The Annals of the Flame Kingdom (WN)


The Annals of the Flame Kingdom (WN) Chapter 2-3

The Annals of the Flame kingdom : Chapter 2

There are seven different countries exist in present 『Orquena continent』, One of them is called Flame kingdom

Three hundred years ago, the crown prince of Flame Empire founded a country and build an Impregnable fort, since then, the other kingdom was never achieved success to invaded, 《Larcia kingdom》

It has the fertile land, having such abundant harvest, their people has never been starved at all , 《Westphalia kingdom》

《Sorbania Kingdom》, it possessed the Three continental ports : Koto, Emsa, Sorbania , they proud with their mass quantity of fund from trade

Throwing away Monarchy System, they use a democracy system to choose the chosen representative from various places to become their leader , 《the Lime City National Alliance》.

Nobility can be bought with money, a place where you can release your pleasure and desire, a town where a person can perish in a night 《Plesena Margrave territory》

A wise King, who have a mighty cavalry feared by the other, but he refused to invade the other kingdom, 《Kingdom of Laurent》

…… And.

“… …. Truly … … I’m sorry!”

Elisabeth Olenfeld Flame, a young ruler of the history and tradition of the Flame Kingdom, known as the “orthodox successor of the Flame Empire” or “the Orchester continent countries” or “the millennial kingdom” is “somehow” I was lowering my head as much as to say to this summoned young man.

“……  Haa”

Very much, the young man whose head was lowered is Matsushiro Kouta, He nodded with the expression that doesn’t get the point Well, that would be so. “I did not think something like this was real, so I was summoned huh ? unbelievable!” Where in the world am I actually is ? , what should I do?

“Etto .. Your Majesty. ”

” Please raise your head for the time being. ”

” But.. ”

” I’m afraid, I can’t do that, I can keep lowered my head to appreciate someone as beautiful as you, your majesty ”

” Please don’t, ”

*Blush* Liz hurriedly raises Kouta’s face,  Lotte opened his mouth as much as he could , he already associate with this beautiful woman since she was little, to think she would lose her composure to this young man flatter

“Please let me apologize from me, Matsushiro-sama . I’m sorry to have troubled you very much ”

” Eh, No…. Please don’t say, now It is just that I am not accustomed to this, there’s nothing to apologize about ”

“Then, Matsushiro-dono”

” I think -dono is too much, you can just call Matsushiro-kun or just Matsushiro only, I won’t pay any mind ”

” No, I cannot do that. Misbehavior of degree is looked down in this era. ”

“……  I see.  then -dono is fine temporarily . Well … for the moment, let me grasp the current situation. ”

Given that further discussion is useless, Kouta turns to Liz and opens his hand .

“First of all, there is no such threat as 『Demon Lord』 or similar in this world”


” Right …”

“Though it’s only my curiosity, the 『Hero Summon Ritual』 has been done already.”


“…….. Yes, indeed ”

“As I said before, there is no immediate threat and I don’t even know what to do if there’s one ”


“…. Yes ”

“And there is no easy way to return to my world like saying “Look !There it is.” ”


“Indeed…… ”

“I am going to talk about it, In the way to find the method, to be honest, the possibility of finding one is somewhat close to zero”

Five Grip all the extended fingers.

“…………………… gasp ”

“…. Matsushiro-dono ”

” Yes ? ”

“We are aware of the fact that we were bad… But Please, pay some mind to our Queen’s heart? ”

“….. Eee ? ”

Kouta rushed to glance toward Liz after hearing Lotte’s word

“…. Hik.. I am sorry…… hikh.. ”

There, squeezing her nose while moistening her eyes, the figure of a beautiful girl of the blooming age is gone….

“… …. Ah, I …, I am sorry! No, I did not mean to blame you particularly! That’s just simply analyzed!”

“… … Your Majesty… Matshushiro-dono is the one who should cry right now ”

dumbfounded… … Having been too amazed, Lotte sighs and gazes at Kouta. Regret, repentance, and reflection are necessary, but at present should give priority ahead … Well, they were indeed not 100% innocent, though . Summoning other people without their permission is terrible.

“… … I know Matsushiro-dono should be the one who sad, but I just…. If you have something to say, just spit it out here at this place, it’s fine ”

Normally, anyone will be upset for a sometimes if they are abruptly thrown out to an unknown land. Much more, when Lotte confidently said “there is no business in particular, but, maybe there is ” like it’s a good thing. even though, it’s completely not

“No.. no.. I don’t get angry at all you see ”

……This is it. Okay.. I’m not complaining about this, but they now look at me like looking at great saint or buddha, which is creepy .

