The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 11

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – A Dangerous Student!
LiShiNian laughed. She continued until she was out of breath.
She fell onto the hospital bed, raised her head, looked at LiMuYang and said, while out of breath: “Big bro, what’s letting you—letting you have such a deep misunderstanding?”
LiMuYang’s black face was wrapped in bandages. This made it so that no one could properly see what the colour of his skin had changed into. However, the expression in his eyes showed avoidance. He extended his hand and ruffled LiShiNian’s hair forcefully as revenge. He said with very little confidence: “Just like I thought. How am I a giant dragon? I look nothing like one.”
“Big bro—” LiShiNian complained in a annoyed but delicate manner. However she still left LiMuYang to pull and rub at her hair. She blinked her natural and clear eyes, which seemingly contains no impurities, looked at LiMuYang and said attentively: “What happened? Why are you asking such strange questions?”
“Nothing much.” LiMuYang gave a bitter smile and shook his head. “I had a dream and saw a dragon. I wanted to see what it looked like but found out that they eyes it had was the same as mine. Which was why I wanted to asked, do I resemble a giant dragon?”
LiShiNian faintly started to worry in her heart. She had heard that every dream had it’s own hidden meaning. If one dreamed that he had become a strong figure or a powerful animal, it meant that the person’s inner heart contains inferiority and lack of self-esteem.
Thus, LiShiNian held LiMuYang’s hand tightly and said in a comforting manner: “Big bro, you will always be a giant dragon in my heart. At the moment you are a dragon in shallow waters. Because you were always ill when you were young you had no method to express your prowess and intelligence. Wait until your body has recovered. You will definitely be like a giant dragon flying through clouds and calling down rain, turning lakes and toppling seas and flying through the nine heavens.”
LiMuYang extended his hand and flicked LiShiNian’s nose. He said in a pampering tone: “Dumb little girl. Are you acting as a consultant again? How do I not know about my own condition? You brother is a cripple right now. In the future he will be a cripple. Which is why I have to rely on you to help and take care of me.”
“Big bro, just relax. Your sister I, in the future, will take care of your food, your living space, where you sleep and who you get married to.” LiShiNian patted LiMuYang’s shoulders and said gleefully.
“I want two wives.”
“That won’t do.”
“Why not?”
“Looking at one already makes me angry enough, how will I deal with two? I will want to poison them every minute of the day.”
“—- then I won’t marry, alright?”
“That won’t do.” LiShiNian rejected. “If you don’t marry, mother and father will be sad. If mother and father are sad then I will be sad inside. Which is why the area of my tolerance is enough for one person. You can only wed once and can only have one wife.”
LiMuYang looked at the colour of the sky outside and asked: “how long was I asleep for?”
LiShiNian’s expression turned solemn. She replied: “two days and two nights.”
“What?” LiMuYang was startled and said: “how did I sleep for so long? Wheres CuiXiaoXing? Did she come?”
LiShiNian’s pupils turned into bright jewels, the fire of gossip surged and said in a low voice: “Who is CuiXiaoXing? Whats her relationship with you?”
“CuiXiaoXing is my classmate.” LiMuYang thought back to the conflict within Beast Aspect Pavilion and didn’t notice the change in LiShiNian’s expression. He thought back to how he had sent the black-clothed assassin away with one punch. He lowered his head to look at the fist that was bandaged. How did he manage to send that assassin flying with one hit?
Although LiMuYang was completely foreign to the Dao of cultivation, but he knew that the assassin in black clothing was definitely an expert.
Not only did he use sword light, he had also used a spatial door to summon a murder of crow. The entire scene was amazing and surreal.
LiMuYang noticed that there has been something wrong with him recently. He felt that there is a strange beast wanting to break open and leave his body.
He was easily violent and easily angered. He also had that strange to behold and overwhelming strength.
During that time at the lake tour, when he sent ZhangChen flying with one hit, was a clear example.
Afterwards, he heard someone call out ‘evil pest’ and then a bright ball of light, as bright as the sun itself, rose from his head.
Until the murder of crow disappeared and the ball of light vanished along with CuiXiaoXing.
“What happened with CuiXiaoXing? Was she saved by someone or was she taken away? Who was the person that shouted ‘evil pest’?
“LiMuYang was very desperate. He really wanted to know the answer to his questions.
