The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 13

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Bright Moon Of The Empire!
If reality did not occur right in front of her eyes, CuiXiaoXin would have not believed the things she had just saw.
A youth that had been trash, suddenly became a genius that was favored by the heavens in just a short few days?
If his behavior in the past were not an act then his studying capabilities were just too frightening! Even the young genius’ that had photographic memory could only retain what they have seen. It was extremely difficult for them to achieve the state of learning by inferring from other solutions.
Therefore if his actions in the past were all an act, then what is his motives for behaving in that way?
LiMuYang’s pitch-black skin was like a shade that contained an unfathomable deepness, luring people, making them unable to resist probing further.
CuiXiaoXin had a deep sense of frustration. Her face was small and elegant, she had an assured expression in her eyes as she looked at LiMuYang and asked suspiciously: “were these methods all thought of by you? Or did you see them from somewhere else?”
“They were thought up by me.”LiMuYang replied.
He pondered deeply, shook his head and then said: “it seems like I did see it from somewhere else. But as for where that was that is a mystery even to me. How have I encountered these obscure and difficult questions before? Not to mention understanding so many methods of solution?”
“The questions that I have set where all intelligence questions. I know that the empire’s most famous arithmetic grandmaster LiKeYan knows seven methods of solution. My senior who had studied this area for many years understands nine methods of solution. I have never even heard of someone getting eleven methods of solution or understanding multiple other methods like you have. In truth, I can’t even be sure that your solutions are correct. These solutions seems to be from another nation, or even the more distant Sith Empire. LiMuYang have you been to other nations before? Or in other words, have you read through rare academic books that were top secret and not made public?”
“I have not.” LiMuYang once again shook his head and said: “I have not been to other nations, not have I read rare and precious academic books that were top secret. You already know about my previous condition. If I really were that impressive then how…. how did I let others call me trash for all these years?” LiMuYang gave a bitter smile afterwards. “Any type man who has even a little bit of self-esteem would not be willing to endure people pointing at him and insult him, call him a ‘piggy’.
“Then this is what I’m most curious about.” CuiXiaoXin continued to speak: “I have heard of people suddenly gaining insights overnight and become a national scholar, or maybe having suddenly revived your intelligence is a possibility. If you can maintain your current level of speed of studying, maybe, within a short amount of time, perhaps you will be able to be admitted into a decent college.”
LiMuYang’s eyes shined with a golden light, looked at CuiXiaoXin with anticipation and asked: “Is it true? Can I really be admitted into a decent college?”
“Of course.” CuiXiaoXin said. There was also something else that she did not say out loud: Do you really not know how impressive you current are? Even if you let that arithmetic freak learn that the question that he had been working on his whole life was overcome by a high school student in one go, maybe he would really cut off his own ear.
LiMuyang became excited and said: “if there really is hope then I will put in more effort. Until the time where I can be admitted into Westerly Winds College with you and we can both go watch the sunset at that lake together.”
This can be considered a invitation. It could also be considered a promise.
Noticing LiMuYang’s passionate gaze on herself, CuiXiaoXin was silent for a brief moment, nodded and said: “lets meet together at shore of the lake.”
“That’s great.” LiMuYang was so excited that he could not contain himself. This was the first time a ray of light had appeared in his life, a ray of light of hope that could melt a person’s body and heart into one. “It’s still early in the morning, lets continue with our studies. Continue setting more questions to test me. It would be best if the questions confused around the important materials examined in tests.”
CuiXiaoXin understood what LiMuYang was thinking and her mental alertness started to quickly melt. “When I had free time I would take a look at the empire’s previous ten years of past exam papers. I have picked out the questions that were most likely to repeat from these papers for you to solve.”
“Quickly quickly, the more the better.” At this moment LiMuYang was extremely eager to study.
CuiXiaoXin took a glance at LiMuYang, gently flicked the hair on her forehead and once again lowered her head and began to solve problems.
Graceful and elegant words appeared on top of the writing paper and caused a sense of relaxation and happiness.
