The Devil's Origin


The Devil's Origin Chapter 3

The Devil’s Origin - Chapter Three

The First Time

I’ve successfully made an alliance with my first monster. I feel relieved, but the thought of what’s about to happen makes my whole body stiffen.

“Thank you. To have someone strong like you protecting me, I feel encouraged.”

“What is your command, my lord?”

<< Congratulations! Now, it is time for you to mate with him. >>

The bright voice of the System makes my heart start pounding. Mating. Mating was waiting for me.

“You … what’s your name?”

“I have been imprisoned so long, I’ve forgotten my name.”

“Then I will call you Velke. You will be the founder of the new Velluclesis clan.”

“Thank you; I am honored.”

“Er … now …”

Even kneeling, my partner looms over me, and when I think of what we’re about to do, I break into a cold sweat.

“Velke, that … from now on, I’ll do my best to grant your wish.”


“We should, uh, mate, but …”

When Velke stood up, I could see that he was about 2 meters tall. Looking at his tight muscles and broad shoulders, I’m frustrated by my own child-like body.

“My lord, your body seems to be immature.”

That’s right! I’m barely 60 centimeters tall!

“D-don’t worry, there aren’t any issues with my reproductive ability.”

“Is that so?”

Velke picked me up and walked deeper into the cave.

“My lord, how experienced are you?”

“Oh, not very … I mean, I was only just born, so it’s really the first time for me …”

A wet tongue licked my cheek, and I blushed.

“It’s an honor to be your first. I’ll do my best.”

Velke’s beautiful face is so close to mine … just that is enough to make me blush, but he’s so stunning that if he smiles my heart might just stop.

He carefully set me down on a soft bed with even softer pillows. Velke must have made all this with his magic.

Velke seems to be indulging me, first stripping off my simple black clothing with ease and then politely removing his own clothes. I can hardly believe that his body is more than 500 years old. Compared to him, my body is pathetic. I could cry at the difference between us …

However, when I peeked between his legs, the urge to cry grew even stronger.

He’s so big … it’s impossible! Impossible! That sort of thing could only belong to a monster!

Oh, right. We’re both monsters.

Still, I can’t bear to compare myself to the champion in front of me.

“My lord, you’re … very small …”

I don’t need you to tell me that. Really.

I can’t hold back a small shriek when his large hand brushes past my hip.

“Will I be able to enter here . . ?”

Hey, I’m not sure I’m ready for that finger to be touching the hole down there …

“I-if you don’t enter, we won’t be able to make a family … uh … it really is my first time, so please be gentle …”

“Of course. I will do my utmost, so please endure until the end.”

Velke leaned in close, and I could feel his breath against my lips before he sealed them in a kiss.

A tongue much bigger than my own snuck into my mouth and slid against my teeth.

“Mmm … ah, hey …”

I gasped into the kiss, and a voice that’s nearly a moan leaked out.

It’s the difference between an adult and a child. The tongue in my mouth is almost too large, and the saliva I can’t swallow drips down my chin.

“My lord, open your mouth.”

Being kissed so passionately over and over, I felt as though my brain had melted, and I obeyed his words without thinking twice.

Slender and clean fingers slipped into my open mouth. Two, then three, and already my mouth is full.

“Now, please lick them.”

I do as I’m told, and noisily coat his fingers in saliva.

Velke’s lips pressed against mine as soon as he pulled his fingers out.

As I melted into another deep kiss, I felt a sharp pain down below.


A slimy finger pushed inside me.

“It’s alright.”(1)

I wonder if Velke’s looking forward to this; he speaks with a sweet voice, but he might be pretending.

As his right hand works me open, his left hand slowly roams my body. I wonder if he’s searching for where I’m sensitive … all the areas that felt pleasant were stroked carefully.

It seems that the number of fingers had increased while I was distracted by a deep kiss.

“Hah, ah! Mm!”

I struggled to breathe through my nose, and I gasped for breath when he backed away for a moment. Velke bit my lip gently before closing in for another overwhelming kiss.

It feels good. It’s too much; is a kiss something that can feel this good?

The pain in my lower body is lost in the feeling of the kiss …

When my melted brain was spinning wildly with confused thoughts, I was pushed down onto the cushions.

“My lord, I’m sorry.”

When I tried to ask what Velke meant, pain shot through my body.

“Hey- haaaaahh!!”

White-hot pain ran up my spine.

Something was filling me, steadily widening my hole.