“…… Even so, you are suddenly summoned, you may think why you are the who got summoned right ? If I were you I would wonder about it too ”

In Lotte’s words, makes Kouta ponder a little, and laughs with a smile unexpectedly

“From the superior I respect, there’s a similar word like that too ”

“… … let’s listen”

“【Achieve for the best result no matter what situation am in】 ”


“Expressing my dissatisfaction would only make the matter worse, so it’s a waste of time ”

“…… Certainly,…… that would be so.”

still, these kind of things? A person heart to easily reach such simple conclusion are rare, and Lotte’s own few experience within the heart.

“… … the difference in values, huh? ”

Lotte …… Lotte Baumgarten is the first Prime Minister of the Flame Kingdom that have status as a commoner before. He esteems the formality heavily . While having the talent, Lotte don’t have any right for evaluation caused by his commoner origin.  【Achieve for the best result no matter what situation am in】 is a good motivation indeed. If he didn’t strive very hard, then the first Commoner Prime Minister status that has the highest authority of Kingdom affair, Lotte today might have never obtained that honorable position .

“As expected, it’s the difference in the senses of values.”

“I see?”

Well,  Of course, I do not say either good or bad, though. ”

“Somewhat, I’m thinking that I was lucky rather?”

“… … was lucky?”

Yeah, one nod.

“It isn’t a pride, but I am not good at PA class. I have never fought anyone, nor being a leader or using some equipment. ”

“……  Haaa?”

“If there are such a day when someone asks,” Oh the Hero, Please defeat the demon lord ” I have enough confidence to run away barefoot. ”

” Do you have a more positive way of thinking than that ? ”

Lotte is cursing inside to Kouta gentle smile which seems good-natured and ways so . It is unreasonable in various ways.

“Nope ,but such way of thinking It is not necessarily bad. ”

“It can be said that ” I give up ” in both sense of good and bad meaning”

“……I see”

“Giving up”? I see, I can not understand … but I am convinced. Although look stupid, I have decided

“…By the way, I …  I have one request, is it OK? ”

Kouta isn’t stupid, while Lotte expression is friendly, but there’s something strange .

“It’s only one request ..?”

Lotte nod at Kouta’s, looking satisfied

“Could you leave the Royal Palace …? ”

This would be a headache .


Lotte Baumgarten, the first Prime Minister of Flame Kingdom from commoner origin

Lotte, born as the third son of a poor farmer, graduated from college at the end of his studies and found a job in the royal palace … these are not a heartwarming story.

Despite being a commoner, Lotte himself has never had a hard time with money since childhood. That is because he is a wealthy merchant that enter the first five in the Flame Kingdom.

Lotte graduated from the political department of Royal University with the highest academic result in the Flame Kingdom, then he was appointed as a government official in the king palace.

Lotte, who wise since was a child, quickly reveals his bright after serving to the king. “The head is top notch . However, there was a day when fellow students and subordinates do something foolish, “The senior official, would scold them .

There is also a time where Lotte thinks oneself in those days were indeed childish, and he reflects on that,.. but… if can go back to the past, he thinks that he would take the same attitude once again .

While being incompetent, the superior above looked down himself by the「Age」.

While being incompetent, the superior above looked down himself by the 「Origin」

While being incompetent, the superior above looked down himself by the 「Connection」

To be honest, there wasn’t a justice at all. Lotte household is the leading merchant’s family, and there is a firm business with the other countries too. Despite being a commoner class, the “foreign” was more familiar than the common people here, so the feeling that “The country isn’t separated” was strong.

He seems yearn the nobility very much. It was the lowest seat title at Orquena society which could be obtained by a political marriage and a close relative marriage, but there was some man who even had success a throne with their common origin in some Kingdom .

At least, as Lotte sees, the people who are strive for justice aren’t existed at all . Lotte slowly becomes rotten too naturally .

He seems yearn the nobility very much . It was the lowest seat title at Orquena society which could be obtained by a political marriage and a close relative marriage, but there was some man who even had success a throne with their common origin in some Kingdom . At least, as Lotte sees, the people who are strive for justice aren’t existed at all .Lotte slowly becomes rotten too naturally .

“Inside, you think about something funny, aren’t you? ”

It was the former Flame King Georg who raised the rotten Lotte. At the time the historic great famine had occurred in the Kingdom of Flame, Lotte’s policy report remained in the eyes of Georg, Georg was interested in thing written by the commoner class, He called Lotte to speak with him directly.

The highroad to the success of Lotte was opened there.

