The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 144-154

As Li Muyang's voice grew louder, the water of Nujiang also rose.

As Li Muyang’s voice fell, the water of Nujiang dropped.

Wind rising, dark clouds scudding across the sky and roaring red waves were surging into the sky.

As Li Muyang recited the text, a giant whirlpool emerged in the middle of Nujiang.

Countless red-coloured water frantically flowed towards the whirlpool and then disappeared without a trace.

The whirlpool spun faster and faster, grew bigger and bigger, spreading to a wider area.

In the heart of Nujiang river, a giant red hole stretching for several miles, was suddenly formed, looking as though it could engulf everything in sight, and with bursts of booming noise coming from the inside.

Following the increase in the pace of Li Muyang's voice, the rumbling noise also sounded more frequently.

From within the giant red hole, a tremendous jet of water gushed out, no, looking more closely, the top of the giant pillar looked like the top of a red head.

Although only the general outline could be seen, but at first glance, everyone would have the same thought: it’s a head.

The head of giant dragon.

You could only see the top of its head, you could only see its ears, you could only see its sharp teeth, and could only feel the might of its majestic power—

"It's not a divine beast, it's a dragon."

You can be very sure of saying this to yourself.

However, you can't see its eyes.

It has no eyes; its cheeks and face were also indistinct.

These caused it to lose its liveliness, its vigour.

But instead gives the feeling that it's more aggressive, and unlike a living creature, exuded the aura of death, an aura that's full of despair.

The dragon's head was seen desperately struggling, and the earthy-red beam of light looked like a slender body writhing and spinning, as though it's a divine dragon taking off for the ninth heaven.

Letting out a bellow of rage, and even opening its bloody mouth -

The gigantic dragon roared.



Nujiang echoed.

The tremendous waves surged into mid-air, then landed at full speed.

Just as the jet of water spun around, small streams of water was generated one after another

Dragon claw!

Claw of the divine dragon.

Its tail was swinging back and forth at the bottom of the whirlpool with all its might, thunderously, stirring the river like a surging tide.

Standing before the magic mirror of Water Moon, Kong Li looked grave, saying: "what the hell is that? That's a dragon’s head—when could Nujiang transform into a dragon? Is someone secretly playing tricks behind the scenes?"

"Who dares to run wild at Starry Sky Academy?" Xiahou Qianbai said.

Xiahou Qianbai's both hands were incessantly waving in the air, continuously performing the five chief demons searching technique to scout out information and investigate the situation. "To be able to cause such a big disturbance, their power must at least be at the Withering Glory stage. If that person made a move, even if they are only releasing a touch of their mysterious power, they would also reveal their weakness, my five ghosts would have already found their real body- besides, someone at the higher stage of Withering Glory came to disturb Nujiang and mess with Starry Sky, is that not suicidal?"

"Then what's going on?" Kong Li ignored the crooked tall hat on his head, pointing to the giant whirlpool reflected in the magic mirror in Water Moon Cave and the raging red dragon head swirling inside, he said: "Don't tell me this is the natural landscape? For thousands of years, when have this sight ever been seen before? I read many history books and have never seen any records."

"How many books have you read? You have the nerve to say you've read the history?" Even when he's busy, Xiahou Qianbai did not forget to attack his companion: "If bookworm was here and said he read history texts then I can't argue–by the way, we should ask Bookworm about things relating to dragons, right? Is he not in charge of that what 'Dragon Slayer' major? A dragon’s head suddenly appeared, should we not let him take his students to kill it?"

"Well, if bookworm saw this scene, he would most likely be frightened to the point that he would hide under the bed and not see anyone, right? Dragon slayer? He is a dragon slayer?"

"Teachers—-" Bookworm passed through the strong prohibition spell, appearing at the entrance of Water Moon Cave, his face flushed red from his cheeks to his ears. "I just heard the news and came here immediately–Am I, Yang Xiaohu, a cowardly man? Teachers you must not humiliate me."

"Oh—" Kong Li curled his lips, saying: "Bookworm is in a bad mood. We can’t even say a few words now? Xiahou Qianbai and I were your teachers, you won't want to start beating up your teachers, right?"

"I knew from the start that Bookworm is unhappy with us." Xiahou Qianbai released the last five ghosts, his hand seal movements came to a stop. Staring haughtily at Yang Xiaohu, he said with a cold smile: "What? You're after our positions? Fine, if you have such rebellious thoughts, then I have nothing to say. Come here, I'll stand still, you can hit me in the face or spit on me as you wish—–"

"Teacher Kong—Teacher Xiahou—" Yang Xiaohu said with an innocent look on his face. Both teachers bullied him as though it's part of their routine; the key is that he cannot pose any retort whatsoever. Otherwise, it would mean he does not know how to respect his teachers——

"Well, well." With his conscience finally catching up with him, Kong Li finally was ready to let him off. Pointing to the scene of the red dragon's head in the magic mirror of Water Moon Cave, he asked: "We all know how much you read; tell us, what's going on?"

Yang Xiaohu, very serious stared at the spectacle in the middle of Nujiang for a moment, breathing a deep sigh.
"Is it bad?"

"Is it a disaster?"

Yang Xiaohu shook his head, saying: "I don't know."


Nujiang surged, waves lifting toward the sky and heavens.

The scene inevitably awakened the Starry Sky Academy students. Some people were peering over the wall in their courtyard, while some jumped on top trying to see more clearly.

But the majority of the people gathered at the east side of Red Sun cliff, which is the most convenient place to watch the beauty of Nujiang.

"What happened? Why would Nujiang suddenly be angry?"

"You say it like Nujiang has not been angry before? Nujiang, Nujiang, if Nujiang is not angry would it still be called Nujiang? But I have never seen a spectacle like this before—–"

"What noise did you hear? What's inside the whirlpool? There seems to be a monster inside that's stirring up the wind and rain—"

Students broke into agitated chatter and different conversations.

Lu Qiji stood silent in her own courtyard, coldly watching the red dragon's head in Nujiang.

Chu Xun pushed open the door, exclaiming: "Qiji, did you see? Nujiang is angry–is something going to happen?"

Chu Xun beamed with excitement. Something like this is happening at Starry Sky Academy, students couldn't help but feel thrilled. After all, school life is a bit boring, they need some thrilling situations to balance their life.

"The ghost of the dragon is raising its head." Lu Qiji said heavily.

"What?" Chu Xun said, looking extremely puzzled, then suddenly excitedly asked: "what is dragon ghost raising its head?"

"Someone is worshiping them." Lu Qiji revealed a look as though she understood the situation clearly: "Wanting to summon their souls and help them break out of the river."

Chapter 145: Cut off dragon's spine! 第一百四十五章、斬斷龍脊!

The cold moon is like a curved sword; a beautiful woman is like a dream.

Lu Qiji stood still by the thicket of bamboo at the edge of the wall in the courtyard, watching sharply at the bizarre scene of Nujiang surging forward with great momentum. Dressed in a Starry Sky cloud robe, Lu Qiji, looked cool and elegant like the cold moon in the sky but more dazzling and fierce.

Her beauty is stunning, natural, stealings someone's gaze without the slightest of concealment.

Her personality is extremely unlikeable, reserved and distant. Like a thousand-year-old block of ice, that would freeze those who come near into ice sculptures.

However, because of her difficult-to-ignore beautiful face, it's hard to hate her.

Despite how hateful and how hard to bear she is, once she on her own initiative talk to you or smile at you, your heart would suddenly melt—–Look, she doesn't like anyone but is willing to talk to me and smile at me, does that mean she likes me?

Everyone has the mentality to pursue uniqueness.

They want to be the only one in other people's heart, and in particular, the heart of a beautiful woman or man.

Also, never take a chance, because in every era people only take notice of looks.

Chu Xun affectionately looked at the beautiful silhouette of Lu Qiji, asking aloud: "what worship? Summon what souls? Who is worshipping? Who's summoning someone's soul? Also what do you mean by 'dragon ghost raising its head'?"

Lu Qiji remained silent.

"Qiji, is there something you know?"

"Yes." Lu Qiji nodded.

"What is happening?" Chu Xun asked aloud, pointing at the red waves in the distance: "Could it be that the legend is true? Nujiang is really stained red by the blood of dragons? Somebody is calling the souls of dragons? What are they summoning the dragon's souls for? Could it be that someone could refine them for other uses?"

Lu Qiji remained silent once again.


"I can't tell you anything." Lu Qiji said.


"You won't believe it anyway."

"How would I not? Tell me, I'll believe anything you say. Qiji all these years, what kind of person I am, don't you know? How I feel, don't you understand? Think about it, whatever you said, when have I ever had the slightest doubt?"

"Li Muyang is a dragon." Lu Qiji said.

Chu Xun froze, then burst into a fit of laughter so strong that he could not even stand up straight: "Qiji, don't joke with me, okay? This joke is–too funny. Li Muyang—-that idiot, how could he be a dragon? Is there a dragon trash? If all the dragons are like him, then we won't need to painstakingly study at Starry Sky Academy. Even by myself, I could wipe out all the dragons——"

Chu Xun thought Lu Qiji is extremely cute.

Someone who never jokes around suddenly telling a joke is indeed hilarious. This is a girl who people feel love and compassion for.

Lu Qiji said without the slightest emotion: "I told you–you won't believe it."

After much difficulty, Chu Xun managed to stop his laughing, looked at Lu Qiji and said: "Qiji, you really treat that Li Muyang differently. You have never been seriously concerned about a guy before, such as those famous youngsters in Tiandu, you never even glanced at them. I know your personality, but also understand your pride—-Li Muyang, who exactly is he? Why do you always focus your attention on him?"

