The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 135-140

Luo Qi felt extremely helpless with her daughter's situation but she could not explain to her their predicament.

Although Miss had already said to call her sister but can they really be sisters?

Not only was she the lady of the Lu family and the wife of a governor, her father-in-law was also important and powerful. He is fighting for the lofty position of the left government minister, who is second in position only to the emperor. The Gongsun family was already one of the strongest noble clan of the West Wind Kingdom; the land and wealth they possessed exceeded that of the Lu family. There is a saying in Tiandu: First emperor, Second Jia, but they are all inferior to Gongsun.

In other words, the richest in Tiandu is the royal family and the second is the Jia family. But both the royal family and the Jia family were inferior to the Gongsun family.

Otherwise, back then they would not have formed a marriage alliance with the Lu family.

What about them?

Regardless whether she's a bakery shop owner or a servant of the Lu family, in front of the lady she's still small and insignificant no matter what.

It's not that she could not accept the difference in their status. After all, the Gongsun family saved her father; she was determined to serve the Gongsun family ever since.

However, fate just likes to torment her, making her become Li Muyang's mother——

In other words, from the standpoint of mothers, she and Gongsun Yu are equal.

She did not want Li Muyang to know that his biological mother is a wealthy and noble heiress in the kingdom and she's just a little servant of the heiress——-

She's worried that would make her son have no self-respect.

Just as every child wants to be the best in their parents' eyes, she wants to be one of the most outstanding mothers in her son's eye.

But very evidently, she can't.

Everything in front of her now can easily destroy her self-confidence.

And to make matters worse, she understands Li Shinian's personality very well. She is someone who would rather die than lose. If things were peaceful she would take the initiative and stir up trouble; if there's trouble, she will not be afraid of getting involved.

If Li Shinian and the young master of the Lu family really were to get into a conflict, I'm afraid things would become quite problematic—-this little master was not the same as Li Muyang.

Having her daughter's assurance, Luo Qi nodded and said earnestly and sincerely: "Shinian, you've grown up, you can no longer stir up trouble—-this is Tiandu, not Jiangnan. We're unfamiliar with the place and the people, we must be aware of our safety."

Gongsun Yu grasped Luo Qi's hand, saying: "Since we're sisters, your child is my child and my child is your child. Now that Shinian is in Tiandu, just treat here like you're back at home. Do you think our Lu family would let outsiders bully our children?"

"Lady—–" A wry smile tugged at the corner of Luo Qi's mouth.

Without knowing exactly why, but the moment she returned to the Lu family, a feeling of losing something important has been troubling her ever since. It was as if the Lu family only needed to extend their arm, then the son she had raised all these years would be taken away.

The scenery back then still felt familiar but that feeling of home was not present anymore.

After all, this was not their home.

That child, was someone she most likely could not keep with her forever.

"I said don't call me Lady." Gongsun Yu gazed at Luo Qi with wise-looking eyes as she said sincerely: "Call me sister—–sister is really grateful to you. Thanks to you, otherwise—-"

Gongsun Yu's eyes reddened and could not continue anymore.

But Luo Qi understood, Li Yan also understood.

"Mother, I heard you say bad things about me." A cute little boy scurried over.

He stood at the doorway watching Li Shinian admiring the rain outside, his eyes can't help but lit up as he exclaimed: "Wow, fairy sister——you're more good-looking than my real sister."

Li Shinian turned around to look at the little boy. "You're aunt's little son, right? Little brother, what's your name?"

"Fairy sister, my name is Lu Tianyu." Lu Tianyu politely greeted Li Shinian, looking as cute as the lotus youth in paintings.

"Little brother Tianyu, how cute." Li Shinian said, smiling. "Don’t call me fairy sister. My name is Li Shinian, you can call me big sister Shinian—-"

"Okay, then I’ll call you big sister Shinian." Lu Tianyu said with an innocent smile. "Big sister Shinian, where did you come from?"

"I'm from Jiangnan."

"Jiangnan? That's a good place, unfortunately I haven't been before." Lu Tianyu said with a regretful look on his face: "You will live in our house from now on?"

"Yes." Li Shinian nodded and replied: "But it's not certain. If little brother Tianyu doesn't like it, we will also consider moving out."

"Like. Of course I like it." Lu Tianyu reached out to grasp Li Shinian's hand as he said: "I also have a big sister and she's very nice to me. But she moved away for school recently, I felt empty after she left. I didn't expect that after sister Qiji left, I have a sister Shinian—-I'm very happy."

Li Shinian avoided Lu Tianyu's hand and pinched his delicate white cheeks, pulling a cute funny face. "That's good. Big sister likes you too."

Gongsun Yu took Luo Qi's hand, looking pleased as she said: "Look, they are getting along very well."

"Yes." Luo Qi replied with a smile but was inwardly worried. She knew that the closer Li Shinian pretended to be with someone, the more wary she was in reality with that person. When she first arrived here she constantly glanced around the surroundings and had a skeptical attitude to everything. It was most likely that the young master of the Lu family would be placed in an unfavourable situtation.

