The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side


The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 9 part4

Desperately Trying to Protect My Chrysanthemum From My Lovestruck Disciple: Part Four - In which Shen Qingqiu’s porn strategy tragically backfires in the most spectacular way possible

Oh no. Binghe’s dream again? That boy really needs to control his dreams better.

Qingqiu was thankful that he had all his clothes on this time. He was now in a seemingly endless corridor full of doors.

Curious, he opened the nearest one. Inside was a bedroom. It was dark and a pleasing scent rose from an incense burner in one corner. In the middle of the room was an enormous red canopied bed, curtains closed.

Just an empty room?

Qingqiu parted the bed curtains and peered inside.

What the *&%$!

Why was there a dream puppet of him on the bed? The dream Qingqiu was in his sleeping robes but not in a sleeping position. Instead, it was on its hands and knees.

Qing Jing Peak’s Lord was very confused. He went back to the corridor and explored the other rooms. All of them had a copy of the bedroom but the dream Qingqiu was always in sleeping robes and posed in a different, sometimes bizarre position.

It wasn’t until he saw one that had its backed arched, hands gripping the thighs, legs up in the air that he realized the truth.

These were all of the female positions in the erotic books! &%$#!!!

Horrified by the implications and wanting to avoid encountering Binghe, Qingqiu went back to the corridor and ran until he was out of the of range of the dream world and woke up.

Enough is enough, Shen Qingqiu decided. It’s absolutely no use denying it, Binghe’s crush is dangerous.

At the moment, Binghe is still a cute little disciple who is devoted to his Shizun but soon Qingqiu will be forced to push him down the abyss. Then Binghe will turn from an obedient child into a pitch-black villain. What will happen then? Qingqiu was horribly worried about his future.

On the other hand, Binghe was supposed to find a whole bunch of sexy female demons down in the abyss. In the best case scenario, Binghe would form a huge harem there and when he returned he would have forgotten about this juvenile crush.

Maybe he wouldn’t turn Qingqiu into a human stick.

And maybe tomorrow the sun would rise in the west and water would turn into wine, too.