Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta


Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta Chapter 12

The name of my fiancé was Richard Asutaru, apparently. He’s the second son of grandfather’s friend, Earl Asutaru and aspires to work in the castle as a knight in the future. However, due to the weak constitution of the eldest son, there was also the possibility of him having to succeed the territory. To know these things about your fiancé only now… Britany must’ve had a great lack of interested towards him.

It is the first time we’ve actually met in person, so… and there was the fact with Britany only having eyes for Ryuze-oniisama too… Now that it came to this, that cousin was popped in a maze of ‘what was good about him again?’. It was probably the gentleness and face he had. The Britany who constantly picked on the servants, was, of course, hated by them, and within the small world Britany had, the only allies she had was probably grandfather and Ryuze.

Now’s the time to put in effort, me! Right now, I’m only twelve, despite the specs being terribly low. Even with Britany’s body, a lot can still be done! Although I don’t know why, but if it’s for the sake of doing over one’s life in the world of my favourite manga, I must devote myself!

Several days later, Richard sent some people for the hot spring project. Work was going well and will be finished in three days’ time. With this, Britany can be released from that smelly sweat of hers. I had a hut built near that pool too, as a changing room. I used the completed hot spring water at once. The water overflowed from the entrance of this body’s large mass.

“Haa~ It’s paradise, hot springs are the best!”

However, I noticed… although I brought a towel, there was no soap. Yes, soaps do not exist in this world. The extent of how much body stench Britany can get rid of with just bathing is very limited. I strongly wish for a soap! There, I remembered my previous self making soap as a hobby. If I had the materials, making them wasn’t impossible. The ingredients was oil, water, caustic soda and a hydration room. Obtaining the first two probably won’t be a problem but… caustic soda… is there such a thing here?!

I searched, re-mobilizing the knowledge of my past self. Long, long, ago, in the Department in the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, there was history of soap being made of seaweed lye and olive oil… if I remembered correctly…

I wonder if it’s obtainable in our domain’s sea…

I thanked the pool workers, offering them to give the hot spring water a try, as I enquired about the ways to obtain seaweed. Like that, I found out that one of the youths was working away from home, from a family living at the seaside. His home, apparently deals with seaweed, the deal to buy some was dealt with ease.

After the completion of project, I also had everyone from the trades section of the construction work have a dip in the pool as thanks. The response was more favourable than I had expected. One day, when the territory successfully manages its conduit, I would want to spread the goodness of hot springs to the people.

Half a month later, I successfully gathered all the ingredients for soap making. I immediately borrowed the kitchen and started making. Olive oil from the kitchen was used, the seaweed was from our territory’s too. The smell was injected from perfume oil. The previous Britany purchased them in large amounts for the servants to use when giving her a massage. There is quite a lot left.
The cooks gave the gutsu-gutsu fat girl that was making something in the corner of the kitchen hopeless gazes, but said nothing.

After multiple attempts, finally, a successful soap was completed. Pouring on slimy elements in a model, it’ll take around for weeks to dry. Within the time required for the soap to be finished, I dieted as hard as I could. Due to the hot springs, the washing-me servants are released. At first, there was no one who used the pool, but recently, I started catching sight of female servants heading over here and there. The male servants who’re in charge of cleaning seem to be using it too.

For the case with Richard’s engagement annulment, I, as promised, gave my thoughts to grandfather. And the grandfather who originally had a bad impression on Richard, immediately agreed. Although the engagement was annulled, the ties with Richard and them was not cut. There are financial considerations and a lot of work we want the other side to carry. And… I did remember recently… but I think Richard appeared as a side character in that manga before, as a follower of the prince. I should get along with him for a higher survival rate.

Maa, the other side would probably be really against that idea.

Britany’s figure, did not slim a bit. As the result of effort, the body did fall from the weight of 80 kilos to 75. However, the weight did not shrink any more after that. If the exercise was too extreme, Britany’s body wouldn’t be able to stand it, destroying the body’s condition in an instant. That was the bother, because while staying in bed, the weight would increase back again. Repeating the days of studying, exercising and bathing, the time previously taken for sweet intake, tea, and supper was lost. I am putting in effort, but since Richard’s case, there has been no talks on engagement proposals.

The promise for a three year time period with Ryuze-oniisama, although there’s still time, it sure makes me insecure… Like this, I spend my days accumulating anxiety.