The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 10

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten – Dragon Appearing In Dreams!
Sounds of screaming, of running, of things falling or breaking all converged into one noise.
LiMuYang stood within the tempest, unaffected by the changes around him.
His bloodshot eyes stared right at Crow without losing focus. He stared at at the culprit who, again and again, stabbed his palm and activated his state of frenzy.
He pushed away the table that collapsed and fell on his leg due to having one of it’s legs broken and walked step by step towards Crow who was still laying on the floor.
Every step he took contained tremendous force. The fruits that were rolling on the ground in Jade Water Tea that was spilled were all stepped on, making KaCha-KaCha sounds.
LiMuYang had already lost control of himself, it was as if his body was hiding a beast. The beast was enraged and controlled LiMuYang’s body, driving his body to perform more crazy actions 
“LiMuYang…” CuiXIaoXing climbed off the floor and cried out LiMuYang’s name in an urgent manner.
She had been pushed down by the explosion of Qi. Her face and hands were full of cuts. The wounds did not affect her grace and beauty, in fact, it had served to give her a more poignant feel.
She had seen LiMuYang lunge towards the assassin who was disguised as a Beast Aspect’s waiter and the assassin flew away. Her body was pushed against the wall by the exploding force and was slipping down.
She felt like her body was about to fall into pieces but she still clenched her teeth and stood up, rushing towards LiMuYang.
She had no idea what had happened, but she knew that LiMuYang was about to do something very dangerous.
“Damn that guy.” Crow’s body levitated off from the floor. 
He didn’t climb. He didn’t stand. He didn’t have the support of any external forces and his body was like a ghost that was floating in the air.
At the start he was only just floating. It wasn’t until he was in the middle of the air that he stood up-right.
He stood in the middle of the air. He had an extremely fierce expression in his eyes as he stared at LiMuYang who was approaching in large strides and said, with a voice as if it had came from the freezing depths of hell: “Just someone who can’t differentiate between life or death.”
His right hand casually swiped the air a few times and a door frame that was shining with a silver luster appeared.
A strange noise was emitted from his mouth and what followed was a murder of black crows that emanated death Qi appeared and rushed towards LiMuYang.
There were a large amount of crows within the murder. It had almost covered the skies above the Beast Aspect Pavilin.
The murder of crows were silent, but a fierce and greedy expression could be seen in each one of them, resembling the expression that their owner showed.
The crows flapped their wings and flew towards LiMuYang, surrounding him, just like a black cloud completely cocooning LiMuYang. The end result would be being pecked to death, not even leaving behind bones.
“Evil pest.” A voice exploded out.
A ball of red light appeared on LiMuYang’s forehead and a golden light radiated within the whole of the Beast Aspect Pavilion. Any crow that made contact with the golden light would immediately turn into black wisp, disappearing.
The golden light radiated for a long period of time. It continued to radiate until the murder of crows, that covered the entire Beast Aspect Pavilion, turned into black wisps.
The red ball of light disappeared. The floating door frame that had summoned the murder of crows also disappeared.
The crows have all disappeared, along with their wisps.
Assassin Crow vanished, even CuiXiaoXing, who had accompanied LiMuYang in Beast Aspect Pavilion, also vanished.
LiMuYang evaluated his surroundings. He then waved his blood stained palm in front of the waitress who was still shivering in fright hiding under the table and yelled out: “Quickly send me to the hospital….”
He felt the world spin and the ground twisting even before he finished speaking. LiMuYang’s eyes turned dark and his body fell towards the floor.
“Puny humans, a bunch of traitors.”
“Blood for blood, tooth for tooth. The plot that you have contrived, I will befall heavenly punishment on it all!”
The giant dragon roared and wild fire burned.
The entire world was filled with the shadow of a ginormous soaring body. The entire body could not be seen, only one portion of it’s body could be seen at a time. Gloomy, pitch-black and unbreakable scales, with floating clouds and traces of electricity flashing within, were like pieces of bronze mirrors within the light of the fire, reflecting the human race’s wailing and pain. As well as the almost negligible sign of struggle and resistance.
It relied contained a stifling sense of majesty, soaring through the clouds and breaking through the mist, destroying cities and breaking nations.
Every time it waved its tail, a city would fall.
Every time it extended it’s claws, the walls of a city would crumble.
When it would open it’s jaws, it’s dragon’s breathe, containing the power to destroy the heavens and earth, would eliminate the entire scenery in front of it’s eyes.
