The Duo Who Hunt Women


The Duo Who Hunt Women prologue

Warm sunshine pours down as the time of the year is spring, and the recently built mall is filled with people

While friends, family, lovers, and other kind of people do in and out ‘Shingi Miyata’ and his friend ‘Hasegawa Kota’ sit on a bench inside the mall just watching the people coming and leaving

Shingi and Kota are high school students at a private academy, the two of them have been friends since elementary school

Looking around as if looking for something, finally Shingi found someone and signaled Kota with his eyes while standing up

Similarly, Kota also stood up and nodded



Both of them set their sights on a person in the distance

Their next “prey”

“Today it’s a junior high school student”

Kota said smiling like a devil