Georg has never been a wise ruler, but he’s not a cruel person who would abandon people life. he gives Lotte some discretion and the authority to point freely,and calmly declared to the aristocrats who sat in a row, will shoulder all the responsibility . This might be the only wise thing to do as a ruler.

In any case, Lotte who had appointed a grand position as Policy Council Minister, proposed his policy rapidly. Work was fascinating and inevitable. “A man lifework is in politics.”, his idea, his knowledge, his desire is reflected directly in the national strategy, It was happy and unbearably happy to see the country improve by that.  Day by day, Lotte who brings the draft policy in every day, make Georg’s evaluation goes up further more.  As the impression of Georg’s goes up, Lotte’s position also goes up too, and before he notice, Lotte already stood at Prime Minister position

…… For the first time, Lotte came to think that he actually love his country.

Like an adorable child that he took a great care. ….. and the peaceful time has gradually ended, he must get rid the source of trouble in this country.

“Lotte! What on earth are you talking about!”

……  Therefore,

“Have you not heard my story, your Majesty?”

…… The thing that who slowed down the country are not necessary to keep.

“Have my ears hear wrong? you want Matsushiro-sama leave ? ”

“Did I say so?”


Liz was enraged. Lotte turns to Kota and his gaze become serious.

“How is it, Matsushiro dono ?”

“Can you tell me the reason ?”

Calmly telling the first reason. As expected, this old man is shrewd. Realize that the choice of own was right, Lotte continues .

“Our country and nearby west neighboring country 《Westphalia kingdom》, are ready to war anytime ”

” Yes ”

“Now, though the diplomatic relation manages to kept somehow, It’s still shaking . We have enough power to cope with them, but on some place we are at disadvantageous position. and of course, the Imperial Capital won’t getting any attack ”

What Lotte want to say is, there would be some territories that must be given up .

“… … In a dangerous situation like that, do you want to hear that the Flame kingdom has succeeded in summoning the Hero ?”

“… …It’s same like a treat of 『Demon Lord』to them isn’t it ? ”

” It’s the hero of another country after all ”

“It’s only your opinion, right ? ”

“It might be so.  But you are being summoned hero is a fact . I guess the news has already passed . “You don’t think they will just sit down waiting for The Hero to get polished right ? ”

Although only a folktale, It said that Hero summoned from another world could defeat a dragon and a demon lord . I don’t know what power, what magic, nor what kind of wisdom it is . Therefore, they won’t just calmly waiting

“Is that the reason?”

” There’s one more . It is involved with Liz ”

” Ee ? Me ? ”

Liz tilts her head to one side innocently . Kouta leaks a smile unconsciously from the act of this queen of Flame Kingdom that not represent a queen manner at all .

“It’s desired that a newly-married wife is a virgin in the Frame kingdom.”

“…..Huh ? ”

The smile froze, and there is a question mark storm on Kota’s head. What do you actually want to say Lotte-san ?
LLLoo…. Loo.. Lotte… Wha..wa…yyouu.. What in the world are you talking about ”

Liz gets more flustered than Kota . Her face is shy, angry, or embarrassed and…. anyway… it’s deep red  .

“As far as I can see, Matsushiro-dono was over twenty …. and it’s impossible to have reach thirty.”
Indeed , I am twenty-six. ”

“Liz is seventeen years old year. It is the most blooming age as a woman. Now, imagine a Healthy adult male and a young maiden. Was known both lived under one roof ”

“Isn’t it too fast for this ? ”

“That’s what I want to say too ”

“LLot, Lotte! with him, under one roof, its impossible ! ”

” Naive ~ ”

” Something wrong …?”

“Of course  ! . “What may have happened ?” Being rumored is a problem.  And rumor are not easily solved . when spread, it will be known throughout the country and other countries ”

Her Majesty the Queen of Flame Kingdom is “Used”.

” That’s simply a discrimination against a woman ! ”

“That is rude”

Lotte bows to Liz suddenly. The figure goes to the hall strangely.

“Did you understand, Matsushiro-dono ? ”

“… … In short, it will be a disgrace for a daughter to do that before her wedding.”

” Exactly ”

“Then,…… hear. Should I leave the royal palace and live in town? ”

“Although it can avoid the second problem, the first problem …” The Hero ” thing haven’t been solved ”

“Oh right . what should I do? you don’t want me to die right ”

Lotte nods .

“Of course, I wouldn’t send you to die . Oh, but that would be the easiest solution of the problem,”.

” Lotte ! ”

“It’s a joke, your majesty ”

” That’s not a funny joke at all ”

Liz which dyed her face in red with anger, this time Lotte didn’t startle anymore .

