The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 155-162

Chapter 155: Do not have the privilege!
"Is that not senior Xingyu? Senior Xingyu is a well-known scholar of our school. When he first came to the school, he wrote 'The three strategies for grain retailer during war times', which became very popular and was greatly admired by the old pedants of the school. It's said that he helped reduce the loss of rations and fodder by 30% during war, this is an astronomical reduction–"

"He's even better at writing poems. So much so that, years ago the "Autumn Water Song' he wrote caused a sensation and the price of paper in Tiandu increased as a result of this–"

"When did the cost of paper increased? However, he does have a little fame within the school—-Senior Xingyu is very handsome. I heard that he's extremely close with Zhang Xian, one of the three beauties of Imperial View, there are even rumours that they're in a relationship, right? Now he's pursuing new student Li Shinian?"——

Just as the students have said, Chen Xingyu is indeed an influential figure of Imperial View High School.

He's handsome and talented, and with his carefree expression and charming smile, he attracts the attention of many girls.

Chen Xingyu along with his friends were blocking the road in front of Li Shinian as he asked with a smile: "Li Shinian?"

He spoke in an interrogative tone of voice, it's obvious that he does not know Li Shinian at all.

Through a simple psychological hint, he indirectly told the girl standing before him that, although everyone praised how beautiful you are, how good you are, but in my eyes—you're just a stranger.

Some girls with low IQ and high self-esteem would be easily tricked by this method, triggering a strong urge to introduce themselves and the desire to conquer—Don't tell me you don't know me? Don't tell me you don't know who I am? Well, I will think of ways to make you know of my existence and then make you love me-

Of course, there were too many women who acted like so.

And then discarded like a broken pair of boots.

Clearly, Chen Xingyu was a player.

In Imperial View High School, his rivals can be counted on one's fingers.

"Chen Xingyu." Xiao Huan stared at the handsome man standing in front, her eyes twinkling as she furtively poked at Li Shinian's waist and whispered at her ear: "He's Chen Xingyu, I told you about him before–"

Xiao Huan did indeed mentioned Chen Xingyu to Li Shinian before; just as boys like to comment on the beautiful girls in the school, girls also liked to judge the quality of the men in the school.

Chen Xingyu is the boy most discussed among girls; his name had appeared many times in Li Shinian's ear. Even before she came to Imperial View and was unfamiliar with almost everything in the school-

She had heard countless stories and the glorious history of this boy, although this was only the first time they met.

"Who are you?" Li Shinian lifted her head and with a smile sweet, eyed the male student standing in front of her.

And as always, her smile was simple and pure, and looked somewhat confused. Anyone seeing her smile would think she's a pure, adorable girl that makes people want to take care of her.

"She's an inexperienced girl." Chen Xingyu thought in his mind. He liked this type of girl.

Just like a glass of water, whatever you add to it, it will become that colour.

He would be the God that changes the fate of this girl, whether she enters into heaven or hell will be controlled by his thoughts.

"Chen Xingyu." Chen Xingyu's mouth fretted at the corner, the sugar cane straw in his mouth also tilted up. He had practiced this pose numerous times in front of a mirror; it is his most charming gesture. One of them. "Have you not heard of my name before, you have very limited knowledge and scanty information. Later on, if you can’t remember my name, then you would regret for life."

"Why would I regret for life if I don't remember your name?"

"Because–" Chen Xingyu's eyes were like a wolf's eyes, aggressively eyeing Li Shinian. "You lost the opportunity to meet and get to know an outstanding young man."


Female students screamed with excitement and joy.

What a classic opening, what a charming confession.

What a wild, domineering and manly man, he easily made people admire him and be mesmerised by him.

"Chen Xingyu is too domineering, I like boys like that-”

"My body is losing strength, quickly hold onto me-"

"I can't, I'm going to stop breathing—"

Li Shinian had the same expression as the girls around her, shyly took a brief glance at Chen Xingyu before quickly lowering her head again.

Her eyelashes were flickering, her cheeks blushing red and even her neck revealed a flushing red colour like the colour of peach blossoms in full bloom-

Li Shinian, with her voice sounding like a mosquito humming, whispered: "why would I want to know and meet you? I do not want to know or meet you. I don't know what kind of a man you are."

Seeing the girl's shy and charming beauty, even though Chen Xingyu was accustomed to seeing beautiful girls, his heart skipped a beat.

Too beautiful!

Too cute!

Pure like a white flower that's creating ripples in the middle of spring water.

Chen Xingyu ignored his racing heartbeat and said as a beaming smile spread across his face: "So, I came. The reason I appeared in front of you is to give you a chance–a chance to know what kind of guy I am.

His gaze swept across the several girls around Li Shinian with a smile on his face, as he said in an incomparably tough voice: "classmates, let me take Li Shinian home—you have no problem, right?"

"No, no-" Xiao Huan repeatedly waved her hand back and forth. Facing Chen Xingyu, she could not refuse.

"If you can guarantee Shinian's safety, of course we have no objection." Another girl said aloud.

"We were just about to separate at the school gate, if someone is willing to take sister Shinian home, of course that's good-"

The male onlookers became outraged.

What is he talking about? As though walking Li Shinian home is a scary task. They were also very willing to walk Li Shinian home. Why is it that all the good stuffs are taken by Chen Xingyu? He and Zhang Xian were in a stable relationship, right? Don't tell me he's going to dump her?

Chen Xingyu cupped his hands together at Li Shinian's friends, smiled and said: "I owe you a favor. Tomorrow at Golden Jade restaurant, I will be paying."

"Thank you, senior."

"Thank you, senior."

"Golden Jade Restaurant, I like it-”-

After getting rid of the several unsightly sidekicks, the wolf smiled at the little white rabbit and, made a gesture of invitation that nobles of the kingdom use, saying: "Miss Shinian, may I have the privilege of taking you home?"

All this, was so simple.

Simple to the extent that he felt no joy of victory.

"I'm sorry, no." Li Shinian's smile remained on her face and her expression did not change, still smiling like a sweet, naive, little white flower.

But her words—made people feel embarrassed and awkward.

Chapter 156: Foolish!第一百五十六章、傻裡傻氣!

Sorry, you do not.

It was the most hurtful words that Chen Xingyu had ever heard. He had never been refused. Moreover, by a woman.

Could it be—I'm not handsome enough?

From a young age, he grew up under comfortable living conditions. Loved by his parents, cared by his family and flattered by countless people. And because he's relatively good-looking, accomplished, unruly and possesses talents that people can't ignore, he was always the focus of attention wherever he went.

He is the 'prince' of Imperial View High; he is the most dazzling influential figure.

Everyone only knew he and one of the three beauties of the school, Zhang Xian are in a relationship, but in fact, he is also very close with the other two beauties, just that he had not succeeded yet-

He originally thought that, with his widely circulated stories, appearance and manners, it would be a piece of cake for him to impress a new transfer student—

Also, the girl looks so pure and simple as though she does not understand the world; this is the type he's an expert in.

However, he was relentlessly refused.

Adding to this, it was witnessed by countless students and his friends.

It can be predicted that tomorrow, no tonight, no within moments, the news of him being rejected by Li Shinian will spread throughout the campus and he'll become a laughing stock.

This was a fact difficult for the prideful Chen Xingyu to accept.

"Oh, Li Shinian refused Chen Xingyu—"

"Chen Xingyu also fails sometimes, Li Shinian really has a personality—"

"Hahaha, I did not expect Chen Xingyu to have a day like this–Starting today, Li Shinian is my one and only goddess, I'm going to pursue her—-"

As expected, the students standing in a circle watching broke into spirited chatter, pointing and laughing

Although they tried to suppress the volume of their voice but because of their excitement, their words still clearly arrived at Chen Xingyu's ears.

The smile on Chen Xingyu's face froze, his teeth grinding into the sugar cane straw in his mouth as he hissed: "Shinian classmate—is there a need to keep me a thousand miles away?"

"How could that be?" Li Shinian smiled. "We are still classmates. Tomorrow we would see each other again, how can I keep you thousand miles away? Just that it's not convenient for you to walk me home; after all, I don't have a boyfriend-if I accepted your offer, then, tomorrow all the students in the school would think I'm your girlfriend."

"Is that not a good thing?" Chen Xingyu asked, his characteristic careless and charming once again emerged onto his face. If you wish, from this point on, you can be my girlfriend?"

