The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 3

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: SiNian is too sweet!
There are people that are angels with natural broken wings. There are also people that are left for dead because the heavens breaks your wings for you.
According to his mother, when LiMuYang was born, he was struck by lightning. Without laying sight on this beautiful world, LiMuYang almost died just as quickly as he came.
That made him suspicious at heart, what disasters did he cause in his previous life to encounter this sort of heavenly punishment?
LiMuYang only got to open his eyes to see at the age of three, walk with great difficulty at the age of seven and could only open his mouth to talk at the age of ten. Up until the age of fourteen he did not even have enough energy to tie up a live chicken and so could not study the way of the sword or cultivate, like other youths of similar age.
There are some who say that if the heavens closed a door for you, then it would leave you open a window. If you could not cultivate, then study well.  Who knows what you might achieve. There is a possibility that you might turn out to be a great scholar, drink a couple of cups of strong alcohol and write a few lines of poetry that would be passed down over countless generations. However every time LiMuYang opened up a book, his head would become extremely lethargic and as he stares at the blocks of words, falling into deep sleep.
Classmates would shout at him, he would not wake up.
Teachers would scold him, everything was useless.
A new teacher, because LiMuyang was sleeping during class, broke a ruler. It had to be said that the ruler was genuinely gold plated.
However LiMuYang remains unchanged.
Sleeping as a way of life!
As long as you let him sleep, everything else was negotiable.
If he doesn’t get enough sleep, his temperament would explode.
Just like today at the lake tour, the reason why he had such a strong conflict with ZhangChen, was because he did not sleep enough and was right in the middle of a sweet dream and was forced to wake up. At the very least this was what LiMuYang believed in his heart.
LiMuYang’s head poked out from the bathtub and then panted with huge breaths.
He stayed calm for a long time, but still had a feeling of excitement within his heart.
“Am I not trash?” LiMuYang thought. “Just then, that punch, what exactly happened?”
He closely examined his arm. His skin is delicate as usual, only boiled purple-red by the hot bathtub water.
The room door was opened with great force and in came a girl cute to the extreme. She said hurriedly: “Bro, were you bullied by those rascals again?”
The maiden’s eyes were big, as if carrying with it it’s own natural beauty. Except for the pupils that were as black as inky pearls, you almost couldn’t see any whiteness within the eyes. The tip of the nose arched up slightly and her lips were sleek and red. Skin as white as snow, as if it would melt even under a gentle touch of a fingertip. The whiteness of the veil dazzles the eye. The peach red ribbon on top of her head was slightly swaying due to running too quickly. The features of this girl was exquisite. Even if she is in a state of anger, her disposition still attracted people to go up and pinch her small face.
LiShiNian, LiMuYang’s younger sister by three years. They both studied at Renaissance High School, LiMuYang was in third year and LiShiNian was in second year.
Obviously compared to the so called ‘trash’ brother LiMuYang, LiShiNian was different. From a small age LiShiNian had always been smart and clever. She had always been on top of everyone else. Every year she would produce the most excellent scores and would take the school’s first place and crown. She started studying later than LiMuYang by three years but was only one year below LiMuYang. This was due to her high intelligence from a young age that let her skip two years.
During high school, they also advised for her to skip more years. This was, however, rejected by her parents. They had believed that the three years of high school were extremely important. Using the three year’s time to prepare extra thoroughly for future admittance to the empire’s best college.
LiShiNian was the school’s little beauty. She was also famous for being one of the flowers of the school. Being able to know in the first instance that LiMuYang was being bullied did not come as a surprise to LiMuYang. LiMuYang used both hands to cover his chest and other important areas, smiled bitterly and said: “LiShiNian, how many times have I told you before to knock before coming in?”
LiShiNian never created the habit to knock. Every time she came into his room she would barge in directly. Due to this, LiMuYang did not know how many times he had to sacrifice his hidden stash of <<Flowery Harem>>.
Every time LiShiNian catches LiMuYang reading these kind of “Bad Literature”, she would always , out of morality, take it away and turn it in to her parents. The strange thing was, her parents never had a talk with LiMuYang about this problem.
“Oh.” LiShiNian’s delicate face turned red, swept her glance over LiMuYang and went out again.
After leaving she did not forget to close the bathroom door.
Dong Dong Dong—-
A knocking sound came from outside.
“Big brother can I come in?” LiShiNian shouted from outside.
LiMuYang had a face full of helplessness and said: “Come in.”
LiShiNian once again pushed open the door and came in and said hurriedly: “Bro, which asshole was bullying you?”
“It was I who was bullying others.” LiMuYang said. He was not bragging to his little sister. He really did send ZhangChen flying with one hit. There were a lot of people that can act as his witness.
“Bro, which asshole did you bully?” The colour of LiShiNian’s face eased slightly and asked.
LiMuYang looked touched and thought to himself: as expected of my sister.
He smiled, looked at LiShiNian and said: “ZhangChen wanted to bully me but in the end I reversed the situation. But that is already in the past.”
