The Friendly Wedding


The Friendly Wedding Chapter 4.2

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Saphi was wearing an off-shoulder satin white gown. Her cousin Haley did her hair and make up for that day. Haley curled the ends of her past shoulder-length hair and let it down. The makeup was also not thick. Her cousin's makeover of her seemed so natural. Her brows and long lashes have been more accentuated.

Lavender put the wedding veil on her and let it covered her whole face. She stood up and put on her dirty white Prada shoes.

"Ready?" Crystal Jane asked with a smile while handing her the bouquet.

Sapphire nodded even though almost every fiber of her was trembling. Ugh! Why is she being nervous? She will only be married, and that's it. All she has to do is walk on that not-so-lengthy aisle of the Christian Chapel where their small-scaled and private wedding will be held. Of course some selected press were permitted to gate-crash to avoid some chaos.

For the media, Johann and Sapphire's wedding is a big deal because it will be the second time a union will be formed between the Andersons and the Monteverdes. The first was the marriage of Reeve Monteverde and Johann's sister, Agatha Anderson.

Oh well, she has no problem about these press people. It's actually favorable for her because her Grandma's lawyer can witness her wedding. Maybe after a day or two, her inheritance will be at her doorstep. The lawyer will volunteer to give it willingly to her.

The wedding is really small-scaled. Johann's side only has his parents together with his cousins - as usual. For her, her cousins are¬†present together with her uncles and aunties. Her Mom is not around. Her Mom couldn't attend but Sapphire¬†informed her about her wedding. Her mother did not utter any objection since Sapphire¬†was already in the legal age to decide for herself. They can hold another celebration when the wanderlust woman¬†gets home. Since Sapphire was used to her mother's absence, this matter won’t be an issue to her.

Both Johann and Sapphire don't have entourages. She floats down the aisle by herself as the cameras flashed from either side. Because of those flashes, she can't see Johann.

Anyway, she smiled sweetly and happily while walking down the aisle. After all, she is really a happy bride because, who won't be if after a couple of minutes, her problems will be solved?

This is why when she reached Johann's side, the look on his face confused her. Don't get her wrong, the guy looks dashing on his gray suit. The executive look suited him more than being a teacher. But anyway, he looked like an idiot with his mouth hanging while looking at her.

She flicked her finger in front of him. That's when he returned to sanity. He blinked. "Hey! So you're here!"

Those who had heard him roared in laughter. She only smiled. "Well?"

"Ay!" He immediately moved and grabbed her hand. She thought he would be pulling her to the altar but he actually brought the back of her hand to his lips.

Sapphire jolted a bit when she felt an unknown sensation running from his lips to the back of her hand, to her arm and until reaching her heart. Her heart suddenly had its beats accelerated. At that time, Johann was staring directly at her. He held her hand tightly and then smiled.

She shifted her gaze away and swallowed. She could only let him led her to the altar where the pastor who will conduct the ceremony awaits them.

The pastor has already started the ceremony but Sapphire has yet to calm her heart. Why is it like this? Why did her heart beat so fast? He only kissed her hand, eh, she had also experienced being kissed on the hand before. But why is her heart racing? Is she being excessively excited or nervous?

Only when it is time to take vows and put the wedding rings did her heart calmed down.

She will be the first to say her vows. She no longer created a personal one and just recited the mainstream wedding vow.

"I, Sapphire Danaya Monteverde, take you, Johann Lawrence Asuncion-Anderson, to be my lawfully wedded husband - to love and to cherish for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health… until death do us part. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen," she recited as she slipped the wedding ring on his ring finger.

She thought he would also recite the same but Johann actually created his own vows.

"Sapphire Monteverde, take this ring as a sign of not only my love but, also, a sign of our friendship, a sign of our strong partnership, and whatever 'ship'. I'm vowing to take care of you until God's promised day. I will be your shoulder when you need someone to rely on. I will be your pillow when our home runs out of one. But, for real, when you need someone to cry and hug on, I will always be here." He met her eyes. "I will take all your bitterness away and fill our lives with sweetness every day."

Sapphire swallowed some saliva. Why does it seem like he was really taking a vow? Isn't his acting being overboard?

"Sapphire, I'll turn your loneliness into our happiness. I'll turn the fights into hugs. I'll turn the cries into kisses. I'll turn the hates into love. I'll turn your world upside down."

She heard the dreamily sighs of the crowd. Even she, herself, wants to ride on his words. It seemed Johann's hugot* are so deep? Is it always like this when the guy is broken-hearted?

Also, why is her heart speeding again? So irritating! It's hard to pacify.

"I will love you, Sapphire for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health… until death do us part. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen." And that's only when he thoroughly slipped the ring on her finger.

Why does it seem like the ring weighed so much? Why does it seem like it has etched itself on her skin and won't ever be taken off?

As she thinks and thinks, she didn't notice that the wedding has concluded and that Johann and her has really become a married couple.

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Hugot –¬†Usually words with potentially and personally deep sentimental or emotional undertones. For more info, please consult the urban dictionary, haha. ūüėĄ

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