Li Shinian shook her head. "No, no, I can't, I don't like you. How can you be my boyfriend?"

Chen Xingyu's eyes fiercely stared at Li Shinian's sweet little face. "But I like you. Although we just met for the first time, but I know–you are the girl I've been waiting for."

"The fact that you like me has nothing to do with me, right?" Li Shinian explained seriously. "Many people like me, if everyone has a request like that, then would I not have a lot of trouble?"

"Interesting." Chen Xingyu's lips curved up into a playful smile. "As long as Shinian classmate gives me some time, I am confident that you will like me one day. At that time, I will ask you again, you wouldn't reject me again, right?"

Li Shinian was still smiling as sweet as honey, saying in a clear, crisp voice: "if it's a guy I like then I would be very happy if he walks me home everyday. However, if it's a guy I don't like, I should keep a certain distance. This greatly impacts a girl's reputation. Senior Xingyu is well-known within the school and is also a very ambitious boy, presumably you won't make things difficult for others, right?"

Chen Xingyu couldn't get angry now, otherwise he would look like a petty, incompetent person who can't accept failure.

He worked very hard to maintain the beaming expression smile on his face, saying. "Of course. I just heard a classmate mentioned that there's a lovely new girl whose beauty is comparable to our three beauties of Imperial View Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, so I was curious. I wanted to know more but it appears I am too direct and rude—However, today I realised Shinian classmate really deserves the reputation. Because of Shinian's arrival, from now on, we no longer have three beauties in Imperial View High, but four."

Li Shinian's eyes flashed with an ominous glint. She waved her hand again and again, urgently explaining: "I can't be compared to sister Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian. Although I am new here but I've already heard three sisters' name before. The three sisters are all outstanding beauties, I'm just an ordinary girl from a poor family–There is a huge difference among us."

The more modest Li Shinian was, the more boys came to her aid.

"Shinian classmate, you really can be the fourth beauty of Imperial View and also you're rank at the top of the four——"

"Exactly. My favorite is Li Shinian classmate, you are such a kind and sweet girl——"

"Shinian, if you need someone to accompany you, Zhao Kai volunteers——"

"Hmm. Minor tricks to win the hearts." At the corner of the school, a beautiful girl stood coldly. She is one of the beauties of Imperial View High, Gu Yuxin. Her face is like the crescent moon and her skin as white as snow; she indeed deserves the first place of the three beauties.

"From this it seems Chen Xingyu's taste is just so-so. Sister Zhang Xian, it's best for you to stay away from him in the future." Standing next to her was a cheerful oval-face girl but her voice was full of irony.

Zhang Xian was cold, simply swept her gaze over Li Shinian, before she turned around and walked away, saying: "A girl from a small, insignificant family who had not seen much of the world will eventually be deceived by Chen Xingyu—-and then tossed away like an old shoe. Why care about such people?"

The two other girls nodded simultaneously in response to Zhang Xian, before they walked over with their head high to the horse carriage waiting for them outside the campus.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Chen Xingyu noticed Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, yet had no intention of stepping forward to say hello.

He had noticed their presence earlier on and it was precisely because he saw them coming that he deliberately said Li Shinian is the fourth beauty of Imperial View High in front of them.

Because he knew very clearly that these women would not because of some praises, hate himself, instead this hatred will be transferred onto their rival Li Shinian's head.

At that time, Li Shinian, suffering from the pressure of the three influential women in the campus and without any other option, would throw herself into his arms and receive his protection in order to be safe and sound.

She had no better option unless she chose to leave.

Chen Xingyu did not believe Li Shinian would understand his plot. He was incredibly pleased with his predicted outcome. He thought that as long as he insists Li Shinian is the 'Fourth beauty of Imperial View High' she would surely appreciate his intention.

Which girl is not vain? Who does not like to be the highlight of a crowd?

A young girl like her, how can she refuse the temptation of fame and fortune?

It must be said, with the title 'fourth beauty of Imperial View High', one will attract more people's attention. Once a young master from a powerful, noble family laid their eyes on her, it's very likely she would marry into the family as a concubine.

"Shinian classmate has everyone's support, no need to be modest. Beauty is something that is seen by everyone with eyes and not like something you learn that has to be shown for people to know about it–"

Li Shinian's cheeks turned crimson red, saying softly: "I'm not as good as you say, don't say such nonsense."

Seeing Li Shinian's expression, Chen Xingyu knew his chance has come around again.

In any case, today he needs to make Li Shinian give in no matter what.

Otherwise, he would become the laughing stock.

Then, he looked at Li Shinian with a sincere and gentle look on his face, saying: "a couple of days is the Orchid Park's mid-autumn poetry gathering, I am the president of the Poetry Society of Imperial View High, I can invite a few students to go with me to attend Orchid Park's gathering, would Shinian classmate be willing to attend Orchid Park's gathering with me to listen to poems and admire the full moon?"

"Wow, Chen Xingyu is inviting Li Shinian to Orchid Park, he really is putting in a lot of effort——"

"I heard Orchid Park Association is the most popular poetry society, and even some people from major families would attend——"

"At last year mid-autumn poetry gathering, poetry expert Yan Daoji attended and also praised Chen Xingyu 'wisdom'"——

Even the several students on Li Shinian's side became excited. Xiao Huan tightly gripped onto Li Shinian's arm, saying: "Shinian, quickly accept it, it's Orchid Park poetry gathering, there will be many literature experts–National top scholars will share poems and admire the Moon together. Once there is a good poem it would spread throughout Tiandu and the Kingdom, take us with you to expand our knowledge–"

Chen Xingyu's gaze shifted to Xiao Huan and said with a smile: "this classmate can also come with us——"

"Shinian——" Xiao Huan was on the verge of tears; she was too excited to even say a word.

While all eyes were clustered on Li Shinian's face, eagerly awaiting her response.

Go? Or not go?

Go attend the Kingdom's top scholar party and enjoy the envy and jealousy of countless people. For girls around this age, it's an extremely attractive invitation.

Who wouldn't want to be a different person?

Chen Xingyu's face was beaming with smiles, admiring Li Shinian's bright red, oval face.

This little white flower will eventually fall into my hand.

"I won't be going." Li Shinian shook her head slowly, saying aloud.

"Why?" Chen Xingyu shouted in a hoarse voice. Why is this girl so hard to please? I invested time and effort but was still unsuccessful, what went wrong?

Li Shinian lifted her head slowly to look up at him and said softly: "Because–my first impression of you was not that good."

"What does that mean?"

"When you first appeared in front of me, you were chewing a sugar cane straw in your mouth." Li Shinian said.

"What's—wrong with that-?"

"My brother also likes to clamp a sugar cane straw in his mouth, so when others do the same I always feel they are not as cool as him and looks silly—"


Chapter 157: Flower guardian!
What is this bullshit reason for refusal?

Chen Xingyu was boiling with fury.

He could no longer maintain the calm and elegant outward appearance that he had displayed before, encountering something like this is difficult to keep calm.

Chen Xingyu stared sharply at Li Shinian and said through gritted teeth: "just because a piece of sugar cane straw, so you rejected me? Is that fair? Li Shinian, are you kidding me? There is a famous proverb in Tiandu, being a girl from a small city you will not have heard of it–When I like you, you have what you want. However, when I hate you, who do you think you are? If you think humiliating me will give you joy and glory, I'm afraid your hopes will come to nothing. Since you made a move first, Xingyu does not mind to fight until the end."

The smile on Li Shinian's face gradually faded away, looked at Chen Xingyu with serious eyes, saying: "Senior Xingyu, do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"

Chen Xingyu was taken aback and stumbled over his words, asking: "What is the lie?"

"The lie is that because both you and my brother like to chew a sugar cane straw but you're not as cool or handsome as my brother, so I rejected you. By saying that, it took into account senior Xingyu's 'face', right?"

"What about the truth?"

"The truth?" A cold smile curved Li Shinian's lips as she said: "When you and I first met, I thought you have no rancor towards me, so I don't understand why Senior Xingyu wants to bring trouble to me?"

"Bring trouble to you? You said I bring trouble to you? How can I bring trouble you?" Chen Xingyu, looking slightly stiff, asked in an annoyed voice. He spread out his arms, a wronged expression on his handsome face, like a little man who had just been bullied. As he spread out his arms wide, his eyes scanned the crowd of many students: "you guys help decide who is right. I was courteous and polite to Li Shinian classmate. Not only did I intended to protect her home, I also invited her to attend Orchid Park's gathering–Is that bringing trouble to her? If that is, then what I want to know is: what is caring about someone?"