"Big sister—–big sister—-" Lu Tianyu's face was pinched like a stuffed bun and his words were unclear. "Big sister, do you know Li Muyang?"

Li Shinian giggled: "Little brother, why did you ask about him? Do you know about him?"

"Of course I know him." Lu Tianyu said proudly. "He was first in the imperial exam of West Wind Kingdom and was admitted into Starry Sky Academy, people in Tiandu have been discussing about him —-he's also from Jiangnan, sister you must know him, right?"

"Of course sister knows him. He is the angel of poor families, the embodiment of beauty and wisdom. He is very handsome and extraordinary. He is smart and hardworking, diligent and studious. He's righteous; his eyebrows look like swords. He is the teacher's model student, the students' model example. Millions of girls are crazy about him and millions of boys see him as an idol. He is my prince charming."

Lu Tianyu widened his eyes, asking in surprise: "Is he really that amazing? Was he not—–did he not used to be a trash?"

"The wind destroys the tallest tree in the forest." Li Shinian said firmly: "All rumours. What you've heard are just rumours."

"But a lot of people say that. They say that he did not like to study before and sleeps all day in class. He's thin and black, almost look like a sick patient——"

"They are jealous. Those losers just want to defame him—–"

"Many people from the same city as him also feel the same way about him, those students who came to Tiandu to study——Big sister, why are using so much strength, my face hurts——"

Li Shinian let go of the squishy skin in her hands, and used her palm to gently pat his face. She smiled sweetly and said: "You know, where there are people, there's jianghu. Those students are not as good as him in learning, not as good as him with girls, not as good-looking as him, after coming to Tiandu they obviously would say bad things about him to slander him——"

"Big sister is close with him?"

"That's for sure." Li Shinian said proudly: "We've slept together since we were small."


"Shinian, stop talking nonsense." Luo Qi snapped, she knew her daughter was not going to behave.

As expected, she's bullying the young master of the Lu family. He was only a little child, poor him.

"I'm talking nonsense? Did Li Muyang and me not sleep together from a young age? A month ago he still often spent the night in in my room." Li Shinian retorted.

"When did your brother sleep in your room? You played in your brother's room and would not move back because you're too sleepy, no matter how noisy you're brother was you still wouldn't move back—-" Luo Qi habitually started to 'quarrel' with her precious daughter. Then, the thought that they were not in Jiangnan crossed her mind, she realised it was not an appropriate time to talk about the personal matters of her son or daughter in front of outsiders.

She looked at Lu Tianyu, smiled and said: "this is young master Tianyu, right?"

"Auntie, you can call me Tianyu." Lu Tianyu ran in front of Luo Qi and bowed. "I often heard my mother talking about you."

"Such a good kid." Luo Qi said with a smile. She fumbled in her pockets, trying to find a gift for the young master. Although she searched for some time, still could not find anything presentable. If it was an ordinary child, she could have given bits of silver or gold coins directly, the problem is that he's the Lu family's young master, if you give something tacky other people would laugh, right?

Li Yan came over, took out a dagger inlaid with precious stones from his pocket and handed it to Luo Qi, saying: "This is a present from an elder, I have carried it with me for many years. I hereby gift it to young master."

"Li Yan—-Luo Qi, you two don't have to be so polite. We're family. He does not need this." Gongsun Yu knew the husband and wife were in a difficult position and tried to stop their actions. But after seeing their awkward expression she immediately changed her attitude and said with a smile: "Tianyu, since it's a present from your aunt and uncle, then accept it. You must cherish it. Understood?"

Lu Tianyu was quick-witted; he received the gift with both hands, bowed and expressed his gratitude: "Thank you uncle, thank you aunt—-I like this gift very much, I will treasure it."

Gongsun Yu was satisfied, looking at Luo Qi she said: "Luo Qi, the journey was exhausting, today is not the time to catch up. You will be living in Tiandu from now on, we have many chances to talk. You should go wash and rest now. We'll discuss tomorrow—–We have to decide where Shinian will be studying. This is an important matter, it cannot be delayed."

"Lady—–Sister, you should also rest earlier. Thank you for all your trouble, you came all the way to Jiangnan to collect us." Luo Qi was still not used to using such familiar terms.

"Rest early. If there's anything you need don't hesitate to let the servants know, don't compromise yourself." Gongsun Yu reminded.

And then took Li Shinian's hand, saying: "Shinian, spend these two days resting up. In a few days I will take you to attend some party in Tiandy and very soon you will become familiar with the other young master and ladies. Young people have to move around more, you can't always stay at home alone."

"Aunt, that's very kind of you." Li Shinian said, holding Gongsun Yu's hand.

As they were leaving, Li Shinian rubbed Lu Tianyu's chubby face and said with a smile: "Little brother, you are so cute, I like you very much."

"Haha——-" Lu Tianyu gave a goofy laugh.

After the time the servants led Luo Qi and Li Yan into their room to rest, Gongsun Yu turned to look at Lu Tianyu, asking: "Where is your father?"

"Father was in his study." Lu Tianyu said, smiling.

