous three-eyed ice toad.

Clasping his sword, he again thrust at the three-eyed ice toad's stomach.

The triangular eyes on the toad's forehead constantly flashed, while his body clumsily twisted, like he could not evade on time and could only helplessly watch the sword lunged into its abdomen.


The sword pierced into its flesh. Although Lin Canghai did not hear any sounds underwater, he could feel the sword stabbing into its flesh.

His face was slightly glowing with pride, knowing that his attack was effective.

He charged forward, the sword in his hand also lunged all the way.

He was going to pierce the toad's belly.

Of course, because of the toad's enormous size, and the short length of his sword, it was difficult to thrust right through.



Until the sword hilt.

Besides the sparkling and translucent sword hilt gripped firmly in Lin Canghai's hand, the entire body of the sword had plunged into the toad's flesh.

Before the grin on Lin Canghai's face blossomed to a full smile, he was suddenly alerted.

"No blood."

Yes, it was as if his sword did not really stab the toad's stomach. How would the toad not even emit a trickle of blood?

In this dark underwater world, Lin Canghai could hardly see whether the toad was bleeding or not.

But the smell of blood is distinct. With his level of cultivation, if there was a strange odour in the water, it won't escape from his five senses and six consciousness, which are several times better than those of ordinary people.

"I've fallen into a trap." Lin Canghai finally reacted.

It was too late for him to free his sword. Instead he loosened his grip on the hilt and tried to escape.

In order to run faster, he violently kicked the toad's belly——

The toad's three eyes turned a fearful-red colour, because it's violent anger that was built up because of it's failure and accumulated injury were all about to vent onto Lin Canghai.

It's flat belly suddenly bulked up. Lin Canghai was sent flying.

Toad Qigong is impossible to guard against effectively.

The sword that should have punctured the toad's abdomen also rebounded, shooting towards Lin Canghai, who had lost control over his body.

With the hilt in front and the blade in the rear, and flying at a speed faster than Lin Canghai across the air, it shot towards his chest.


A little snow-white, jade-like hand stretched over.

With a grasp of her little hand, the hilt of the longsword appeared with a flash in her hand.

Her body glowing with the golden colours of the sun, and like a goddess, Qiandu slowly descended to the ground, and at the same time grabbed the sword hilt with one hand while the other pulled Lin Canghai back.

Her body looked like it was enveloped by a cocoon of light or situated in a transparent glass sphere.

Her face is beautiful and her eyes are charming. Her expression is so lively and her eyebrows are so vivid. Even her clothes are beautiful, clean and neat, gently fluttering.

Yes, her clothes were still dry. Following the gentle swaying of the ball of light above the lake, her black outfit also flowing gracefully behind her.

Her body did not touch the slightest drop of water and her was feet not contaminated by dust.

A jet of crimson blood spurted out of Lin Canghai's mouth, His grimace became a bitter smile, before he said to Qiandu: "This toad is too cunning, I nearly let it had its way——it knows how to show its weakness then fight back."

Qiandu nodded, said: "Thousand year king, eighty thousand years turtle are all Spirited creatures. A toad that has lived for thousand years must have its extraordinariness. We must not be careless."

"I know." Lin Canghai said.

Lin Canghai retrieved his sword from Qiandu's hand: "I'll go in again, let's see if it can also take my next attack."

"Be careful." Qiandu said.

The toad's third eye constantly darted right and left, looking at Lin Canghai and Qiandu.

Knowing that these tiny human beings dare to invade its own territory once again, it let out a series of angry roar: Croak croak croak——

Then, its long tongue shot out in the direction of Qiandu and Lin Canghai.

Just as Lin Canghai stood with his sword overhead, ready to slice his opponent, Qiandu stretched out her arm, pushing him away.


The toad's tongue wrapped around Qiandu's waist and with a sudden movement, reeled Qiandu back into its mouth and swallowed her.

"Gu gu——" The toad felt a sense of satisfaction it never experienced before.

Chapter 178: Stupa City!

Li Muyang was stunned.

What just happened before his eyes was unbelievable.

He remembered clearly that he dived into a cold lake, then was chased and hunted by a three-eyed ice toad until he finally squeezed through a small, narrow doorway——

However, how did he fall from the bottom of the cold pond to such a——strange place?

Like you pushed open a window in your house, only to see what was supposed to be a field of wheat transformed into the sea.

Li Muyang could not understand what happened.