Chu Xun looked a bit depressed, saying: "you—my heart aches. It's a dull incessant pain, as though a thin needle is pricking me constantly. It's not fatal, but the feeling is hard to ignore. Just like when sand is in the eye or when something is in the throat."

Lu Qiji lifted her finger and pointed at the surface of Nujiang, saying: "the dragon ghost is about to emerge."

Chu Xun's eyes were filled with sadness; gazing at the figure that never turned around since his arrival, he was speechless———

Li Muyang was still unaware of what was happening outside.

He did not know about the disturbance in Nujiang nor does he know that all the students of Starry Sky Academy as well as all teaching staffs were all alarmed because Nujiang is enraged.

He was completely fascinated by the text, his mouth constantly making odd and obscure tones of voice that ordinary people would never understand without diligently practicing and study.

He was sometimes excited because of the powerfulness and the accomplishments of the dragons.

But was occasionally sad as he offered his respect for those Draconic heroes who passed away.

His emotion was the emotion of dragons; the emotion of dragons was his current feeling.

At this moment, Li Muyang was a dragon; he was part of the dragon race.

What he was reciting are the verses from [The Worship of Dragons]; he was holding a memorial service for his comrades, for his brothers who stood side-by-side with him in battle——–

The dragon text in his hand drew to a close, the worship reaching its climax.


The red dragon in the middle of Nujian once again writhed around, letting out loud roars over and over again.

The red whirlpool became wider and wider; the red dragon's head became more apparent.

Its features and outlines were much clearer and its majesty more obvious than before.

When a tremendous dragon is enraged, the entire sky and earth loses their colour.

"[The worship of dragon]." The white-robed old man at the top of the observatory suddenly assumed an expression that looked like he was deep in thoughts, his eyes seemed even more difficult to see through than the bottomless, red whirlpool in Nujiang. "There's actually someone who can recite the [The worship of dragons]—-Nujiang, which have been sleeping in silence for thousands of years, is suddenly roaring and raging, the soul of the gigantic dragon that have died tens of thousands of years ago suddenly wants to break out of the river—-Many tens of thousands of years ago, countless strong people of Starry Sky made strenuous effort to lay down twelve strong prohibition spells at the surface of Nujiang, but even that can't suppress you guys?"

"It's a pity." The old man sighed. "I can't release you, Nujiang is the best home and destination for you."

He stretched out his right hand, his skinny twig-like right hand that was hidden inside his white shirt all along.

Lightly and elegantly, as though he was trying to reach out and grab hold of the breeze.

At the same time as his hand reached out, directly above Nujiang, a huge illusionary hand that nearly covered the entire Nujiang appeared.

The palm extended across the starry sky and shrouded countless stars and clouds.

It was almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

When the palm pressed down, miraculously, the high wind and red tide in Nujiang that was surging up violently slowly died down.

Murmuring, waves dissipated.

Nujiang was no longer angry, like a good little girl.

The red whirlpool slowly began to recede, the dragon's head, squeezed into a narrow space, would soon be flooded by the river water and sink to the river bottom again just like before.

For tens of thousands of years, unable to rest in peace.

The red dragon felt threatened, after casting a brief glance at the giant hand above its head, struggled more forcefully and more frantically bellowed and——fought back.




Over and over again.

Using his giant head as a weapon.

It wants to break through the red whirlpool, break through the prohibition spell that imprisoned it for tens of thousands of years.


Nujiang was raging with roaring waves again, waves rose to a height of thousands of feet once again.

"If you won't listen to my warnings, I'll break off your dragon's back." The old man on the top of the Starry Sky observatory sighed.

His palm that was lifted horizontally suddenly flipped over with immense force, and then, as if the huge hand was a giant sword, swiftly struck down towards Nujiang.

Only flashing white lights could be seen. The entire sky looked as bright as day.


The water of Nujiang was split into two parts.

The water in front has gone far into the distance and the water behind could not catch up.

Above the red river, a white gap suddenly emerged.

It was the aura of the sword, forming a formidable wall of qi that even the torrential river could not penetrate through.


The red dragon let out the most miserable howl, before its head plunged down the bottomless whirlpool.

Its enormous red body, from the dragon's back position, was severed into two parts.

Li Muyang didn't mess with nor aggravate anyone; he was simply intoning in dragon language.

But unexpectedly, danger came to him; part of his chest suddenly throbbed with severe pain, causing him to stagger back. A dull sound began humming from his mouth


He leant against the bed heavily and the [Language of dragons] book dropped from his hand onto the ground.

Tasting a salty-sweetness in his mouth, he cautiously touched the corner of his mouth with his finger, only to find it stained with blood.

"Was I possessed by a demon back then?" Li Muyang felt a sense of fear. No wonder teacher Yang reminded us to not be aggressive in learning and must go through a gradual learning process. It seems dragon language is indeed profound and mysterious, and could not be learnt properly in a short amount of time.

Li Muyang settled himself on the bed, sucking in one great gasping breath of air, one after another.

Until the feeling of compassion in his chest faded away and the severe throbbing in his heart subsided.

However, for some unknown reason, Li Muyang felt sad, and desolate.

As if someone had just bullied him and he was unable to fight back—-Before his body underwent changes he often had this feeling. He felt this world was too dark; everyone bullied him and anyone could be his enemy.

It wasn't until when he eventually felt much comfortable in the chest that Li Muyang picked up the [Language of the Dragons] book again and turned to the page he just recited, thinking to himself: this should be a ritual text, it's worshipping the dragon slayer heroes who died. Also, it's calling their soul so they rest in peace.

But jjust why did I feel so sad?

Because the dragon inside my body was deeply affected? In other words, the dragon tear that Teacher Yang mentioned before–

Li Muyang was extremely distressed and worried at this moment.

Before he knew about the sacred weapon, the Dragon King's tear, he simple-mindedly thought the body of a gigantic dragon was hidden deep inside his body. Besides this reason, he could not explain the changes his body underwent.

However, when teacher Yang mentioned the tear of the dragon king, he began to suspect that hidden within his body was not a dragon but the dragon king's tear—After all, the tear of the dragon king can also explain the abnormality of his body.。

As a libra, Li Muyang hates this kind of ambiguous questions. If each and every question possessed only one answer is that not conducive to world peace?

However, Li Muyang really liked the book, [Language of Dragons]. He thought it's a good book. It can quickly raise his knowledge of dragon language. If he recites this book everyday, he would soon be an expert in this field, right?- Wait, he was one already now, right?

Teacher Yang said that not even him could comprehend this piece of text and could only copy the original for them. On the other hand, he could read the entire text without any difficulties; this clearly proves that he's better than teacher Yang.

"Teacher Yang is so powerful, I am even better than him——-Ha Ha Ha—-" Li Muyang chuckled foolishly to himself. He thought to himself that no wonder Zhang Chen, Li Yue, Wang Xiaopeng, Cai Zhao Wu Man and Zhao Xiaogu liked to bully him before, since it feels so good to step on others.

Of course, student Li Muyang was always the person being trampled on.

With this thought, Li Muyang prepared to work even harder.

He flipped open the book [Language of dragons], preparing to read out the worship text once again.
Since he's not busy, he might as well read some books, as to not let his parents, who were far away in Jiangnan, down——

He only read aloud the first sentence, but Nujiang, which had only been calmed moments ago, was bubbling once again.

Knock knock knock–

Someone was knocking at the door.

Li Muyang, with a silk handkerchief, hurriedly wiped his mouth, before he dashed to the courtyard door.

As he opened the door, he cried aloud: "who is it?"

"It's me." Lin Canghai's voice sounded over, asking: "Brother Muyang, are you alright?"

"I'm alright." Li Muyang pulled open the door and asked: "what happened?"

"I'm here to watch the amazing scene with you." Lin Canghai exclaimed. " Did you see the wrath of Nujiang just now?"

"The wrath of Nujiang?" A look of bewilderment crossed the face of Li Muyang as he asked: "Why would Nujiang be angry?"

"You don't know?" Lin Canghai looked shocked watching Li Muyang. "So many things were happening outside, the whole school was disturbed. You don’t even know?"

Qiandu also walked out of her courtyard. It looks like she was also planning to pay Li Muyang a visit.

Seeing Lin Canghai and Li Muyang standing in front of the courtyard, she asked in her clear and sweet voice: "Why are you two standing here?"

Lin Canghai twisted around to look at Qiandu, before he bowed and greeted her. "Sister Qiandu–I came to find brother Muyang, I wanted to enjoy this magnificent landscape of Nujiang with him. I had no idea that brother Muyang did not know what just happened——"

Qiandu turned to Li Muyang, a look of disbelief across on her face as she said: "Muyang classmate, the spectacle of Nujiang just now, you're not even slightly aware of it?"

"Ah? I didn't know—" before he came to an understanding of the truth, Li Muyang decided to act stupid till the end. "After supper, I was lying in bed reading. And then I fell asleep–What? What the hell happened outside? What happened to Nujiang?"

Qiandu's gaze shifted to the book [Language of Dragons] in Li Muyang’s hand, then she smiled and said: "It seems Muyang classmate was working very hard."

"Oh-" Lin Canghai felt sorry for Li Muyang. "Brother Muyang, this is a rare spectacle seen only in a lifetime. Just now Nujiang was completely flipped, water was surging and red waves were rolling up high. A huge whirlpool suddenly appeared in the middle of the river—-There was a monster that looked like a dragon's head inside the whirlpool—-That red head wanted to break out of the whirlpool on many occasions–the scene was bizarre and spectacular. You missed it, it's a pity."