Gongsun Yu nodded. "I have something to say to your father, go rest in your room." 公孫瑜點了
A little servant walking in front with a lit candle and Gongsun Yu, holding her own umbrella, headed for her husband's study. 一個小丫鬟在前面撐燈,公孫瑜自己撐傘,朝著丈夫工作的書房走了過去。

She secretly ran to Jiangnan to collect Luo Qi and her family. But eventually would have to give an explanation to the Lu family.

Since what she set out to do has been done, she did not care just what consequences was waiting for her.

Lu Tianyu stood in the corridor, watching his mother's figure disappear in the fish net screens, the foolish smile on his face forming into a meaningful smile.

Touching his own chubby face he whispered: "The house is becoming more and more lively——–Li Muyang, just what kind of person are you? I'm really curious."

After a pause he continued: "And then there's that big sister Shinian——she seems hostile to me. She doesn't like me? How's that possible? I've been acting very cute towards her."

He shook his head, his small and short figure heading into the brightly lit backyard.


"Finally it's settled." Luo Qi sat herself down on a wooden chair in the living room, reached out and gently caressed the side of the coffee table, saying: "This is really good. It's the same as when I left."

"Yes. It hasn't changed a bit. Lady is kind." Li Yan said gratefully.

"Mum, you've lived here before?" Li Shinian is exceptionally intelligent, her eyes rolled around in circles.

Luo Qi took a glimpse at Li Yan and Li Yan immediately turned away: "I'm going get some water for you two to wash your face."

With that, he turned and ran out of the house.

Luo Qi pulled Li Shinian over by her hand and seated her down, saying: "Shinian, there's something I should have told you but never had the chance——–I also do not know how to tell you."

Looking uneasy she explained: "Many years ago, me and your father both worked for the Lu family. Lady——I managed some commercial affairs for your aunt Yu, your dad was responsible for driving aunt Yu. We met at that time too. "

"Ah. Secretary and driver, having seen each other every day for a long period, developed feelings for each other." Li Shinian said, grinning. "It sounds quite romantic."

"Then, something happened——Me and your dad felt Tiandu was not for us, so we took your brother back to Jiangnan. Later I gave birth to you."

"Ah." Li Shinian nodded.

"Recently, a lot of things happened in our house, I wrote a letter to your aunt Yu. Originally, I wanted to ask her to help find a good school for your brother, but your brother depended on his own ability to get into Starry Sky Academy. After that, we were attacked by assassins, your aunt Yu was worried about our safety so she came all the way to Jiangnan to collect us——-" Luo Qi tried her best to explain; to her it really is a very painful thing.

Some things are the secrets of the Lu family, but if she does not explain it well it would make her story unconvincing. It indeed is difficult for her.

"And then what?" Li Shinian asked with her chin cupped in her hands and a look of curiosity on her face.

"Then? Then we went to Tiandu and we are now staying at the Lu family's mansion." Luo Qi replied. This story ended far too soon and too abrupt, it sounded incomplete.

Li Shinian blinked, looking at Luo Qi as she asked: "Do you expect me to believe that?"

"What?" Luo Qi looked slightly startled.

"Because my mother was once aunt Yu's secretary and my father was her driver, so aunt Yu, after receiving a letter from my mother for help, travelled a long distance to Jiangnan to personally bring us back with her? Instead of choosing someone to deliver a letter or send someone to collect us?"


"Father and mother came from Tiandu's Lu mansion, but brother and I have never heard you talk about the past before. Adding to this, we don’t even know you’ve been to Tiandu——-" "


"Along the way, aunt Yu has been asking about my brother. Although she disguised it very well, but her line of sight was often focused on me——-However, she should have never seen my brother before, right? Why is it that every time my brother was mentioned her emotions seemed very agitated?"


"Mother." Li Shinian held her mother's hand tight. "I have a lot of questions in my heart. However, since you've given me an explanation——I will just choose to believe in your words."


The lights in Ming Tak building were brightly lit; when Gongsun Yu walked to the entrance, the two captain guards of Lu Qingming Yue Feilong and Li Pingan were in the porch avoiding the rain.

Seeing madam Gongsun Yu coming over their side with an umbrella, the two men hurriedly stood up straight, looking alert.

Gongsun Yu walked past them, but suddenly came to a stop.

She turned and looked at the two men, asking: "You two are drinking again?"

Li Pingan and Yue Feilong exchanged a glance with each other; they knew they couldn't hide anymore.

Li Pingan who is quick-witted and sly, immediately said righteously: "Madam, I said we cannot drink but Yue Feilong disagreed; he said it's a rainy day so he needs to warm up his cold body, I was afraid he would freeze and could not protect general, so I agreed to his ridiculous request. Madam, please punish us."

"Li Pingan, you're despicable, who was it that said he has some good wine and asked if I wanted a drink?" Yue Feilong, fuming with rage, thundered.

"I said I have good wine and asked if you want a drink, but I didn't say to drink it now. We're on duty now, according to the rules we must not drink alcohol. Don’t tell me you don't know about the rules?"

"You also had a drink. You drank more than me." Yue Feilong said snappily.

