Thriller Paradise


Thriller Paradise Chapter 158

The closer they were to the Seizing Soul Formation, the more horrible the surroundings became.

This wasn't because of the atmosphere covering the area, but it was rather an intuitive stimulation of their senses. Shadows of trees were whirling in the middle of the woods. Many dead bodies with different appearances surrounded the players. Most of them were shriveled or limbless. Although their shapes were different, they were inseparable from the word 'pathetic'.

This place was like the 'Tragic Deaths Exhibition.' Hanging on the tree, half-melted face, charred body, exposed skull… Basically, they were every type of death you could imagine, plus a realistic pungent smell of rotten flesh. It could be said that it was the most dreadful and nauseating scene Feng Bujue had experienced since he had played Thriller Paradise.

Seeing the decomposing bodies, smelling the stench, and hearing some vague singing from the souls… except for Feng Bujue, who couldn't feel fear, the other five's Fear Value was fluctuating.

"Though we know it's just illusion, such a scene could hide some dangerous traps," Ye Zhi said. "What if there are real monsters that come to us and…"

"We can't distinguish them?" Feng Bujue added then smiled. "Don't worry. I think our two men with good Investigating Specialty can differentiate between mobs and illusion." He looked at Galileo with cantankerous eyes and asked, "Right?"

"Ah… Right." Galileo was exclaiming inside why he had a feeling that this Unidentified Mental Disorder always attempted to trap them.

Ye Zhi also felt that the way Feng Bujue had treated the two GMs was a little bit odd. She lowered her voice and talked to Zen In Scary Dream behind her. "Captain… Do you think that those three people are a little bit weird?"

Zen In Scary Dream took a swig and answered with a hiccup.

Ye Zhi glared at him, shook her head and sighed as she thought to herself: I should ask the manager to transfer me to another team…

In fact, even though Zen In Scary Dream didn't look serious at all, his head was clear and sound. Anyway, he couldn't point out what the problem was between the three members who didn't belong to his Union. It was weird, indeed, but Feng Bujue's reasoning and the other two's 'investigating skills' were beyond their imagination. It even gave people a feeling that the other three were hacking the system. Anyway, this sort of assumption was like acting on hearsay evidence. Thus, Zen In Scary Dream didn't want to give any opinion for the time being.

"Something's coming." Copernicus suddenly lowered his voice. While watching ahead, a long saber appeared in his hands. Although their lighting devices couldn't illuminate too far, he knew that the two monsters at BOSS level had recovered, and moreover, they were approaching them at high speed.

Galileo took out his weapon at almost the same time, looking like he was about to attack the mobs.

Having seen that, of course, Feng Bujue followed suit, taking out his steel sword and preparing to confront the enemy.

When he had faced the Seizing Soul Formation outside the mountain, Feng Bujue had used the Death Poker because from the plot, he had guessed that 80% the monsters in this scenario were ghosts and cold weapons might not work. However, from the way it generated illusions and the previous monster, he felt that this formation was closer to the Western 'dark magic,' which standard weapons could deal with.

By the way, here we will talk about Feng Bujue's personal concepts regarding ghosts, mostly about kinds and strength…

As someone who had seen countless movies, note that we are talking about scary movies, he thought that Oriental ghosts were more frightening and more dangerous than the Western ones.

Regarding the plots of scary movies in general, to ordinary people, obviously, oriental spirits are tougher. For the ones who don't have spiritual powers, even if they are strangled to death, they still couldn't see the ghosts. Moreover, ghosts in those movies know how to use tools to kill people. For example, the falling elevator and the falling steel beam from nowhere, sucking people into the bathtub, etc. Those ghosts are utterly omnipotent. They can teleport, possess people's bodies, use telekinesis… and the protagonists in ghost movies are often tricked to death.

Sadako, Kayako, Beauty Chu (1)… Or even the ghost of the husband or the wife returns at midnight could always give people a strong sense of terror and despair.

As for the Western ghosts, the scary features often lead to physical damages. Vampires and werewolves, these two kinds of monsters appear everywhere. Even women and children can describe their unique features. In the twenty-first century, they are closely linked to some stories like the tall, wealthy and handsome together with the white, rich and beautiful, Lolita, love triangle or something like that. To satisfy the beautiful cross-racial love fantasy of many young men and women, they have to throw away the skulls or shed their cold (animal) blood to successfully cast off their old skin, turning into the two groups of unfailing monsters who have been ridiculed by the community for a long time.

Setting aside these two kinds of monsters, we should talk about something more ordinary like spirits, ogres, mummies, or demons. Regarding Western ghosts, the first thing that popped up in Feng Bujue's mind was Casper from Casper the Friendly Ghost and the line he repeats countless times: "I want to be friends with you." It's hard to link this cute thing to danger or terror. Of course, there are true scary ghosts like Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

However, after finishing the third part of the series, certainly, the audience would understand and see that it turns out the one who exists in both worlds can be defeated. Moreover, it's not tough at all…

This is also why the victims in the series are all brainless brats, and only the protagonists have a normal IQ with a certain fighting ability. If this movie series had a tough protagonist like in action movies, perhaps our dear Freddy would have met the scene where he would have to pick up the soap in jail…

Ogres reminded Feng Bujue about a class in Heroes of Might and Magic; an elegant, callous devil murderer with a high IQ together with a group of bad, ugly meat stage props.

Mummies can be dried bodies covered in bandages dwelling in a museum, or it can be a handsome guy with a shaved head who uses magic in sand class…

Demons seem to be the race with high fighting competence. From some aspects, they are the closest to Oriental ghosts since they can use non-physical power to hurt people. However, the tricks they use to kill people are different from that of the ghosts. Demons that hold a high position can be a handsome middle-aged man or a beautiful woman who will destroy your life nastily then sign a 'contract' with you, only to finally crush you to death. Anyhow, these low-grade demons aren't different from a serial killer. It's just they aren't afraid of legal sanctions.

In short, Feng Bujue had some bias towards the Western ghosts. Even if he hadn't lost his sense of fear, he had also assumed that in case he met Western ghosts, there would be two possible situations. First, he couldn't escape and get killed. Second, he could use the electric saw to slice it to death. He had never thought that he would be backed into a corner or even killed by a Western ghost.

"I'm going to deal with the one on the left," said Copernicus, who then turned into a silhouette gliding forward fast.

Galileo still kept his mouth shut. Just with a slight jump, he had leaped over five or six meters, landing on a dried tree branch before his body agilely swayed, and it was too much for the others' eyes to take in.

As the three members of Order saw that, their faces paled in astonishment. This wasn't fear but just shock. The agility of these two men wasn't less than the top hotshots of Order. As they were just players at level 18, were they really players specialized in Investigating Specialty with such speed and mobility? It should be more reasonable to say that they were actually famous gamers who are playing their secondary accounts just like someone disguises himself as a hog to eat a tiger.

"Really tremendous…" Feng Bujue mused as he also quickly stepped forward. At this moment, he was 90% sure that these two were GMs. He was chasing after them just to see how powerful they were.


(1) Beauty Chu: the main ghost character of a horror movie with the same name. Beauty Chu used to be a Cantonese opera singer who was killed by her husband. She then appears as a ghost wearing a dark blue dress with long black hair, bulging eyes, and a really wide mouth with black blood constantly gushing out.