"A red dragon's head?" Li Muyang burst out in surprise.

Li Muyang was currently very sensitive, he paid extra attention to any words that are related to dragons. The instant he heard Lin Canghai said a dragon's head appeared in Nujiang, his heart jumped. He was worried that he would be linked with this matter.

In all honesty, he nested in his house and read, and had never left the courtyard-

Qiandu also smiled and nodded continuously, saying: "It really is a spectacle that's only seen in thousands of years. Although Nujiang is known as angry river and is enraged at times, but waves that are as high as thousands of feet like they were today and the emergence of a dragon's head have never happened before–"

"It really is a pity." Li Muyang said with 'sadness' in his eyes. Then, with a look of regret across his face, he asked: "Would I still be able to see it now?"

"It shouldn't have ended yet. If you're lucky, you might also see the impressive sight—" Lin Canghai replied, his face glowing with excitement. "I came here to enjoy the scene with brother Muyang. After all, the location of brother Muyang's backyard is much better than mine, there are rocks covering half of my view and the field of view is not wide enough, so it's a bit of a disappointment—"

"I had the same thought." Qiandu said.

"Please come in." Li Muyang made a hand gesture, welcoming Lin Canghai and Qiandu into his courtyard.

The three of them dashed straight into the backyard, taking in the whole scene of the red river at once.

They waited until the moon disappeared and the formation of morning dew but Nujiang was never enraged again.

The three of them were extremely annoyed, rebuking Nujiang for not showing respect to them by being angry again.

Chapter 147: Jade tree of the Song family!
Lin Canghai turned around, apologising profusely to Li Muyang: "brother Muyang, I'm really sorry. I didn't expect Nujiang to have calmed down already and made you wait—–"

Li Muyang was woken by him but could not see the landscape he wanted him to see, this made Lin Canghai felt an enormous sense of guilt.

"What's this?" Li Muyang smiled as he waved his hand dismissively. To be able to watch the night scenery of Nujiang with you two, even if Nujiang is no longer raging, I am equally as happy."

"That's good." Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang and Qiandu, saying: "it's late, you two should rest early. I'm also tired so I'm going back to rest. We have a class tomorrow morning."

"Rest early." Li Muyang said with a smile.

After seeing Lin Canghai off, Qiandu also said goodbye to Li Muyang. "Muyang classmate, rest early. Good night."

"Qiandu classmate, good night." Li Muyang said with a smile.

Qiandu's eyes shifted to the book [Language of Dragons] in Li Muyang's hand as she asked with a smile: "Muyang classmate, you can understand that book?"

"I can't understand it." Li Muyang answered, shaking his head. "It's too hard, it seems like a book from heaven. So, I fell asleep very quickly and missed the wonderful scene of Nujiang, it's such a pity. If I knew, I wouldn’t have read it at all."

Qiandu giggled: "I believe Muyang classmate is gifted in dragon language, as long as you keep trying, you will be able to achieve extraordinary results–then, good night."

"Good night." Li Muyang said with a smile.

Qiandu waved her hand, turned and walked at a brisk pace towards her little courtyard. Her courtyard was situated in the most western part, separated by Cai Pa's, Lin Canghai's and Tie Muxin's houses. However, each building is close to each other and could be reached in a few steps.

After his two classmates left, Li Muyang drew the gate gently closed behind him and not forgetting to latch the gate. His heart only began to thud fiercely; there was a feeling of fear.

His instinct told him that Nujiang's wrath was connected to his recitation of a worshipping text.

Although he wished his intuition was wrong.

Because of that worship text, Nujiang had such a big response?

Red waves surged to the sky and the sudden appearance of a dragon, what does it really mean?

In that case, as long as I continue to recite the text, could I summon the dragon's soul and keep it for my own use—–

Thinking about it, it's pretty exciting.

If I had dragons as my subordinates, where could I not go in this vast world? Tiandu’s Cui family, just what can they do to me?

However, Li Muyang could also anticipate danger.

Lin Canghai and Qiandu have said earlier that the abnormality of Nujiang had alarmed all the students of Starry Sky Academy, then the teachers who are at a high stage of cultivation and the heads of department would have understood the situation more clearly.

"Have they discovered my existence?"

"Do they know——Nujiang was raging because of my covert manipulation?"

Thinking that he can control Nujiang and summon dragon souls, Li Muyang felt his blood racing.

Who would have imagined, the famous trash of Jiangnan city, youngster Li Muyang would have a day like this, that he would bring honour to his family–When did the Li family ever had a hero like him?

Don't bully the poor who is young!

Of course, such things must be kept confidential and not be known to outsiders. Not even his family.

Otherwise, it would bring danger not only to himself but also his family.

If other people knew I was a dragon, when they are killing me would they let my family go? Who would know whether my families are dragons or not?

Li Muyang's mind was filled with all sorts of worries.

It was early dawn, the first rays of the morning sun shone down, Li Muyang just got out of bed.

Following the training plan he drew up, he practiced [The Art of the Breaking Body] for half an hour before practicing calligraphy for half an hour.

After a hot bath and putting on a clean clothing, he took out the [Language of dragons] under his pillow and gently caressed it.

According to the plan he drew up, he would recite every morning. But after what happened last night, he did not dare to casually read it out loud.

"It was only when I read the last article [Worship of dragons] at that back, that Nujiang became angry–If I read other dragon text there shouldn't be any changes, right?"

With this thought, Li Muyang decided to do a little test.

Running a test secretly inside my own courtyard is better than being exposed in front of many people in public, right?

So, tightly holding the book [Language of Dragon] in his hand, Li Muuayng came to the backyard of the house.

He gazed at Nujiang, which was painted brown-red by the rising morning sun and was choppy at the time, as though it was singing a lullaby to sleep.
Li Muyang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, turned to the first page of the book [Language of dragons] and read out the first sound as he faced Nujiang.


Teacher Yang taught this sound in class. It was the sound that Li Muyang accidentally answered correctly.

Strange and obscure tones sounded from Li Muyang's mouth, but Nujiang remained as quiet as ever and there didn't seem to be any noticeable changes.

Li Muyang, feeling more at ease, tried reading two other tones of voice out loud; Nujiang was still not angry.

Now, Li Muyang was even more certain that except the text [Worship of dragons], other words do not affect it in the slightest. It won't set off Nujiang nor summon dragons–

Thinking about this, he felt a bit disappointed.

Besides Yang Xiaohu's dragon slayer major, Li Muyang also latched onto Kong Li's and Xiahou Qianbai's thighs—-no, minored in both subjects that Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai were in charge of, Buddhism and Taoism.

In order to address the danger he might face and ensure the safety of his families, he put forward himself to take multiple classes, but instead was criticised by Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, saying that no one can study both Buddhism and Taoism together, and by doing so, he's more likely to harvest nothing-—

Li Muyang said he would come, then he definitely will come.

Instead of trying to prove anything or use the truth as a huge counterattack against Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, he feared his empty words would anger the two teachers of Starry Sky, leading them to not want to protect his family.

At that time Li Muyang was most concerned about two things: first, the safety of his family who were far away in Jiangnan. Second, the dragon inside his body being discovered.

Li Muyang obtained his school timetable. Xiahou Qianbai has a class at Rising Cloud Pavilion this afternoon on [Cleansing Mind Incantation], so he hurried to Cloud Hall early in the morning to get a good space.

In the divine continent, Sound of Heaven Temple is the orthodox sect of Buddhism and Lung Fu Shan is the leader of Taoism. These two sects are both famous and powerful, the strong people under them are as abundant as clouds and their disciples are more than one million.

The disciples of theses two sects all found throughout the continent and in all nine countries. Adding to this, in each country, Buddhist masters or Taoist masters are among the country's most influential figures, they are even capable of determining the rise and fall of the Royal family and the heir to ascend to the throne.

Of course, most of the time they maintained a neutral stance and do not ask or show interest about these worldly things.

At least this is what they claimed.

The intense competition between Buddhism and Taoism is an ongoing problem for thousands of years. At times, Buddhism dominated while sometimes Taoism received support from the royal family.

Right now, the divine continent was in a state where Buddhism and Taoism was flourishing. This could absolutely be attribute to the fact that there were countles experts born from these two sects.

Regardless matter whether it's a Buddhist allegory of Sound of Heaven Temple or a speech from Mt Lung Fu, both lead to wide interpretations all over the divine continent.

Like a sudden clap of thunder rolling across the flat land, it can shape heaven and earth, as though it's a huge monster.

The number of students in Xiahou Qianbai's class is no small number and also there are several beautiful female students. By the time Li Muyang arrived, dozens of students have already gathered at Rising Cloud Pavilion.

These students sat in the middle of Rising Cloud Pavilion, each occupying a neither big nor small area of a wooden bench. Li Muyang walked to the corner and sat cross-legged on the floor, taking up a small space.

At his side, not that far away, was a handsome youngster clad in a white robe sizing him up. It was the most beautiful man, Li Muyang had ever seen before.

Cui Zhaoren is good looking. Xie Wuyou is good-looking. Also, that Yan Xiangma—-he's also not ugly.

Because of his elegant manner and appearance, Li Muyang had a good opinion of him.

He took the initiative to shake his hand, smiled and said: "I'm Li Muyang, please to meet you."

"Li Muyang?" The expression on the white-robed youngster's face turned colder.

"Yes. What is your name?" Li Muyang tried to ignore the change of expression on the white-robed youngster's face, even though he felt he was treated more unfairly than Dou E. He wholeheartedly wanted to have a good relationship with each student but why does everyone have to make life difficult for him?

