Synthesis prologue part1

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Prologue: (1/3)

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A blazing hot summer day. The temperature brought along by summer barbecued out a mild scent on the ground, and the asphalt road which was being barbecued out for quite an amount by the temperature emanated a distorting sensation as if time was being twisted, making people feel a sense of giddiness. But summer still couldn't stop those people who were on holiday, as a passerby tanked the sun while roaming on the streets with sweat profusely dripping down their backs, one couple still persistently flirting around their affection for each other, and an employee taking out tissue papers as he wiped his sweat non-stop as he incessantly negotiated with his customer onto how to lower the costs of designs down to 2.50. A summer which was saturated with such sweltering heat, yet people still were that passionate.

In the park, children played around without knowledge of fatigue, and every child had their clothes seemingly drenched, with their mothers under the tree shade discussing onto sending their children to which country for studying, and with the occasional child returning back, they would wipe off their sweat, give off a few words of lecture before continuing to engage in chat with other mothers on which supermarkets have a huge bargain sale going on.

In the sand pit, the children were all playing together, while on the other sand pit, there's only a child who was quietly playing with the sand. The child looked to be about 6 to 7 years old, and seemed to be slightly different from other children. Despite being a boy, that child had quite the pale-white skin complexion, with his hair longer than normal boys as well. At his age, he looked to be like a girl.


"Dàxiaojie...your body isn't suitable for outside travel..."

(TL: Dàxiaojie = young daughter of a very influential/rich family)

A girl donning a standard-looking maid outfit tailed behind another girl as she continually persuaded.

"I'm in the very clear about my own body, go back, you don't need to follow me."

"But......." The maid still wanted to say a little something.

"I ordered you to go back! Also! Next time, don't come outside while wearing a maid outfit!"

"But this is my job's requirements........" The maid had a look of almost wanting to cry out.

"Go back! Don't follow me!"

The girl ignored the maid behind her as she left the area by herself.

"Sobsobsob~~~" The maid took out a phone with teary eyes.

"Ling-xiaojie.......sobsobsob.........what should I do..........dàxiaojie refuses to let mweee follow her........"

(TL: -xiaojie is a honorific placed behind a female's name to indicate respect for that person.)

The phone maintained a bout of silence for a moment.

"Where're you right now, I'll come over immediately."

"Oh.....ohh I'm at.....sobsobsob....Ling-xiaojie.......wuud eyee bee (would I be) fireddd.....sobsob"

"Tell me where you are right now first, dàxiaojie won't be that unreasonable, she only wanted you not to follow her, and won't cause you to be fired."

"Mn......*buuu*.......*buuuu*(blowing nose sounds)...I..eyee am expected, eyeee'll still be fired...sobsob"



The dàxiaojie had long thrown the matter about the maid to the back of her head. Being a dàxiaojie, there's indeed a bout of "I'm a rich person" atmosphere around on her, but that's another matter altogether. The girl donned a sun-hat woven out of straw, having a slender snowy-white arms and legs, a natural golden-colored straight hair with the ends being slightly curled, a pure-white blouse which perfectly brought out the girl's untainted and beautiful figure, as if like it was being carved out. The girl had perfectly-looking eastern facial looks, with her entirety giving off a bout of beauty that which suffocates, causing passerbys to turn their heads around repeatedly.

Feeling onto uncomfortable gazes, the girl frowned her delicate eyebrows as she softly gave off a 'tch' sound, pressing down the sun-hat on her head, with her head too slightly lowering a little.

"So disgusting."

The girl's beautiful feet stepped on her sandals as she briskly paced through the street. Looks like the girl's mood were still considered to be not bad.

"Such a good weather..."

The girl lifted up her head as she looked at the azure-blue sky, with a mild wind gently fluttering up the girl's skirt.

"Yosh! An extremely pretty girl spotted!"

Three youths, hair dyed into a bizarre green color, with cigarettes hanging by their mouths, padded widely over.

"Yosh, pretty girl, just you alone? The rest don't need to be said anymore, you know what we wanted to do, right, hahahahaa"

The youths burst out into laughter.

