The Great Ruler


The Great Ruler Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – Black Basin


The ground trembled as the ancient stone statue charged onward with heavy steps. Any obstacles in its path were instantly crushed as it left a trail of pandemonium in its wake.

Those who happened upon the scene quickly withdrew from it. No one dared to get in the statue’s path, so they simply allowed the strange duo to speed on their way.

A pitch-black Spiritual Energy blazed out from within Mu Chen’s body and shrouded him. He kept his pace as something flickered in his eyes and the silver medal in his hand grew even warmer.

With a few tests, Mu Chen had confirmed that the ancient stone statue was, indeed, after him. And it was definitely because of this silver medal.

“What exactly is this silver medal?” Mu Chen wondered. This object had been so well-hidden that it’d been inside the body of the King Flame-Eating Python. If Mu Chen hadn’t found the Fire Celestial Lotus by sheer luck, and if the Nine Netherbird to devour the King Flame-Eater, then there was no way he would’ve discovered this medal.

There was no way it could be something ordinary, since it’d been hidden so securely. Furthermore, the white dragon design on its surface told him that it was likely left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign.

“I can’t keep running like this.”

Mu Chen went silent. He still wanted to enter the depths of the Sovereign Spirit Treasury to fight for other treasures, but there was no way to do that with this stone statue chasing after him. First, he had to get rid of this problem.

Mu Chen tightly gripped the silver medal as he ground his teeth. It looked like he had to try it.

As he thought that, any hesitation in his heart ceased to exist. He flashed away and ascended to a higher platform, then turned to face the ancient stone statue that was still approaching with its baleful aura.

Boom! Boom!

Cracks appeared on the ground wherever the stone statue chose to lay its feet. The sheer pressure of its approach even compressed the air until it exploded.

The stone-fisted statue grew larger in Mu Chen’s field of view. Mu Chen took in a deep breath, then raised the silver medal. He stopped caring whether his idea would work as he poured his Spiritual Energy into it.

The silver medal stayed the same as Mu Chen poured his Spiritual Energy into it, and the stone statue was just as ferocious as before. If it hit Mu Chen, then he’d suffer grave injuries.

“It’s not working?”

Cold sweat dripped from Mu Chen’s forehead as his heart pumped rapidly, but he still didn’t remove his hands from the medal. With a twist of his mind, he poured all of his Spiritual Energy into the silver medal.


The stone statue vaulted off the ground and sailed upwards, its heavy shadow bearing down on Mu Chen, and firmly landed on the platform.

Mu Chen tensed and turned away, preparing to run.


But before Mu Chen could make his escape, the silver medal finally trembled. The white dragon on its surface seemed to come to life as it roared low and deep. A white light poured forth from the plate and shined upon the body of the ancient stone statue.

Mu Chen was temporarily paralysed by the sudden white light. However, the bloodthirsty stone statue suddenly shrank back. In the time it took for a few breaths, the statue had shrunk down to the size of a palm and flew towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen reached out and caught it.

“This…” Mu Chen studied the stone statue in his palm with a look of amazement. It was so small and mottled. A faint pattern of light glowed on its surface. But this small thing had been chasing him all over the place just a moment ago.

Mu Chen turned to the silver medal in his other hand with an equal look of amazement. It seemed that this stone guardian was something akin to a Spiritual Artifact, but could only be controlled through the silver medal in his hand.

“This medal really is something.” Mu Chen smacked his lips as he tucked the medal away. He kept the tiny statue in his hand and played around with it — with a move of his intent, he poured a surge of Spiritual Energy into it.


The stone statue exploded with dazzling light and expanded. In a few breaths, it turned back into the ten-foot tall stone statue.

But this time, the statue didn’t launch any attacks at him; on the contrary it stood next to him, quietly and at attention, like the most loyal guard.

Excitement appeared in Mu Chen’s eyes as he observed the stone statue — he could sense that right now, he possessed some amount of control over it.


Following Mu Chen’s intent, the stone statue threw a punch at the stone pillar next to it, thoroughly crushing it. That violent strength even made Mu Chen’s eyelids twitch. Based on his estimations, even a Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase expert would have to dodge its sharp attacks.

It was a pure fighting machine.

“Formidable!” Mu Chen exclaimed in admiration. Another treasure worthy of the Sovereign Spirit Treasury.

This statue must have withstood several hundreds of years worth of weathering, but it still possessed such strength. The name of Sovereign was not in vain.