"Also, everyone know how I, Chen Xingyu conducts myself and my personal character; when have I ever bullied people? If it works for us, we stay together; if not, we split. When did I ever force anyone? Li Shinian was disrespectful towards words and even humiliated me, many students here are witnesses to this."

"Senior Xingyu, I may look dumb but I'm not stupid. I'm new here but you said I'm the so-called fourth beauty of Imperial View High in the presence of many students and then intentionally guided other students to belittle the other three sisters-By doing so, even though the other three sisters are broad-minded, they will still have some frustration towards me. The three big sisters are beautiful, intelligent, and have a good background, they can do anything they want in the school and have countless pursuers. If they don't like me, other students will naturally repel me. At that time, how can I stay at Imperial View High?"

Li Shinian glared at Chen Xingyu with increasingly fierce eyes, explaining: "At that time, I would only have two ways about it: one is to leave, transfer to another school to avoid gossips. The second option is throw myself into Senior Xingyu's arms and receive your protection. Imperial View is the best school in the area besides the Royal Academy; for a little girl like me who's from a small city to enter into Imperial View Royal is a great blessing, it's nearly impossible for me to transfer to a better schools–So, a normal person would generally choose the second path, isn't that right? Senior Xingyu."

Everyone looked astonished.

They were simply here to see the thrilling scene, but there was more to it than meets the eye.

That Chen Xingyu—with just a few words he blocked Li Shinian's way out and future in the school?

When Chen Xingyu praised Li Shinian as the fourth beauty, they also echoed his words. They stood at Li Shinian's side, thinking that Li Shinian is prettier than the other three beauties. Numerous people also yelled that Li Shinian should be at the top of the ranking—It turns out they fell into Chen Xingyu's trap and became Chen Xingyu's accomplices.

"That Chen Xingyu is so hateful? In order to get Li Shinian he is willing to do everything——"

"Shinian classmate is right, if she aggravated the three beauties the moment she came to the school, and with people like Chen Xingyu plotting behind, how would her days in Imperial View be happy?"

"Well, as long as I'm Liu Tao is still in Imperial View High, no one can touch even a hair of Shinian—"

Nearby, inside a black luxurious carriage, as the curtains were gently lowered down, Gu Yuxin’s face was seen smiling at Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, saying: "this girl is not stupid."

"She's not only not stupid. She's a demon-like person. Li Shinian is quite interesting, I like her." Liao Ziyu chuckled. Then, she shot a glance at Zhang Xian sitting opposite of her, asking: "Sister Zhang Xian don’t you think your Chen Xingyu stepped into a mudpit this time and embarrassed himself?"

Zhang Xian's face was still cold and arrogant as she said: "Chen Xingyu brought humiliation upon himself, can't blame anyone. However, sisters, are you not wary of this new girl?"

"What is there to be wary of?" Gu Yuxin chuckled: "Are you afraid that she will snatch away that nuisance title 'three beauties' or 'four beauties'? It's just a ranking made by some bored people, if she wants it then she can take it. What's so important? So what if someone's more beautiful? In the end she would probably just marry a master of Tiandu and become a concubine?"

"Sister Yuxin has a point." Liao Ziyu giggled. "It's better for this girl to not gain fame in Tiandu, quietly and peacefully study, and marry to a good, honest man, then she might live a good life. If she's unwilling to remain out of the limelight and tries to stand out—her life would not be easy in the future."

"What does that have to do with us?" Zhang Xian said. "Let's go horse-riding at Navy Park."

"Let's go." Gu Yuxin waved her hand. "Few days ago I bought a strong colt, lets have a race later on." ——

The black carriage headed in the direction of the bustling downtown area. To these girls from wealthy families, what just happened is just a small episode of their life.

This is an era in which strong people are respected and the society is rigidly stratified.

The Emperor owns all lands; Generals protect millions of people. Princes, dukes and nobles employ a large number of servants, but there are even more ordinary people who live in peace and work happily, relying on their own hard work and hands to feed their families. However, when disaster strikes, they would not have the strength to fight or the ability to protect themselves or their possessions.

Such as their wealth. Such as their beauty.

"Don't slander me." Chen Xingyu thundered. "Li Shinian, if you don't publicly apologise to me and restore my reputation, don’t think of leaving the school gate today."

Li Shinian glanced over at the school gate and then at her current location, before she said aloud: "but I’ve already stepped out of the school gate–Do I need to go back in first so you can say that sentence to me again?"


Chen Xingyu suddenly drew the sword strapped at his waist and pointed at Li Shinian's chest, hissing: "You think I don't dare to kill you?"

Li Shinian stood still with her back straight as she replied: "Of course you do."


Chen Xingyu extremely regretted impulsively pulling out his sword, how would he dare to publicly kill at the school gate?

He does not care less about an insignificant person's life, but he pays serious attention to his own future.

He is a young man with great ambition. He wants to dedicate his talents and blood to the kingdom; accordingly, the kingdom should repay him with a high official position and generous salary, as well as the respect of the whole world.

If he swung down with his sword right now, even if his family could find a way to make things right using his family's relationship, he would carry the notorious title of someone who 'killed on impulse'. Who would dare to use him in the future?

Chen Xingyu's hand trembled with anger.

He just said those words casually, why did this idiot woman take it seriously?

According to before, when his sword thrust towards a person, especially if it was a woman, they would quiver and topple backward to the ground, landing on their buttocks.

While he would coldly glance at her, saying 'killing you will dirty my sword' and then jerk his sword into the sheath, turn and walk towards the distance, leaving a tall, rear figure and the admiring eyes of countless people–

What is wrong with this Li Shinian? She does not act according to his plan at all.

Chen Xingyu was in a dilemma.

Chen Xingyu was very upset.

Chen Xingyu felt there is not one good person in this world.

"Hey, I originally thought today was pretty boring. Day after day have passed, and I wasted more time everyday. Didn't expect to see such a drama today—-" A playful voice came from behind.

"Your knight in shining armour is here." Chen Xingyu said excitedly. He can't be serious to stab a woman in the chest with a long sword but if there's a man wanting to be the 'hero who saves the beauty', he may not be kind to him.

Chen Xingyu turned his head around abruptly or could not wait to turn around.

As he turned, he also pretended to unintentionally sheath the sword pointing at Li Shinian's chest back into its scabbard.

He glared at a youngster dressed in a bright robe with a sugar cane straw in his mouth and thundered in a cold voice: "who are you?"

He actually wanted to hug this guy but to ensure that there isn't a flaw in the storyline and to not disappoint the audience, he can't help but to sacrifice this fool who does not know how high the sky is or how the deep the earth-

The bright robed youngster casually cupped his hands, saying: "Young master, Yan Xiangma."

His finger pointing at Li Shinian behind Chen Xingyu as he said: "Her flower guardian."

Chapter 158: Grass clashing!

Chen Xingyu is usually someone else's master; he did not like someone else to be his master.

For people in higher positions than him or people who are stronger than him, he regards them as 'father'.

The most he can do is let them be his 'father',but being his 'master' is impossible.

You see, Chen Xingyu has great pride and dignity. Even he has his own integrity.

"Master Yan Xiangma." A guy chewing a sugar cane grass in his mouth introduced himself like so.

Chen Xingyu was both angry and happy, initially angry initially then his anger transformed into joy.

Angry that the jerk had the nerve to refer to himself as his 'master'.

He crossed the line!

Happy that he doesn't know who Yan Xiangma is. He has never heard of this man at all.

He's easy to bully!

The current society is exactly like that. If someone irritated you, your first reaction would be to think whether this person could be easily dealt with-it would not be wise to kick a steel plate. Chen Xingyu would never do such a silly thing.

Chen Xingyu's eyes widen in anger, glaring with a cold, arrogant glint in his eyes. "Who is the little brat? To dare to speak insolently."

Yan Xiangma walked over to Li Shinian's side and gazed at the girl's beautiful face and her resolute eyes, asking: "Are you alright?

"I'm fine." Li Shinian said shaking her head. With a smile on her lips, she surveyed Yan Xiangma. Although she was not familiar with this man but meeting an old acquaintance is a happy thing. Tiandu, this city made her felt too unfamiliar, without sense of safeness and security at all.

"I'm glad." Yan Xiangma's lips curved into a smile, the familiar mischievous grin. "From now on, leave your safety to me."