“Hmph.” LiShiNian lifted up her small face and snorted out loud. Her bangs also swayed along with her movement. “Again its that asshole ZhangChen, I will never forgive him.”
LiMuYang hurriedly tried to dissuade her and said: “ShiNian, this is already in the past. Your brother, I, did not get taken advantage of this time. Don’t look for trouble. You are a girl afterall.”
LiMuYang was worried for the safety of his sister. After all, LiShiNian was just a fragile little girl. If ZhangChen really did vent his anger out on her, that was one scenario that LiMuYang did not want to see the most. He would rather suffer some humiliation. This was also the reason why he wasn’t willing to suddenly clash with other people and the reason why he would not talk about the situation being bullied at school with his family.
“This won’t do.” LiShiNian said with a face full of perserverance: “No one can bully my brother.”
“Bro, I’ve bought you some roasted sweet potatoes.” LiShiNian took out a small case from her own bag. Without opening the lid you could already smell the thick aromatic scent of sweet potatoes. “Here, eat it while its hot.”
LiMuYang was touched at heart. He split the big potato inside the case into two halves and said: “We’ll split this.”
“You eat it, I won’t have any.” LiShiNian shook her head. “Eating potatoes will make me fart.”
The school field is currently holding an interschool friendly polo match. Being Renaissance High School’s polo captain. Hitting balls everyday was ZhangChen’s obligatory course. He loves it more when girls’ crisp and sweet voices are cheering him on as he is shedding sweat.
“ZhangChen, work hard!”
“ZhangChen, you’re the best!”
ZhangChen I love you! *Smooch*”
ZhangChen could not resist and looked over at the crowd of fans in the audience. Within, there were a group of sisters who were cheering him on. However the whole crowd’s most active, passionate and most sweet and beautiful sister was someone who he had never seen before.
“That school sister is so beautiful.”
“Her voice is so nice to hear.”
“Her bouncing around is so cute, just like a little angle.”
Because of frequently glancing over at the crowd, a lot of times when his teammate would pass him the ball, he would often lose it.
The match came to a pause and the group of players crowded around him and started winking.
“Captain, there are new people.”
“Water spirited white cabbage, this time I give ninety points.”
“I’d give ninety eight points, if you don’t want her then why don’t you give her to me?”
“I’m tired of eating big meals, one has to occasionally tune their tastes and eat something lighter don’t they?”
ZhangChen ridiculed his teammates for a while and then started walking towards the crowd.
The fans in the audience immediately let out sharp cries. There were some who delivered tea, some who came to wipe his sweat and some who prepared for him a lunchbox of love.
“Thank you. Thank you all.” ZhangChen, being cared for by the fans, gave his thanks with a face full of smiles.
He saw the little maiden who was, just then, the most proactive and shouted the loudest hiding behind the crowd. Her eyes were prettily staring at him, but showed a embarrassed expression that was unwilling to come near.
A new fan, understandable.
ZhangChen left the crowd of people and walked towards the little white cabbage.
“What’s your name?” ZhangChen’s voice was mellow, his face was  full of gentleness and smiles.
“My name is ShiNian.” The little maiden lifted her head to take a glance at ZhangChen, then just like a scared rabbit, quickly lowered her head.
“ShiNian, good name.” ZhangChen smiled and looked more attractive.
What a great girl. Just then, the instance which she lifted her head and then lowered it, made his heart start to beat rapidly and wildly. She reminded ZhangChen of the empire’s poet XuZhiMo who once wrote: “That one drooping of her head, just like the cool shyness of a water lotus.”
“Thank you.” The maiden said with her cheeks died in red.
“What do you have in your embrace?”
“The soup I made.”
“Really? Girls who knows how to boil soup is very rare nowadays, the guy that you’ve made the soup for really is someone to be jealous of.”
“This is for you—” The maiden lifted her head. Eyes like the starry sky expressed determination as she looked into ZhangChen’s eyes.
“Really?” ZhangChen chuckled and smiled. “It looks like that I’m the lucky guy?”
“My craft isn’t too good.”
“It’s already very uncommon for a girl to do this.”
“It might not taste good.”
“It’s the thought that counts.”
“Will you really drink it all?”
ZhangChen smiled wholeheartedly and said: “Of course, how could I waste a person’s good will?”
The little maiden gave the soup bowl that she was carrying in her arms over and said softly: “Careful, it’s hot.”
“I won’t be burnt.” ZhangChen felt his heart slowly beginning to melt. He received the soup bowl and said: “This gift is the best I’ve ever received.”
He lifted his head and began to gulp it down.
As he was drinking, his eyebrows wrinkled.
Thinking about what the maiden had said ‘My craft isn’t too good’, he once again lifted his head to continue.
As he was drinking, his stomach began to convulse.
Thinking about what the maiden had said ‘It might not taste good’, he once again continued as if his life depended on it.
As he was drinking, his heart began to hurt.’
Thinking back to what he said to the maiden ‘How could I waste a person’s good will?’, he wanted to endure till the end.
He suddenly turned around, faced the patch of grass behind him and began to wildly vomit.