The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 6

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Six

Chapter Six – XiaoXing Strikes Like Lightning!
“You were wrong.” The voice was soft yet sharp, just like a fish bone. You can swallow it down, but it would cause your whole body to feel uncomfortable and cause your throat to bleed. ZhaoMingZhu turned around abruptly and said in anger: “Who said that I was wrong?”
Seeing who it was, ZhaoMingZhu’s attitude became much more kind. She said with a smile: “CuiXiaoXing, what did you say just then? You have no business here, quickly sit down.”
CuiXiaoXing was a good student. She was the number one student in the class and the whole school. If there aren’t any setbacks, she can definitely walk through the gates of Westerly Winds College.
ZhaoMingZhu dotes on her. She likes this young maiden who studies diligently and has talent. Most importantly, she’s so beautiful. This reminds ZhaoMingZhu of herself when she was younger.
“Teacher, I said that you were wrong.” Wearing Renaissance High’s uniform’s CuiXiaoXing stood up as straight as a pencil and said once more.
ZhaoMingZhu Showed an embarrassed expression on her face and said with a callous seriousness: “CuiXiaoXing, sit down.”
“Teacher, you have to apologize to LiMuYang.” CuiXiaoXing did not have the intention to back down and said: “This conflict has nothing to do with LiMuYang, he is a victim.
ZhaoMingZhu looked at CuiXiaoXing suspiciously, then at LiMuYang, and said with a pained expression: “CuiXiaoXing, how can you defend someone like LiMuYang?”
“Teacher, I’m not defending him, I am only saying the things I should be saying.” CuiXiaoXing’s expression was one of clear coldness and was not overwhelmed by ZhaoMingZhu’s pressure. She said: “I am only saying what I saw, what I personally saw.”
CuiXiaoXing swept across the class, everyone who met with her gaze lowered their heads in shame.
“They didn’t have the guts to say the truth, but someone has to stand up. Otherwise, whats black and white, whats right and wrong, the answer will never surface. This situation was initiated by ZhangChen who slammed LiMuYang’s desk and disturbed the whole class’ rest. LiMuYang did not do anything to ZhangChen, as for why ZhangChen was crying, you have to ask him yourself.”
ZhaoMingZhu stared at CuiXiaoXing with a glow in her eyes and said: “CuiXiaoXing, whats your relationship with LiMuYang?”
“We are classmates.”
“CuiXiaoXing, you have to be wary of your surroundings.” ZhaoMingZhu said with a pondering expression: “Coming back from the lake tour someone has already told me that you had a close relationship with LiMuYang. I did not believe it at the time. XiaoXing, LiMuYang has already self-detonated and gave up on himself. Following his studying habits, he will not be admitted into any colleges. You are not the same as him. You are aiming for Westerly Winds, aiming for the Empire’s greatest college. This is an important period, you can not afford to have the slightest slackness. This is the same for the other students.”
“ZhaoMingZhu waved her hand and said: “XiaoXing, sit down now, ZhangChen, return to your seat and LiMuYang, stand outside the door for punishment.
“Miss Zhao” CuiXiaoXing still wanted to explain.
“Student CuiXiaoXing.” LiMuYang interrupted. He gave a smile, pretended that he didn’t mind at all and said: “I can still sleep outside. The class is starting, I don’t want to disturb my fellow classmate’s precious time. I pray that you will all produce good results in the examinations.”
As he spoke, LiMuYang walked towards the exit of the classroom. This was the kind of person LiMuYang was, he did not wish for his parents to be heartbroken, he did not wish for ShiNian to get involved, and so he never told them that he was bullied at school. He did not want CuiXiaoXing to be involved in a conflict because of himself. This was also why he acted like he didn’t mind at all. He was trash, how can he possibly hinder someone’s future potential?
Noticing the bright smile that LiMuYang gave to herself, staring at his shadow of his back leaving the classroom under everyone’s gazes, CuiXiaoXing suddenly felt a strange sense of discomfort in her heart. From start to finish had nothing to do with her but she still felt like she had suffered a great injustice.
Biting her lips, she shoved the chair out of the way and rushed outside the classroom.
“CuiXiaoXing, what are you doing?”
“I am going to tutor LiMuYang.” CuiXiaoXing’s voice flew back from outside.
Inside the Beast Aspect Pavilion, CuiXiaoXing ordered a cup of Jade Water Tea. LiMuYang did not look at the menu and told the waiter: “I’d also like a cup of Jade Water Tea.” Afterwards, he folded both his hands on top of the table and stared with eyes full of glamour at CuiXiaoXing sitting opposite him.