He even suspected that it was a dream. Recently, he often had dreams. Many times he felt like he was in a dream, dizzy and muddleheaded. However, he enjoyed the great changes and ascension that the dream gave him, but at the same time, also had to bear the calamity and misery that the nightmares brought to him. It was impossible to get rid of and couldn't be driven away.

This was a totally unfamiliar world.

It looks like an abandoned jail, also like an underground palace of demons.

It was supposed to be the underwater world of the lake, but there's a spectacular city gate tower and towering walls.

The walls are tall, taller than the mountains of Broken Mountain.

The dark walls flickered with cold black light. Although the material they were made out of could not be determined but the wall is smooth and glossy like a mirror that not even gecko or birds could climb or stand on.

The black walls had an ornately inlaid giant brass door, tarnished and rusty, like it had endured hundreds of millions of years and underwent endless changes during the transformations of the world.

There were two giant holes in the brass door, as though it had been struck by a giant beast.

The above was covered with bloodstains and reeked of blood. The smell had not even dispersed even through the passing of thousands of years.

With Li Muyang's limited life experience, he could not distinguish whether this is human blood or blood of beasts.

The brass door is engraved with two huge characters.

Straining his eyes on the blurred, incomplete characters, Li Muyang could just about read: Buddhist Stupa.

"Stupa city?" Li Muyang thought to himself. "It seems that the city is built by Buddhist——but why would Buddhist build such a Stupa city? Is it to pass on their teachings or for other purposes? Why does history books not have any records of it, nor have I ever heard of the existence of this Stupa city from anyone before——"

Li Muyang crawled up from the ground, realising that the place he fell down to is the city gate to Stupa city.

He tore away the half of the toad's tongue that still adhered to his body and wiped clean the chicken-killing dagger in his hand, before carefully placed into his sleeve.

This was originally Xiahou Qianbai's chicken-killing dagger. Li Muyang thought it's cute, so he conveniently collected it. Since Teacher Xiahou is a Taoist, he can't kill chickens; therefore, the tasks of killing chickens and slaughtering sheep would eventually fall onto him.

Unexpectedly, this knife saved his life. In any case, he should treat it well and be responsible for it all his life.

Li Muyang strode over to the brass door of dozens of metres tall and looked as though it weighed several millions grams. Let alone a person, even a team of tough soldiers would not be able to knock it down.

Li Muyang slowly pushed the door until the copper door creaked opened.

Slightly startled, yet drawn in through his curiosity, he again took a big stride.

On the other side of the brass door, was a huge courtyard.

Carved stone statues of deities and Buddhist eighteen Lohans were placed either sides of the courtyard.

But these deities and eighteen Lohans were all upside down, and some shattered into pieces, as though this place has been through a fierce battle.

Li Muyang pushed his way through the broken rocks and weeds, inching forward to an old palace pulling him in with an incomparable attraction.


He pushed open the door to the palace, where a group of black crows immediately rushed towards him.

Li Muyang ducked down, letting the group of black crows flap their wings past him.

Li Muyang saw vividly. Those crows were very familiar. Pointy beak, sharp claws and blood-red eyes, they are the blood-thirsty crows that assassin Crow summoned when he was in Jiangnan city——

Li Muyang didn't expect to see such a rare variety of crow here.

Don't tell me assassin crow summoned these bloodthirsty monsters from here?

If so, what kind of place is this?

With the Blood Crows scattered, Li Muyang took a step into the hall. He immediately sensed a imposing and fierce atmosphere.

Like a giant tiger was crouching and glaring behind him, or a demon that he could not ward off was aiming for his life.

Li Muyang felt an icy-cold shiver ran down his spine, his legs trembled to the point that he almost could not stand up straight.

Very soon, he adapted to the atmosphere.

He felt himself hurtling back into a familiar atmosphere, like an old friend he hasn't seen for a long time was deliberately playing a little joke with him——

However, Li Muyang doesn't think he would have any friends here.

Inside, the giant door led a huge hall, empty and spacious, but the floor has a variety of elaborate decorative patterns and unrecognisable archaic symbols.

Li Muyang felt a familiarity to those patterns and symbols. He cautiously inched forward to examine them.


A sword pressed against the middle of his back.

Li Muyang's heart suddenly froze, knowing that his little life might end right here and now.

A cowardly and weak person, is usually more afraid of dying than anyone else, why did he decide to come this place today?

One glance and it's obvious that this place is not somewhere good people would go to, is this not a road to death?

