The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 173-176

A very strange feeling.

He clearly hated her, they clearly fought as though they cannot coexist and he clearly did not like her at all.

So much that Li Muyang was occupied with one thought: if that woman was swallowed by that underwater monster, won't he have one less enemy to worry about?

However, when it happened right in front of him, when Lu Qiji was seriously going to be buried in that monster's mouth, when he heard Qiandu's analysis that she may not surface again, Li Muyang's brain 'exploded', that is, his mind went blank, as though a piece of his heart was torn.

He felt he lost something very important, he felt his life was no longer complete.

"Could it be——" Li Muyang can't help but become suspicious of this strange feelings of his. "I really have a crush on her? That so-called hostile behaviour stemmed from our love, hate relationship?"

"That's not possible." Li Muyang said to himself.

Qiandu did not notice Li Muyang's strange emotion, her gaze fixed on the three-eyed ice toad widening its huge mouth, constantly gushing out chilly air in the direction of Lin Canghai and Chu Xun.

Across the cold pond, Lin Canghai and Chu Xun were exerting their utmost effort to fly higher, evading the three-eyed ice toad's onslaught of icy air.

If their bodies made contact with those icy breaths, the very least they would be lightly inflicted with frostbite and if serious, turned into an ice sculpture.

Li Muyang is right, Chu Xun and Lin Canghai were sword masters.

With a wide sweep of Chu Xun's sword, a dazzling purple violet light appeared overhead.

The purple beam of light is slender and long, more than ten meters in length.

Clasping the sword in his hand, Chu Xun looked like he was holding a several-meters-long purple light sword.

As his body rose high into the air, his sword swung down vertically with immense force.

As his sword heavily swung down, it exhibited the lofty spirit of cutting mountains and splitting rivers.

Among the night sky, an inky canopy of darkness, the purple colour was the brightest light.

Even the surrounding darkness became affected, looking as though it was being absorbed by the light.

With each slashing sword stroke, it lengthened by a feet, widened by a meter.

The moment it was about to cut the cold, ugly head that was incessantly spraying out icy air, it already grew into a frightening, colossal monster.


As though in Chu Xun's grasp was not a valuable sword, rather a giant pillar.

"Purple clouds come from the east."

Chu Xun roared at the top of his voice.


The purple giant sword swung down at the lake, then almost instantly, the thick ice on the surface of the cold pond split into two halves.


With a deep, hissing crackle, ice water seeped through the crack from below. Chunks of ice in the pond broke away, rapidly melted and crumbled, and then sank into the pond.

Lin Canghai's sword was more biting-cold, but did not emit loud noises or display movements like Chu Xun's sword.

However, when his sword qi penetrated into the deep pond, the water let out cracking and rumbling noises as though a large amount of gunpowder was thrown into it.

But the giant three-eyed ice toad vanished from sight.

Besides the ice floating across the lake, as well as the widening ripples after the explosion, the deep pond returned to its original, calm state.

Clasping his sword, Chu Xun stared warily at the surface, looking like he might strike the final deadly blow anytime.

Lin Canghai's movement was swift, silent and furtive as he instantly appeared at Qiandu's side.

"This three-eyed ice toad is over thousands years old and resided in this cold pond for a long time, suffering the force of the raging waterfall, an iron casting has formed around its body. Our sword could hardly injure its skin or flesh. Adding to this, it absorbs extremely cold substance day and night, drinks ice-cold pond water when thirsty, eats fish and shrimps when hungry that even the body of air gushed out its mouth exhibited an overwhelming coldness. The breath it blows out forms everything into ice, I was almost turned into an ice sculpture——" Lin Canghai glared at the cold pond as said aloud. Despite that he and Chu Xun fought together, they still could not defeat this toad. For an extremely self-confident and handsome man, obviously he's frustrated and disappointed——

"What about underwater?" Qiandu asked.

"The underwater coldness penetrates to the bones, without essential qi to protect our body, we would have been frozen already." Lin Canghai said irritably. "Moreover, the bottom is dark like ink, although our eyes are different from ordinary people, we still could not see outside of one metre. That toad is cunning, comes and goes without a shadow, and occasionally attacked us from behind——If me and Chu Xun did not deliberately lure it out, we wouldn't be able to see its true face."