The girl immediately felt a bout of helplessness, as she pressed onto the sun-hat donned on her head.

"Must I always meet onto these kinds of situations whenever I go out everytime?" The girl feebly thought, as she looked around her surroundings. There's still a lot of passerbys looking, but there's no one who dared to step forward to stop the scene.

Can I still persist for a little while longer.......the girl thought.

"Get lost." The girl softly spoke.

"Hoo, she's even a cold type of pretty girl, I like this temper of hers! Don't be like thaat, really~ we won't do anything~, but to sim~ ply~ play with you for awhile only, of course, we'll be the ones coming out with money, but if you want to play other interesting stuff we of course wouldn't reject as well~, hahahaa~~"

Laughter exploded out from the youths.

At this moment, the girl had a hand clutching onto her face, as he raised her head upwards.

"Ahhh—pests that aren't even comparable to maggots at all, hurry up and get lost, so annoying."

The girl spoke softly, but the youths that were laughing ecstatically didn't caught wind of it.

The girl took out a phone from her pocket (a blouse doesn't have a pocket? how do I know) and dialed a number. Just then, an extended version of a limousine stopped by the roadside, with a tall woman clad in a black suit and two muscular, black-framed suit-wearing men walking out.

"Dàxiaojie" The lady donning a suit slightly lowered her head.

"I'll let you guys handle the rest, feed them to the dogs after chopping them apart" The girl walked past the suit lady as she gently patted the lady's shoulders.

"Understood." The suit lady responded respectfully, with the two agile and intimidating black-framed suit men walking over and grasping those three youths. The youths that had then reacted kept struggling repeatedly, yet it's completely ineffective at all.

"Let go of you know who I aaaammmm..."

At this moment, the suit lady swiftly halted the girl who wanted to leave.

"Dàxiaojie, please return back, your body is really not suited for travelling outside in this sort of weather. If not, Master will blame us for this"

"Tch, I don't want" The girl disdainfully turned her head around to a side.


(TL: the "please" here is a 'forced' please to direct someone to somewhere with intimidation)

"Ahh! Ling, look over there!"

The suit lady confusedly turned to the direction of whence the girl had pointed, but there only had a pair of couple which only made people feel like taking out a barrel of oil along with a lighter, with nothing especially distinct going on there. The suit lady turned back.

"Dàxiaojie, there's noth-......"

Turning around, the girl had long already disappeared. Although she had heard before that dàxiaojie's escaping abilities were very impressive, but with this ability to be able to flee right under her sight, it's something that a normal person wouldn't be able to possess.


"Get on the car, now to find dàxiaojie" The suit lady said to the black-framed suited men around her.


"So close...phew...I don't even know when I can then come out after being taken back" The girl had a look of delighted relief on her face.

Arriving at the entrance of the park, the girl gave it a glance; I'll just go in and walk around then, the girl thought, as a gentle breeze once again softly blew the girl's blouse, slightly shaking the tree branches by the riverside along as well.

"What a nice weather~" The girl once again exclaimed, as she continued to walk around the park, arriving near the sand pit surroundings, seeing a bunch of children playing about, with some children who had already became fatigued due to playing, lying under the tree on the mat that their mothers had long already laid out, sleeping.

"Sand pit, huh..." The girl softly chuckled.

"Mm?" The girl noticed something, it's that child, the child who was playing all by himself. The girl gently walked over, her head tilting as she looked at the boy, but the boy who was concentrating didn't notice the girl gazing at him.

"Xiao' didi, why are you playing by yourself, aren't you going to go play with your friends?" The girl asked.

(TL: xiao' is a honorific to address someone 'endearingly/little' here, and didi can mean 'small boy'. Together, it means: little boy)

The boy who was being addressed shook his whole body for a moment in fright, and as he finally noticed that there's another person's shadow on the sandpit, the boy lifted up his head and confusedly looked at the girl.