"Anything can be settled through discussion." Li Muyang said in a timid and pleasing tone of voice: "Whether you are seeking wealth or other things, we can talk about it, I'm a flexible man——"

"I didn't expect you to dare to come here." A woman's voice sounded.

Cold, arrogant, and as though she's the leader of the world.

Li Muyang was too familiar with the voice.

The first time they met, they already had a quarrel. Later, when they enrolled into the same course, even more disputes and conflicts happened.

Li Muyang jumped into this cold pond because of her. He originally thought she's dead and had no idea they would meet here at all——

"People who have died already?"

The thought passed through Li Muyang's mind.

His heart almost jumped through his throat, his face deathly pale and his eyes wide with pain and fear as he asked: "Lu Qiji, please tell me honestly——am I a human or ghost?"


"It's over." Li Muyang dropped to the ground, his voice sinking to a mournful murmur: "I already felt somewhat is wrong. I was clearly in the lake, why would I suddenly in front of a city gate? The walls were carved with two words, so I thought this palace was constructed by Buddhists, it turns out——it's the Ghost King's palace, it turns out I'm already dead——"

Chapter 179: Been captured!

"How did I die? I still have a lot of things I want to do. I still have many things I haven't eaten before. What would my parents do without me? Who will be there to provide for them when they're old and who will pay their last respects? What would Li Shinian do if I died? If she marries a lazy man who drinks all day long, visits prostitutes and beats her, who will be there to protect her? It can't be Yan Xiangma, he definitely is not a good person. I don't even have a wife, our Li family will be left without any offspring——"

Li Muyang was devastated.

In this world, what is more painful than death?

What is more painful than death is that you're unprepared when death arrives.

I just jumped into a lake and swam until I came to a small door. Then, suddenly, I died—

The more he thought, the more upset he was, tears spilling down his face.

Clasping her sword, Lu Qiji simply stared coldly at Li Muyang sitting on the ground wailing.

"This idiot." Although she did not say anything but the way she looked at Li Muyang, already expressed her emotion and attitude.

Before, the tip of the sword was poked gently at his back. With the slightest force, Lu Qiji could pierce his heart and he really would become a dead person.

But when Li Muyang suddenly collapsed to his buttocks, the tip of the sword naturally jerked away from his heart position.

As though Li Muyang was deliberately evading it.

Lu Qiji shifted her sword downwards and rested the blade on his neck before she said in a cold voice, and without a tone of anger: "You're not dead."

"I'm not dead?" Li Muyang exclaimed, looking at Lu Qiji with his eyes wide with surprise. "I'm not a dead person? I'm still alive? We're not at the ghost king's palace?"

"You're not dead. This is not the ghost king's palace." Lu Qiji repeated. She hates talking nonsense. But the majority of people in this society talks nonsense.

She can't change herself, and even more can't change others. This is the difference between her and the world.

She hates the world, hates the restriction the world gives her.

"Why am I not dead?" With his eyes brimming heavy with tears and watery snot streaking from his nostrils, Li Muyang rose from the jade floor, ignoring the sword that Lu Qiji placed on his neck. He casually paced back and forth as he examined the gorgeous, empty and majestic hall: "I'm not dead, where is this place? Why are we here?"

"Why are you here?" Lu Qiji asked coldly.

It was because of Chu Xun's invitation that Lu Qiji came out to explore.

The instant the cold pond caught her eye, she already felt somewhat strange. The pond is disturbed by metal, wood, earth and fire, the four typical spirits of land.

Adding to this, there is a giant waterfall, known as the 'galactic sunset' structure, that cascades down, like it's pressuring and obstructing anything that lifts its head. With one glance, it's obvious that it is a five-elements arrangement meticulously set up by a skilled person.

With the depth and breadth of the cold pond, and according to the growth ring of the surrounding giant shrubs, this cold pond has existed for at least ten thousand years.

Ten thousand years ago, what kind of people would set up a five-killing structure here?

Just what were the terrifying things they want to entrap here?

Urged by her curiosity, after saying a word to Chu Xun, she swooped down into the lake.

The lake water was icy-cold, the coldness of which penetrated to her very bones. The instant she dived into the water, she felt sharp pain like being simultaneously stabbed by thousands of needles.

However, her body belongs to fire, and very soon the heart of phoenix in her body generated the strength to contend against the coldness. She was also reborn in the lake.

As she swam down, ready to examine the depths of the lake, a powerful three-eyed ice toad came to harass her.