Qiandu stared intently at that cold pond in deep thought. "Muyang classmate is right, even if we jumped down, there isn't any use. The toad has lived here for thousand years, its familiar with every grass, stone and the terrain at the bottom of the pond. It is the absolute ruler of this place. To kill it in its territory won't be easy——Where's Lu Qiji? Is she still underwater?"

"I didn’t see her." Lin Canghai said, shaking his head. "Even if she is really underwater, I’m afraid——"

Lin Canghai did not continue, but his meaning was clearly understood.

If Lu Qiji was also at the bottom of the cold pond and still has not surfaced till now, then with the cold temperature and harsh environment, most likely she has freeze to death already, if not eaten by the toad.

They're classmates, although their relationship is not that good. Lu Qiji always looked arrogant and like she's superior to them. But thinking that they might not see her annoying face again, Lin Canghai felt slightly emotional.

Qiandu lifted her head to look at Chu Xun hovering in mid-air. "Chu Xun, come down, let's discuss what to do next. See if there're any ways we could lure that monster out again. If we jump into the water we would only die-——"

Chu Xun threw a sharp, sideways glance, before his line of sight shifted back to the pond once again, as he said in a hoarse voice: "There is nothing to discuss. Today, either it dies or I die. Talking is useless and just a waste of time. No matter what, I have to save Qiji——"

Qiandu helplessly said aloud: "This three-eyed ice toad is strong and extremely difficult to deal with. We're not skilled in swimming, if it doesn't come out, we can't do anything——"

She then turned to say to Li Muyang: "So, we should follow what Muyang just said, first find its weaknesses, its flaws, then attack when the enemy is unprepared——Li Muyang? Where is Li Muyang? Where did he go?"

It was only now that Qiandu realised Li Muyang, who stood behind her all this time, had disappeared.


In a nearby place, Li Muyang dived into the cold pond.

Qiandu hastily shouted: "Li Muyang, you idiot——did you not just said that for a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late?"

Chapter 174: Sinister aura!

We often make decisions in the heat of the moment, but once we cool down, we begin to regret that decision.

This is the principle that the application of heat to a substance expands it and cold shrinks it. This phenomenon is described as 'heat expands, cold shrinks' in textbooks.


The coldness penetrated his heart, a bone-piercing coldness.

The instant that Li Muyang threw himself into the cold pond, he felt like his scalp was being fried, as though ten thousands silver needles were simultaneously poking at his head.

He felt his body was being cut apart, as though he was being put to death by dismembering his body.

The blood in his body solidified. It no longer circulated around his body, no longer provided him with warmth and life.

Like a frozen dead fish, he couldn't struggle and moreover, he was unable to move a single step.

"Damn." Li Muyang growled. "Why did I jump down here?"

Li Muyang was a typical example of a 'heat expands, cold shrinks' type of character. While being encased in the pool of ice water, his brain became more clear-headed, and he finally regained his consciousness——for a split second, he felt his consciousness had been controlled by something powerful. The actions he took was when he was in a muddleheaded and did not know exactly what he was doing.

The moment he heard that Lu Qiji might be buried at the bottom of the pond, Li Muyang felt an overwhelming sorrow growing inside of him. Like a piece of his heart was ripped away. All he could think of was to save her, even if he couldn't save her, he must bring her corpse back. If he could not bring back her corpse then he must bring back the giant toad's body——

What he was worried is that in the end someone has to jump down and take his corpse back.

Li Muyang began to regret his decision.

Even Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, two powerful people, could not do anything after jumping into the cold pond, instead was chased around by the three-eyed ice toad, before they could finally lure it out for a battle. Although I do not know what realm Lu Qiji is in, but from her insufferably arrogant and conceited attitude——she should be more powerful than me, right?

To someone, like me, who just built my foundation and has mastered nothing, is directly jumping into the cold pond not a path to death?

It wasn't until now that Li Muyang begun to tremble with fear.