"Because....jiejie said not to let anyone else come near, especially for girls...who are you, da-jiejie? You're so pretty!" The boy said out without an expression of fright despite after being spooked earlier.

(TL: jiejie = 'elder sister'. da-jiejie = think of it as, 'big sis' in a respectful way. Makes no sense in translated EN (coz both are almost the same), but just go along with the flow. The former is pointing to his real sister, latter to this girl speaking with him)

The boy had a face that was too overbearingly pretty, yet it didn't gave people the sensation like it was a female's. For a moment, the girl was hugely impacted by the boy's cute looks.

"Da-jiejie is just da-jiejie, first tell me why did your jiejie not let you play with other people"

"Jiejie says, if I go close to other people, they will eat me up, especially girls, but I didn't feel other people who wants to eat me, it's so strange...but I also can't not listen to jiejie's words too, ahh! Da-jiejie, you can't go near me, if not if jiejie sees onto this later on she will nag at me again" Finished saying, the boy immediately pulled away a few step's distance from the girl.

A shotacon huh, hmph. Not even letting off such a small brother, if that jiejie wasn't a child, she would just be a pervert, the girl disdainfully thought within her mind, not realizing instead that she herself was instead the real pervert. The girl walked forwards a few steps, approaching the boy, with her face reaching to just a fist's distance away from the boy, as she gazed at the boy's pretty face.

"It's fine, there won't be anyone eating you up, see, even after jiejie had gone near you, there isn't any....."

An incomparable atmosphere came out from the boy and thronged into the girl. After that atmosphere had pierced right inside her nose, it hastily sped up her mind's thoughts, continually stimulating her brain's nerves, with the human's original instinct being directly exploding out. From the girl's own head, her body kept surging out a bout of impulse, this sort of impulse repeatedly controlled the girl, causing her entire body to shudder about. At this moment, she only thought of...

Obtaining him! ! ! !

Multiple information surged out from her brain, and at that moment, the girl kept struggling repeatedly. She forcibly clutched her face, and just then, the girl tightly closed her eyes, forcefully shaking her head about, with her brain instantly being splashed by cool water as she awoke from it.

"Da-jiejie? da-jiejie? Are you alright?" The boy had a face of concern as he gently shook the girl's shoulders.

At that moment, the girl had already been covered in a bunch of cold sweat, with a hand grasping onto her face as she hugely panted.

"Huff...huff..." The girl still hadn't calmed down her breathing.

"Da-jiejie? Are you alright? As expected, jiejie said to not go near anyone, so there's something really wrong with me, right?" The boy said in dismay.

The girl who had calmed her breathing down gazed at the boy with her mind broiling, what is this, this bout of atmosphere, this sort of....if not for my willpower.....

What's exactly wrong with this boy? The girl kept repeatedly pondered about within her mind.

"Da-jiejie?" The boy confusedly looked at the girl.

"It's fine, jiejie merely had a bit of anemia, it's really fine, I don't blame you." The girl gently said as she caressed the boy's soft straight hair.

"Anemia? What is that? Is da-jiejie's body not feeling well? Does da-jiejie want to see a doctor? If da-jiejie isn't feeling well, it's a must to go home and properly rest!" The boy became slightly anxious as he showed concern. Looking at the boy, the girl felt a bout of warmth, but she kept thinking about the matter occurring just a moment ago. Plus, she also noticed that that atmosphere still was present currently, it kept emanating out from the boy continually. If it wasn't for her noticing onto it, right now she probably would be doing onto something that she wouldn't even know already, the girl thought as she stroked on the boy's head.

"Da-jiejie?" The boy still had a look of concern as he gazed at the girl.

"It's fine, da-jiejie's body is completely fine. Playing by yourself can get a little lonely, right, but da-jiejie will play with you. Oh right, how about telling da-jiejie your name, okay?"

"Really? Da-jiejie will play with me?" The boy had a look of disbelief.

"Really, so tell da-jiejie your name."

"Mm, da-jiejie, I'm Hong Shuang Yu~ I'll write to show you!" Hong Shuang Yu used his fingers to write out on the sand.