Knowing that madam was still standing near watching them, Yue Feilong laughed foolishly and explained to Gongsun Yu: "I just had one mouthful—-just a little sip."

"Yes. A little alcohol is nothing to Feilong. It's the same as not drinking any."

"Don't do it again." Gongsun Yu said, her expression stern and serious. "Yue Feilong take a rest, Li Pingan find someone to take his place."

"Thank you madam. But I'm fine—–" Yue Feilong was reluctant leave his duty.

"Go." "

"Yes. Madam." Yue Feilong was afraid to argue anymore, respectfully saluted and turned to leave.
Gongsun Yu's eyes then shifted to Li Pingan, saying: "Feilong is honest, you can’t always bully him—- you are not allowed to drink for three months."

"Ah? Madam, I'm wrong—–half a month? One month? Two months? Madam, it's only one month until the Mid-Autumn Festival. Such a great festival how can I not drink?"

"Since you like to drink so much—then you can't drink alcohol for six months."


Gongsun Yu pushed open the door to the study, Lu Qingming was already rushing over to welcome her, he grabbed his wife's soft white hands and laughed: "Those two mischievous guys angered you again?"

"I know you are close with them like brothers, you usually let them have their own way and ignore their bad behaviour." Gongsun Yu held her husband's hand tightly as she said with a serious expression. "You're handling government affairs here, they have the duty to protect your safety. If their negligence led to a disaster, it will be too late for regret then. At that time they would be filled with guilt, your friendship also would not last—-This will harm both others and yourself, lose the greater for the less. Why not be stricter from the start, it can maintain your rare comradeship. Isn't that for the better?"

Lu Qingming smiled and nodded, saying: "You're right. Yue Feilong and Li Pingan have been following me for years, they started of as soldiers and slowly rose in ranks, so we're familiar with each other. Even though they laugh or curse on the outside, in fact, deep down they are meticulous and serious people. They know what they’re doing. But what you did today was right; there are some rules that they have to follow. If they relax, the people below them would also relax."

"I'm glad husband understands." Gongsun Yu looked at Lu Qingming as she said.

"You did it for my own good, how could I not understand your kind intention?" Lu Qingming said with a smile.

The two stared silently into each other's eye, full of tender feelings.

"Husband is there not something you want to ask?" Gongsun Yu looked at Lu Qingming. She only left behind a letter before she left and has been away for a long time, doesn't her husband want to know the reason behind her departure.

"There is a question I want to ask." Lu Qingming said with a smile.

Gongsun Yu's pretty face was even more dignified and the tone of her voice more serious, saying: "Husband, please say it."

"Li Yan and Luo Qi's family have been collected, right? Have they settled in? Did you encountered any danger on the way? We've known them for many years, should I come forward and invite them for dinner?" Lu Qingming asked with a smile.

Gongsun Yu looked astonished, saying: "ou are not angry?"

"Angry? Why would I be angry?" Lu Qingming asked in reply.

"I did not consult you before I went to Jiangnan and collect Luo Qi and Li Yan—–"

"You did exactly what I wanted to do." Lu Qingming sighed lightly: "I have to take into consideration this and that, but you directly handled the whole situation. It saved me time from hesitating and thinking. I should be grateful to you, why would I be angry?"

"However, it's a crucial time for father, if I went and collected them back at this time, there certainly is someone watching—–father, might even be unhappy, right? "

Lu Qingming gently patted Gongsun Yu on the back of her hand, motioned her to not worry about it: "Do you know who arranged for Muyang to enter into Starry Sky Academy?"

"It's father?" Gongsun Yu said aloud.

"Yes." Father arranged it by himself." Lu Qingming said with a smile: "While father is strict but Muyang is still in his heart——-he has been paying attention to Muyang's growth all along. If it's something for Muayng, I don't think he will sit idly by."

"Because he discovered that Muyang is not a trash anymore?" Gongsun Yu smiled coldly. What happened back then, after all, became a scar in her heart that could not be fully healed. Every time she thought about it, the pain penetrated deeply into her bones.

She hated this arrangement, and also detested the person manipulating everything from behind.

There are many things she was helpless with, but there are some things she's good at: for example, holding grudges.

"Xiao Yu—"

"Forget it, let's not talk about this." Gongsun Yu sighed. She knows that she and her husband can't resonate on this subject. Men have their own difficulties but that does not necessarily mean women have to accept the cruel choices of men.

"Li Yan and them have settled in well, I also collected Shinian here—–that child is still in school, I’ll arranged a closer school for her. I will take care of other things, you don't have to worry."

"You've worked hard." Lu Qingming grasped his wife's hand and said with a look of guilt on his face.

"Qiji is also at Starry Sky Academy, should we send a letter over——-so they could take care of each other at Starry Sky?" Gongsun Yu asked aloud.

Lu Qingming shook his head, saying: "We do not need to interfere in this matter. I think father has his own arrangements."

"Rest early." Gongsun Yu's gaze swept over her husband face, turned and walked towards the outside.

Watching his wife's slim figure leaving, Lu Qingming suddenly became jittery.