Humans that were made out of flesh and bones, tall and towering trees that shot through the crown of the clouds and towering stone and brick walls were all turned into dust in an instant.
LiMuYang was a spectator in this foreign world. Or he was just a witness.
He was high above in the air, just like…. just like giant dragon that brought destruction on everything.
The giant dragon noticed his presence, turned it’s head that was covered in clouds of lightning and flew towards him.
Dense clouds were broken through, freezing, icy winds were blown away.
The feeling of the heat wave that emanated from it’s jaws could almost be felt. You could even hear it’s heart beating within it’s chest.
LiMuYang widened his eyes forcefully. He wanted to make out what the dragon looked like.
He saw. He saw the dragon’s eyes.
The eyes of the dragon were extremely similar to his own.
As he was still suspicious within his mind when the giant dragon collided right into him. It then waved it’s tail as it crawled right into LiMuYang’s body.
LiMuYang personally saw his body being ripped open. Afterwards his mind went blank.
The entire world quieted down.
Except for the bright star that was shining far away in the distance, the entire world fell into an eternity of darkness.
When LiMuYang opened his eyes, the sunlight outside the window was dazzling. An unknown multi-colored bird was chirping and dancing on top of a thorn tree. The scene of the bird’s happy jump for joy was as if it was celebrating LiMuYang’s awakening.
June in JiangNan was hot and scorching, but elegant, just like a beauty wearing a thick and long robe. Impervious to wind and air-tight but at the same time not letting you feel a sense of boredom.
The maidens in JiangNan were delicate and beautiful. Pleasing to the eye even without any decorations.
LiShiNian was someone who represented this image.
LiShiNian’s hair was ruffled. Her face was dirty and her eyes were about to turn into panda-eyes. However she still used her big but blood-shot eyes to stare at LiMuYang without blinking.
As such, from the moment when LiMuYang first awakened, his gaze met with the pair of big and watery eyes.
“Big brother—-” LiShiNian cried out in surprise. “Did you wake up? Are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Wait here, I’m calling the doctor.”
Without giving LiMuYang the chance to speak she had already turned around and ran outside.
LiMuYang wanted to extend his hand to stop her but found out that his right hand was bandaged extremely tightly and prevented his movement.
Luckily, his mouth wasn’t wounded and he rushed to call out: “LiShiNian.”
LiShiNian turned around, looked at LiMuYang and asked: “Big brother, whats the matter?”
“Wait a moment.” LiMuYang said. He curved his mouth and wanted to smile but found out that his face was also bandaged. LiMuYang was shocked. He asked: “My face…. nothing happened to it, right?”
“Big brother.” LiShiNian had a dejected expression. She looked like she had something to say but couldn’t speak.
LiMuYang was stunned and then said with a smile: “Don’t worry. I’m already ugly anyways, maybe being disfigured will be a new beginning for me.”
“Big brother…” LiShiNian looked at LiMuYang and shook her head, saying: “There is nothing wrong with your face. It’s just that your forehead is a bit bruised. The doctor wrapped your whole head in bandages. The way you look now is beautiful.”
“Then why did you reveal a pained expression?” LiMuYang was confused and said.
“Because before, I had especially found the empire’s best doctor to reconstruct your face for you. That being the case, it would be a huge surprise for you when you wake up.” LiShiNian said hatefully: “but they all refused.”
“Big bro, don’t panic.” LiShiNian walked over and gently caressed LiMuYang’s right hand, looked into his eyes seriously and said: “wait for me to earn money in the future, I will definitely invite the best doctor in the empire to reconstruct your face for you.”
“My looks… Is it really horrible to this extent?” LiMuYang began to felt like even breathing has become painfully difficult.
“Its alright?” LiShiNian smiled and patted LiMuYang on the shoulders: “I’m used to it anyways. Even if everyone in the world thinks your face is ugly, I will feel like everyone’s eyes in the world has become blind.”
“No wonder you are my sweet sister.” LiMuYang had a blessed expression. He looked at LiShiNian with an embarrassed expression and said: “I’m going to ask you a question, but you can’t laugh.”
“Big bro, relax. We’ve been together for so long, when have I ever laughed at you?” LiShiNian patted herself on the chest, making a Pa-Pa sound.
“You really won’t laugh?”
“I really won’t laugh.”
“Alright then.” LiMuYang’s face turned red and his eyes contained a hint of evasion. He said in a weak voice: “Don’t you think that I resemble a dragon?”