"Hong Shuang Yu, huh, it's such a nice name~" The girl smiled.

"Mmn, mn~, other people always say that my name sounds very nice, da-jiejie, what's your name~" Hong Shuang Yu started to be a little delighted, there's always no one who would play with him, but right now there's a beautiful da-jiejie accompanying him.

"Da-jiejie huh, da-jiejie's called Kali·Alice, bear it in mind~, let jiejie write it for you" Kali wrote on the sand as well.

(TL: For convenience, the author simplified the name to just 'Kali')

"Kali? What a strange name, oh right! Da-jiejie's a person from overseas, right! Da-jiejie's beautiful golden hair is so nice-looking~" Being praised by Hong Shuang Yu unexpectedly made her feel delighted.

"Da-jiejie is of mixed-blood, but since da-jiejie grew up overseas, you could say that I'm came from overseas then."

"Mixed-blood? What is that?" Hong Shuang Yu had a face of confusion, looks like he's still rather small, as there's many stuff that he still hadn't understood.

"A mixed-blood is that when da-jiejie's mummy is a chinese, and daddy is a british~"

"Oh~ so it's like that!" Hong Shuang Yu's ability to understand looks to be not bad at all.

"Oh right, can da-jiejie call you as Xiao' Yu?"

"Mn, my jiejie also called me as that too~" Hong Shuang Yu had a face of delight "Then, can I call da-jiejie as Kali-jiejie?"

Tch, the same manner of addressing as that perverted shotacon jiejie, huh, it's so infuriating. Looks like not letting her younger brother going near to others should be because she's aware of the problem on him.

"Of course you can" Kali similarly replied happily.

"Xiao' Yu, how old are you this year? Where are your daddy and mummy?"

"Mn....Xiao' Yu is 6 years old this year, daddy and mummy....daddy and mummy aren't around anymore" Hong Shuang Yu said in a crestfallen tone.

So young, with his parents being...

"I'm sorry, Xiao' Yu" Kali apologetically said.

"Uuu, it's alright, I'm already used to it. Also, there's very less memories of daddy and mummy too" Hong Shuang Yu's expression still was a little depressed.

"Let's not talk about this then, Xiao' Yu, where's your jiejie?"

"Jiejie have something to do, but she won't tell Xiao' Yu what she's doing, only letting Xiao' Yu play by himself over here, plus not letting Xiao' Yu play with other people too", Hong Shuang Yu once again became way more depressed.

What a malicious jiejie, Kali fiercely thought.

"It's alright, da-jiejie will accompany you, but you must not let your jiejie find out about it~ this will be our little secret, alright?"

"Mm" Hong Shuang Yu unveiled out a smile, "Oh right, oh right, Kali-jiejie, don't judge Xiao' Yu because he's still small, Xiao' Yu's math is very impressive desu" and while childishly saying it out, he patted his own chest as well.

"Is it? How is Xiao' Yu impressive already, let Kali-jiejie see it"

"Mm, see closely then Kali-jiejie" Finished saying, Hong Shuang Yu bent down within the sand pit and scooped up a pile of sand, afterwards he stared unblinkingly at the sand, one second later....two seconds later......three seconds later.........four seconds later..........five seconds later.............

"Umm....Xiao' Yu?" Kali begun asking a little confusedly.

"Three hundred sixty-seven ten thousand, four thousand and one hundred and ninety-six beads of sand" Hong Shuang Yu solemnly spouted out a string of numbers from his mouth.

"Umm....Xiao' Yu?" Kali had a bead of cold sweat dripping down her back.

"Kali-jiejie, there's three hundred sixty-seven ten thousand, four thousand and one hundred and ninety-six beads of sand in here, how, how, Xiao' Yu is impressive, right!" Hong Shuang Yu looked at Kali with brightly flashing eyes.

".............." Hong Shuang Yu looked at Kali with flashing eyes.

".............." Hong Shuang Yu looked at Kali with flashing eyes still, and being gazed at by Hong Shuang Yu till being embarrassed, Kali wiped off the cold sweat on her forehead.