Because of frequent interactions CuiXiaoXin and LiShiNian became very familiar with each other. On top of LiShiNian’s initial attack, the two very quickly developed a sisterly bond.
CuiXiaoXin had also met with LiMuYang’s parents and they seemed like good people. LiMuYang’s mother was a very beautiful women, very eye catching even in the city of JiangNan where beauties were as plentiful as the clouds in the sky.
If LiMuYang could inherit his parent’s excellent genes then he would have become an extremely handsome man that would appear once in ten thousand people.
Forget it, making friends is dependent on sincerity, not good looks.
LiShiNian returned from school and put on an ambiguous smile when she saw LiMuYang and CuiXiaoXin sitting together discussing a problem.
She walked towards the side of CuiXiaoXin and said delicately: “big sis XiaoXin, you’ve been busy for a whole day, why don’t you take a break? Are you hungry? Why don’t we go get something to eat?”
CuiXiaoXin took a glance at the dusky colour of the sky outside, placed down her pen and said: “It’s pretty late. I won’t eat anything. My family is still waiting at home for me to eat with them.”
CuiXiaoXin looked at LiMuYang and said: “I asked the doctor when I arrived. He said that your condition has already stabilized and can begin to walk starting from tomorrow. Do you want more checkups?”
“What other checkups do I still need? Didn’t you already give me enough checkups the past couple of days?” LiMuYang thought that time was of the essence, he wanted to chase the stars and catch the moon. “There is only once month until the examinations. I can’t afford to waste time. Tomorrow, I will attend school tomorrow.”
CuiXiaoXin gave it a thought and said: “Then I will pick you up tomorrow. We will go to school together.”
“Alright.” LiMuYang replied with joy.
CuiXiaoXin walked a couple of steps in the alleyway and a horse carriage arrived beside her without a trace of sound.
A male wearing a long jade coloured robe jumped off and opened the door to the carriage. CuiXiaoXin crawled into the carriage, closed her eyes and began to meditate.
Tutoring for a whole day, endlessly narrating, explaining, redistributing facts within her memory, guessing questions, taking the important materials out of the empire’s past ten years of examination papers and dealing with LiMuYang’s questions again and again. Some of LiMuYang’s questions were extremely childish, it was the most basic knowledge in the textbook. Some of the questions asked were extremely profound, even surpassing their area of studies. CuiXiaoXin indeed felt a little exhausted.
During the process of studying, CuiXiaoXin once again fully felt the strong studying potential that LiMuYang had.
At the moment, he was like an insect that borrowed through a small hole in a dam and released a small amount of flowing river water. Very quickly, that small hole began to grow bigger and bigger as the surge of water began to grow stronger and stronger. From a small hole turning into a small spring to a small spring turning into a big floodgate. The speed of it’s release was growing more rapidly, the surrounding areas that caved in continued to increase more and more. Until the destruction of the banks of the lake occurs and a huge surge of tidal wave followed, who in the world would be able to stop him?
“Uncle Ding.” CuiXiaoXin opened her eyes and asked: “According to you, are there any genius’ in this world?”
“Yes. Young miss is a genius.”
CuiXiaoXin was startled and said with a slight smile: “But, I was humiliated today.”
“What?” The jade robed man cried out in a low voice. “That’s not possible. We all know how intelligent Miss is, even in empire’s Heavenly Capital you could be considered a leader among the younger generation. Heavenly Capital’s SanMingYue, Lu clan’s LuQiJi, Song clan’s SongChenXi and our Cui clan’s little miss, you. It’s impossible that there would be someone else that could humiliate young miss. This is something that old Ding I will never accept.” 
“But, the truth is that it has really happened.” CuiXiaoXin stared at the cherry tree outside the window. Groups and groups of cherry trees congealed together to form a colourful wall, like a dreamland of stars under the illumination of the lantern lights.
“After the examination, young miss will return to Heavenly Capital.” The jade robed man said in a deep voice: ” when that time comes, it will truly be a showdown of the bright moon.”
CuiXiaoXin’s lips closed slightly and suddenly remembered the promised she made with that black-faced youth.
“Then we will meet again at the shore of Nameless Lake.”