” Matsushiro-dono should leave the Imperial Capital . Of course, I would properly send you to a place where I can trust the people . ”

“Is that so … I understand.”

“Matsushiro-sama, Why you did not refuse at all ”

“I will be all right if taken care by this one that you trusted right ? ”

“Yes, that’s right”

“Wait! Please wait!”

“… Are there any problem, your Majesty?”

“It’s obviously a  problem !, Lotte, Do you know what you are saying . how can you let The summoned Hero leave the Imperial Palace . ! such behavior is disrespecting the summoned ”

“Does Matsushiro-dono consent, too?”

“Yeah ”

“Which one?”

“Matsushiro-sama is indeed Matsushiro-sama! Do you know what kind of position you are?”

“No matter where , there’s would be a trouble for you know..”

“Why must like that ! Victim! You are the victim! You can roar as loud as possible to say ” take the responsibility ” it’s fine !

“Your Majesty, even if you are said to take responsibility, we can not accept responsibility on our side”

” I don’t care, people should release their burden and not keep them only inside ”

“No … but that’s not right … I’m sorry”

“That’s it !, Why you are the one who apologizes now, I’m start getting sick now ! ”

“Does you consciously saying you are being angry?”

” I don’t care about Lotte! Now, Matsushiro-sama ! Release your anger ! ”

“Er … I’m sorry,”

“… That’s again  … … Why do you apologize!”

” It’s a nature thing, don’t you think you have it too your majesty ? ”

” This doesn’t make any sense at all ”

“The only sense of guilt is the fact that we do summoning ritual ”

“Lotte shut your mouth! Come on, Matsushiro-sama ! If you can not help it, just say clearly!”

Kota diverts his face from Liz that just snorting. A lovely face is now like a demon …… It’s quite scary .

“… … Your Majesty, in fact I didn’t feel unpleasant that much ”

“Whaat ? ”

“If staying in the Royal Palace would be troublesome in the future in many ways, doing what Lotte said is good for me”

“Yeah…. however ! ”

” Naturally, I need to take some breath like strolling in town shop, or something like that,  staying only in Royal Palace in a long time would suffocate me… ”

“…………….. ”

“Would it be possible to have an interesting place with freedom and somewhat can make me live happily ?”

…… I see, it’s the reason . That’s it .

something interesting huh ? .

” So.. in fact, you just don’t want to be with me huh ? ”

“Ehh.. How can that be ? but your Majesty? something strange ! did your Majesty want me to stay on your side ? ”

“It’s not like that, just think that I only said, ” I understood “…    ”

….. So, it’s only an exceptional beautiful woman habit .

“It is somewhat unpleasant as it seems that my charm as a woman is denied!”

” I think right now , your majesty was somewhat unwell, but my reason leaving Royal Palace was definitely not because you are not attractive ”


“- Well, Lotte-san ! So you have that kind of personality ”

“Is it unpleasant? How is it, Matsushiro-sama!”

“Your Majesty! What are you saying! Please calm down!”

“There, Liz-sama . slow down. ”

“Lotteeeeeeee-sssan !!!! ”

…… Idle talk interruption.

“……Excuse me”


“I was able to enjoy it”

“……LOTTE.. ”

” Yes , I won’t talk anymore,”.

Three people, who fought slumping comedy, showing a tired face and sat down in the chair. It’s a chaos ”

“… … just silence would not make progress.  If Matsushiro-sama says so, here is willing to accept that kindness. So, Lotte? Who the hell is that “trustworthy person”? ”

It takes a few seconds to answer Liz’s question .

” It is Erika-sama ”

The temperature of the room freezes by Lotte’s words.

“Lotte… you!”

“Erika-sama, there is no problem to let Erika-sama know Matsushiro-sama identity, and Erika’s territory is also far from the kingdom. Further, Erika’s personality is cheerful and gentle . Matsushiro-sama would spend a great time there .

“It might be so.. However ! ”

“Umm.. ano.. ”

“What is it, Matsushiro-sama ?”

” That Erika-sama we talking about, is the lord of a place I’m going to go right ?”

“Yes. Very friendly, and might be very ” Interesting ” for you ”

“I’m feeling a little uneasy about how you say” Interesting “.. What kind of person is Erika like? When I listen to her name, it looks like a woman … ”

” Indeed a woman. Erika Olenkfeld Van Flame. the first daughter of former King Georg Olenkfeld, The first princess .”

Kouta takes a deep breath .

” Liz-sama elder sister “