"Ehh...very...very impressive.....Xiao' Yu being so small yet understanding ten hundred expected of Xiao' Yu" Kali awkwardly stroked Hong Shuang Yu's head.

(TL: ten hundred thousands = millions)

"Really... Kali-jiejie also don't believe as well....of course, Xiao' Yu also know about billions and tillions too, Xiao' Yu can even do 99 multiplications" Hong Shuang Yu had a face of beaming pride.

"Yesyes, as expected of Xiao' Yu"

Hong Shuang Yu, being caressed until he felt a little embarrassed, gazed about around the surroundings, and suddenly discovered onto something, with his eyes once again flashing. Noticing onto Hong Shuang Yu's abnormal behavior, Kali followed onto his gaze and turned in that direction.

So it's because of ice-cream, huh.

An ice-cream van had stopped in the park, and after many children had noticed onto it, they pestered onto their mothers to buy some, and those mothers who were being pestered to the point of surrenderance, while buying, they told their children not to eat too many as there's hamburger meat for tonight and so on.

"Want to eat?"

"Eh!?" Hong Shuang Yu had his mouth salivating as he looked at Kali with brightly flashing eyes.

"Really! ! ! ? ? ?" Hong Shuang Yu ecstatically said.


"But jiejie said before not to trouble other people, and not to anyhow accept other people's things" Hong Shuang Yu gave off a very pitiful look while salivating.

"It's fine, does Xiao' Yu still not believe Kali-jiejie?"


"It's fine~" And so, not caring about Hong Shuang Yu's thoughts, Kali just pulled his little hand and walked over, with his small hand still full of sand.

"Wait...Kali-jiejie" Kali looked at him with an expression of befuddlement, as Hong Shuang Yu wrestled out of Kali's hands, placing both of his hands on his pants, forcibly smacking onto it, afterwards taking out a piece of napkin from his pants, wiping his hands clean then went on to grab Kali's hands, with his gaze illuminating brightly at Kali.

"Kali-jiejie, let's go" His eyes were brightly flashing.


This child is really so adorable~

After buying an ice-cream, Kali brought Hong Shuang Yu along to the park's roadside bench. Hong Shuang Yu's petite face gazed at the ice-cream, and with brightly flashing eyes and face full of excitement, stretched out his small tongue and licked onto the ice-cream, with a face of happiness being unveiled out from his face that would unresistingly cause people to just hug him. Looking at those movements of Hong Shuang Yu stretching out his tongue, Kali's entire body convulsed, with a slight shade of red appearing on her face.

This child...he's really very dangerous......

Noticing onto Kali's abnormal gaze, Hong Shuang Yu looked at the ice-cream on his hands, and looked at Kali once again, afterwhich he thus stretched the ice-cream right to in front of Kali's face.

"Kali-jiejie, have some as well, it's very delicious"

Looking at the ice-cream right in front of her which was being licked before by Hong Shuang Yu, Kali felt a little embarrassed.

"It's okay...just go ahead Xiao' Yu...."

"Eat it! It's very delicious, Kali-jiejie" Hong Shuang Yu had a face of seriousness.

"...." Looking at Hong Shuang Yu's serious face, and looking at the ice-cream which still had some saliva being left behind by Hong Shuang Yu, the red blush on Kali's face became heavier by a few shades...being unable to refuse, Kali then could only close up her eyes as she stretched her fragrant tongue to gently lick a mouthful on the ice-cream, afterwards immediately turning her head around to the other side, not letting Hong Shuang Yu see onto her already furiously blushingly-red face.

"Ve...Very delicious..."

"Told you~" Hong Shuang Yu exclaimed very delightfully.

I can't...this child is simply too dangerous....even though I've already opened up my defense....ahhhhhh my first time having an indirect kiss...nonono, he's only a child....

Turning around and looking at Hong Shuang Yu who had a face of happiness as he ate his ice-cream, Kali thought about other stuff, and noticing onto Kali's gaze, Hong Shuang Yu strangely looked at Kali...and afterwards...

