Since I reincarnated….


Since I reincarnated…. Chapter 8


The author’s not so fond of using periods…

Chapter 8

The 8th day since Pedro and Nicolas came to the village. Today, we couldn’t catch the rabbit we were searching for as well.

I also placed the Round Bird chick Negro on top of my head and followed them everyday.

The two taught me a lot about the continent.

First, about the continent. It is called as Pela Montana, and it is not using this country of Hinata language but a language called as Montana Language.

About this Montana Language, after hearing many words, it seems to be Spanish.

The reason I noticed that is because there is the overseas trip in the list of what I wanted to do in my past life.

Because I also liked football, I thought of going to Spain at least once so that’s probably the reason why I knew some Spanish words.

In the end, not mentioning Spain, I died not even leaving Japan even once but I didn’t think that I would use it after reincarnation.

“Eh?! You’re already leaving the next day after tomorrow?”

The two came to this village to search for the Rabbit of Luck and told me that they were planning to stay for 10 days from the start.

It is very dangerous to go directly to the port town from west of the village because it is very dangerous to traverse the mountain in between, so the safest way is to go south of the village then go to the port town to the west.

Although it is said as safest, it is only compared to traversing the mountain.

“Our party members are waiting in the port town.”

The two are registered in the Adventurer’s Guild in the continent and came with the remaining members who came to meet their acquaintances in this country.

And there, they heard that there are Rabbits of Luck living around this village so they left the remaining members who came to meet their acquaintances for just two weeks.

They told me that would take at least 2 days to reach the port town from this village so they’re planning on searching for rabbits tomorrow and in the morning day after that, and plan on leaving early in the after noon in the case if they get lost.

“There’s still a lot of things I want to ask……”

In this village where there is no entertainment, I started to look forward knowing about the continent recently, so I really feel disappointed from the bottom of my heart.

“Well, we want to learn how to control magic powers more too.”

“That’s right.”

Just like the two said, while we are searching for rabbits, in exchange for teaching me about the continent, I taught them how to control magic powers because I can use Battle Magic Arts.

“I think that if the two of you practices a lot, you can learn Battle Magic Arts immediately.”

To use Battle Magic Arts, one needs to concentrate their magic powers to many parts of their body, and by repeatedly making it stronger and weaker, one would be able to use it during battle.

However, even if one knows the logic, they said that it is very hard to be good at using it, and they said that there is no one other than high tier adventurers in the continent who could use it.

There is 10 level of ranks in the Adventurer’s Guild in the continent with G – A Rank and S・SS・SSS above A-Rank, and the two’s party is all B-Rank and they said that they’re about to get promoted to A-Rank.

They are a party that started to get famous recently but they said that promotion from A-Rank to S-Rank would depend either they are able to use Battle Magic Arts or not.

“Well, searching for rabbits didn’t go well, but we’re lucky because we were taught how to use Battle Magic Arts.”

“Yeah, in the first place, there’s no one who would teach Battle Magic Arts other than their party members because they would have more rivals.”

“Fu〜n, is that so.”

We searched around while talking but in the end, the two were not able to find the rabbit even in the last day.