Up until now, LiMuYang still could not believe the reality before his eyes.
Renaissance High’s most pitch-black and foolish student ‘piggy’ with the school’s female goddess CuiXiaoXing sitting and drinking Jade Water together, this was something that was taboo to even dream about about.
LiMuYang look at CuiXiaoXing and asked: “Do you really want to tutor me?”
CuiXiaoXing’s eyebrows twitched, looked at LiMuYang and said: “If one doesn’t love oneself, how does he expect others to love him back? If one doesn’t respect oneself, how does he expect others to respect him in return? I know you’re not dumb, judging from that day’s conversation, I can tell that you’re very intelligent. All you had to do was muster some effort and stop sleeping in lessons. You results wouldn’t be like this, the teacher wouldn’t view you with such criticism and our classmates wouldn’t think that you were pulling the class’s average score down.”
LiMuYang looked at CuiXiaoXing and asked: “You’ve never blamed me for dragging the class’s average score down?”
“I have.” CuiXiaoXing said without hesitation. “A lot of times out class should have been on the top of the year. But you dragged our class’s average points down too much, otherwise Miss Zhao wouldn’t have been that angry.”
“Do you not think that as a male with perfectly fine hands and feet, and at such a young age,  is  extremely irresponsible by being lethargic and muddle headed everyday?”
Although CuiXiaoXing was blaming LiMuYang and criticizing him for not making any progress, this still made LiMuYang extremely happy. He saw, within CuiXiaoXing’s expression in her eyes, care, worry and burning expectations.
This sort of expression was seen countless times within his parent’s eyes. He had also seen it within his little sister ShiNian’s eyes.
At this moment, he also saw those expressions within the eyes of this maiden who had originally nothing to do with him.
“I was struck by lightning.” LiMuYang said.
He decided that he would confess to CuiXiaoXing about his past, even if it would cause him to feel humiliated and ashamed to the extreme. It may even attract her laughter.
CuiXiaoXing had a dumbfounded expression. Her small and snow white face turned red then purple. Her expression was now full of disappointment. She said angrily: “LiMuYang, there’s no helping you.”
After she finished speaking, she stood up and was ready to leave.
She was just too furious and even more disappointed. She hesitated when she chased after him and now that small hesitation had turned into a sense of deep regret.
What did LiMuYang being wronged or being banished had anything to do with her? Why did she have to get involved in this?
“CuiXiaoXing, CuiXiaoXing, you have to be more cautious in the future.”
LiMuYang began to panic, he didn’t know what he had said or done wrong. He only wanted to tell CuiXiaoXing that he wasn’t not making progress, he wasn’t complacent, he didn’t want to be muddle-headed or lethargic. In fact, he wanted to learn and study more than anyone else. He wanted to put in more effort than anyone else.
However…… However he was struck by lightning.
Apart from his sister LiShiNian LiMuYang had no experience communicating with girls of his age, much less the female goddess that he had secretly admired.
LiMuYang also rose up and explained clumsily: “Student CuiXiaoXing, don’t misunderstand, I didn’t want to say that you were the lightning.”
“No, what I meant to say was that your words are nothing like lightning.”
The more desperate LiMuYang was, the angrier angrier CuiXiaoXing felt after listening to his explanation.
The more angry CuiXiaoXing felt, the more desperate LiMuYang became.
CuiXiaoXing already arrived in front of the exit. She lifted her hand to take a grip on the bronze door handle.
As long as she opened the door, LiMuYang would have no more connections with her ever again.
Just like what she had said before.
LiMuYang couldn’t bear to lose her. This was because she was the only member of the opposite sex that showed him such concern.
This concern was different from his sister LiShiNian’s concern.
His sister’s was born out of sibling love and CuiXiaoXing’s was born out of friendship.
LiMuYang had always thirsted for such friendship. This was because from a small age, he had never made any friends.
“CuiXiaoXing—” LiMuYang called out.
CuiXiaoXing’s footsteps paused and in the end turned around.
LiMuYang’s throat was hoarse and he was gasping for breath. Even if all he had said was just a few words, because his emotions were so intense it had left him feeling extremely fatigued.
He looked at CuiXiaoXing’s eyes, voice that was husky and contained a tone of shyness, clumsily said: “I forgot to say, the flower head band that you wore looks really nice on you.”