"I definitely won't—-"

"It's decided." Yan Xiangma interrupted Li Shinian's refusal, uttering in an imperious voice.

He knows that if he gave this girl an opportunity, she can turn him to pieces. In her mind, besides her idiot brother, there are no other good men in the world—I am clearly more handsome and smarter than Li Muyang by hundreds of times, right? Strange, why do I have to compare myself to Li Muyang? We are not even at the same level, right?

After confirming that Li Shinian was not hurt, he twisted around and his eyes swept over Chen Xingyu as he asked with a smile: "you're a retard, right?"

"What are you talking about?" Chen Xingyu was boiling with fury, his hand clenched tightly onto the handle of the sword.

"If your intelligence is normal, you should know that I'm an adult. Also an adult who's older than you. What do you mean when you said 'whose child is that'? Don't tell me you usually describe yourself as a 'child'? This kind of shameless thing, a normal person would never do it."

"I'm don't hit women, so I can let her go this once." Chen Xingyu's eyebrows-like-scimitars raised while the sword in his hand swung up to Yan Xiangma's chest, "However, for a ruffian like you, I will not let them off-Draw your sword."

"You want to kill me?"

"Draw your sword."

"I see your breathing is steady and calm, and your eyes look determined; you seems like someone who's adept at sword fighting."

"Draw your sword."

"Your voice is powerful and not angry; your sword qi is faintly concealed. It seems like you are someone who cultivates."

"Draw your sword."

"Also, the way you lift up your sword horizontally with the tip slightly trembling is the standard 'wild geese over the calm sand' style of lifting a sword; you should have a little connection with the Changbai sect. What is your relationship with the Lui clan?"

"What? Are you scared so you don't dare to draw your sword?" Chen Xingyu sneered. He kept his identity well hidden, why would his real identity be known? How could he show off pompously in front of ordinary people in the future?

However, this feeling of his identity being exposed publicly felt pretty good. He liked it.

"What I want to say is–" Yan Xiangma's eyes narrowed looking at Chen Xingyu, his playful expression suddenly turned stern. "Conceited little trash like you who thinks too much of himself but actually has no ability or background, I can handle ten with one hand."

"Die." Chen Xingyu thrust forward with his sword, splitting into three strikes that directly pierced towards Yan Xiangma's face, chest and throat, the three strategic locations.

Yan Xiangma stood still until he felt the qi of the sword and the edge of the blade was on the verge of piercing through his skin when he suddenly punched out.


Red flames erupted like a ball of fire ignited in the sky.

The ball of red flame burned with a shrill hissing sound while a white mist filled the air.

The mist temporary shrouded the two and then instantly dissipated into nothing.

Chen Xingyu used Changbai's division Lui clan's 'Autumn water sword' technique, one sword stroke that agitates the autumn water that even the heavens cannot move.

He thought that his sword stroke would assure his victory, would pierce three holes on the chest of Yan Xiangma, this shameless man, and then he would deliberately pin him with the crime of provocation at the school gate and throw him into prison—He has this kind of ability.

Just when he was wondering how to deal with the follow-up of thisincident, an even more breathtaking and majestic power suddenly gushed towards his face.

No, not just his face. Like an invisible blazing wall of qi, it completely blocked his whole body, forcing him to stagger backwards at a rapid speed, as though a slightly slower speed he would be burned into ashes and mist.

Chen Xingyu felt his body rising into the air and then falling heavily to the ground.


His butt was first to slam against the floor, then his back and head.

His butt nearly split open, his spine about to crack and his head felt heavy and dizzy as though he has been severely beaten up.

His thighs were the last to drop to the ground but without too much damage.

Chen Xingyu breathed in short, difficult breaths, wrinkling his nose as the burning smell filled his nose.

He tried hard to get up from the ground but a mouthful of blood spurted out.

What made him felt most terrified was that the blade of his sword in his hand had vanished, leaving behind only the sword hilt, which was tossed away when he could not bear the intense heat from the sword and because he felt his hands were going to be steamed.

This guy, who is he really? How can he be at such a profound level of cultivation?

All the spectator's eyes lit up, many people cried out in alarm by the sound of the flame.

"Wow, that guy is amazing——"

"His ability seems stronger than Chen Xingyu, he's not with us, right?"

"He said he's called Yan Xiangma—I have never heard of this guy before—"

Chen Xingyu forced himself up using his elbow as a main support for his body, propelling himself forward to sit upright.

His eyes stared icily at Yan Xiangma and his voice wavering in fear and curiosity as he asked: "who the hell are you?"

"Master Yan Xiangma." Looking apparently annoyed, Yan Xiangma said: "you just asked this question, you're clearly wasting my time. Although I have a lot of time to waste—but I'm a picky man. My time cannot be wasted on anyone. Especially trash like you who I can handle ten of with one hand."


"Don't question what I say, anyone who knows me will know that I never tell lies." Yan Xiangma glared intently at Chen Xingyu. "Now, listen carefully to every word I'm going to say; you better pay attention to where I pauses because that is what I want to specifically remind you—-First, publicly apologise to Li Shinian, admit that you had ulterior motives and you're a beast."

"That's too much. That's impossible."

"You can refuse but the consequence of refusing is that I'll punch you again. Your hand that was gripping the sword will have the same fate as your sword: melt into nothing. With one arm missing, let's see how you chase after girls in the future."

After a moment of silence, Chen Xingyu's line of sight shifted to Li Shinian and he finally said in a low voice: "I'm sorry, I–had ulterior motives. I'm a beast."

Everyone fell silent in shock.

The students were aware of Chen Xingyu's usual style and behaviour, and know that he has a powerful reputation in school so almost no one dares to mess with him.

And because of this, the three beauties and him were especially close; other people did not even have the opportunity to come near them.

Now, he was forced to publicly apologise to a new girl—How would he have the face to go out and meet people in the future?

"Look, your introduction of yourself is more domineering than mines. Who dares to publicly admit he's a beast?" Yan Xiangma came close to Chen Xingyu, patting him on the shoulder as he said: "Now listen to my second request, be sure to listen carefully—Leave far away, don't let Li Shinian see you ever again in Imperial View High. Every time she sees you, I'll blind one of your eyes. When both your eyes have been blinded, I’ll cut off your nose, ears and tongue. Of course, I know you don't believe me but this can't be rushed. You can try to break the promise, I also patiently wait for the opportunity."

"Fine. I promise." Chen Xingyu said through clenched teeth. Leaving Imperial View High is not a big deal to him. With his family's relationship, he could go to other schools. Since the situation has turned to this, he also does not have the face to stay here anyway.

As long as he remains in Tiandu, there will be a chance for retaliation.

"Thirdly, which is the most important-don't hold a sugar cane grass in your mouth ever again. Otherwise, every time I see you I will hit you again." From his mouth Yan Xiangma fiercely pulled the half-chewed sugar cane grass, threw it to the ground and hissed: "I hate clashing clothes with others, but today I clashed grass with an idiot—you know, it makes me feel ashamed?"

"You can't hold something else in your mouth? A bone from red braised pork? A dagger or some gold coins? Or a foxtail grass–Why must you hold a sugar cane grass in your mouth? Don't you have a little creativity? Can't you–make some slight changes?"


Chapter 159th: Kill chicken for training the mind!

"What? You refuse?" Yan Xiangma said in a arrogant tone while glaring at Chen Xingyu.

"——" Chen Xingyu obviously refused to obey. This is Tiandu. It's the imperial capital. It's where tigers crouch and dragons coil. It's where nobles and wealthy families as well as many members of the Royal family live. It's where the Kingdom's most powerful or influential people gather; besides the man on the throne who would comply with anyone else?

Of course, he did not dare to say it out loud.

He knew very clearly that this bastard did not lie, he really can handle ten of him with one hand——

Dressed in luxurious Chinese-style clothing, Yan Xiangma coldly scanned the audience, saying in a clear voice: "I'm telling you, as Jiangnan city's most famous hedonistic young master, there's nothing I can't do. Starting today, I will protect Li Shinian. If someone is not satisfied, come find me–Remember, my name is Yan Xiangma, my dad is Yan Bolai."

Yan Xiangma needed to be arrogant and unruly. He needed to maintain a high profile. He needed to attract all the attention.

Since he's going to help, then he must eliminate all of Li Shinian's worries about future consequences and her fear of trouble.