He walked over to the window and pushed open the window, but could only see the rainstorm outside.

Ominous black clouds rolled across, strikes of lightning flashed violently followed by rumbles of thunder.

Just like more than ten years ago when Li Muyang was born, it seemed as if the entire world was about to undergo apocalypse.

"Husband and wife cannot get along, father and son cannot acknowledge each other—– just why did it become like this?"

Li Muyang gradually became accustomed to the wrath of Nujiang.

He became used to the sight of the bright-red, blood-like river water; after listening to the roaring waves beating against the shore so many times, his mental state gradually became peaceful.

But somehow the unfathomable sorrow still lingered on in his heart. As if one day it would turn into a power that would peel away layers of clouds and transform into a giant hand that would rewrite human history.

Even if he was officially admitted into Starry Sky Academy, Li Muyang still felt a pressure that normal people would not understand.

How are his parents? Did Li Shinian encounter any danger?

He has latched onto so many thick thighs in Starry Sky, did those thick thighs make use of their ability—–until now, not one of the thick thighs had sent back any information, as if they had completely forgotten about this matter.

Starry Sky Academy is too remote, communication is also extremely inconvenient. Li Muyang wanted to ride a crane back home to Jiangnan but he has no crane nor could he ride one—–

Li Muyang thought to himself: he has to find time to discuss with senior Wuyou and ask him to send a letter to Jiangnan.

"Senior Wuyou is a kind person, he would not refuse my shameless request, right?"

You see, it's not surprising that many people say that society is a big jar of dye. Even the pure and innocent student Li Muyang has been dyed dark and swarthy, like his skin color.

Well, the same colour as his skin previously.

Now Li Muyang's skin is much whiter, his originally not-bad appearance is even better looking. Dressed in a white Starry sky cloud robe, with cloud boots on his feet, his long hair tied with a wooden hairpin, he gave the feeling of a graceful handsome young man.

Li Muyang was lying on a rock reading in the backyard, studying the scroll [Weapons documented by an unknown person] that he borrowed from the library.

He always felt that this book was incredibly familiar, like he had seen it somewhere.

Just that it's such a long time ago, the memories are too blurry, so he does not recall exactly what time or what occasion he had seen it before—–

The brush strokes were strong and forceful, like each stroke was deeply engraved onto the sheepskin scroll.

Li Muyang had read [Weapons documented by an unknown person] several times already, he almost could write it out backwards. Ever since his body began to 'change', his ability to remember has improved tremendously, to the point that even Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin, two talented beauty of Jiangnan, were stunned—–

The reason Li Muyang had not returned the book was because he still has a question he could not understand: who was this book written by? Exactly who is this unknown person?

This person documented the mysterious artifacts in the world and even dabbled into the tear of the dragon king; an extremely rare object. It can be assumed that this person is not a simple person.

"Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?" Li Muyang closed his eyes and mumbled the words over and over again. "Who is it who is it who is——"

Suddenly, a sword of light thrust at his chest.

The sword of light looked like a giant light pillar, overwhelming and almost lit up the entire sky.

The sword of light is majestic, but made him felt a sense of suffocating oppression and—-danger.

It's the sword of light, also the sword of destruction.

It makes life difficult to defend, feeling only a sense of powerlessness in the face of death.


Li Muyang jolted up into a sitting position.

The sky was bright and the sun was warm.

Fake, it's fake, it was an illusion.

Li Muyang was already dripping with sweat, the Starry Sky robe on his body was almost drenched.

"That sword—–" Li Muyang muttered to himself.

That sword felt so real, so dangerous.

Just like it had already stabbed through his chest.

"It's the sword of reincarnation—–" Li Muyang finally remembered. "The sword that struck me, it's the sword that struck black dragon inside my body."

"In other words——" Li Muyang had no choice but to admit the truth. "This unknown person is someone he knows, someone he's familiar with——and someone who ultimately destroyed him."

"But who is he? Who is this person?" Li Muyang desperately fought, desperately tried his best to recall. He felt his head splitting, his sea of memory tearing apart and the veins on his forehead almost burst open, but still couldn’t recall the person’s face.

He could not see how the person looks like.

Li Muyang gasped for air, taking a deep breath one after the other.

He did not dare to think anymore, afraid he would sink into the unknown world forever.

However, although he tried not to think, some thoughts were like weeds, madly thriving in the field in springtime.

"Because when the black dragon was facing that sword it could not defend against it, so when he was nearly at death's door he hid his lifelong cultivation and wisdom into the dragon king's tear?"
"Those countless nightmares—–the black dragon that tore through my chest into my body was in such astate before his death——–"

"What kind of opponent was that person——what kind of person could wave a sword that such a powerful black dragon could not defend against?"


Knock knock knock—-

Several knocks came from his closed door.

Li Muyang answered immediately, and then ran to open the wooden door.

Knocking at the door was Lin Canghai, with Qiandu standing behind him, her eyes beaming with delight. Since the last time the three of them worked together to defeat the Changbai Seven calabash, their relationship was much closer.
That phrase was indeed right: those who carried a vat together can become good friends.