Even though he hadn’t obtained a High Rank Spiritual Artifact, this stone guardian was still an extremely satisfactory harvest. If Mu Chen ever encountered Bai Dong again, he wouldn’t need to act so afraid.


Sounds of sonic booms resounded from afar. With a wave of his hand, Mu Chen ordered the guardian to return to its smaller form. The statue landed on his palm and he stowed it away inside his Mustard Seed Bracelet.

Li Qing reappeared a short distance away and quickly joined him. She breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw that Mu Chen was fine and well. Her charming eyes looked around as she asked, “Where’s the stone guardian?”

“It’s settled.” Mu Chen smiled.

Li Qing was shocked and confused. Mu Chen had “settled” that terrifying stone guardian? Just how much strength was this guy hiding away?

She gave Mu Chen a strange look, but didn’t press him for details. After all, everyone had their own secrets. She had no specific reason to ask that much from him.

“Well then, we should join up with Su Xuan and the others. They’re likely deeper inside the Sovereign Spirit Treasury,” Li Qing suggested. Right now, there were many forces heading deeper into the Spirit Treasury. If they didn’t hurry, they might end up missing a few opportunities.

Mu Chen nodded. He was deeply interested in the Sovereign Spirit Treasury, especially since they’d found such powerful treasures — the Fire Celestial Lotus, the Draconic Spirit Bracelets, and the Stone Guardian — outside of that area. He wondered what astounding treasures would be hidden within the treasury’s depths.

If he ever got his hands on those hidden treasures, then his fighting strength would definitely surge. He wouldn’t need to fear anyone, even a true Heavenly Transform Stage.

The two of them made no more delays. They identified their path and pushed their speeds to the limit as they flew into the bowels of the Sovereign Spirit Treasury.

Along the way, they still heard the sounds of clashing weapons echoing from the main hall; however, neither of them paused. Roughly half an hour later, they noticed that the quantity of stone halls and the number of branching paths had decreased. As they continued, the landscape before them suddenly opened up into that of a vast desert.

Faint lights streaked overhead, like bolts of lightning as they sped deeper into the desert.

Mu Chen and Li Qing exchanged glances and moved as one, following those lights. A few minutes later, they slowed down.

They were arriving at the heart of the desert, marked by a huge black basin. Many figures stood at the basin’s rim.

A powerful Spiritual Energy emanated from this place — even the natural Spiritual Energy of this area rippled in response.

Many experts were gathered here.

Even Mu Chen was surprised by the sheer number of experts gathered here. These guys moved quick.

The two of them also landed by the basin, then edged closer to the rim. They realised that down inside the depression of the earth were several black stone pillars that soared to the skies.

Each pillar was nearly a thousand feet tall and decorated with formerly picturesque images that’d been blurred due to the passage of time. Together, these pillars filled the entire basin.

The basin surged with an indescribable aura and, for some reason, their auras trembled in reply. It was like meeting one’s superior.

Even the natural Spiritual Energy had quieted under the pressure of the basin’s aura, as if it was incapable of fighting back.

This was a Sovereign’s prestige.

Everyone’s expression had turned solemn. This aura was simply far too powerful for them to handle, even though it was only a remnant of what it once was. If a genuine Sovereign ever appeared, no one present would have the guts or mind to react.

This was an absolute suppression.

Perhaps in the eyes of a Sovereign, everyone here would be nothing more than ants.

Mu Chen inhaled and clenched his fists as he felt the remnant Sovereign aura permeate the heavens and earth. Dense flames poured from his pupils.


What a powerful term that was.

One day, when he manages to ascend to that level, he’ll stand next to Luo Li and shield her from the wind.

Then, he’d search for his mother, as he’d promised his father. The next time he returned to the Northern Spiritual Realm, he won’t be alone.

He was still a far cry from that goal, but he believed that he’d reach it one fine day!

A vicious and ferocious gaze locked onto Mu Chen and Li Qing the moment they landed at the edge of the basin.

Mu Chen sensed it and turned towards the source. His eyes narrowed immediately. There were several dozen people over there, all wearing white robes. At the front of that group stood Bai Dong and the grey-robed elder.

Mu Chen lightly smiled back at Bai Dong’s vicious glare. Indeed, they meet again.

Bai Dong’s expression turned even more sinister at Mu Chen’s smile, before it finally turned cruel.

Bai Dong took a single step forward as he stared at Mu Chen as if he were a ghost. His bloodthirsty voice filled the air around him.

“So, you’re still alive, you little piece of shit. But that’s fine. I thought you died too easily, anyways. This time, I’ll catch you and chop off all your limbs!”