This is Tiandu, where imperial power exists. And it's precisely because this is Tiandu and where there is imperial power, that it gives rise to some powerful people who disregarded the law. These people would dare to do anything.

He would not allow others to hurt Li Shinian. No one could.

"Yan Bolai?" Chen Xingyu paused for a minute, thinking that the name sounded a bit familiar.

Of course, with his knowledge, he would not the names of the dozens of governor of each province and the lord of each city in West Wind Kingdom.

The local dragon is not as powerful as a strong snake. Chen Xingyu decided to endure silently and patiently wait for a chance to retaliate in the future.

Therefore, despite Yan Xiangma's provocation and how obnoxious he was, he remained unmoved and indifferent. To be successful one must not be bothered about trifles. He is a man who wants to dedicate his life to West Wind Kingdom.

Li Shinian bowed slightly to the classmates, one after another, and said in an earnest voice: "thank you, thank you for your sense of justice and for speaking out forthrightly. Thank you for your kindness and love. Shinian is unable to repay the favour and can only bow to express my gratitude-Today everyone saw what happened, Shinian had no better option. We are still classmates, please look after me."

"Shinian classmate don't take this matter to heart, we'll definitely take care of you——"

"Anyone who dares to bully Shinian classmate will have to answer me first——"

"Shinian classmate, we are your backup team—"

Li Shinian once again expressed her gratitude to the crowd, before she turned and walked onto the road into the distance.

Yan Xiangma followed her with quick strides and stretched out his arm to wrap around Li Shinian's shoulder but instead was slapped away by Li Shinian.

"Give me some face, many people are watching." Yan Xiangma whispered.

"Give it a rest."

Yan Xiangma attempted to drape his arm around her again. "If my status is unverified, I'm afraid some people wouldn't be convinced—"


Li Shinian once again slapped away Yan Xiangma's perverted hand.

"We don't have that kind of relationship anyway."

"Come on, I said I'm your flower guardian–if you pretend to be my girlfriend, no one would dare to bother you."

"Then, only you can bother me?"

"How could you think of me like that?" Yan Xiangma said irritably: "I am the son of the lord of a city, Jiangnan city's most famous hedonistic young master. What woman can I not bother? Would I only bother you?"

"Then go find them, why did you come here?"

"I don't – like to demean myself." Yan Xiangma said with a grin. "Shinian, you've no idea how happy I was when I heard that you came to Tiandu. After our farewell in Jiangnan I thought I would never ever see you again. I felt so sad for months. I even thought about breaking the cage of home and come all the way to Jiangnan just to see you."

"How come you did not come?" Li Shinian curled her lips and said mockingly.

"I was worried of getting lost." Yan Xiangma sheepishly said.


Li Shinian could not be bothered to talk to this guy anymore. Because what he says is rubbish most of the time.

"However, I'm so happy you came. So happy that I almost caught fire. After I heard about your school, I immediately ran here to find you, but I did not expect to run into an idiot looking to take advantage of you —are you someone other people tarnish as they please? Anyone who dares tarnish you, I will cut off their fingers."


"Shinain, how come you're at Tiandu?"

"Because my family is here."

"How come you live in the Liu mansion?"

Li Shinian shot a wary glance at Yan Xiagma before she answered: "If you're asking me, then who should I ask?"


"Although our family and the Liu family bear grudges against each other but it has nothing to do with you. Wherever you live, I will be happy. As long as you are in Tiandu, as long as you and I are living in the same city under the same starry sky–"

"If you say things like that again, I will break the cage of home and head back to Jiangnan miles away." Li Shinian said.


Imperial View High School is situated right in a central area, so both sides of the street were very lively and noisy.

A man and a woman walked side by side in the middle of the street surrounded by tides of busy strangers.

Yan Xiangma tried to stay in front, shielding Li Shinian from the crowd and preventing Li Shinian from being shoved aside.

"Ever since you came to Tiandu—Have you seen Xiaoxin?" Yan Xiangma asked aloud.

"No. Is Sister Xiaoxin well?" Li Shinian finally showed some interest, said with a smile: "I always wanted to look for her. But I'm not familiar with Tiandu and have been busy with school recently, so I had to delay my visit. But once I settle down, I will immediately go see her. After all, she is the only friend I have in this city."

A bitter smile crossed Yan Xiangma's face. "A person is standing right in front of you, am I not considered as your friend?"

Li Shinian’s jet-black eyes swept back and forth, observing Yan Xiangma's face, before she said aloud: "don’t know why but I think you're a bad person."


"But thank you anyway." Seeing Yan Xiangma's hurt expression, Li Shinian cracked a smile. "If it wasn't for you, there would have been so much trouble today. That Chen Xingyu is so cunning; many people would have been easily tricked. I have nothing against him and we only met for the first time but he used such dirty tricks, it proves he lacks good moral character."

"Exactly. That guy is shifty-looking, he disgust me." Yan Xiangma said with a murderous look: "if he dares to mess with you, I will make him try Yan family's powerful Flame Fist."

"Alright. I admit you're my second friend in Tiandu." Li Shinian said with a smile.

"Great." Yan Xiangma grinned. Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, his expression changed. "Shinian, I think——for the time being, perhaps you should not see Xiaoxin."

Li Shinian's smile froze on her face, then faded. "I understand. Friends should support each other, I should not be a burden to her."

"Shinian, you misunderstood what I meant. Xiaoxin is also not that kind of person you think she is."

"What does that mean?" Li Shinian asked in a puzzled tone. "If sister Xiaoxin is not the kind of person I think she is, then why did you stop me from seeing her? We're all from Jiangnan, to be able to meet at Tiandu is a rare fate. Since we know each other shouldn't we meet up?"

"You really don’t know?"

"How would I know if you don't tell me?"

"Because–" Yan Xiangma carefully inspected Li Shinian's facial expression, until confirming that she really did not know he whispered: "because your brother killed her brother."

"What are you talking about?" Li Shinian looked frightened, staring wide-eyed at Yan Xiangma.

"Li Muyang—killed Cui Zhaoren." Yan Xiangma said in the lowest voice possible. "Li Muyang is your brother, this is the truth. Cui Zhaoren is Cui Xiaoxin's brother, this is also the truth. Therefore, you and Xiaoxin—-it's best if you don't see each other for the time being. While I—-of course, I won't be affected by these things. The things I, Yan young master wants to do who dares to stop me."

"How is that possible?" Li Shinian's face turned ashen. She knew about Cui Xiaoxin's background; she knows that she was born in one of Tiandu's most prominent families and that many strong people who shine throughout the starry sky are from that family. "My brother, how can he kill Cui Zhaoren? How would he kill sister Xiaoxin's brother? He does not even dare to kill a chicken–"

Yan Xiangma’s face grew serious as he looked at Li Shinian and asked: "Shinian, do you really think——Li Muyang does not dare to kill a chicken?" —— ——


"Kill it." Xiahou Qianbai's finger pointed at an Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken as he said aloud.

Li Muyang desperately shook his head: "I don't dare to."

"To study martial arts and cross the threshold, you first need to have a firm and unswerving determination and mind. Kill wolf and fight tiger, behead demon and slay dragons, what sort of things can’t be done? You can't even kill a chicken, how can you think to become a dragon slayer?"

"Teacher Xiahou, I've never done this kind of thing before—Wait, why don't you do it?" Li Muyang passed the hatchet over.

"Me? What is my identity? I'm a teacher of Starry Sky, I'm your teacher–such inelegant jobs should be left for disciples, you actually want me to kill a chicken?" Looking furious, Xiahou Qianbai roared.

"Otherwise, why don't we cut it some slack and eat something else today?"

"Do you think it's for eating? Us Taoists are kind, not discriminative and we never kill the innocent. In our eyes, all things are spiritual. Humans are spiritual and chickens are spiritual. If we're thirsty we eat fruits and if we're hungry we eat spiritual fruit. These kind of dirty, greasy foods are hard to swallow. In order to exercise your mind, I gave you this problem–If you can't pass this obstacle, don't even mention building your foundation."

Li Muyang clenched his teeth, gripped onto the hatchet and ruthlessly swung down at the Mt Gong's multicoloured chicken.

Chapter 160: I don't eat meat!

The chicken broth could be heard vigorously 'bubbling' in the clay pot, chicken meat turning into a golden colour that stimulates appetite.

Multi-coloured feathers were scattered all over the ground as though the chicken had struggled fiercely but ultimately could not escape its misfortune.