It was not a typical fear, his fear was as poisonous as any viper or scorpion. However, no matter what, the thousand-years three-eyed ice toad is more powerful than all the poisons of the snakes and scorpions he has ever seen.

He saw how the three-eyed ice toad opened its gigantic mouth. As long as it silently swam behind him and then tried to swallow him in one gulp, he really does not ability to defend himself.

"Because of an arrogant, spoilt woman, a woman who frames me and make accusations against me at every chance she has, why do I have to do such a stupid thing for her?"

"What does it have to do with me if she dies? Why do I have to die with her, people would think we had an affair— — my reputation after death would be so shameful, and simply hard to accept——"

Because of his fear of the unknown, Li Muyang began to make disorderly conjectures and his thoughts became muddled.

Since he couldn't do anything now with his body bound by the iced water.

Li Muyang suddenly thought of something: I still possess the power to think——

Not only could he still think, analyse and speculate, his line of thinking was quite clear.

This confirms that his body has not weakened and he still maintained an independent line of thinking and consciousness.

"Why is this happening?" Li Muyang could not understand.

His eyes shot open to observe the surroundings, just as Lin Canghai had said, the lake is an endless expanse of blackwater, like he was immersed in a giant pond of ink. There is tremendous lack of transparency in this underwater world.

What was even more deadly is that, although he just opened his eyes, he felt as though ten thousand sharp needles were poking at his eyes——

At this moment, every drop of water was likely to be a fine needle that puncturing into his eyeballs.

Although he only opened his eyes just a crack, the pain was similar to his eyeballs being dug out.

He slammed his eyes shut as soon as he felt the pain.

"My body can't move, my eyes can't see, it seems I can only wait for death—" Li Muyang thought to himself.

Deep down, everyone has a strong desire to survive, to live; Li Muyang is the same. He does not want to die nor want people to misunderstand that he and Lu Qiji had an affair so they're going to die together in the name of love. Therefore, he must stay alive.

He moved his fingertips.

His fingers could move.

"Good." Li Muyang gave himself some encouragement.

Then, he clenched his fists. His fists were still active.

"Great." Li Muyang exclaimed with excitement. His body was gradually adapting to the temperature underwater.

Once his arm was able to move about freely, he swam desperately with all his might—to leave this damn place.

Since ancient times, such a phrase have been said: "For a gentleman to take revenge, one hundred years is not too late."

His body rested in the middle of the pond, incapable of diving down or floating back up.

However, he could not turn around.

He waited for his body to recover, or perhaps waited for the toad's body to recover. After all, it just suffered a joint attack by Lin Canghai and Chu Xun, it must have sustained quite a severe injury.


Waves and ripples occurred in this expanse of water.

Li Muyang also felt his body gently rippling up and down like waves.

His body tightened with the urge to shrink into a tiny water worm. His heart was throbbing so badly that it almost squeezed out of his throat.


His body rippled up and down more intensely, and the voice that made one lose all hopes came closer and closer.

"I'm dead. I'm dead. This time I'm really going to die——"

Li Muyang could not turn around, he was even incapable of opening his eyes.

But he knew very clearly, that the monster was right behind him.

He could not see its body, but he could feel its breath rushing towards him.

Li Muyang imagined that it had opened its bloody mouth already——

He imagined too much!

The toad was really hiding behind him, its three ugly, red eyes staring unblinkingly at his butt.

Seeing that someone dared to trespass his territory and provoke it, the toad flew into a rage, opening its big mouth to tear him apart.

However, when it was about to do something, it felt something was not right.

What's wrong?

It came to the realisation that it could not swallow him.

In order words, it does not know how to eat his legs or butt first, or perhaps swim in front to frighten him and watch his funny reaction first, before devouring his entire body.

Not only could it not open its mouth, it even lacked the courage to come near, as if that person is not human, rather a dangerous species, a natural enemy of the toad's royal family——In the toad's eyes, Li Muyang, from top to bottom, emitted a sinister aura like he was telling it to not approach him.

However, he is indeed a human. And looked exactly the same as those things that he chased into hiding before.

Although he's ugly and has no eyes, while he has three eyes and looked mightier than him.

The three-eyed ice toad blinked its three huge eyes, as it scrunched up its ugly head in deep thought.