Let alone Lu Qiji that crazy woman and Chu Xun that little pretty boy—What is it with this pretty boy in front of me?

I simply called out my name but he revealed a look of disdain?
"Song Tinyun." The youngster with scimitars-like-eyebrows said in a cold voice.

"Song Tinyun?" Li Muyang concentrated hard, thinking and making doubly sure that he does not know this boy and that he had never seen him before.

In that case, he was even more confused. Since we've never met and do not know each other, why do you look at me with those eyes? Like I stole your woman and that we cannot live under the same sky.

Or, is it because I have a bad name so the moment other people heard my name it's enough for them to have the urge to rush up and give me a beating?

Song Tinyun did not answer, instead his gaze just swept coldly back and forth across Li Muyang's face, as if this kid's face was hiding a big secret.

Li Muyang began to get nervous, thinking to himself: this guy does not know I'm a dragon, right?

The palms of his hands began to sweat as he calculated the possibility of silencing him as well as figuring out ways to escape and run away from the blame of Starry Sky Academy—–

"We know each other?" Pretending to be calm, Li Muyang asked with a smile. Before he assessed the situation, he needed to communicate in a polite and amiable manner.


"There is enmity between us?"

"There isn't any enmity between us."

Chapter 148: Cleanse the Mind!

"In that case, why did brother Tinyun talk to me in that manner?" Li Muyang looked strangely at Song Tinyun, asking aloud.

In this world, there is no unfounded love or unfounded hate

He could not understand the reason. It was the first time he met Song Tinyun—-If he did not take the initiative to greet him, he won’t even know who he is.

The how could they be enemies?

Under the warm sun, Song Tinyun's skin looked as white as snow, bright and radiant.

In this class, there are many pretty female students. However, when they were next to Song Tinyun, they were cast into the shade. They all looked like leaves while Song Tinyun is a bright red flower.

Li Muyang decided to not like him anymore.

Because his presence would threaten his title as the most handsome man in Starry Sky Academy.

The first time Li Muyang wore the cloud robe provided by Starry Sky Academy, he could not help but to give himself such a name.

"What kind of manner did I treat you with?" Song Tinyun's scimitar-like-eyebrows raised as he said without any emotions.

"You don’t like me."

"Does everyone have to like you the first time they see you?" Song Tinyun was almost amused by this idiot. This is the man who Cui Xiaoxin was 'close' with in Jiangnan, it seems he's not that impressive? "Who do you think you are? An icon of the kingdom? A strong person of Starry Sky? Or a circus clown?"

Li Muyang chuckled: "you were hostile to me. I just wanted to know the origin of this hostility, after all, I have no disgust and no bad intention. I took the initiative to greet you because I was trying to make a new friend—-"

"I don't easily make friends." Song Tinyun sneered.

"Me too." Li Muyang also sneered. What's the big deal? Who can't sneer.

Without saying too many words.

Li Muyang kindly showed warm feelings but Song Tinyun gave him the cold shoulder, which directly affected his mood to learn.

With his robe swaying slightly and gaping open, Xiahou Qianbai charmingly strode over.

Not sure whether it's because he wanted to show his authority or whether this man is fond of flaunting. He used the Taoist secret technique 'shrink into inches', and without even casting a shadow, he suddenly stepped into the Rising Cloud Pavilion.

"He really has the style of a Starry Sky teacher, he's a model that I studied hard to be like–"

"Teacher Xiahou is the most handsome man in Starry Sky Academy, his scholarly knowledge, appearance and manner makes people develop heartfelt admiration for him——"

"Teacher Xiahou is really handsome–Starry Sky Academy does not forbid romance, right?"——

Xiahou Qianbai scanned the audience, when his gaze brushed past Li Muyang sitting at the corner, he gave him a slight nod, before he said aloud: "today, we will learn the [Cleansing Mind Incantation]. When you entered into Starry Sky Academy, you experienced the four assessments – wine, women, avarice and temper. Why does Starry Sky Academy have these assessments? It's not to assess your efforts or test your mind. But to make you have awareness—-so you know whether there are any areas that you are lacking in. What are your weaknesses, where you need to improve or which areas you need to overcome."

"Three thousand paths, each no different to others. The real path can only be thought about but not explained. It requires you to learn, to feel and to become, smashing emptiness into pieces overnight and become a strong person of Starry Sky. You are currently in a place called Starry Sky Academy, you call me a Starry Sky teacher—-However, it doesn't matter whether I was at Starry Sky Academy or not, we're not going to tell you the truth. We will only pass along to you the methods of searching for the truth, you can do things following rigid, conventional methods or explore in a much more flexible manner–I know that among you guys, there are royalty, nobles, disciples of famous sects, sons and daughters of tycoons; everyone has their own unique way of practice. Your choice of cultivation method is up to you."

"Starry Sky Academy was able to become Starry Sky Academy because of its ability to use different means to obtain the same result. You can continue to be yourself, you can incorporate your hundreds of strengths, you can stay at Starry Sky Academy to study, gaze at the moon, draw or farm–Whatever you want to do, as long as you are interested then you can be successful. The school does not have any demands from you. Someone found 100,000 secret techniques from books, some people realised the true meaning of life within months, some people became famous by painting some picture, and someone grew out of a unique world through farming——"

"The only thing I need to remind you is that you're responsible for your life." Xiahou Qianbai said sternly. His piercing eyes made its way through the crowd as he said aloud: "some people are majoring in Taoism, some wants to study both Buddhism and Taoism, while there are others who want even more—-So, I feel I have the responsibility and the need to teach you this lesson first. This lesson we will talk about [Cleansing Mind Incantation]."

Li Muyang suddenly blushed in embarrassment. He knew Xiahou Qianbai was insinuating that his mind is cluttered and he has too many desires. He would not be successful like this so he needed to cleanse his mind with the [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

Li Muyang thought this was a good thing; he will first learn [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

Mother Luo Qi often said to him: It's always good to have more skills.

Li Muyang carefully calculated, he really did not know much. In a place like Starry Sky Academy, where strong people are as abundant as clouds, it would be very hard for his skills to rank in the top ten right?

Moreover, he accepted Chu Xun's challenge, would he still remember—The date is approaching. If he can't beat him at that time, wouldn't it be embarrassing?

I am someone who can stir the emotions of Nujiang. A strong person has to have strong dignity.

Xiahou Qianbai's body floated upwards, then crouched down slowly and unhurriedly, his legs loosely crossed and his back straight, displaying a Taoist meditation posture.

He closed his eyes, pressed his hands together and muttered some words.

"Laojun said: The great Tao or way has no form, yet it generates heaven and earth; The great Tao has no feelings, yet regulates the course of the sun and moon; the great Tao is nameless, yet it raises and nurtures all things; I do not know its name, so I named it Tao. The Tao can be pure or turbid, moving or tranquil; heaven is pure and the earth is turbid. Heaven is moving and the earth is tranquil. The male is pure and the female is turbid. The male is moving and the female is tranquil. Descending and transforming itself from the origin toward the end, the myriad beings are being born. Purity is the source of turbidity. Movement is the root of tranquillity. If people can always be pure and tranquil, heaven and earth can return to the primordial—–"

Hearing this mantra, Li Muyang didn't feel cleansed, instead felt very restless.

Like ten thousand flies were buzzing around his ears, it was hard to bear and extremely painful.
"The human spirit likes purity, but it is disturbed by the uncontrolled mind; the human mind likes tranquillity, but desires meddle with it. Frequent elimination of desire will lead the mind to tranquillity; cleanse the heart and the spirit will be pure. Whoever fails to do so has not yet cleansed their mind and eliminated their desires. Those who have successfully abandoned their desires can observe their minds by introspection and see there is actually no mind. Then, observe the body from without and see there is no body——–"

Li Muyang clenched his fist and released. As his hand clasped onto a stone in front of him, distinct notches instantly appeared.

The expression on his face looked ferocious, his head dripping with sweat and his eyes blood-red.

He felt a strong desire for destruction, an impulse to destroy everything in sight.

Song Tinyun, sensing a strong presence of danger, immediately glanced sideways, couldn't help but be aghast by the sight.

This guy—–he wanted to kill someone?

Hostility was radiating too strongly from him and the air was thick with murderous intent.

Following Xiahou Qianbai's recitation, Li Muyang's emotions became more and more intense and he became more and more agitated.

It was as though the [Cleansing Mind Incantation] did not cleanse the mind, but instead stimulated the evil desires of the human body.

Li Muyang deeply hated the [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

Although the origination of this hatred baffled him, it also felt right at the same time.

As if [Cleansing Mind Incantation] has hurt him before.

Li Muyang was well aware that this emotion was not good and he understood even more that his reaction was the complete opposite to everyone else.

"They might suspect-and even discover I'm a dragon—-" Li Muyang thought to himself.

However, he could do nothing to control himself.

With the immense power emanating from the origins of his soul, his body was entirely not under his control.


On the surface of the blue desk, cracks appeared one after another, as though his hands were steel claws, hard and strong.

The desk surface that was scratched looked sinister and terrifying, and even the sound emanating from it was extremely sharp and ear-piercing.

"Li Muyang-" Song Tinyun thundered. "What are you doing? You dare to be disrespectful to Teacher Xiahou—"

Song Tinyun did not know about Li Muyang's current state, he simply thought Li Muyang was deliberately targeting Teacher Xiahou's lesson–of course, he also hoped this was the case. As a disciple of Xiahou Qianbai, of course, he had to stand up for him.