I’m in so much pain I can’t even close my eyes. Tears and saliva are streaked across my face.

“I’m sorry.”

Velke’s soft apology is almost drowned out by my scream.

Ignoring the way my passage contracts with pain, he thrusts deeper inside me.


Velke’s dick slid further in with a wet sound.

I had been prepared carefully, so I didn’t tear, but the pain was excruciating.

Just when I felt I couldn’t take any more, the heat that filled me paused. Velke must be in pain, too, since I’d tightened like a vise around him. Sweat dripped down that beautiful face.

“Ah, yes?”

“… I’m halfway in, my lord.”

Wha- this much is only half!? Really!?

His words made my blood run cold.

I was a little disappointed; with my back against the cushion and our hips connected, his lips were too far away to kiss.

“V-Velke, wait … until I get used to it, can you- ah! Hold on? S-sorry, I’m really sorry!”

“My lord … the feeling of being inside you is wonderful. I can barely suppress the urge to keep going … you have nothing to apologize for.”

Gently, Velke brought his hands to my cheeks and wiped away the tears that stained my face.

“I-it’s alright … you can move if you want … I feel really full, but I don’t mind if you let go …”

… if you wait just a little longer, I wanted to say, my words caught in my throat when the thing inside me jerked.

H-has it gotten bigger? No way!

Velke’s huge cock squeezes even further inside me.

“Ah, it’s … it’s really too much, hah!”

“… sorry.”

I’m nearly folded in half by Velke’s weight and it makes me want to puke. Murderous intent gathers, aimed at the subordinate who seems to be getting bigger even as he apologizes.

“… My lord, you’re sweet everywhere … is this the body of the Devil?”

Velke gently runs his fingers through my hair, a stark contrast to the ferocity of his lower body.

“Y-you’re mine, so … you’re not allowed to say the former Demon Kings were better!”

Velke had met other Demon Kings in the past. Someone so gentle and strong … even though he was obviously experienced, I didn’t want to think that he’d been so intimate with my predecessors.

“For all eternity, I will live for your sake, my lord.”

Velke gave me a beautiful smile.

“Uuhn … okay, I think I’m ready, so … it’s alright to move now …”

I’m clawing at his back, and I feel a little sorry about the red scratches I’m leaving behind. Although I said to keep going, the pain hadn’t faded. Still, I felt so cherished that I relaxed and let Velke loose.

That was a mistake.

His first thrust drove so deeply inside me, I could almost hear my guts being forced out of the way.

“Aah! Wha- hey! Ah!”

The mess of saliva and precum coating my entrance made a nasty sound. My hips are lifted off the bed with the force of his movement.


Just this was more than enough to fill my belly. Even so, Velke continued to plunge inside me.

“I-I’m going to tear! Ah!”

The head of his dick is deeper than ever before; it seems that he’s finally buried himself within me entirely. His hips press against my butt tightly.

“My lord … it feels as though there’s a hymen here.”

No, no way … the only thing past the rectum was the sigmoid colon.(2)

“Th-there’s no way, ah! I can’t possibly have a … mm, ah …”

Velke smiled cheekily and thrust forward again. Again, his dick slid easily inside me, this time breaking through the membrane of my womb.

“Ah, ah!”

I didn’t feel any pain as it tore; without realizing, I screamed in pleasure. I can feel Velke so deep within me; I want more of this intense feeling.

“My lord … my lord …”

Velke pulled out until only the tip of his dick was inside before slamming back inside me all the way.

The violent movements make it impossible to speak.

I want … I want him to cum inside me, quickly!

My lower body has become greedy. Every time his hips meet mine, I can feel something pushing against the hand on my belly.

It hurts, it feels good, it makes me sick … various sensations churn within me. Inside, inside me, I want to accept that taste.

My own voice sounds wild.

“Uhn, ah! You can … you can cum, Velke!”

His movements get even faster.


Just as the burning heat burst deep within my womb, Velke groaned softly, and my consciousness faded away.

  1. This line is honestly so confusing, it could mean “It’s alright” or something like “I’m big, so it’ll be tough” which are. Very different things.
  2. Although the MC is correct and this is the sigmoid colon, now that his body has adapted for pregnancy, this term isn’t really accurate. I’ll be referring to it as his ‘womb.’ (Don’t think about it too hard.) 

Aaa! My first R18 translation!! (/// ∇ ///) I’m so nervous! Please let me know if you notice anything out of place.

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