He grew angrier, circling nonstop around Li Muyang.

It seemed hesitant, undecided.

Swallow in one mouthful——but it lacked the courage.

Flee at once——but that would demonstrate it has no backbone.

"Croak, croak, croak——" The three-eyed ice toad could not help but unleash a stream of abuse: "Damn it, just what are you?"

Chapter 175: Scared to death!

Li Muyang felt insulted.

Whether you want to kill me, cut off my flesh, swallow or rip me apart, hurry up——At a place like this, even if you want to simmer or deep fry me, it's impossible.

What do you mean by circling around me? Do you think I'm too small and insignificant and lack the ability to counter-attack? So you deliberately toy with me, right?

If it were Lin Canghai or Chu Xun, you definitely would not treat them with such a rude attitude?

What tortures people is inequality rather than scarcity.

I did not expect to see a toad that discriminates. What is the difference between you and those classmates who bullied me before?

So, Li Muyang wanted to strike back, even if it was only a little strike. He wanted to teach the toad an unforgettable lesson.

"Ugly, hideous dead toad, I hope that you will be be covered with poison warts, have a butt on your head, give birth to son without eyes——" Li Muyang ruthlessly let out a torrent of abuse.

He thought his counterattack was very effective. After cursing out loud, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed and his mind at ease.

"Ah?" Li Muyang cried out in surprise.

He indeed did feel much lighter, that feeling of pain of ten thousand needles piercing into the top of his head disappeared and the pain from the ice water cutting into his skin and flesh also faded.

The ice water was still cold, but his body had gradually adapted to such harsh temperatures.

Moreover, he felt that immersing in the frozen lake was very relaxing, comfortable and free. Like he's a fish returning to the sea.

Li Muyang cautiously opened one eye then the other, the previous pricking pain from the ice water was gone.

Not only were his eyes able to withstand the water, but he once again regained his sight.
No, he could see things at the bottom of the lake.

Even though he could only see within a range of a few meters, but it was still very astonishing.

After all, as Lin Canghai has said, the lake is as dark as ink and it's hard to see with the two eyes.

Even with Lin Canghai's level of cultivation, he couldn't see anything at the bottom of the lake, why could he do it?

However, now was not the time to think about this problem.

The three-eyed ice toad wandered back and forth behind his butt, as though it might rush up and swallow him at anytime.

The only thing on Li Muyang's mind right now was that he needed to make some necessary defensive measures.

For instance——escape from this bottomless pond.

He clenched his fist, realising that his hand was able to move freely.

His arms that trailed at his sides became flexible. He was able to swim freely and effortlessly.

So, Li Muyang held his breath, his cheeks puffing up like the toad.

He compressed his body, and then, like a spring, propelled forward at once, desperately swimming across.

The toad originally did not know how to deal with Li Muyang. It was afraid of eating him but at the same time felt it's a pity if he did not. While hesitating, he came to discover that the prey he was eyeing on was on the verge of escaping——

It wants to, it doesn't want to, or perhaps it deeply thought about it——

Consequently, its huge foot began to make a slight movement, opening its tremendous mouth and charging over in the direction of where Li Muyang was escaping.

The three-eyed ice toad has resided in the cold pond for a long time, of course it's incredibly familiar with the terrain.

More importantly, it was born to live in the underwater world. Of course it's more skilled in swimming than eating.

Li Muyang dared to have an underwater race with it, was that not a path leading straight to death?

As expected, before Li Muyang even swam a few meters, he was already swallowed by the three-eyed ice toad.

Li Muyang was torn with anxiety.

If he was swallowed by the toad, was that not also the same as a dying?

He must live a beautiful life, but if he died——also must die beautifully.

Li Muyang does not want to become the toad's meal, does not want to be mixed with smelly fish, shrimps and Lu Qiji——He must not let Lu Qiji take advantage of himself.

He decided to strike back.

A dying counterattack, or perhaps a final struggle at death's door.

He clenched his fists and held it tight, gathering qi into his dantian.

The sea of qi area, like a boundless sea began to roll up shallow waves, as if a breeze was blowing over the surface.