Hearing Song Tinyun's yelling, students who have fell into a peaceful state of mind as they listened to the [Cleansing Mind Incantation], opened their eyes, which darted across to where the loud noises were coming from.

Then, following Song Tinyun's line of sight they spotted Li Muyang going crazy.

"What's wrong with him? He looks like he's raging—-"

"Even the Cleansing Mind Incantation can't cleanse his mind, he must be possessed by a demon-"

"How is that possible? Starry Sky Academy accepted a demon into the school? You think the teachers are idiots?"——

Xiahou Qianbai, who had his eyes shut as he recited the incantation, also sensed Li Muyang's stirred emotions as well as the strong killing intent in the air–The killing intent was not aimed at others but him, the person reciting the incantation.

Xiahou Qianbai knitted his brow in concentration and recited the incantation more rapidly.

"People fail to realise the true Tao because they have deviant minds; with deviance in their mind, their spirit is startled. Since their spirit is startled, they start to cling to myriad things. Since they cling to myriad things, they search and covet. Since they have covetousness, they are troubled; worries and deviance will pester the body and mind. One will fall into turbidity and shame, ups and downs, life and death. Eternally drowning in the sea of misery, one will lose the true Tao forever."

[Cleansing Mind Incantation] is used to cleanse the mind; it's a supreme technique used to achieve a tranquil state. Xiahou Qianbai has absolute confidence in Taoism's [Cleansing Mind Incantation]. Let alone a new student, even vicious demons or brutal beasts, the moment they hear the incantation, would be placed n a peaceful state of mind, their hostility greatly reduced and their killing intent dissipating.

He felt he had to prove the supreme power of [Cleansing Mind Incantation] in front of all his disciples to let them know that—his words alone could quell any disturbance.

Li Muyang was in agony, his lips cracked and his eyes were bloodshot.

His hands, pressing on the surface of the bluestone desk, firmly grabbed onto the edges of the desk, veins bulging on the back of his hands.

His forehead was dripping with sweat and his clothes were already soaked.

White fog shrouded all around his body, which is caused by the evaporation of the sweat from his body.


Must endure!

Because both of Li Muyang's hands were gripped onto the bluestone table, so the desk became the only channel of release and conduction of qi in his body.

Bearing this great force and power, loud cracks began to run across the smooth bluestone surface.

Very soon, the cracks became more and more numerous, wider and wider.

Crackle lke noises constantly echoed across the air, like the sound of ice-sheets cracking on a frozen lake.


With a loud thud, the bluestone table in front of Li Muyang splintered into pieces.

"Li Muyang, you crazy–"

"Hurry stop him-"

"Don't let him hurt Teacher Xiahou-" -

Xiahou Qianbai’s body soared into the air, fanning his wide, flowing sleeves towards Li Muyang.

Li Muyang instantly felt dizzy and lost consciousness, slumping to the ground——

Li Muyang was awakened by the bright sunlight. He wanted to open his eyes but his head felt heavy and and had a terrible ache.

His mouth was very dry but nobody gave him a drip of water. Li Muyang felt the need to rethink his circle of friends: let alone go through water and tread on fire, no one even fed me a spoonful of soup?

Faintly, he heard someone's voice.

Li Muyang didn't get up, simply opened his eyes and shot a glance at the corner of the door.

"—-It was extremely bizarre, I have cultivated for decades, my [Cleansing Mind Incantation] can cure evil spirit, prohibit demon, make someone forget life or death. When I first read it aloud, the other students cleared their mind, relieved their anger and entered a selflessness state. Only his emotions remain ruthless, it seems he's extremely furious as if he's full of hatred with someone-and even the bluestone table was torn into fragments—"

It was Xiahou Qianbai's voice. Xiahou Qianbai's voice always carries an air of arrogance, similar to his prideful character. "Some students suspect that he's a devil, because only evil things would have such a dramatic rejection response when they hear the [Cleansing Mind Incantation]-Who is he?"

"What do you think he is?" A hoarse voice asked.

This voice sounded unfamiliar, Li Muyang had never heard of it before.

He wanted to investigate this person; he wanted to see the stranger's face. But the person's body was covered by the door, making it difficult for him to see this person at all.

Li Muyang did not dare to make any sudden movements because he knew very well that with Xiahou Qianbai's level of cultivation, as long as he makes the slightest movement, he would be noticed.

"I don’t know." Xiahou Qianbai said: "what those students say, shouldn't be believed. I don’t believe Starry Sky Academy would allow a devil in-I investigated his body just now, his qi activity is relatively weak and his sea of qi has not even formed yet. With strength like that, it makes me suspect he's the son of a royalty sent here to study. Of course, I have read his information, he's just an ordinary teenager from Jiangnan with no special background."

After a brief pause, Xiahou Qianbai added: "However, this kid did very well in all four assessments, wine, women, avarice and temper. Adding to this, the strength he suddenly displayed in a split moment was impressive – before I always thought he deliberately concealed his power in front of people."

"Moreover, that Bookworm said Li Muyang was personally enrolled by the dean of the school–I really don't understand, why does dean look at an ordinary teenager from Jiangnan City so differently? Adding to this, he was especially strange today, there are so many questionable points about him—-"

Enrolled personally by dean of the school?

Li Muyang was flabbergasted.

He always thought that the reason he was admitted into Starry Sky Academy was because of his good exam results- Starry Sky Academy had discerning eyes, so it allowed him into the school. Although he had not applied or even heard of this school before.

Now by eavesdropping on Xiahou Qianbai's conversation with someone, he came to realise that he was personally admitted by dean of the school–just what was the dean's intention?

Li Muyang was worried and uneasy.

Starry Sky Academy was situated on Nameless Mountain, and in front of Nameless Mountain was one of the top ten most dangerous places in the divine continent, Flower Language Plain, and behind it was raging-red Nujiang.

Nujiang is wide and vast, a limitless expanse of red water.

It is said that at the other side is a dangerous swamp that's shrouded by thick fog all year round to the extent it can't see the sun, surely very few people would be willing to go and explore a place like that.

A desolate location, an unknown school and a high and mighty dean who overlooks everything-how could he possibly know about a common youngster from the far away Jiangnan?

There must be a devil behind this strangeness!

Li Muyang knows that there's a monster hiding inside his body, so he was worried that someone else was also aware of the monster inside his body-

However, so far away, how could the dean know?

In this world, is there nothing dean does not know about?

Nervous and uneasy, Li Muyang stayed silent and concentrated hard, leaning closer to eavesdrop—He overheard the dialogue between Xiahou Qianbai and a stranger.

"Dean's thoughts, can we speculate? The scene that dean could see, could we also see? Dean is an extraordinary person, and he did obviously has his reasons." The stranger said in a low voice. "Why don't you ask the dean?"

"If dean did not tell us, who would dare go ask him?" As Xiahou Qianbai spoke of him, his voice was full of deep respect and admiration. "Thinking that only Bookworm knew about this, it's so unfair. Why is it only him that dean values? Is he not just a bookworm who only knows how to read? Speaking of which, he was a student of Kong Li and me."

The stranger ignored Xiahou Qianbai's 'jealousy', saying: "Now that dean has recruited him and knows of his presence, it demonstrates that there must be a reason –Carefully take care of the problematic situation right now. And you must not make raise the students' suspicion. Also, dean has to be satisfied. So-teacher Xiahou Qianbai, I appreciate your help."

"I obviously need to deal with this matter." Xiahou Qianbai said in a cold voice. "I also have some questions I want to ask."

As the stranger's footsteps gradually stepped further away, Xiahou Qianbai returned into the stone house and stood in front of Li Muyang's bed.

"Li Muyang, who are you exactly?" After a moment of silence, Xiahou Qianbai asked aloud.

"——" Li Muyang's heart tightened in fear.

He questioned me like that? How does he know I'm awake?

Is he purposely testing me?

Yes, that must be it.

He did it on purpose, he does not even know I'm awake.

So, Li Muyang decided to continue pretending to be asleep.

Pretending to be dead won't work.

"You don't need to be worried. There's only you and me in this room, so you can talk to me frankly." Xiahou Qianbai pulled a chair over and seated himself in front of Li Muyang, a faint smile emerged on his lips as he said: "If you think you had not slept enough, I can come back later. However, someone else will come to see you soon—at that time you have to deal with them yourself."

With that, Xiahou Qianbai got up to leave.

He could not pretend any longer.

Li Muyang sprung up in the bed, yellling: "Teacher Xiahou–"

Xiahou Qianbai twisted around, gazing steadily at Li Muyang in rumination as he said: "You're awake now?"

"Why is Teacher Xiahou here?" Li Muyang asked in a bewildered tone. "This is not my house? Where am I now?"

"You are now lying in my cottage" Xiahou Qianbai said aloud: "The reason as to why you are here—Do you not remember?"

"Don’t remember." Li Muyang answered, shaking his head. "Don't remember at all. No impression whatsoever."

He seriously pondered for a moment before he exclaimed: "I always admired teacher Xiahou, I heard that teacher Xiahou would have a lecture on [Cleansing Mind Incantation] today so I wanted to go. In the end, I was lampooned by a brother called Song Tinyun–"

As Xiahou Qianbai came over, he looked at Li Muyang in the eye. So, Li Muyang couldn’t push all the blame to Song Tinyun. After all, he was clear-headed at that time. The expression in his eyes can't lie.

"Later, when teacher Xiahou arrived and recited [Cleansing Mind Incantation], I felt my head aching, as if someone had placed worms into my head. I don’t know what happened after."

"You don't know what you’ve done?"