She did not race against it. Instead, she increased her speed and darted towards the darker depths of the lake.
The toad that closely chased after her sensed a new prey entering the water, immediately abandoned the pursuit of Lu Qiji and intercepted Chu Xun diving into the water——

It turned to a battle between Chu Xun and the three-eyed ice toad. This was the reason that Li Muyang, Lin Canghai and Qiandu heard those noises.

Lu Qiji continuously swam directly to the bottom of the lake, and then drilled into the funnel-shaped bottom


She suddenly appeared at the doorway of Stupa City and entered into an astonishing palace.

But, how did Li Muyang also come along?

Did he also discover this peculiar place inside this lake? Or was he attracted by something else?

"I'm so stupid. Why did I do something so foolish? Why did I jump into the cold lake after I heard the toad ate you? You don't like me anyway, and we aren't friends——Why should I accompany you if you die?" Li Muyang grumbled. He was still in a state of panic and regret. "If my parents know that I'm dead, my parents would be upset to death. Li Shinian will also be hurt to death, you caused me a lot of trouble——"

Lu Qiji gaze wandered around while remaining calm and collected when she asked: "You jumped down the cold lake to save me?"

"If I didn't?" Li Muyang suddenly turned, his furious eyes staring at Lu Qiji. "If not because of you, why would I jump into this lake? Why would I be hunted by the toad? Why would I fall into this strange place where birds doesn't even shit? Why did you come to this place? Broken Mountain is so enormous, are other places not enough for you to play around?"

Lu Qiji's beautiful, thick eyelashes fluttering as she blinked, glaring at Li Muyang's handsome face. Although she looked angry but her eyes were full of worries and she was unable to bring herself to utter harsh words like before.

No matter what, he jumped down the cold pond because of me, this boy does not seem as annoying as I knew——

No, he is still very annoying. He still deserves to die.

However, he also has a likeable side.

For example, he risked his life to save me——

"I didn't tell you to jump down." Lu Qiji said stubbornly. However, her voice was a lot gentler, warmer and less tough as before. She was not like the boulder that she was before, where whoever ran into her would be covered with a face filled with blood. "You're not a child, you should be responsible for your own actions."

"Of course I'm responsible for my actions. But shouldn't you also be responsible for your own actions?" Li Muyang snapped back. "Don't make people who care about you worry, is this not the most basic morals that a good person should have? You're arrogant, spoiled, and don't care about others' feelings or even life. A woman like you——why did I jump down to save you? Water must have gotten into my head for me to do that?"


"What? Am I not right? Are you not like that?"

"My affairs——"

"Your affairs are none of my business, right? I want to intervene, I have to intervene——" As Li Muyang spoke, he took a large stride toward Lu Qiji.

Agitated, he reached out and dropped his hand upon Lu Qiji's shoulder, then explained with a cool yet affectionate expression: "I just want you to consider carefully beforehand, and I don't want see you encounter any danger. Also don't make the people who care about get upset——So, let go of the sword in your hand. You've already been taken captive by me."


Chapter 180: Swear a blood oath!

If eyes could kill, Li Muyang would have died 3,800 times already.

Could eyes kill?

Yes, of course.

But Li Muyang was still alive.

Because, he had struck the 'Qi Palace' pressure point on Lu Qiji's shoulder, causing her body to lose the strength to defend and to kill.

Now, Lu Qiji is the same as an ordinary person that he can crush to death at any time.

"I know you're mad, I know you hate me, and I know you've been wanting to kill me all along——" Li Muyang said, his voice surprisingly calm and a scheming smile twisted on his lips. After all, from the moment he pretended to collapse to his buttocks till now when he captured Lu Qiji, he gave his own performance 101 points. He's not even afraid of seeming arrogant by awarding himself one extra point. "But you must listen to me now. Throw away the sword in your hand. Otherwise, when I make a move, you would only embarrass yourself, don't you think so?"


Lu Qiji loosened her grip on the hilt of her sword, dropping the heavy sword to the white, translucent jade floor with a crisp and melodious sound.

She was a clever person; she knew what choice to make.

Although she did mistrust Li Muyang’s 'confession' and let down her guard against him, and consequently caused herself to be in danger.

This matter will be hidden deeply within her heart and never be known to a third person.

"So well-behaved. We're classmates, I don't want to make things difficult between us. As long as you cooperate, we can negotiate." Li Muyang was very satisfied with Lu Qiji's reaction. To make a woman who has eyes on the top of her head to submit to his own 'requirement' and go against her heart, is harder than ascending to the heaven.