Li Muyang felt his fist growing in size and the temperature becoming burning hot.

His pair of fists boiling in fury in the frozen lake.

"Breaking fist." Li Muyang roared

H suddenly twisted around and punched out at the toad's forehead.

Li Muyang swam fast, the toad chased even faster.

When it discovered Li Muyang, Li Muyang suddenly turned around and threw out a punch. Fear once again enveloped his whole body——

With a swift stroke of its foot, it sent him propelling forward.


The three-eyed ice toad unexpectedly ran.

"That scared me." Three-eyed ice toad took shelter behind a rock, its claws patting its round and bulging belly——

Without any greeting, Li Muyang once again plunged into the cold pond, going against his own suggestion that 'everyone should find its weaknesses first and then launch a fatal blow'.

Qiandu darted across to the place where Li Muyang just swooped down, gazing at the ripples widening on the surface of the lake and the shattered pieces of ice caused by explosion as she said in a worried tone of voice: "Li Muyang, that's too risky——"

Lin Canghai leaped to Qiandu's side, his face glowing with admiration. "Li Muyang is very brave and also values friendship——Even though he was fully aware of the ruthless and astonishing power of the three-eyed ice toad, he still dived down with no second thought. It proves that he's someone with courage and values friendship. This classmate is worthy of being friends with, just now I wronged him."

After a brief pause, he asked in a worried tone: "But, what to do now? Li Muyang is most likely in extreme danger now, everything points to disaster, right?"

Chu Xun stared blankly in a trance at the unfathomable cold pond. This is something he should have done but Li Muyang beat me to it.

Because of the time he spent with Lu Qiji, he knew clearly that Lu Qiji disliked Li Muyang. Although he did not know where this hostility came from or why it started.

At the same time, he also knew that Li Muyang was not fond of Lu Qiji. They have clashed repeatedly, which was also witnessed by everybody.

"However, why did Li Muyang do such a thing?" Chu Xun was still puzzling over this problem in his mind, he really couldn't understand.

It was not a disguise nor acting.

This was a real test of life and death.

The three-eyed ice toad has exposed its ugly head, and even though he and Lin Canghai attacked together, they still could not kill it. It's an opponent that posed an enormous threat to someone's life——With Li Muyang's skill, the instant he jumped down he would be swallowed.

Nevertheless, Li Muyang still did so.

He does not believe that a person would be so selfless to risk his own life for another person. Moreover, that person is one of his enemies.

What kind of secrets was he hiding?

"From what you guys said, in this underwater world, we are no match for the three-eyed ice toad. If it blindly attacked us, we wouldn't even notice." Qiandu's face turned gloomy. "However, leaving Li Muyang himself at the bottom of the pond is really dangerous, we must jump in, make some big movements and cause a huge disturbance in order to attract the toad's attention. This way, we can reduce the pressure on Li Muyang. However, we better not collide head-on with the toad, but instead think of ways to bring it to the surface, where we can strike together—just now the result of Canghai's and Chu Xun's joint attack was pretty good."

Lin Canghai turned to look at Chu Xun, saying: "Brother Canghai, what do you think? Just now when the two of us attacked together, we were extremely well-coordinated. How about we unite again to rescue Li Muyang and Lu Qiji?"

The expression on Chu Xun's face remained cold and indifferent. "Lu Qiji is one of my closest friends, no matter what, I have to save her, even if it means sacrificing my life. Whether or not you're going to save her, I will still risk my life to save her——"

Lin Canghai's face grew slightly angry. "What are you talking about? Who said we're not saving Lu Qiji? There's always disagreement between Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, but at this critical moment of life and death he still dumped away the former hatred, disregarded his life and plunged into the cold pond. Li Muyang values friendship, we're obviously the same as him——We will save Li Muyang, and also Lu Qiji. In any case, they don't clash anymore. As long as we kill the three-eyed ice toad, wouldn't everything be solved?"

"But you're too selfish, you only wants to save Lu Qiji herself, is Li Muyang not also your classmate? Because of some minor contradicting views before, you don't care about his life?"

"No matter what you say. The first person I want to save is Lu Qiji." Chu Xun said in his firmest tone.