The seven people in the dragon slayer course were divided into three small groups. Lu Qiji is alone with Chu Xun as her devoted follower. The big man Tie Muxin from the desert and Cai Pa from Heavenly province became quite close, Li Muyang have witnessed them having meals together several times before.

The three parties now live in harmony together, but there were also pitfalls within this group.

In fact, mainly because of the conflict between Li Muyang, Lu Qiji. Chu Xun was the spearhead of this conflict.

Li Muyang could not understand no matter what, during the first time they met, why did Lu Qiji stare at him like that, as if he had already done this and that to her many times before….

In her dreams!

With his trademark smile, Lin Canghai said: "we have to go to class. Teacher Yang said today we will learn [Dragon Language]——-"

Li Muyang nodded, saying: "Alright, I'll be right there. But I'm going to take a bath first."

Lin Canghai turned around and took a glimpse at Qiandu before he replied: "Okay, we'll wait for you——-"

Li Muyang wanted to tell them to head there first but since Lin Canghai said he would wait for him, Li Muyang did not want to drive them away.

So he shifted to one side and motioned them to come in: "Please come in and sit down."

Qiandu and Lin Canghai entered into Li Muyang's small courtyard. Qiandu watched the magnificent red Nujiang in the distance surging with great momentum, then said with a sigh: "Dragon blood river, it really lives up to its name——Back then countless dragon slayer heroes killed many dragons, which stained the river red, it's such a brave and heroic scene."

"———-" Li Muyang sweated even more heavily.

Qiandu looked at Li Muyang with blazing eyes, saying: "Muyang classmate, when when we acquire dragon slayer skills, we should follow the sages of the past, slay the tremendous dragons and leave a glorious name in history—–what do you think?"

"I think——" Li Muyang tried his best to nod. "Very good. A lot of people think—–cough–cough—–"

"Brother Muyang, what's going on with you?" Lin Canghai asked with concern.

"I'm fine, I'm fine——-" Li Muyang held out his hand, preventing Lin Canghai coming near, and hurriedly explained repeatedly: "Thinking of the scene, my heart is overwhelmed with emotions——–"

After a shower and changing into clean, dry clothes, the feeling of discomfort in Li Muyang's heart gradually faded.

Seeing Lin Canghai and Qiandu staring at him with a puzzled look on their face, Li Muyang quickly said with a smile: "Come on, we have class, we must not let teacher Yang wait."

"Are you okay?" Lin Canghai asked with concern. Li Muyang's expression was indeed strange back then, like it was because of excessive excitement that he lossed control of his emotions. They all grew up listening to the stories of the brave dragon heroes, they should have a strong immunity to dragon slaying—-who did not shout the bold, visionary words 'I’m going to be dragon slayer hero' when they were younger? When a teacher asks students what is their dream, eight out of ten people in class would say to slay a dragon and the other two would say to marry a dragon slayer hero.

Could it be Li Muyang came from the remote desert or prairies? Because he hasn't heard of the dragon slayer stories, so his reaction was so strong. But he clearly has an accent of West Wind Kingdom?

"I'm alright." Li Muyang said with a smile. "Don't know why, every time I see Nujiang, my emotions are particularly strong. I feel my blood racing and have the urge to immediately bring my sword and jump down to slay a few dragons—"

The first time Li Muyang saw Nujiang, tears incessantly streamed down his cheeks, this matter was certainly known by everyone. In that case, Li Muyang might as well speak out on his own initiative to avoid people being skeptical about him.

"Never let a person be curious about you, that will put yourself in danger."

Who was it that said this phrase?

Lin Canghai nodded, saying: "Red can really inspire the morale of people. Moreover, Nujiang is majestic and spectacular, its history is extraordinary, it’s a place of mysteriousness—-maybe you were affected by its majesticness or possibly even sensed the anger of Nujiang."

"I see." Li Muyang displayed an expression as if he suddenly came to realise. "I couldn't understand before. Such a beautiful river, why would tears flow out of my eyes whenever I look at it? At that time I thought there was a problem with my eyes and begged teacher Yang to help me change accommodation—-after hearing Canghai classmate's explanation, I realised that there are nothing wrong with my eyes, but it's because I'm too sentimental. Well, people from Jiangnan are romantic. Girls are like that, boys too—–"

Li Muyang shyly smiled, looking at Lin Canghai and Qiandu. "I hope you won't laugh at me."

"Why would we?" Lin Canghai waved his hand. "This shows brother Muyang is someone who express his feelings directly."

Qiandu also smiled, saying: "I think that's good. Every time I look at Nujiang, I also feel excited like Muyang classmate, I cannot wait to draw my sword and slay dragons—-unfortunately my skills are not good enough and my strength is not enough. I have to learn from teachers first before I search for dragons. Only then will I become a dragon hero known to the future generations."

"Right. We should be like that." Li Muyang applauded. "Why don't we first learn dragon language. How does that saying go again? Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. When we encounter a dragon, we could first communicate with them and urge them to surrender. After all, all living things are equal; we must give them an opportunity to correct their errors. Silent slaughter is too impolite, nor does it exhibit the spirit of Buddhism and Taoism. If they stubbornly resist and not surrender, we then rush up to kill them—-but I think dragons are not that stubborn, I think they will surrender first."