"I don't know." Li Muyang shook his head.

Xiahou Qianbai's piercing eyes swept across Li Muyang's face over and over again, before he suddenly said: "Do you hate me?"

Looking shocked, Li Muyang hurriedly explained: "Why did teacher Xiahou say that? I only have admiration and gratitude towards teacher Xiahou, I absolutely do not have any resentment against you at all. If I told any lies, I, Li Muyang—will go home and be a shepherd."

"If you don't hate me, why did you try to kill me?"

"Teacher Xiahou, I would never want to kill you—" Li Muyang urgently explained. Why would he kill teacher Xiahou? He is his 'big thigh'.

Seeing Li Muyang's sincere expression, Xiahou Qianbai was even more curious: "Li Muyang, I investigated your sea of qi just now."

"Sea of qi?" Li Muyang asked. He had read about it in the [Art of the Breaking Body]; the sea of qi is equivalent to the storage of qi in a person, all rivers run to the sea, all activity of qi will eventually transmit to that position.

Sea of qi would accumulate vital energy, the accumulation of qi will cultivate into a fetal heart.

Fetal heart will ultimately form into an entity.

For example, like the tear of the dragon king.

"Your sea of qi has not formed yet." Xiahou Qianbai said: "The same as those low level cultivationists, the way you gather energy to throw a punch is via the dantian-In the divine continent, the Empty Valley, High Mountain, Free Clouds, Withering Glory, Starry Sky, Astral Projection, and Dragon Slayer are the seven main realms. The cultivation level of the students who Starry Sky accepts is usually at least at the High Mountains. Even those students who majored in painting and calligraphy are also at least in the Empty Valley realm. Li Muyang, you are a martial arts beginner and has not even crossed the threshold."

"So, student Li Muyang, can you tell me, in the four trials – wine, women, avarice and temper, when you killed countless desert bandits and wiped out their family, just where did that strength come from?"

"Ah?" Li Muyang's eye sprung wide open in surprise, looking at Xiahou Qianbai as he asked: "Teacher Xiahou, what are you talking about? What killing countless desert bandits and wiping out their family by myself–When did I do that? I know teacher Xiahou would laugh at me but before I was enrolled into Starry Sky, I was just a very average student in Jiangnan City. I was constantly sick and affected with all kinds of illnesses. Teachers looked down on me and students bullied me. At that time, I had not even killed a chicken before, let alone those evil, cruel and inhuman desert bandits-Teacher Xiahou, have you gotten mistaken with the wrong person?"

"You don't remember what happened? How would you know desert bandits are evil, cruel, and inhuman?" Xiahou Qianbai's lips curved into a faint smile, thinking to himself: boy, you want to challenge me, you're still too young.

He stared at Li Muyang severely, saying: "you had came into contact with desert bandits some other time?"

Li Muyang's heart let out a shudder, knowing that his acting was far too exaggerated. Xiaohou Qianbai had managed to find the inconsistency in his story.

Trying to appear composed, he said calmly: "Teacher Xiahou, so, I have a friend called Yan Xiangma, he's a young master in Jiangnan City. He's knowledgeable and dedicates himself to the service of the country. He often said to me that the nomads of the grasslands, desert bandits, rebels of Wuchang Mountain and Dawu's army at the frontier are the four biggest pests of the kingdom. Moreover, he often told me about the vile acts of the four pests, so I also know a little. I have strong hatred towards them. I hoped that I could also be like the strong people of Starry Sky and behead millions at once. Teacher Xiahou mentioned desert bandits just now so I added that they are evil, cruel and inhuman—which are also what my friend Yan Xiangma told me. If teacher Xiahou don't believe me then you can go find Yan Xiangman and ask him."

Xiahou Qianbai pensively surveyed Li Muyang's face, his thick, black sword-like brows gently screwed up. "You don’t remember anything?"

"Teacher Xiahou, I'm really sorry–I didn't mean to forget, I really don't know what happened." Li Muyang said pulling an apologetic face. "I only remember I entered the land of Nameless Mountain, but what happened after, I don't remember at all. When I woke up, I was already lying at the peak of Nameless Mountain. An older brother named He An brought me to registration, where I also fatefully met teacher Xiahou, and because I was once attracted by Teacher Xiahou's confident and aloof temperament, I had to enrol in the subject teacher Xiahou is responsible for—"

Xiahou Qianbai pondered for a moment before he said: "Li Muyang, what is your objective of coming to Starry Sky?"

"Objective?" Li Muyang looked off into the distance in deep thought; he could not reach a definite answer in this short while.

It was an unfathomable mystery how he was admitted into Starry Sky Academy when he knew nothing about Starry Sky Academy. On his way to register into the school he clashed with Cui Zhaoren and was chased by countless people along his way-

Now he was asked what is his purpose of coming here. His first response was stay alive and keep his family safe.

However, when he first decided to come to Starry Sky Academy, that was not his objective–There must be some other reason.

To change his fate, become someone who would be treated equally and not be bullied, and not be a trash that girls are afraid to talk to in case others would see them.

Or chase his dream, become a strong person of Starry Sky that millions of people would look up to or a superhero whose name would be read with admiration by storytellers all over the world.

This should be his purpose of coming to Starry Sky Academy, right?

Li Muyang's eyes were resolute as he raised his head and looked Xiahou Qianbai in the eye, saying: "I want to be stronger."

It's only when he's stronger that he could protect his family and change his fate.

It's only when he's stronger that he would have the right and opportunity to choose–He can choose to live an ordinary life, or choose to kill phoenix and slay dragons—-no wait, kill phoenix and protect dragons, and be a famous person of Starry Sky.

Strong people can choose, while weak people can only accept.

"Stronger?" A hint of a smile emerged on Xiahou Qianbai's lips, as he got up and paced around Li Muyang's bed. "Are you aware of the condition of your body?"

Li Muyang shook his head, saying: "I don’t know."

"You still haven't crossed the threshold." Xiahou Qianbai said bluntly.

"What is cross the threshold?" Li Muyang looked bewildered.
"Each subject has a threshold; with writing, if you can write with beautiful and elegant handwriting, that can be considered as crossing the threshold. For painting, if you can draw the shape and attitude, that is called crossing the threshold. Even cooking, farming, or riding has certain standard as the threshold. Cultivation is the same."

Xiahou Qianbai then stood still in front of Li Muyang and looked him in the eye as he said: "I investigated your activity of qi and health just now, your body is very weak. It seems you've been through a period of training but that's not enough to build the foundation. The body is the source of all, it's the medium for a variety of remarkable powers. If your body is weak how can you cultivate?"

"There's a little bit of qi activity gathered at your dantian but that's small enough to be negligible. Moreover, sea of qi—-Oh, you don't even have a sea of qi."


"In the divine continent the training of cultivators is divided into seven main realms, and in each realm there are three different levels of strength. The first realm is the Empty Valley—Valley is profound, deep and steep-sided. It is said that everyone is a blank slate when they're born. In the eyes of us cultivationists, an ordinary person's body is a deep, empty valley. Deep and unfathomable, you need to fill it with things–what things? With wisdom? With knowledge? Or qi?"

"The second realm is known as the High Mountain, once you reach and stand on the top, all the other mountains appear so small. When your body is crammed but it's still not enough and you wish to continue to fill it up until it piles up like a mountain, that's what we call the High Mountain Border. The more you accumulate the farther you see. It's the same principle with everything."

"Third realm is the Free Clouds. Free clouds, wild cranes, and freedom. Free Clouds realm is the top of the lower three realms, once you enters the Free Clouds, you can be called a master. Free clouds realm is a threshold, numerous cultivationists could go no further than the Free Clouds. However, those able to take one step forward can become one of the top cultivationists of the country."

"The fourth realm is Withering Glory, which is also the level above the Free Clouds. Lush grass on the plains come and goes with every season. Even a wild fire does not burn it completely; when spring breeze blows, it grows again. Controlling life and death with one thought. Withering Glory is the rebirth state, it makes the body glow with life and can make one's fighting capacity and mental state be at their peak-Withering Glory is a realm of infinite possibilities. If one can go further, one will be able to roam the Starry Sky and become a person the divine continent looks up to. Of course, Withering Glory is extremely rarely achieved,there will not even be one person able to achieve this among ten thousand."

"The fifth realm is the Starry Sky, even hearing its name you would know—Vast, boundless sky, only I move unhindered. Those who can reach the Starry Sky can direct the rise and fall of a country or even lead the affairs of the divine continent. Starry Sky is vast and boundless. Cultivationists at the Starry Sky realm can move without restriction. From this, it's power and influence are obvious."

Li Muyang's eyes gleamed with excitement, as though he might become a strong person of Starry Sky in any minute. Before, he simply has the basic knowledge of the system of cultivation, but never was it explained to him in detail like this before.

Having a teacher to guide him and reminding him is so important, it saves him a lot of time wondering and thinking.

"The sixth realm is called the Astral Projection, we usually call it the celestial realm. Journey beyond the heavens, behead people from miles away. The slightest wisp of intent can kill. So, from this, it is clear how frightening and powerful this realm is—Of course, people who could reach the Astral Projection realm are already immortals in our divine continent. So, even if we want to see these immortals—-it's extremely rare."

"The seventh realm is the Dragon Slayer. Some say dragons are half divine beings and some say dragons are an immortal race. Even until now many people are still in debate over this. Killing an invincible dragon with a mere human body. Thinking about it—What powerful strength is needed to achieve this?"

Li Muyang was overwhelmed with emotions, swallowing saliva repeatedly in an effort to calm down his excitement before he could ask aloud: "How can I reach the dragon slayer realm?"