"Ahh! Kali-jiejie! There's ice-cream on your mouth!" Hong Shuang Yu once again had a serious expression on his little face.

"Eyy?" Kali who had regained back to her senses also noticed about it, and had wanted to take out a napkin to wipe it off, but she hadn't yet took it out when Hong Shuang Yu had already leaned his little face over, sticking his little tongue on Kali's face and licking it, resulting in the ice-cream on her face being licked off.

"Food cannot be wasted!" Hong Shuang Yu still had a face of seriousness as he said.

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ! !

Kali who felt a sprinkle of saliva on her face just then had fumes coming out of her head, as the Kali who was clutching her fervently blushing red face with both hands had already became clueless on what to do.

What's going on! What's going on! Why am I so embarrassed!? He's just only a little child! He's only a little child! But... But what's the matter with these feelings!? I want to hug him! I want to kiss him! He's so cute! Caaaaaaaalm doooooown!! Calm down! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

"Kali-jiejie? Are you alright? Your face is very red, are you feeling unwell?" Hong Shuang Yu noticed onto Kali's abnormality.

"F-, fine, I'm fine...thank you, Xiao' Yu" And so, Hong Shuang Yu continued to lick his ice-cream.

Kali who had already calmed down gazed at Hong Shuang Yu who was licking his ice-cream...although she's still a little shy...with her body still having bizarre impulses, but she could already hold it back already...what's the matter with this child, it's really too dangerous already........

"Does Xiao' Yu's body have any...sort of problem before?" Although it seemed a little impolite, but she still wanted to try asking.

"Uuu........nope, Xiao' Yu's body is very healthy" Him himself not knowing at all, huh, it should be his physiology problem...but with this sort of physiology....what's the matter with it....I'll just ask about it when I return home then....home...aaahh I don't really want to go back, that home...once again reminded of those unhappy good mood has now been ruined.

After finishing the ice-cream, Hong Shuang Yu looked at Kali.

"Kali-jiejie? What's wrong? Having a bad mood? Was it the ice-cream being not tasty?" His little face was adorned with concern.

"It's fine...the ice-cream is very delicious...only that jiejie remembered some unhappy things.." Kali's face unveiled out a sense of warmth as she stroked Hong Shuang Yu's head.

"Uuu...what's the unhappy things about? Say it out and let Xiao' Yu share the burden, since Xiao' Yu accepted Kali-jiejie's ice-cream, plus Xiao' Yu can also help jiejie" Hong Shuang Yu tightly clenched his fists as his little face looked at Kali seriously.

Share the burden...huh? Knowing on how to share burdens despite being so small.....Xiao' Yu is really impressive indeed.....

-incomplete, 5~6k words so far-

(13984 words to tl in all)

Synthesis (novel name) = A very interesting name for the novel. In general, I feel that it's named as of the many "body-combining acts" enacted by the MC and his female companions (albeit forcibly in reverse-order). Aka alot of baby-making!

Shotacon = A person who liked young boys...

Hong Shuang Yu (红霜榆) = MC. Apparently has a special body condition that gives off a peculiar atmosphere which causes girls to obsessively want to have him. He has an obsessive elder sister...

Kali·Alice (卡莉·艾利丝) = The author told me that the name was taken from the name 'Kalista', from the moba: League of Legends.

Dàxiaojie (大小姐) = young daughter of a very influential/rich family. When this is being addressed, you know that the target person is likely to be the "oldest" / "single-child" of the family.

-xiaojie (小姐) = a honorific placed behind a name, to show that your addressing the target female politely. It can be also because the person is your superior, hence you want to address them as such.

Xiao' (小) = a honorific to address someone endearingly, or it can be used as a double-meaning to refer to the subject as being 'small'

jiejie (姐姐) = elder sister

da-jiejie (大姐姐) = just 'big sis', respectfully said usually to stranger females. This acknowledges that they are older than you. (usually a taboo for girls, unless the sayer is really a young child)