Li Muyang was ready to head to class when Qiandu suddenly shouted aloud: "Wait a minute."

Li Muyang turned around, asking: "Qiandu classmate is something wrong?"

Qiandu came over, reached out her hand to help Li Muyang neatly fold his collar. In a hurry, Li Muyang did not notice whether his clothes were properly arranged.
"Thank you." Li Muyang expressed his thanks with a blushing face, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Such close contact with a beautiful young girl, Li Muyang was not used to—but he was willing to make changes and compromise.

After Qiandu sorted Li Muyang's clothes, she easily pulled out Li Muyang's wooden hairpin on his hair, saying: "Who helped Muyang classmate comb your hair before? Today, they did not comb it."

"In the past, it was my mom and my sister—-" Li Muyang said sheepishly. His hair was not this long before, he also didn't care how long his hair was. Every morning after waking up, his father, mother or sister would conveniently help him sort out his hair. Simple and easy. After he arrived at Starry Sky, he needed to take care of everything himself. Other matters were fine, but managing his hair was too difficult. He only just learned, but his standard of binding hair was unbearable to look at.

Qiandu used her fingers to help him comb through his hair, then rolled up his hair and firmly secured in the middle with the wooden hairpin.

Because the distance was too close, the girl's orchid aroma once again travelled into Li Muyang's nostril.

Even the air Li Muyang inhaled was saturated with Qiandu's scent, the air Qiandu exhaled was once again deeply breathed in by Li Muyang.

Li Muyang thought to himself: people often say that 'breath in same air, share a common fate', right?

However, Li Muyang has nothing but good feelings towards Qiandu. She's a good, gentle and kind girl. Better than that Lu Qiji millions of times over.

Qiandu's movement was quick and skillful.

She stepped back two steps, surveyed her own masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction: "This is much more pleasing to the eye."

Seeing Li Muyang's face flushing red and avoiding her eye contact, she giggled out loud: "Muyang classmate is blushing."

Li Muyang blushed even more, he lifted his head to take a glance at Qiandu: "Qiandu classmate's face is red too,"

"Is it?" Qiandu, looking slightly surprised, touched her face, and as expected there was a warm feeling.

Without being flustered at all, she naturally and gracefully said: "Probably because it's my first time helping a boy with something like this."

"It's also my first time." Li Muyang said hurriedly, as if he has something to prove.

Qiandu couldn't help but laugh out loud again: "Muayng classmate, you're lying to me. You said that your mother and sister helped take care of your hair—–"

"Oh, is that so." Li Muyang said seriously: "It's my first time letting you fix my hair—–this has never ever happened before."

"—–" Qiandu felt this guy looks simple and honest, but in fact is quite shameless.

Lin Canghai looked at Qiandu with a smiling face, saying: "Big sister Qiandu, you're dangerous like this."

Qiandu smiled a litle, saying: "Life is really simple but people insist on making it complicated."

In the library.

Standing between the desks, Yang Xiaohu casually walked around, saying: "each race has their own unique language. Bird chirps, beast roars, butterfly vibrates its wings and flowers emit a sound when they bloom, this is their language. As an intelligent race, humans obviously have their own language, and there are many languages."

"I know eleven kinds of Chinese dialects. There is no need to be surprised, I specialise in this subject. Because I believe language is part of a unique culture. Learning a foreign language is the same as understanding a culture. Students that are interested can try and learn for themselves, to determine if what I said is right."

"Dragons are more advanced than humans, so they also have their own dragon language——"

"Sir, you think dragons are more advanced and more intelligent than human?" Tie Muxin said irritably. In his mind, humans are the most powerful and most advanced, dragons—-were they not massacred by humans?

Besides humans, other races are 'beasts'. Dragons are also beasts, just a more powerful kind of beast.

"Well. Student Tie Muxin asked a very good question." Yang Xiaohu walked until he was at the side of Tie Muxin's desk, his lips curled into a smile, saying: "I know that student Tie Muxin is not the only one who has this thought. There should be many students thinking the same thing—–dragons are animals, they are beasts. They can be slaughtered. They are the same as bears, tigers, lion or other animals, right?"

Everyone laughed.

Indeed, although everyone thinks dragons are powerful, but everyone wants to kill them—-When you kill a human, you would feel guilty and experience all sorts of physiological or psychological responses.

But slaying a gigantic dragon is something to be proud of, something that would bring honour to their family.

What would be awaiting them after they slayed a dragon would be flowers, applause, and their stories recounted and written into poems—–

"However, we have to admit the truth. Not only are dragons greater in size, stronger in power, their intelligence is also not inferior to that of us——Adding to this, they are extremely long-living creatures, the [Dragon Chronicles] stated that a high-ranking dragon can live up to thousands of years, while a lower-ranking dragon can live for more than five hundred years. The Lord of dragons, the dragon king—is said to be the same age as the universe, able to live for an eternity. Of course, only if they did not encounter any natural disaster or are not killed by humans."