"Fine. Canghai, no need to say too much." Qiandu said aloud. "Now is not the time to quarrel. Lu Qiji has been in the lake for some time now, we don't know the situation down there. Li Muyang just dived into the cold pond, he's most likely in danger now——We must not waste time and save them now. It doesn't matter whether Chu Xun would be saving Lu Qiji or Li Muyang, as long as he will help us kill the three-eyed ice toad——"

Qiandu's line of sight shifted over to Chu Xun, asking: "Chu Xun classmate, do you agree?"

"Of course" Chu Xun replied.
"Let's start." Qiandu said.

"Understood." Lin Canghai nodded, clutching his long sword, he was the first to jump into the cold pond.

He thinks Li Muyang is a worthy friend, so was willing to fight to death with the three-eyed ice toad for him.

Holding a green magic flute in her hand, Qiandu's outside was haloed in a faint pearly light, and then, light as a feather, she descended into the cold pond.

Hovering in mid-air, Chu Xun slowly lowered, looking at the cold pond with a solemn, serious expression on his face.


His long sword returned in its sheath.

Chapter 176: Underwater World!

"Breaking fist."

In order to appear greater and more powerful, Li Muyang roared at the top of his lungs.

But because he tried to speak, the water rushed into his mouth, causing him to gasp and splutter. He fought hard to resist the urge to inhale the water around him.

He punched out, but before his fist reached half way——

The toad ran.

The toad escaped.

When Li Muyang clenched his fist tight, gathering qi in his dantian, the boundless sea inside his body also followed rippling up and down. He prepared to throw out his most powerful attack——'The Art of the Breaking Body': 'Breaking Fist'.

What he didn't expect is that, with a long, swift stroke of its two back feet, the toad had already propelled dozens of meters away.

Nowadays, even a toad has no integrity?

Are you worthy of your renowned reputation? Are you worthy of your great age, having lived to thousands of years?

Before I make a move, you ran away——Don't tell me you're a paper tiger?

However, when standing ashore, Li Muyang saw everything very clearly. The blast of cold air from its mouth turned everything into ice, changed the surroundings and instantaneously lowered the temperature to freezing temperatures. Adding to this, its flesh and skin is strong and tough. It was so tough that a sword almost could not puncture through.

Even with Lin Canghai's impressive sword skills, he couldn't kill it. And, despite diving into the water several times already, Chu Xun was chased around and eventually fled in panic.

It was such a tough creature, why would it lack courage and run away from him?

Li Muyang grew even more angry.

He felt insulted.

"It must have known that I'm weak and have no destructive power. It wanted to play around with me before eating me——Back then, my classmates were also like that——"

Thinking of the classmates who bullied him made Li Muyang detest the toad even more. He felt that it's the same trash as they are.

It's fine that his classmates bullied me, but even a toad dares to bully me?

This was unforgivable.

Li Muyang circled twice around the pond, until he realised the toad had escaped without trace. Then an overwhelming urge to drag out the toad to kill came over him

While thinking, he moved his hands, lurching upward to the surface.

He needed to escape!

A toad knows to run for its life, was he inferior to a toad?

He only swam a few meters, when he noticed a current of water rising behind him.

The rumbling water gushed towards over him, without applying any force, the powerful water carried him forward.

"This is pretty good——" Li Muyang thought.

When the mighty water pushes me onto the surface, I will leap to the shore and yell: 'Qiandu help'. At that moment, Qiandu and Lin Canghai will attack. Surely, at that time, he can escape this calamity——

Chu Xun would probably not lend a hand.


A black wall appeared in front of him.


Li Muyang knocked against the soft wall without feeling any painful sensation. Instead the texture and feel felt pretty good.

He reached out his hand, his fingers touched something slippery, soft and bone-piercing cold——

Li Muyang lifted his head. The giant toad over several meters tall looked him up and down with its three eyes.

Somehow it suddenly appeared in front, blocking Li Muyang's route of escape.

Fierce, brutal and with a trace of confusion on its face.

The three-eye ice toad has lived for thousand years, gained a lot of wisdom over the years. It was beginning to understand human nature.