"Mt Gong's multicoloured chickens are best served with bamboo shoots and wild bamboo, it's soft and not greasy. Bamboo shoots are fresh and crunchy, and their taste and texture are both excellent. Sprinkle with red Lingzhi, it's simply delicious." Handsome, cool, and clad in a Starry cloud robe and his head crowned with a white jade hat, Xiahou Qianbai's left hand held up his right wide, loose sleeve while his right hand gently stirred the pot of broth with a pair of chopsticks.

As he stirred the pot, a full-bodied aroma filled Li Muyang's nose.

Li Muyang greedily took a deep breath, his eyes unblinkingly stared at Xiahou Qianbai making soup. He did not expect a Starry Sky teacher to be able to make soup but even more did not expect him to look so handsome while cooking——No wonder everyone says men are most charming when they are working hard.

He did not look like he's making soup, more like painting or drawing freehandedly.

Like he's writing a poem, casual, relaxed and spontaneous with brush strokes.

Also like he's playing the flute or sword dancing. Or doing the most elegant and beautiful thing in the world.

At that moment, Li Muyang had to admit Xiahou Qianbai is the most handsome man of Starry Sky.

"Teacher Xiahou is powerful and influential, I greatly admire you very much." Li Muyang gushed, presenting the flattering words he prepared. While others are working, he must give some encouragement.

"I'm very disappointed in you." Xiahou Qianbai said. "I did not expect that you couldn't even kill a chicken."

Li Muyang's face turned red, explaining sheepishly: "These multicoloured mountain chickens are called chicken but they are actually birds. They can fly at low altitude. Since they grew up on Mt Gong, in the mountainous forests, they're fast and nimble; I can't catch up with them–"

"I even used the Imprisonment spell but you struck its bottom. That's difficult to forgive." Xiahou Qianbai said.

Li Muyang looked even more ashamed. "I also thought it would be over with that one sword strike, I didn't know its tail is so long–"

"Does your family kill chickens from the bottom up?"

"I don't know, I've never killed a chicken." Li Muyang said. He swallowed a gulp of saliva, trying to resist the temptation of the pot of chicken broth, then cautiously asked: "Teacher Xiahou, since you are good at killing chickens, why not do it yourself?"

"I'm also good at slaying dragons but are there dragons for me to kill?" Xiahou Qianbai was evidently unhappy with Li Muyang's question. "Besides, us Taoists cannot arbitrarily kill, there are sacred rules and restrictions. I have to abide by the rules, I can't ruin our kind soul."

"But, your broth——"

"I didn't kill that chicken."


Li Muyang wanted to refute him and say you killed the chicken. When I could not catch up with it, you used the 'Imprisonment spell'. When I swung my sword down at its butt, you went on to chant the 'Bloodletting spell'. If not, how would the Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken died so quickly?

Of course, when you eat food from others you will speak good words to them.

Although Li Muyang was not eating yet, but he really wanted to——

Xiahou Qianbai closed his eyes, deeply took a sniff and said with an invigorated look on his face: "the wild bamboo flavour is coming out, the bamboo shoots too. Well, there's also a trace of bitterness, that's the medicinal effect of Red Lingzhi——"

As he spoke, his hands have swiftly retrieved a white jade bowl and poured the chicken broth from the clay pot into the big bowl.

Li Muyang swallowed a gulp of saliva before he whispered: "Teacher Xiahou, the chicken should taste good, right? It looks quite good."

With a white jade bowl of steaming broth in his hands and without even taking a glimpse at Li Muyang, Xiahou Qianbai replied: "I don't eat meat, you eat the chicken."

Li Muyang felt like he was insulted deeply again.

Belching, Li Muyang felt the warmth and comfortable feeling of Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken in his stomach. Then, he looked with admiration at Xiahou Qianbai and said in a complimenting tone: "Teacher Xiahou, this chicken is really good, the outside skin melts in the mouth and the inside meat is not lean but very chewy."

As though Xiahou Qianbai enjoyed Li Muyang's flattery, his eyes narrowed against the glare of the sun, saying aloud: "this sentence has a point. How did Mt Gong's multi-coloured chickens obtain their name? Even the princes, dukes and powerful families can't buy them with thousands of gold coins. Its meat is very different from ordinary chicken and has high nutrition value, and coupled with Red Lingzhi it induces longevity—Kid you're lucky to be able to eat chicken cooked by me. It can stimulate your body to recover quickly, in a month's time you would be full of energy."

Li Muyang was thrilled, but tried hard to restrain the joyous expression on his face as he asked: "Teacher Xiahou, you said you would help me build my foundation–"

"You can't even kill a chicken, what is the use in building your foundation?" Xiahou Qianbai cast a wide-eyed glance at Li Muyang, asking aloud. "Also, you couldn't even kill a chicken, yet you want to learn how to slay dragons——Do you have any other skills? Such as writing poetry, painting, quickly change your course. It's not too late."

"Teacher Xiahou, to be a Dragon Slayer is my childhood dream, I always wanted to do something for this dream. I will not give up so easily——"

Xiahou Qianbai thoughtfully inspected Li Muyang before he 'sneered' coldly: "There are idiots like you who want to slay dragons? You better hope you never encounter a dragon in this life. Otherwise, you would only be slain by dragons——"

"Teacher Xiahou–"

Don't know why, even though Li Muyang was scolded like an idiot by Xiahou Qianbai, he was not angry in the slightest.

Maybe subconsciously, he already thought of himself as a dragon——

Xiahou Qianbai called them small, but at the same time was that not also complimenting the powerfulness of dragons?

At least, Li Muyang is benefiting from the changes brought about by the dragon clan. Whether his body contained a dragon or the Dragon Tear—–He personally hoped it's the tear of the dragon king.. It's ranked as the second most valuable weapon.

"However, if you insist, we will start right now." Xiahou Qianbai said aloud.

"Teacher Xiahou, you mean right now?"

"What? Don't tell me I have to schedule with you beforehand?" Xiahou Qianbai said irritably.

"No, no." Li Muyang quickly rose from the stone bench and bowed deeply to Xiahou Qianbai, exclaiming: "I just did not expect surprises to come so soon. I thought Teacher Xiahou—-would make me prepare for a period of time first."

"When have I never kept to my words?" Xiahou Qianbai flung his long sleeves and marched in front to lead the way. "Come with me."

Chapter 161: Chicken soup is poisonous!

Li Muyang envied Teacher Xiahou's soup-making skill, because even the breath he exhaled was intoxicating.

Perhaps it was because of drinking a big bowl of chicken soup, that even when Xiahou Qianbai spoke, a strong aroma of chicken broth lingered on his breath.

"Life passes quickly like a white colt's shadow across a crevice; enjoy life while young or you'll be sorry at old age. This is a phrase from 'Leisurely Excursion' by the great sage Zhuang Zi. But what is enjoying the present?"

"It's—" Li Muyang hesitated. "Do what one wishes without restraint, do the things one wants to do."

"Not bad." Xiahou Qianbai nodded in agreement as he said: "Tea tasting and arranging flowers are joyful, wine-making and meditation are also joyful. Laying down drunk in a brothel and fighting on the battlefield are also joyful. Seek virtue and acquire it, that is is the greatest pleasure in the world."

As though Li Muyang suddenly understood, he nodded vigorously, saying: "Teacher Xiahou's words are right, I have become enlightened immediately. I will follow my true self, follow my heart's desire."

"You don't understand." Xiahou Qianbai mercilessly tore apart Li Muyang's lie without giving him any face. "Indulgence is the simplest and easiest thing – it's what makes people addicted. Whether it's tea tasting, flower arrangement or lying drunk in a brothel, there's no need to deliberately control or moderate yourself. Because it's joyful, it's enjoyable, it's dictated by the character. The same with soup making. I'm willing to make soup every day but if I do that, I would become the top chef in the world and would not be a Starry Sky teacher——"

"Everyone has a fierce tiger living in their heart, which loves comfort and ease and detests toil. It will devour your hardworking nature, swallow your efforts and devour your future and everything you may have——For us cultivators who practice martial arts to break the realms, what is most important?"

"It's hard work and effort." Li Muyang immediately answered. He thought this answer seemed reasonable and can't be wrong, right?

"No, it's talent." Xiahou Qianbai said.