"First of all." Xiahou Qianbai darted a look at Li Muyang. "You have to build your foundation."


"Teacher Xiahou—" Li Muyang helplessly stared at Xiahou Qianbai as if at a loss for words. He felt humiliated.

"Do you think I'm wrong?" A serious expression was plastered all over Xiahou Qianba's face. "Without the foundation, you dare attempt to slay dragons? Without the foundation how could you slay a dragon?"

"Teacher Xiahou, I understand what you're saying. What you said is true. But what I meant to ask you is that-with my current physical condition, how can I step-by-step advance to the Dragon Slayer realm?" Li Muyang asked, his face full of sincerity. This was a question he was always eager to know. Previously, he had no teacher for him to ask and could only find out by himself, as well as rely on the superficial memories that emerged time-to-time from his mind. Now, there's a Starry Sky teacher standing right in front of him, how could he pass up such a great opportunity?

Worried that he would be misunderstood as overestimating his capabilities, Li Muyang urgently explained in a low voice: "I don't have to reach the Dragon Slayer realm; however, I think it's good to have goals to pursue, right? Otherwise, what would be the difference between us and maggots?"

"There is rarely someone in the Dragon Slayer realm in the world, even in thousands of years. However, dreams are good–" Xiahou Qianbai said with a smile. "First of all, you have to build your foundation—–"


"Of course, there's a variety of ways in building a foundation. The major sects and will naturally have their own special ways of establishing foundations. Their techniques that are passed down are rarely seen in the world. And coupled with the benefits of Lingshi elixir, which allows them to advance at a tremendous pace, they are far ahead of ordinary cultivationers. Not to mention the royal family and noble families, whenever they ask for money they receive money, whenever they demand people they get people, and even all the natural resources are under their control. In order to continue the royalty's qi channel and to extend their clan's interests, regardless of cost, they would train and improve their talented disciples. Their cultivation progress is astonishing."

"Also, there are some treasures that can only be acquired by fateful encounters. If one can obtain the sacred treasures and weapons listed inside [Treasures and Weapons] or the beneficial elixirs listed inside the [Sacred Medicine], might have a chance to catch up with them—But, for ordinary cultivators, they also need to find a good teacher, and then under a teacher’s guidance, establish a good foundation. Within Starry Sky, there are also various methods of building foundation, if students are interested they can also look for it–Of course, good or bad, will depend on one's nature."

Xiahou Qianbai's gaze swept across Li Muyang's face, saying very proudly: "Although you're majoring in Dragon Slayer, but Yang Xiaohu's strength–is a little weaker than mines. He entered into the Tao through reading, that itself is very difficult. Also, every person who entered the Tao through writings achieved great success in the future. For example, poets Li Qiubai and Du Ruofu, who both left behind their colourful name in the history of Starry Sky, are figures who are admired and missed by many."

"Starry Sky Academy recruits the best in the world. There are people who cultivates well, people good at incantations, painting, writing, music or even farming–Of course, each student is a leader in their respective field, and also has an aura and very good prospects. If not, why would they be admitted into Starry Sky Academy?"

Li Muyang's excitement grew greater and greater, his voice sounding as though he was controlling his joy as much as was possible, asking: "Teacher Xiahou, what makes me stand out?"

"I don't know." Xiahou Qianbai shook his head, saying vaguely: "Maybe your background is more tough?"


Xiahou Qianbai looked at Li Muyang, saying: "No need to feel glum. I know you were enrolled into Starry Sky Academy based on your results in the West Wind Kingdom's imperial exams. But have you ever thought that there are nine great powerful countries in the divine continent and within each, there are numerous small counties. Each country has a first in the exams, although it's named differently in each country, but they are probably people like you—-However, not every first place has the chance to enter into Starry Sky Academy. Taken together, the probability of being enrolled into Starry Sky Academy with the best results of the imperial exams is a very low. "

"Every year, in every country, there's a first in the imperial exams; if every first place was enrolled into the school, then in the coming hundreds of years, Starry Sky Academy would become an academy of the nine countries? All students would be crammed with the power of the nine countries then teachers would obviously become the elites of the nine countries. With the competition among the nine countries, can Starry Sky maintain its independence and autonomy? "

"The school is wise." Li Muyang nodded in quick succession. Then, he put forward his concern: "but are the current students not also from the nine countries?"

"It's not the same." Xiahou Qianbai said sternly: "If we followed the previous system of enrolment, then we would accept whoever the royal family of each of the nine countries tells us to accept. But now the school enrols whomever they want. We can accept members of the royal family or accept villagers and countrymen, and can also admit you—Starry Sky Academy is the best school in the entire divine continent. We cannot let the royal family monopolise the talents in the nine countries. Talents can help strengthen the royal power, and with the stability of the monarchy, they can send a steady flow of people who are close to them to study at Starry Sky—If this happens, how can the poor and commoners have their day?"

Li Muyang's eyes brimmed with tears, looking at Xiahou Qianbai as he said in a voice full of gratitude: "It's because there's a powerful person like teacher Xiahou, that the rest of us ordinary people have the motivation and power to fight. Otherwise, no matter how much we struggle and try, there would still not be any value or harvest; this world is really too dark and cruel?"

"Power is always powerful, the poor is always poor, commoners are forever a commoner—If it weren't for an influential person like Teacher Xiahou to stand up and speak up for us, then right now I would not have the chance to appear at Starry Sky Academy."

Li Muyang grabbed Xiahou Qianbai's sleeve and said flatteringly: "Teacher Xiahou can be said to be the top talent of us ordinary people - Teacher Xiahou also has a common background, right?"

The supporters of royal students are teachers with royal background, elite students supporters are elite teachers, Li Muyang thinks he's a typical commoner, if Xiahou Qianbai also has an ordinary background and relied on his own efforts and talent to slowly arrive at the position of Starry Sky teacher and obtained this kind of power and prestige that makes people fear and respect—Can he and I not form a group?

In that case, he would have such a powerful protector in Starry Sky Academy. Who dares to bully him?

Xiahou Qianbai forcefully jerked his sleeve out of Li Muyang’s hand, reached out and straightened his clothing and said with a look of haughty composure: "I am of royal descent."

People who do not follow the lines in a script are annoying.

Li Muyang's expression stiffened for a long time, before he forcefully relaxed himself, his lips curving into an even brighter smile, saying. "No wonder that when I first saw teacher Xiahou I though teacher Xiahou looks beautiful and radiates an air of elegance, as though you're a celestial being—At that time I only know teacher Xiahou has an extraordinary background. It really is true."

Xiahou Qianbai completely ignored Li Muyang's flattery and said aloud: "although I don't know why you were enrolled, but I see you've practised [The Art of the Breaking Body] before–"

As though he unintentionally glanced at Li Muyang, he tentatively asked: "you know my Ziyang Shishu[1]?"
[1] A junior of his master

Ziyang Shishu?

Li Muyang pondered inwardly, who is this person? I had never heard of the name Ziyang before.

Moreover, even Teacher Xiahou calls him Shishu—then he must be a big thigh, right?

So, Li Muyang looked at Xiahou Qianbai in bewilderment, asking: "Teacher Xiahou is talking about that old Taoist priest, right?"

"Old Taoist priest?" The muscles in Xiahou Qianbai's pale face began to twitch as he thought to himself: such an ignorant kid, he dares to call one of the seven immortals of Taoism, Taoist Ziyang an 'old Taoist priest', he really does not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth. However, without displaying too much anger, he added: "Ziyang Shishu cultivates in 'The Art of Unintentional' so does not pay attention to appearance. I didn't know you met him before- how did you know each other? "

What Xiahou Qianbai said confirmed Li Muyang's thinking; the dirty old Taoist priest who always came to examine his illness is Ziyang Shishu.

Able to become the shishu of Xiahou Qianbai, a famous Starry Sky teacher, he must be a remarkable person–Li Muyang repented himself to the extent that his intestine was turning green.

Back then, why did he not beg the old Taoist priest to be his mentor?

Actually he did but the old Taoist priest dismissed him, saying becoming someone's mentor depends on 'fate', without fate then it cannot be forced. Also, he exhorted Li Muyang to let nature take its course and everything will come naturally.

After he comforted Li Muyang, he then said Li Shinian is smart, have great potential, gave her a copy of [The Art of the Breaking Body] to practice and said it would strengthen her body and enlighten her.

Li Muyang had nothing but criticism for the old Taoist monk: Does he dislikes me because he thinks I'm stupid? Why else would he teach Li Shinian and not me?

Because of this knot in his heart, Li Muyang was more reluctant to get close to the old Taoist priest. He secretly poured away the concoctions he specially prepared for him several times—And because Li Shinian told on him to the old Taoist priest, the old Taoist priest dotes on her.

He missed out on grabbing onto this thick thigh, this time, no matter what, he has to hold onto this thick thigh.

So, with a cool and casual expression as though he was close with him, Li Muyang said: "So that old Taoist priest is called Ziyang—–Taoist priest. He always likes to wear a shabby Taoist robe, which the original colour could not be determined, his hair was always messy and his beard scruffy. But he is actually a pretty good person, he always patted my head and said 'this kid will have a bright future when he grows up, must properly nurture him, don't put this kid’s talent to waste'—"

"I asked how did you know each other—" Xiahou Qianbai said impatiently. Just why does this guy talk so much nonsense?

