Black Haired King


Black Haired King Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Changed Views

「Gyaaa! Ropo, wait! Stop! Even if you eat me, I won't taste good! Wai-Don't get closer to me while drooling, Gyaa!」

「……Shut up will you」

I was watching Ropo chase after Redius. Even though Ropo is chasing after him while drooling, it would never eat us.

Normally, Phantom Rabbits are omnivorous, but for some reason, Ropo only eats vegetables. That's why it was driven out of the Phantom Rabbit colony.

That's when Obaba-sama picked it up. Ever since then, it's been part of our family. That Ropo is currently eating Redius from head to toe…….He's going to need to take a bath… (Wait, what happened to not eating!)

It's been 3 years since Redius first started his training. When Redius originally said he wanted to learn all 3 sword styles, I thought "What nonsense are you saying", but, he's since gotten his Fierce Flame Style to Intermediate grade, Bright Water Current Style to Lower Grade, and Whirlwind Style to Advanced grade.

Every sword style follows the same ranking system: Lower, Intermediate, Advanced and King Grade. In theory, God Grade does exist, but generally, only the progenitors carry that title, so realistically, King Grade is the highest. Increasing your proficiency gets significantly harder after Intermediate.

Obaba-sama has achieved King Grade in all 3 sword styles, that's why she's called the 『Magic Sword King』.

I've achieved Advanced grade in the Fierce Flame sword style, once you've reached advanced grade, you will have mastered the sword style. From then on, you are allowed to open up your own dojo. Well, it's not like I feel like opening one up though.

Sometimes I spar with Redius, but how should I say it, he's hard to fight.

At times it seems like he's going to attack me with Whirlwind style, but then it abruptly switches to the motions of Fierce Flame style, but since I've studied the Fierce Flame style, I try to attack at it's openings, but then he again switches to the Bright Water Current style…..It's as if I'm fighting all 3 sword styles at once.

Obaba-sama learned them all one by one, so it doesn't feel as connected, but Redius learned them all at once, maybe that's why, his gait as well as the way he moves his body feels as if they're mixed together.

The result seems to be heading in a good direction, it doesn't align with any singular sword style, it became its own thing. Because of that, for me, it's pretty hard to fight against.

So far, Obaba-sama hasn't noticed anything off, so since he's still improving, she's leaving it as is. Perhaps she finds it interesting, maybe an entirely new sword style will be born.

Still, I think that is only possible because Obaba-sama is here. Normally, learning all sword styles at once would be impossible since no dojo would accept you if that was your intention.

You'd have to learn them all one by one like Obaba-sama. Because Obaba-sama has grasped all the sword styles to King Grade, Redius is able to train in them all at once.


While pondering, before I noticed, Ropo appeared in front of me. Redius is still inside of its mouth, his legs sticking out of its mouth aren't even twitching.

「…….Ropo, spit him out. Spit.」


When I say that, Ropo spits Redius out. Redius is spit onto the ground, but he still isn't moving…. …..Ugh, he's covered in saliva…I really don't want to touch him you know~ While thinking that

「Ugh, whoa! Ropo, you bastard, I almost got killed didn't I!」

He instantly got up and started complaining towards Ropo. That's good, good in two different meanings. Good that he woke up, and good that I didn't have to touch him while he was covered in saliva.

「Redius, It's about time for Obaba-sama to show up. Before that, let's get that saliva cleaned up.」

「Ah, that's true, Ropo, I'll remember this!」

「Guu Guu」

Ropo was already back in its rabbit sized form, trotting around us. We head towards the river that Ropo always bathes in.

I briefly take a peek at Redius, 3 years before, he was just a fragile boy, but over these 3 years, he's been running around the mountains every day, and practiced his sword swings 10,000 times. Maybe because of that and sparring with Obaba-sama, he's thin and lean.

He's also passed me in height over these 3 years, I'm about 157cm tall, but I probably won't grow anymore. …. Somehow, looking up at Redius is vexing.

While thinking that, maybe because I was peeking at Redius, he turned around towards me.

「What's wrong, Helen-san?」

He asked while tilting his head in confusion.

「I-It's nothing.」

Despite feeling a little strange and panicked, I look in front of me again. Fuu~ ….Why do I feel so at ease. I was just looking at his back anyways, I should have just been honest.

While thinking about that, we reached the river, Ropo already jumped into the river huh.

「Uwah, It's hard to take off!」

When I hear that remark, I turn to that direction and Redius already took off his clothes. ….Wait! Why are you already only in underwear!

I quickly face the other way…. ..Why am I feeling embarrassed over seeing Redius' body at this point. When we first brought Redius back, I saw his body plenty of times while cleaning his body and taking care of him……Just thinking back makes my face feel hot. Why… Why is this so embarrassing.

I remembered what I saw when I peeking at Redius. Thin, yet still has tight muscles, manly abs, a large diagonal scar across his body, but still, even that is coo-…Wrong, wrong! What am I thinking about?!

Redius is my younger brother disciple, it's like we're non blood related siblings , why am I thinking about him this way!

While covering my face with my arms, I continue to stare at Redius. Redius seems to be having fun chasing Ropo around……. Haa, I wonder what these feelings are. I guess I'll tell Obaba-sama about it later and see what she thinks.