If he wasn't one hundred percent confident that he couldn't win against him, Li Muyang would long have given Xiahou Qianbai a beating already. It this because I did not major in your Taoism, right? Do you have to torture me to death? You drank chicken soup while I ate chicken meat – although Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken did taste pretty good. But do you always have to find faults in my words. I'm also a person, okay? I also have dignity too, okay?

"You disagree?"

"I mean——" A forced smile tugged at the corners of Li Muyang's mouth; he felt like he was far too amazing to be able to still smile at such time. In order to find a master to help him build his foundation, not only did he throw away his principles, he would also be willing to throw away his underwear. In a tone that made it seemed like he only wanted to discuss the topic: "Even a gifted person also needs hard work, right? I've heard the story 'Wounded Zhongyong'. It's about a child named Fang Zhongyong who can recite poems at the age of five and is known as a genius in his town. Later, because he was greedy of small gains, he went traveling and sold his poems. A few years later, his talent suddenly disappeared and he was no different to ordinary people. Does this story not tell us that talent is very important but the ability to learn and work hard is just as important?"

Sitting on a stone bench in his cottage, Xiahou Qianbai shot a very dismissive glance at Li Muyang. "A story is ultimately a story, it's there to lecture the people who has no talent to work hard. Then again, that child called Fang Zhongyong cannot be called a true genius; real talents will make it clear what they want and stick to their dream no matter what. Moreover, Fang Zhongyong has an idiotic father, everything he did was controlled by his idiotic father. It's not strange at all that a person like him would eventually disappear."

Li Muyang nodded repeatedly. "Teacher Xiahou is right."

"Real talent——is difficult to describe, only the truly talented will understand." Xiahou Qianbai said.


"Until now you still have not built your foundation; you can be said to be a clueless layman in martial arts."


"Some people are able to write a good words with three months of practice in calligraphy. You have painstakingly practiced for ten years, yet your handwriting is still unsightly. Some people can sing touching songs when they open their mouth, while you can cause a flood the moment you open your mouth. Some understand the true meaning of the Tao overnight while you still do not know the essence of the Tao despite holding onto three thousand Taoist scriptures all your life——Does hardwork matters? Is effort really that important?"

"Not important." Li Muyang replied, shaking his head. You can say whatever you want, as long as you're willing to help me build my foundation.

"No. It's important." Xiahou Qianbai said with absolute certainty. "For you untalented, ordinary people, besides hard work, what else can you rely on? You already do not have inherent talent, if you don't work hard, what opportunities will there be in life?"

"Teacher Xiahou——" Li Muyang's face grew dark, suppressing his urge to beat him up. "What are you trying to say?"

"You entered Starry Sky with the best results of West Wind Kingdom. You could have taken an easier and much simpler path. You could have gone to the most famous schools in West Wind Kingdom such as West Wind University, where you could have study economics and politics, and later became an outstanding official. Or you could have study literature and become a literature expert. You could have even study music or painting, or develop your writing. Calligrapher is a very respectable occupation——Unfortunately, you chose Starry Sky, chose Dragon Slayer and chose Taoism."

"Entering the realm through martial arts and then painstakingly train to reach a higher level of cultivation is the most difficult path in the world. It's very bitter and miserable. Perhaps, even with a whole life of hard work, one might remain at the High Mountain realm. Perhaps when you're at old age, you might still be a—-a nobody who accomplished nothing. You can't slash off a mountain, can't slay dragons with your sword. Your name won't appear in the history of Starry Sky and no one knows that you had ever existed."

Xiahou Qianbai looked at Li Muyang with a penetrating stare, saying in a low voice: "These words are not to scare you, it's the fate of most cultivators. Or it could be your fate. So, have you considered carefully? Work hard, painstakingly practice, cleanse your mind and be disciplined. Create no evil, cultivate all good, and purify the mind. Like an idiot, with all your heart and effort, day after day, doing the same thing, year after year."

Li Muyang nodded firmly and exclaimed without the slightest hesitation: "Teacher Xiaohou, I'm already prepared."

"Then let's start." Xiahou Qianbai gave a comforting nod as he replied.

"Teacher Xiahou, I still have a question——one last little question."

"Say it."

"You just said create no evil, cultivate all good, and purify the mind. What if——you make me kill chickens in the future?"


Xiahou Qianbai flicked his sleeve, if it wasn't because he owed Ziyang Shishu a big favour, he definitely would not teach such an ridiculous student.

In the end, against expectations, Xiahou Qianbai, did not fling his sleeve and leave. After all, he had already said: 'When have I never kept to my words'.

"The so-called building the foundation is really using the essential qi within the body to establish a pool, which is what we call 'Empty Valley'. First, build the valley and then the qi in the body will naturally converge towards the valley."

"A larger Empty Valley indicates the more essential qi it can hold in the future and that one's future is limitless. Of course, the premise is that you would have the ability to fill up this Empty Valley——and also fill it up at a rapid rate. If you're eighty years old before you could fill up the Empty Valley, then how much time and energy do you have to carry on?"

Li Muyang nodded, he already understood the principle of the valley. Teacher Xiahou had explained to him before and he had also read some books on building a foundation lately.

"There is a variety of ways to build the foundation. Some people inherently establish their foundation from the moment they entered this world. They were born to store essence and receive qi, and their growth in each day is used to fill the Empty Valley. Such a person is extraordinary. Almost every person who inherently built their foundation became one of the strongest person in the history of Starry Sky. Of course, such people is rarely seen in this world. Don't hold any false hopes."

"The most common way is to painstakingly build the foundation. Through your own effort and a little strength, a channel of qi can be formed, and then together with a little bit of understanding, the channel of qi will develop into a valley. This also that one is successful in building the foundation. This is the way most people choose to build the foundation. This method is also the most secure because you're progressing one step at a time, so every little detail becomes a vivid memory or feeling. Particularly when advancing to the Withering Glory stage from the higher stage of the Free Clouds, this will be especially important."

"Withering Glory represents life after death, at that time, it is in fact time to reincarnate. Without a foundation, without progressing step by step, there is a high possibility of fault, and one might regretfully stop right before the Withering Glory realm——"

Li Muyang looked shocked, exclaiming: "Teacher Xiahou——"
He's someone who wants to slay a dragon——no, someone who wants to prevent people slaying dragons.

If he stopped progressing right before the Withering Glory realm, it means his highest achievement is the Free Clouds? In that case, how would he have the face to go out to meet people?

"What are you afraid of?" Xiahou Qianbai cast a glance at Li Muyang: "As if you could step into the Withering Glory realm anytime soon."


"There are other methods of building foundation that relies on external force or medication. External force means employing human assistance to help build the foundation but there must be a certain degree of accumulation of qi beforehand. As for using medication to build the foundation, it's the most dangerous and the most unstable method. Only those rich sons of merchants who have no talent, no contacts and only money will use this method. Of course, if you can acquire a rare fruit, such as Snow soul of Tianshan, fire dragon's heart or three life almond—and use them to help build your foundation, maybe you might progress to the High Mountain realm overnight."

"Where can I find them?" Li Muyang asked in a delighted tone.

"Don't think about those useless questions, I already said you can't find them, and even if you can find them you can't obtain them. Even if you can acquire them you would only get into more trouble and most likely lose your life as a result——"


Li Muyang felt as though his life was a living death, the words this chicken soup teacher said felt like the most dangerous poison in the world.

Chapter 162: Vast like the sea!

Since ancient times, medicine and Taoism cannot be separated. Taoists possess good medical knowledge and can be called half a doctor.

Some Taoist priests were very capable doctors originally. For example, the Ziyang Taoist priest who came to examine Li Muyang. Even though Li Muyang was struck by lightning and inflicted with such a strange disease, he could still cure him. This clearly demonstrated his remarkable ability.

At this moment Li Muyang was situated inside Xiahou Qianbai's healing hut. Misty smoke curled and swirled inside, mixed with the bitter taste of herbs and the fragrance of the finished concoction.

The smoke didn't make people dizzy, and instead feel refreshed and energetic.

Xiahou Qianbai looked at the pitiful Li Muyang, saying: "Since I'm willing to help you build your foundation, I obviously took this into account. Because you have previously practiced Ziyang Shishu's 'Art of the Breaking Body', your body has accumulated a certain amount of qi. So, I just need to guide the essential qi within your body with my functional activities of qi and direct the essential qi to accumulate, rather than entirely rely on my own power. This way, the side effects on you will be minimal."

"I have to trouble Teacher Xiahou."

