Shirokuma Tensei: You became the Guardian God of the Forest Legend


Shirokuma Tensei: You became the Guardian God of the Forest Legend Chapter 18

Chapter 18 : Family

 It is the night of the fallen late autumn forest. Continuing to draw an enemy shadow to come attacking I thought about my feelings, the gods who were singing crowded also felt quietly tonight.

I was watching the scene where Riritina cooked evening while holding a triplet holding clothes and not going to leave, in front of a hearth with a soft fire.

“I’m sorry, I got a nuisance, I’ll try my

best again from tomorrow.” “Hey, my older sister, leave it to us for a while, both me and Al are learning with my mother about cooking ” Oh

, sister, let’s leave it to Al.”

“Ah-chan, I do not push it so much, because I am not sick or something else.

” Mumo ”
I’m going to clean it up too?”

I wanted to sit down with my sisters and wrapped around a blanket, and Rurutina smiled like a big trouble.

I was trapped by detestable humans and should have suffered considerable mental suffering.

Three days have passed only yet, but Rurutina continued a silly attitude that remained the same as usual, hugging the young sisters crying and screaming at the height.

In Rurutina is the strong mission sense that we must protect our sisters entrusted by parents.

When I was rescued, I had asked for a skinny ship that touched us as if the baby came back, but as soon as I returned to the forest, Rurutina could not help covering her mask as her sister.

“What did you do, Mr. Kumakichi?”

Oh no … Not sure how hungry it is.” Altina sits a little round next to me with a round eyes and looks up at her jitter.

This child is surprisingly intuitive. Take care and do not put out extra things in attitude.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I do not notice what I did with me, so I will give it soon.”

Rilitae holds the cuffs and pulls the fatty wild boar that puts a dozadosa in an iron pot caught from the ceiling I raked out for a while.

Today’s menu is an only fly menu so that I can get tired of Rattina and exhausted tired.

It is a nice place for wild boar that could be taken of the evening, as well as ingredients.

Cut it into a size that is easy to eat, and add flour, chicken eggs, bread crumbs made from baked bread and shake it up.

“Fua … It smells nice”

Rana flutters her eyes narrowly and embarks on her body and makes her small nose smack.

“Sorry, I will give more and more today, so please

bear quickly and everyone else.” Riritina seems to be a professional girlfriend with a towel of plentiful golden hair.

The goddess is the most delicious and the highest is natural in the polar bear world.

Shake the salt in a nice place of loose meat that you licked and shake it into the mouth while shaking the salt.

“Uh, sudden!”

The intense taste that the cerebral weeping numbs ran through the body, and the front of the eyes gently dazzled.

The bitter chewing juicy taste, crispy clothing crisping dances over the tongue, the meat juice sea soaks in the oral cavity.

I grabbed a slimy lean body and rolled on my tongue, my eyes caught my eyes.

“Otoshii” “Ouchiyo”

It’s Lara’s”
“… Do not fight”

“Somehow it does not take away the children’s part.” Al

Capture the fried chicken fried chicks Pretending to mediate from highness and pretend to ardorse rapture quickly Riritina who admires the artina.

When imitating to hit the forehead with a goggle, Altina gave his tongue outlessly. Is it funny, is this?

“Ha ha … But richness, this is really tasty, please, please eat quickly, Mr. Kumakichi too”

Rurutina put out his face only while wrapped in a blanket. It looks like a colorful character.

“Oh, I do eat don without having to say, I
can not keep this body unless I eat it more than anyone . Can aim for one hundred thousand calories”

“What is calorie?”

Ryitina listens to the innocent face with Kyoto Come. Of course it’s under debut.

The part with bones is number one at all with the taste of meat.

Taking a momentary eye, the triplets crawl on all fours and are engaged in bones and began to compete.

It is grossly groovy and it is like a wanko that is reversing the tail, it is very cute.

The party ended at the point where we consumed the allocated meat while stirring up lazily.

Since I ate wild vegetables and raw vegetable salad etc. between moments, I would not have a stinking clumsy.

It is a pleasant surprise that there are plenty of wild grasses that you can eat even if you say haste.

After meals clean the teeth with a bluntness that loosened the tip of twigs.

Teeth are wearing life for wearing Uwolf. They are a bit nervous, polish every meal every moment with plenty of time.

Essentially it seems to know that the body needs to take care of the teeth.

I also started to polish my toothbrush with a sterile branch taught by them and making a toothbrush. Because a bear, a wild animal, also ordinarily becomes a tooth decay. I do not want to suffer from decayed teeth, absolutely.

“Kumakichi-sama, Lalo will brush up”

Yeah. For the time being I understand that you are kind, but do not you try to thrust a droopy turf in the mouth. I do not have such a maniac’s hobby.

Disagreeable. Kumakichi can polish his fangs by himself. You do not need such a mother to burn your child’s care.

While saying that, Lalo is trying to get in my mouth by stubbornly stubbornly blushingly smacking smiley smile while keeping close to him. somebody help.

Wow, bear kichi … well, please leave it.” “Oh, oh, oh, oh

… ” “You, you, Lalo, you are in trouble, you must first have a firm tooth brush on yourself”

Rurutina cracked Roro for me. When Lalo smiled with a funny smile and buried her face halfway in my chest.