"They possess a unique ability, being able to soar to the sky and dive down into the sea. The dragon's breath can destroy land stretching for thousands of miles. Moreover, during this long period of time, they never stop learning—–We must not underestimate the dragon's ability to learn. Their ability to learn is extremely remarkable; they are able to understand the human language and read human handwriting. Adding to this, the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar (Zither, Go, Calligraphy, Painting), there is not one that they do not understand—–It is said that back then there were many artistic talents of the dragon race and some of their works even put humans to shame. Unfortunately, those works are disappearing in this long river of history. "

"Teacher Yang—–" Chu Xun interrupted Yang Xiaohu's teaching. "Don’t tell me dragons used their giant dragon claws to hold the brush? Is there even a brush that large for them to write?"

Everyone burst into laughter.

"Exactly. If dragons were to write, that means they have to use a thousand-year-old tree trunk as a writing brush? What about the tip of the brush? That really worries people——No, worry dragons."

"If they were to play the zither, would their claws not break it into pieces? Also, the strings have to be made from wire as thick as an arm—-"

"Would painting not be worse? What paper could withstand the force of their brush? A careless sneeze would blow a big hole in the ground and their works would vanish—–Teacher Yang, you say the works of the dragon geniuses are lost in history, I don't believe it. But if you said they were destroyed by their sneezes or dragon's breath, that I can believe——-"


Students broke into agitated chatter.

Li Muyang, with a faint smile, quietly listened to their discussion. In such a strange course, with such a weird atmosphere, inevitably he would have the feeling he's a spy working undercover, and as if his life may be threatened at any time.

Yang Xiaohu gently tapped the top of the desk, waited until everyone became silent before he said with an imposing expression on his face: "Therefore, I want to tell you the second secret of the dragon race——high-ranking dragons can transform."

"Change into human form?"

"That's correct." Yang Xiaohu nodded as he answered: "In the book [the evolutionary history of the dragon] it stated that high-ranking dragons can transform into human form. That's why I said they surpass humans. They are not a beastly race; they are better than humans. If you want to give them an exact categorisation —-I think they are divine beings. Or, rather, half-divine beings."

"Divine beings?" Everyone looked alarmed.

"Are they not? Besides immortals, who can be as powerful as dragons? Besides immortals, who could go up to the heavens, resist water, produce dragon breath—-The power and abilities they possess are only abilities that divine beings could possess. Immortals can destroy cities with one slash of their sword; high-ranking dragons can do the same. Immortals can freely roam around the Starry Sky, high-ranking dragons can too. Immortals are the same age as the universe, high-ranking dragons are too—–if they are not divine beings, then what are they? "

"Teacher Yang, do you mean—-we are fighting against immortals?" Tie Muxin asked with a shocked look on his face.

Teacher Yang said that dragons are so strong, then what should us dragon slayer students do?

"Teacher Yang is exaggerating, right?" Chu Xun said, a mocking smile curling the corner of his lips, as though nothing was pleasing to his eyes —-no, as though everyone was a dung beetle to him. "If it's as teacher Yang had said, then that means the dragon slayer heroes back then killed divine beings? Dragons are divine being, then what are the people who killed the divine beings?"

"Exactly. I also think that Teacher Yang may have greatly exaggerated the abilities of dragons." Li Muyang added with a serious look on his face. He had to step up and chime in at this moment. "This time, I'm going have to agree with Chu Xun classmate. I personally think that dragons are strong, but that's only because of their great size and their blessed abilities—-what soar to the sky, what dive down to the sea, what dragon’s breath, it's all because their constitution is too amazing."

"Dragons are an inferior race, they are the same as the lions and tigers that Teacher Yang has mentioned; they're of equal existence. Just that they are a little stronger than lions and tigers. A more powerful lion and a fiercer tiger, are they still not just a lion or tiger? "

"We've all heard the story of [Wu Song beating a tiger], we also have heard the story of [The Lion King Simba] and [Mr Dongguo and a wolf]—-Of course, the stories are not telling us how strong these beasts are but rather how vicious and cunning they are. We often hear about the stories of the heroes slaying dragons—-but we have never heard stories of people killing immortals."

"Dragon can be massacred, this has been documented in [The Dragon Chronicles]. Even the river Nujiang behind the school was dyed red by dragon's blood, this proves that dragons have weaknesses and can be killed——-A race like that, how could it possibly be superior to the human race? How could they be omnipotent divine beings?"

"I firmly believe that with Teacher Yang's guidance and teaching, and as long as we are diligent, hardworking and learn the sacred skills of dragon slaying, we can sever a dragon's head and use their blood to colour Nujiang——"

As he said these words, Li Muyang felt a throbbing pain in his chest.

"Good." Everyone began to applaud one after the other.

"Muyang classmate is right——-"

"What Muayang said touched my heart."

"How could we boost other people's morale while undermining our own power and prestige?"


Lu Qiji's icy gaze swept across Li Muyang's face as she coldly said: "The thief shouting 'catch the thief'."