The Discarded World


The Discarded World Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The lost History


Keith lift his right hand and then rubbed Scylla’s head and said “don’t worry, I won’t leave you again.”


“Promise?” Said Scylla with her hands trembling in fear around Keith’s waist while looking a Keith in the eyes.


“Yup, I promise that I’ll never leave you again.” Said Keith to Scylla with a smile in his face.


Keith and the Hunter began chopping the reindeer’s body parts so that they can cook it for their dinner later.


Keith asked Scylla to gather the other ingredients that is in his house. Scylla opened Keith’s fridge and saw there is almost nothing in the fridge besides food leftovers.


Scylla picked the ingredients that Keith asked in the fridge and then asked Keith “right ingredients?”


Keith answered her while patting her head again “yes that is the right ingredients for the reindeer. Good girl.”


Scylla smiled while being praised by Keith.


The Hunter sliced the reindeers meat with his katana as fast as lightning. Keith was surprised when he saw how the hunter sliced the reindeer. Keith tried to do the same thing what the Hunter was doing.


Keith failed miserably.


The Hunter saw what Keith did and laughed at him as hard as he can. The Hunter said to Keith “you’ve got a long way before catching up to me kid.”


“It’s Keith not kid sensei.” Sorry aid Keith while shouting at his sensei.


The Hunter picked up the meat that he sliced and then put it in the pot that Keith had already placed at the cooking place that he built using bricks.


Keith inserted the ingredients that Scylla picked into the boiling pot. They stood there waiting for the food to be ready to serve for the three of them while each of their stomach rumbling. Scylla laugh after she hears that Keith’s stomach was making weird noises.


The Hunter laughed with Scylla happily while Keith is being pinned by their laughter towards him.


“Your stomach was rumbling too sensei.” Said Keith with his shy face.


After an hour, the meal that they cooked together already done. Keith opens the pot leads, smoke came out flowing through their faces. The three of them had drools flowing through their mouths.


Keith serves the meal on the dishes that was placed on the tiny table that Keith had. The three of them begin their first bite on the food and said “It’s so good” at the same time.


The hunter and Keith ate their foods greedily while Scylla ate her portion of food politely. The three of ate their meals happily.


Time passes, the three of them already finished ate their meals. Scylla were already asleep, but the Hunter and Keith is still awake. Keith asked the Hunter “can I train my body at night sensei.”  




“You should rest your body and mind at night and train your body in the morning until evening is over. Do not go over limit or your body will and mind will be in a bad condition.” Scolds the Hunter at Keith.


“Alright sensei, I’ll just do what you told me to sensei.” Said Keith to his sensei with a promising voice.


“Go get some sleep, you need it kid.” Said the Hunter to Keith.


“How about you sensei? And my name is ‘Keith’ not kid sensei.” Asked Keith.


“I’ll just stay awake about a little bit more. No not me worry about me ki..Keith.”   


Keith puts a blanket on Scylla and the lays on the sofa besides Scylla. Keith saw Scylla smiled a little bit.


Keith just can’t find the mood to sleep. He kept remembering about the last event that is engraved in his memory. He too kept thinking about what had happen to Scylla.


By the time that he thought that he can’t sleep, his eyes had already shut and he slept the night soundly while thinking about the things that he goes through.


The night begin slowly passes. The three of them slept soundly as if the world already achieve peace and quiet. But that is only a delusion for them. The holy land still roams the world with their power and hatred towards Tartarus peoples.


After the guards took Iris Dean to the inner town of Holy land, they reported to her parents what had happened to them while saving her from those exiled people. Iris doesn’t like word SAVING her because to her, they were the ones that attacked the exiled peoples.


She were scolded by her parents because she was seeing some filthy little fools that lived there. To the Holy Land peoples, the Tartarus peoples are bad, filthy and lower life forms from them.


“Why can’t we be together with them? They are not bad people like you just said father, mother.” Said Iris with a sad tone.


“Iris! You need to know that they are bad, evil, lower life forms than us and they carry such tainted blood with them that is “The Hades Blood.” Said Iris’s father to her while being mad at her.


The Hades Blood that her father was talking about is because of the tragedy that befalls all of them 3 years ago.


At that time, the Holy land and the Tartarus people were united as one nation. They were a nation that is famous for their science technologies and military powers. But one fateful day came and what is left for them is now, that is the two nation.  

The science’s technologies that they’ve learned began to failed one day and disasters befalls them on that fateful day. All the blame was passed to the Tartarus scientist that is now called the exiled.


The science technologies that still survived the disaster were taken by the Holy Lands people. The military powers that they had were split in half. That is why there is people like the Hunter within Tartarus. The disaster that were engraved in both nation’s memories is still a mystery to them. They don’t even know what caused the disaster or who had done it.


Meanwhile at Iris house, she is grounded for the sins that she has done. She is frustrated that she can’t meet with Keith ever again after the incident that befalls them. She knew Keith a year ago when she ran from her family to the hill at Tartarus. The hill was the first encounter for the both of them.


She saw Keith was sleeping on the hill alone soundly while the birds chirping around him. It was noon that day. She asked him what he’s doing there alone on that hill.


She is sad that the both of them no longer got the chance to meet ever again.


Several months had passed, Keith already able to swing his sword like his sensei. The Hunter passed down his knowledge of his intense training when he still with the military. He gave Keith lessons every day without any skips on Keith’s training session.


Other than that, Scylla’s too trained under the Hunter. She trained using two daggers. She was obsess on looking at Keith training and wanting to trained with Keith. When Scylla asked the Hunter, at first he refused to train her because she was still small around 10 years old. But eventually the Hunter gave up and trained her because of the harsh world that she lived in.


The three of them trained without letting a sweat goes to waste. They go through the harsh training that the Hunter gave theme with ease. They gave their souls onto their training without saying any words .


Three years had passed, Keith and Scylla had already mastered the teaching of their sensei.


Keith previous question is still being ignored by the Hunter. The Hunter just couldn’t say why did he saved Keith 3 years ago.


“Answer me sensei, I need to know the truth why did you saved me and disobey the royal guards that night.” Asked Keith at his sensei.


The hunter sighs and finally gave in to Keith question and answered him.


“The reason for that night is because....”