“Hey, I’m relieved by Lalo, Mama Kimachi is getting married to Lalo”

” Nah – um !”
“Stupid thing ” “It is

Rurutina exclaims, and at the same time Riritina and Altina I firmly denied Lalo’s words.

Well, yeah. What is this situation.

“In any case the fangs of Mr. Kumakichi belong to Lalo. Yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


It is said that caries and teeth are transferred with a kiss, but in this case how is a girl without resistance.

While  I was thinking

I ‘m going ” “Moguri” or something, I was thrilled into the oral cavity.

UU. It seems unpleasant to have a baby.

“Dear Kumakichi,

do you feel comfortable?” By the way, I saw the handler polishing the police dog’s tooth on TV.

If you leave your dog’s teeth, your tooth brushing is important because it normally yellows.

“Please do saying”

Yes ” Yes. When Rurutina follows silent as it is said, Rirtina stares at our interaction silently.

It is a bunch of needles. I do not know what life is like to finally use this proverb.


Who are you, mutterlessly murmuring now. I am neither a pervert nor a young girl’s hobby.

After finishing brushing, I left the log cabin and hit the night sky.

For a man who is a polar bear whether it is a tough cold for an ordinary person, it is a pleasant refreshing feeling.

“Are you in there, Mr.

Kumakichi ?” The sound of clothing beeps and Rurutina rushes over the foot of the mountain skirt while clattering.

“What’s going on, do not panic so much

. ” “Because it was Kumakichi … Because my heart has not been here forever.”

Rurutina was playing the long hair and waiting with anxious eyes.

“Minuka is not the one.”

“Than has been not to think you Kumakichi clients. Yourself,’m cheap Zuttowakari. That you are thinking, because we are out in your face all”

“along or”
come in “human beings forest It is

a tone of mixture of giving up and sorrow. They will not listen even if they say they should escape to the depths of the forest with impossible obedience while covering everything.

Initially I quieted them and went down from the forest from here and I was wondering whether to strike back the enemy.

How much bleeding will you ask for both in this fight and victory? I do not like another killing.

Until there is something I can not protect unless I fight.

“Look here, silently thinking in. Hey, Mr. Kumakichi, there was something I wanted to ask forever, why are you doing to us?”

“That’s -”

Why? Even if asked again, there is no solution to come out.

It would be nice if at first it was completely complete. I could not help reaching out with the plight of their suffering being chased by bad people.

It seemed to me that it was commonly found together, and I began to live with my life without fail. No, it is not. After all it is only a good thing.

I was born again as a polar bear, and I was unlucky to spend alone in the forest.

So I am disappointed to take out the prey, show off outdoor and hunting knowledge and keep showing off oneself whether it is necessary for them.

I can not keep humanity by myself. As Rurutina looked at me and treats me as a man, I wanted to be aware of Kumikichi Kuda who had reason as opposed to the beast of the forest.

Rurutina is waiting for the answer with a clear eyes similar to the deep lake bottom.

“I needed you guys, but that’s all,”
“If it were you, we are already family,” the

fluffy weight came up to my heart. There was a sound that the door behind opened.

Everyone, including a litanna with lanterns, came down with the expression I thought of and clung to the area around my waist.

“Do not say as you run away.We will also fight.I am sorry that you are silent.It’s discussed with everyone after you go out.We are a proud bellvera tribe who live in the Valiant forest.The last one Until they will not surrender to Romulus pigs, they will not surrender.Father and mother who have fallen aside, please let me fight for my older sister who was sold as a slave and the clan who was scattered without the art of making I decided the place where the father’s

ancestral soul sleeps as a place to die. ” Rurutina’s eyes. There was a decisive decision to resign.

“Mama Kuma – kichi – sama, as you say, I will also help

you. ” ” I will fight with everyone.I surely will not lose.”

If you imitate a lyricist while tying one eye, Altina holds both fists He is thrusting up into the sky.

“Mugenai yo”
“Fighting battle”
“Let’s do my best”

Lara, Lana, Lalo’s triplets also roared the rough tears to the left and right.

While knocking down the deck in Josef’s bones, it may be that it was actually being cowardly.

But, if these wonderful people are nearby, I will not lose to anyone.

“Dear Kuma Qichi, how are you

doing ?” I was staring straight at the eyes like Ralutina’s black pearl and it was all I could do to keep my tears from spilling.

“Oh, I feel like I’m on a side with a million soldiers”

I started working the next morning. The time left for us is not so much.

Many hands are not abundant, but it was great that the goods that Joseph carried in arrived around noon.

I decided to have him get down the street mainly to explore the movement of the Hadwin army.

Adventurers who rescued from Shimomadara at that time did not recover until they could tolerate battle, but they accepted us as much as possible to collect information as a scout.

We are not lones. Just thinking so, the arm that consolidates the defense gets to the point of thinking that the power is infinite.

With the forest of Valiant as a avant – garde, Kudopic mountain towering behind, as a rear guard, we tried as much as possible fortifications.

If you compare it to Takeda Shingen of Sengoku Commander, if you consider the forest where we live everyday on a daily basis as Sakagasakan, Mount Kudopic is a mountain hill castle.

Analogizing from the story of Joseph and climbing on its own, 200,000 is a mountain with no altitude, but I liked the place where most of the hands are not contained and it is a difficult place.