"When I was young, I was afflicted with a serious illness, Taoist Ziyang suddenly arrived at our doorstep and said he would help cure my illness. At that time, my father and mother were helpless with my condition and since someone was willing to treat my condition, they were naturally overjoyed—-"

"When he came to see me, he first felt my pulse, listened to my breathing, and examined my chest, before he came to a conclusion, saying that 'lightning entered your body but does not matter, it can be treated'-So, he had took care of me for years until I was eleven years old, when he finally left."

"Why did he leave? Do you know where he went?" Xiahou Qianbai hastily asked.

"He said there would be a disaster soon, so he needs to do some preparation." Li Muyang said regretfully. "Since then, I have never seen him."
"Ziyang Shishu has remarkable skills and is extremely talented; he's a leading figure of the Taoist sect. The disaster that he spoke of may mean he wants to advance further once again–I haven't seen him in so many years, I wonder what level of cultivation Ziyang Shishu is now."

"I wonder how Taoist Grandpa is now." Li Muyang said softly.

"Taoist Grandpa?" Xiahou Qianbai shot a puzzled glance at Li Muyang.

"Yes." Li Muyang said, looking sad. This time he was not pretending but really did miss the old Taoist priest whose sleeves were full of grease and dirt when he came to see him every day carrying large bags of herbs to boil a concoction and then forced him to drink it.

At that time Li Muyang really hated him, because every day he forced medicine down his throat. Now thinking about it, it was to treat his illness. Without his medical treatment, and based on the severity of his disease, whether he could live was an uncertainty.
Also, his temper was very good, no matter how he much he was aggravated, he would simply smile. He was especially kind to Li Shinian as though Li Shinian is his granddaughter-

"I got along well with him, so we became close. I liked to call him old Taoist priest but later I called him Taoist Grandpa. Every day, whenever I saw him heading over into our courtyard from afar, I would yell 'Taoist Grandpa is here' to my little sister –"

The story is true, just that Li Muyang swapped the characters around. It was Li Shinian who sat at the doorway and whenever she saw the old Taoist priest coming over, she would shout to her busy parents inside the house: 'Taoist Grandpa is here'. Every day, at that time, Li Muyang wanted to find a corner to hide at–

"He said I have a gift in cultivation, so he gave me a book called [The Art of the Breaking Body] and told me that the book could build up my body and make me wiser. No matter how hard I practice, I still showed no progress in several years—"

"I am indebted to Ziyang Shishu, back then I had a problem that I could not solve, it was him who awakened and reminded me, which led to the achievements I have today." After hearing Li Muyang's story, Xiahou Qianbai was touched; the manner in which he looks at Li Muyang was much kinder, somewhat endearing. "Ziyang Shishu imparted 'The Art of the breaking Body' to you then that means he thought highly-fond of you. With his present cultivation level, I'm afraid it's hard for me to repay the favour to him. Therefore, this favour falls on you. As Ziyang Shishu says: 'go with the flow, everything comes naturally'. Since you're at Starry Sky Academy and is lying in my medicine hut, this must be the fate that Shishu always mentions-"
Xiahou Qianbai turned to Li Muyang and said firmly, as though not allowing any possible refusal: "Today, I'll help you build your foundation."

Li Muyang desired to be stronger.

He was hungrier for power than anyone else.

He does not want to return back to his previous self, back to the days he was bullied, humiliated or completely ignored as though he was invisible. He does not want to go back to the life when everyone looked at him like they were looking at a 'pig'.

He always pretended that he does not mind but deep down how would he not care? He is also just a normal youth who wants to have dignity and hopes to receive attention and see girls blushing lovingly at him.

He wants to change his own life; he wanted to be—-not the same person.

Before he left Jiangnan, he had this thought.

In order to change his fate, he accepted Starry Sky Academy and chose this journey.

However, when he subconsciously killed the chief of the Monitoring Department of the kingdom–or at least that's what people were telling him.

As a result, his life entered into another state.

Along the way, he and fatty Gongshu Yuan experienced five attacks and seven planned ambush, and even though they ran straight to Starry Sky Academy they were still intercepted at the foot of the mountain–

At that time, he no longer lives for himself.

He seriously thought he could die.

He knew he killed someone who should not be messed with; he was willing to pay with his life. If there isn't a better option.

However, one's family should not be impacted by one's mischief and troubles.

He hopes his actions will not bring danger to his parents and family. Even the thought that they may retaliate against his parents and sister, Li Shinian, Li Muyang trembled with worry and could not wait to find brother Wuyou to borrow his crane to fly back to Jiagnan.

However, he knew very clearly that even if he flew back to Jiangnan, he wouldn't have the power to protect his parents.

He needed to continue to stay at Starry Sky Academy. He needed to solve the mysteries of his body. He needed to become a strong person of Starry Sky-

He wants his parents to live happily, wants to see Li Shinian get married and have children and live a happy life.

So, someone who is not afraid of dying would not mind using some underhand means to achieve their goal–if there is any stigma or consequences, he will not escape, and was willing to bear all responsibility.

Hearing Xiahou Qianbai said he will help him build his foundation, Li Muyang was thrilled.

He sprung up from his bed, his eyes gleaming with excitement, asking: "Teacher Xiahou, are you serious?"

"A gentleman keeps his promise. When have I, Xiahou Qianbai, not kept my words?" Xiahou Qianbai said proudly.

"Yes, yes, yes. I said something wrong, I'm very emotional right now, I can't believe what I heard." Li Muyang repeatedly apologised and said with a smile.

Xiahou Qianbai took a glimpse at Li Muyang, saying: "your physique is too weak now, your activity of qi is unstable, you cannot build your foundation. First, you have to stay in my medicine hut for a few more days, I will give you some medication to replenish your body-When your body is well, I will then help you build your foundation. I hope you will be successful."

"Thank you teacher Xiahou." Li Muyang jumped out of the bed, straightened his clothes before he respectfully bowed to Xiahou Qianbai.

With a swish of his robe, Xiahou Qianbai proudly said: "No. This is to repay Ziyang Shishu's favor—-"


For many people, Tiandu is very, very small, small enough that it cannot fit even a grain of ambition.

For many people, Tiandu is very, very big, big enough to lose yourself and everything you have.

Tiandu's Imperial high school. It was the end of a school day but students did not immediately return home, instead waited at the school gate in small groups; it seems like they are waiting for something.

"The girl is really beautiful, like a cuckoo, even her voice is enough to captivate me—" A young man in a grey uniform said excitedly.

"Yes, Yes, I saw her too, she went to take a walk around Willow Lake, she's even more prettier than Willow Lake—" The friend next to him added.

"This girl should only exist in heaven, when have you seen someone like her in this world? Compared to her, the what four beauties of the school are not worth mentioning-"

This was just the discussion among one group.

From their conversation, it seems there's a beautiful new female student in the school. One single glance from this girl was enough to overthrow the male students, making these students refuse to leave even after school had finished.

Other groups, whether big and small, are probably discussing the same thing.

"She's here, she's here." Within the crowd, a student shouted, controlling his happiness.

Then, the crowd parted into two sides at the school gate.

Dressed in a dark-green muslin skirt and with her hair rolled up in a bun, a sweet-looking maiden was seen walking down the middle of the crowd with a smile on her face.

The maiden's hair was split into sections, with a knot of hair on top of her head that was not held up by anything and hanged down naturally, while the ends of the hair, resembling a tail, draped over her shoulder, This hairstyle, known as the Swallow Tail, is a hairstyle commonly sported by unmarried girls in West Wind Kingdom.

Her expression was sweet, with a lazy smile on the corner of her lips. Her alert eyes, which flickered around, made everyone who looked at her eyes sense her joy and then unfathomably feels refreshed.

"Knowing someone by one's reputation is not as good as meeting in person—"

"She really is beautiful enough to feast the eyes—"

"Li Shinian, her name is Li Shinian—Shinian, Shinian, this name is not named for us, right? Seeing this woman, who would not miss her?"——

"Sister Shinian, a lot of guys are furtively glancing at you." Walking next to Li Shinian, Xiao Huan said teasingly.

"Right. I have never seen them gather at the school gate waiting for someone before–"

"Sister Shinian, you just came to this school, but you stole the limelight of the three beauties of the school Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, be careful they might pick on you later—"

Li Shinian possesses the ability to easily get along with everyone, both boys and girls.

When she was in Jiangnan, she was known as the big sister of the school.

She just moved to Tiandu, but in less than a week's time, she already has a group of best friends.
Li Shinian gave a light laugh, saying: "soon they will be tired of seeing me, don't pay attention to them."

"Sister Shinian, you seem to have experience." Xiao Huan gazed at Li Shinian with a look of adoration.

"This is nothing, before–my brother was more impressive than me." Li Shinian said with a smile.

With a look of curiosity, Xiao Huan said: "Sister Shinian, I always hear you talk about your brother. Is your brother really so handsome, is his complexion as clear as jade and is he better-looking than Song Yu?"

"Of course." Li Shinian firmly said. "My brother is not only good-looking but achieved the best results in the imperial exam. He excels in both martial arts and literature. He is the dream guy of countless girls in our school. You can not imagine, how many love letters and gifts I received for him at school–So annoying."

"I really want to meet your brother."

"Me too. I hope I would have the opportunity to see Shinian's older brother—Li Muyang, right? I often hear people talk about him a while ago."

"Will your brother come to Tiandu to visit you? If he does, you must let us meet him——–"

Just as the girls were giggling as they walked through the crowd towards the outside, a tall boy in a gray robe suddenly jumped out, purposely blocking the path in front.

"Li Shinian?" A male student, with a sugar cane grass dangling at the corner of his smiling mouth and his eyes slowly wandering up and down Li Shinian, shouted with a ruminative expression on his face.