“I obviously know that she is your classmate. I also know that she is the school’s famous big beauty, third year’s studying tyrant and someone who is frequently placed first place in her year level. I have transversed through the sea of studying for many years but this is my first time discovering someone who can contend with me. Big bro, I’ve heard that you were rescued from the Beast Aspect Pavilion stationed right outside our school. At that time it was still during school hours. You guys wouldn’t possibly be… dating, right?”
LiMuYang denied and said: “How could we be dating? Look at my face, am I worthy of her?”
LiMuYang shook her head, then nodded and said: “But I heard people say: a good man will not have a good wife, a poor man will marry a loving women. Big bro, don’t worry about being ugly, be afraid that CuiXiaoXing is blind enough. Do you want me to help you poke blind both her eyes?”
LiShiNian shook her head and said: “thats ok. Can’t say for sure, she might even be my sister in law in the future. I might need to respect her a little.”
Noticing LiMuYang’s anxious expression, LiShiNian did not proceed to tease him and said: “I haven’t seen CuiXiaoXing, however the ZhuGe hospital that you are in right now and Dr ZhuGe who treated you was all arranged by someone else. If I guessed correctly then that person should have been CuiXiaoXing. More over, our household in JiangNan doesn’t have any relation with any influential figures.”
“Can you go to school and help me get some news? See if she has been attending class.” LiMuYang grabbed his sister’s hand and begged in a low voice.
LiShiNian felt a bit bitter at heart. It was exactly the same as if a treasure that belonged to her was about to be snatched away by someone else. She pouted and said maliciously: “Yoyoyo, are you feeling like being separated and split apart is hard now?”
LiMuYang shook his head and said: “It was very dangerous during that time, I am worried about her safety.”
“I understand.” LiShiNian looked at LiMuYang’s eyes and said: “I will go to school to get news of her today.”
“Thank you.” LiMuYang smiled.
“Don’t laugh.” LiShiNian said. “When you smile you look like a big black bear, except for your teeth, everything else is indistinct.”
LiMuYang knew that he had somehow incurred this little missy’s anger.
A horse carriage that was covered in brocade, with curtains that were embodied with peony flowers and hanging beads, stopped in front of the hospital gate. A maiden who wore a purple hibiscus tight long skirt was just about to push pass the gate and enter. The man in a long robe, who was sitting in front of the horse carriage, interrupted and said: “Miss, are you really willing to take this risk?”
“Risk?” the maiden eyebrow slightly jolted. “This is the Cui household’s private hospital, where is the risk? I just want to visit my classmate, the person who I owe my life to.”
“Miss, we have already arranged the best hospital for him, invited the best doctor in the city of JiangNan to treat him, even under your request we invited over the best doctors from the most prestigious hospitals to investigate his head to see how much damage he has sustained in his head when he was struck by lightning. He indeed has saved the life of Miss, this kindness our Cui household will naturally slowly repay. However, Miss, I feel that you shouldn’t be involved in this any further.”
“You’re worried that someone else will assassinate once more? The maiden’s eyebrow slightly jolted and said in a soft voice: “I have you people guarding me, don’t I?”
“Miss, we are worried that the real danger would be from the person you are visiting.” The jade robed man was worried throughout the trip and he finally let out his worries.
“LiMuYang?”The maiden’s eyebrows were knitted. She did not like other people speak about her friend in such a manner.
“Correct.” The jade robed man nodded. “This time it was assassin Crow, ranked within top twenty of our empire, who attacked our Miss. The person’s cultivation was profound and unfathomable. He is also most skilled in summoning all sorts of birds to attack and was dubbed in the under-world as ‘King of the Fowls’. However, your classmate actually consecutively blocked his ‘Cherry Blossom Slash’ twice and even sent Crow flying in the third hit. Miss, the classmate of yours is very dangerous.
CuiXiaoXing lost control, laughed and said: “if he heard this evaluation, he would definitely he very happy, wouldn’t he?”
“Uncle Ding, I have thought this through. I know what I’m doing.” The maiden cut off the Jade robed man’s persuasion and said: “However, I can not choose to forget, when the assassin attacked with the sharp knife he was the one who lunged over bravely with no fear. He grabbed the knife in the middle his palm again and again, using his flesh.”
CuiXiaoXing pushed past the gate and raised her head to look at the small building that was hidden behind the cherry trees.
The colour of the cold and blood-red cherry trees made her think of the blood that flowed out of LiMuYang’s palm on that day.