"What I find hard to understand is that since you have 'The Art of Breaking Body', such a peerless sacred text, why have you not made much progress in cultivation in all these years? You could not even build a foundation yourself—If Ziyang Shishu knew you are this stupid, he would have regretted his choice, right? Our Taoism's lost knowledge is wasted, it really is heart-wrenching."


Xiahou Qianbai stared across at Li Muyang sitting opposite him: "Cross your legs and concentrate, focus."

Li Muyang immediately obeyed. Sitting cross-legged, he shut his eyes and eliminated the thought of wanting to strangle Teacher Xiaohou, as well as various distracting thoughts, directing his brain into a completely blank state.

Xiahou Qianbai also gathered up both feet, sat cross-legged and began to meditate. His right hand stretched out from inside his wide, flowing sleeve and a faint, white light surfaced in the middle of his palm. The white light quickly condensed into an entity that looks like a glass light bulb.

Xiahou Qianbai let his hand hover above Li Muyang's head. The glass ball of light slowly descended, drilling into the top of the skull of Li Muyang’s head.

A blue ray of light, like the tail of the glass light bulb, connected Xiahou Qianbai’s palm with Li Muyang's head.


Li Muyang let out an anguished howl. His body slightly trembled and immediately sweat breaks out all over his body.

As though a pot of boiling water was poured over his head, Li Muyang felt like his scalp was being scalded.

And then, via the bloodstream, hot water flowed through the entire body, his whole body becoming warm and cozy.

It was only at that moment that Li Muyang felt better and more comfortable.

Suffering from one extreme of pain to one extreme of comfort, this all happened in a split second.

"Relax." Xiahou Qianbai said aloud: "Do not resist, let the essential qi in your body follow my guidance."

"How can I make my essential qi follow your lead?" Li Muyang tired to connect his mind with his body, keeping his body in a very comfortable state. He imagined himself situated away from Jiangnan in the beautiful Xiangshan, where he and his sister Li Shinian found a natural hot spring, and persuaded by Li Shinian, they leapt into the pool and bathe to their heart's content. Little sister kept splashing him with sulfur-rich hot water and after evading for a while he began to fight back——

He really missed Li Shinian. The time with her was always full of fun.

More importantly, when he's with her, Li Muyang ignored the fact that he's ill, nor cared about his poor academic performance and was never bullied in school——because Li Shinian won't care about these at all.

When he's with her, it's difficult to think of any sad things.

"Leave it." Xiahou Qianbai sensed that Li Muyang had finally relaxed his body and mind, which is what he wanted. "You don't need to do anything, just wait for me to guide you. Your qi activity is too weak, as long as I instill essential qi into your body and run a few laps around your body, your qi will also follow running after it."

"——" Li Muyang felt very sad. He was always bullied but now even the essential qi in his body do not have the ability to make its own decision and turned traitor after being led for a couple of laps——

Just as Xiahou Qianbai had said to him before, once he crossed the blue bridge there would be a powerful surge of qi activity entering into Li Muyang's body.

Then, like a long snake, that surge of essential qi would roam all around the meridians of Li Muyang's body, and after circulating a few times, the pathetic little essential qi inside Li Muyang's body would fuse with it and finally become a part of the long snake. Then, they would run lap after laps, cyclesafter cycles.

Most of the time, these laps and cycles made Li Muyang very comfortable.

With the warm flow of qi circulating his body, Li Muyang felt his whole body becoming warm and comfortable. Like a cup of hot water in the cold winter, like a bunch of wildfire in the middle of a snowstorm.

It can bring light and warmth.

Bring realistic and strong emotions.

When the body of qi entered into Li Muyang's body, even though he clearly knew it's not his and would only temporarily exists in his body and be gone soon—he still likes the feeling of being filled up.

Everyone wants to be a hero, becoming a power in control of everything.

Li Muyang felt he finally accomplished something at that moment.

He liked that feeling.

Of course, sometimes he also felt discomfort and pain.

Like there was a stone in a ditch, water tries to break through but no matter how forceful it is, the stone is too big and hard. Although water and the stone fought against each other, in the end, only the ditch was injured.

"If there is pain, there is a blockage; if you don't feel pain, it is not obstructed." Xiahou Qianbai said aloud. "Endure it for a while."

This sounded very familiar to Li Muyang. After a brief ponder, he finally realised when he had heard this before. When he was in Jiangnan, every time he helped his mother with cupping therapy, he would hear this phrase——He thought of his mother again.

After nine-nine eighty-one little cycle of qi, then nine-nine eighty-one big cycle of qi, all of the meridians of Li Muyang's body had been unblocked. It was not only cleared but many were even stronger than before.

Xiahou Qianbai's face grew serious: "Now, we shall begin to build your foundation–I will lead all of the essential qi to attack your sea of qi and then the valley will take shape. It might be painful, so endure for a little while."

Li Muyang voice was vehement when he said: "Thank you teacher Xiahou, do not hesitate, I can endure any pain."


An even more majestic strength came gushing over; Li Muyang felt as though his bladder was being torn and ripped apart.

Li Muyang's eyes drooped, everything in front became dark, and then he lost consciousness.

"Idiot, do you think you're made out of wood?" Xiahou Qianbai used one hand to support Li Muyang's body while his other hand still maintained the stance of instilling qi. He used his activity of qi as a host and Li Muyang's essential qi to help form a giant snake, which then repeatedly pounded against Li Muyang's sea of qi.

Only when the sea of qi bursts open could a real valley forms.




Time and time again ——

Regaining consciousness, Li Muyang found himself lying inside the cottage before.

Outside were birds singing and flowers giving forth their fragrance as he woke up to a bright light beam shining through the window onto his bed. This was another good day.

More importantly, he was still alive.

Li Muyang stretched out his arm and clenched his fist; it was more powerful than ever before.

After cautiously feeling his bladder and discovering that besides a little discomfort, there was no longer an immense pain that made him lost consciousness.

The feeling of pain that suddenly struck him was like an unrealistic nightmare. The moment he opened his eyes, it had left without any signs.

Li Muyang sprung up from the bed, carefully examined all over his body; there was no abnormality.

It was only then that he could finally relax. Whether or not he was successful in building his foundation, at least he's safe for now.

However, was he successful in building his foundation?


The wooden door was pulled opened from the outside. Clad in a broad robe with long, flowing sleeves, a proud and gorgeous Xiahou Qianbai strolled in carrying a bowl of medicine.

Seeing Li Muyang standing in front of the bed, he examined him with an odd expression, before handed over a bowl of medicine and said: "drink the medicine."

"Thank you Teacher Xiahou." Li Muyang reached out to receive the bowl and gulped down the entire bowl of medicine in one breath.

After he finished drinking the concoction, Li Muyang asked aloud: "Teacher Xiahou, what did I just drank?"


"Thank you Teacher Xiahou. I had to trouble Teacher Xiahou once again." Li Muyang said happily. Holding the bowl and standing at the window, he cautiously asked: "Teacher Xiaohou, now have I——successfully built my foundation?"

Xiahou Qianbai looked at Li Muyang with a ruminative gaze, asking aloud: "How do you feel now?"
"Feel?" Li Muyang thought for a moment before he replied: "I feel my fist is more powerful. Other feelings–are not obvious."

"What about in your lower dantian?" Xiahou Qianbai asked.

"Lower dantian?"

"Taoists say the human body has three dantian: the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows is the upper dantian, area under the heart is the middle dantian and the area under the navel is the lower dantian." Xiahou Qianbai explained.

"It doesn't hurt now." Li Muyang said with a simple and straightforward smile. "It must be because of Teacher Xiahou's medicine, right?"


"Then my valley——has formed?" Li Muyang asked in a worried tone. This is what he was most concerned about right now. He has suffered so much and drank a bowl of bitter medicine, wasn't it all to build his foundation?

"It has formed." Xiahou Qianbai nodded.

"Is it big?" Li Muyang's eyes brimmed with tears of joy; I finally built my foundation? Finally I'm not a layman standing outside the martial arts door. I can finally aim to climb the summit of a higher mountain, now it's the Empty Valley but soon it would be the High Mountain, Free Clouds, Withering Glory, and finally Dragon Slayer——He has fulfilled the fundamental requirements to become a strong person of Starry Sky.

"As vast as the sea." Xiahou Qianbai said in a deep voice.

Even until now, he still found it difficult to digest this bizarre and shocking incident.