"You planned to plot against me, is this what you call not making things difficult?" Lu Qiji said through gritted teeth, flames flickering in her eyes. I've secretly thought of a plan already, as long as there's a chance, I must kill him instantly with my sword. I knew this guy is shameless, but never thought he could be shameless to this point.

"I was forced by the circumstances and had no other alternatives, I hope you understand." Li Muyang said in an embarrassed tone of voice: "You wanted to kill me repeatedly, every time you look straight into my eyes I feel you have the urge to mince me up and feed me to a dog. When you suddenly appeared just now, you lunged a sword towards my chest. Do you think I can believe that you don't have the courage to pierce my chest? When I deliberately dropped to the ground to avoid your sword, you placed the sword to my neck again——what does that mean? You have been thinking about killing me. You never gave up that thought."

"Although I don't know why you hate me so much, but I must be wary against you——otherwise, when you do stab me with your sword, who should I find to reason with? If you were me, would you do the same?"

"I'm not as despicable as you."

"Despicable?" Li Muyang doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I'm not despicable, I'm not despicable at all. I've always been good person, and will also be a good person in the future—I have never done anything bad. I have not bullied good people. However, I have been bullied, shouted at and insulted all the time. Is this called despicable? I just want to live. If one merely wants to live, then whatever they do can be forgiven—how could you say I'm despicable?"

"I've thrown away my sword, you can let go of me now." Lu Qiji, not wanting to talk nonsense with Li Muyang, bluntly spoke out her own conditions.

"I can't." Li Muyang said, smiling and shaking his head, his finger still covering her 'Qi Palace' pressure point dared not to lift off of the slightest. "Although I haven’t fought you before, but I know I can't win against you, most likely? You've dropped your sword, but am I that stupid to believe that you won't kill me anymore? If you're just missing a sword, would you not be able to kill me?"

"What do you want?" Lu Qiji sneered. "You want to kill me?"

"What?" Li Muyang's smile became cold, his right hand still on Lu Qiji's Qi Palace pressure point while his left hand gently stretched to her soft cheeks. "You can kill me, but can't I kill you too?"

Lu Qiji stood motionless, letting Li Muyang gently brushed his fingers against her satiny small face. To her, her body was just a shell that contained her life. The moment she rises from the ashes is ultimately the time for her to abandon it. It posed no value to her.

Li Muyang also liked her stubbornness.

If it were other women, they would most likely have already slapped him across the face?

"What? Want my body?" Lu Qiji licked her lips and looked at him with a devilish glint in her eyes. "Take it. I won't resist. However, immediately kill me after and don't give me the opportunity to retaliate——otherwise, you will undoubtedly die."

Li Muyang paused before he replied: "I'm still a virgin."

"Then, you must want to try even more? To explore the unknown world is human nature."

"Why do you keep dreaming?" Li Muyang said snappily: "I said I'm still a virgin. My body is saved for a woman I love——The woman must also love me deeply. This is what's considered as love, living a long and happy life together. I hate you so much, how can I let you take advantage of me?"

"——" Lu Qiji felt the insults she received today was more than that she had received her entire life.

"You're my prisoner now, it's best to keep a clear understanding. Don't think of things that you will never have——" Li Muyang sternly lectured Lu Qiji who was letting her imagination run wild. "To tell the truth, I really can't bring myself to kill you. I know you want to kill me, but——to kill you just like that, I feel it's a very weird thing. Also, honestly, my heart won't let me do so. Although I'm not sure why my innermost feelings feel this way."

"——" Lu Qiji clamped her shimmering lips, her beautiful eyes firmly fixed on Li Muyang. Is this man going to repeat himself over and over again till death? He better not fall into my hands, or I will make him live in utter misery.

"However, if I let you go, I feel very uneasy." Li Muyang said, clapping a hand to his head, unsure what to do. "If I let you off, you will try to kill me again. What if I can't beat you? I won't do something so foolish."


Li Muyang thoughtfully stared at her, before he replied: "I'll tie you up. I won't kill you but you have to bring me out of here. You don't owe me and I don't owe you. We're even. What do you think?"

"Fine. I promise you." Lu Qiji said.

Hearing Lu Qiji agree so readily, Li Muyang began to feel uneasy again. There must be something he hasn't considered thoroughly; there must be a flaw somewhere in his proposal.

Li Muyang grabbed Lu Qiji's shoulder and said in a threatening tone: "Why don't you make a blood oath——otherwise, I would still think you're going to harm me."