Not only could it sense the power within Li Muyang's body, it could smell the dangerous aura emitted from Li Muyang.

However, this feeling was intermittent and not vivid at all.

Therefore, it could not come to a decision whether to eat Li Muyang or whether it would be better to abandon this prey.

Its intelligence is not high. It subconsciously thinks that it shouldn't let Li Muyang off so easily.

So, when Li Muyang threw out his fist, it ran far away.

When Li Muyang wanted to flee, it used its frightening swimming ability to chase and intercept him.

No matter what, he must control Li Muyang, like he was within in his own palm.

The toad's mouth opened, and foam and bubbles began uncontrollably dripping out at the sides. Because of the close distance, although Li Muyang just adapted to the water temperature, he felt cold again.

Li Muyang ground his teeth, clenched his jaw tight and punched out at the round belly.


He slammed his fist against the thick flesh, making a crisp, loud sound.

Li Muyang slowly pulled back his hand, only to discover his clenched fist was stuck in it's belly fat, and no matter how hard, he could not yank his hand out.


The fat on the toad's stomach suddenly stretched.

Then, Li Muyang felt a tremendous force thrusting his body towards the depths of the cold lake.


The three-eyed ice toad let out an unusual cry, before aggressively darting towards Li Muyang.

Because he was hit in his abdomen and the toad was trailing closely behind, unwilling to let him go, Li Muyang could not turn around.

So, he desperately swam down.

He swam without stopping.

The lake was bottomless, the lower he went, the darker it became.

Li Muyang thought to himself: could it be that how tall Broken Mountain is, then that's also how deep the lake is, and it directly connects to an unknown underground world——

What he does not know is that, right now, the depth he dived to already exceeded the distance that ordinary human have ever reached.

Even Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, who have jumped several times into the lake, did not have the courage to come here and simply searched around in the shallow waters before returning.

There was only one very important thing that Li Muyang neglected. He has been in the water for quite some time now but did not have the chance to come to the surface for a breath of air, and adding to this, just now when he yelled 'breaking fist', water rushed into his mouth.

However, even now, he did not feel any breathing difficulty. As though he can breathe freely underwater, or he simply does not need to breathe at all.

An ability like that, even the Starry Sky teachers may not necessarily be able to do.

The inky-underwater world severely impairs normal people's vision. Extraordinary people like Lin Canghai and Chu Xun also become blind under the lake.

Not only could Li Muyang see in the underwater world, he could stay for extended periods underwater, and his vision improved and the distance he could see was further than before.

He could see clearly that the cold lake is funnel-shaped, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.
When he swam from the wide head to the bottom, the space to move about freely also lessened.

Two huge craggy rocks sitting opposite each other formed a door frame, leaving a small gap in the middle that only one person can squeeze through at a time.

Seeing that Li Muyang dared to swim towards the small doorway, the three-eyed ice toad grew anxious.

Like it's his treasure trove or it was guarding some kind of secret.

It swam with long, rapid strokes of its four legs, generating rumbling waves behind, as it opened its giant mouth, darting through the water towards Li Muyang.

Li Muyang cast a glance behind him, and all he could see was the toad's tongue trying to wrap around him. He struggled more frantically to flee.

Using both his hands and feet, wheezing and crouching, he took a step into the small, cramped hole.

His fingertips brushed against the pointy wall, and then, suddenly his head plunged into the depths of the abyss.

The toad behind has already caught up, its tongue like an infinite stretch of rope demanding his life.

It curled around Li Muyang's body, the mucus secreted from the tongue helping it to tighten its grip on him.

Li Muyang fumbled around until he found a short-handled knife, and then slashed through the lake, cutting the giant tongue.

"Croak——" Toad cried miserably aloud, desperately trying to retrieve its tongue.

Escaping from the constriction, Li Muyang squeezed his body through the small doorway on the stone cliff and swam towards the funnel-shaped bottom.


His body scraped the rocks as his body tumbled to the ground.

He reached out with both his hands. The ground was dry.

That cold lake disappeared, the frozen water vanished and the toad that chased him was gone.

He came to an even more unfamiliar, unpredictable world.