Seikishin -Saint Doll-


Seikishin -Saint Doll- Chapter 21

[Saint Doll] Arc 2 Chapter 21 – Let There Be Light

//TL Note : I forgot this during chapter 20. When Shin spoke to Yuri from outside the Seikishin, his voice is expressed in different quotation marks, 『 』instead of the usual 「 」, I’ll follow it this chapter//

Right now, Yuri is experiencing the feeling of omnipotence with her own body.
If Shin is by her side, then she will be able to do anything. That’s what her heart had been yelling out happily since earlier. Even the Varaha who had been a huge threat feels like a minor pest that she could crush easily right now.

She won’t allow it to bother Shin any further.
She won’t forgive it who had made Shin fought until he’s all exhausted.
She won’t forgive it who had hurt her genitalia which is exclusive for Shin.
And more than anything, she can’t forgive it that had done so through the Miko Stone that had the shape of Shin’s thing.
And then those irrational anger were gathered and converted into an unreasonable force.

“That much should be enough for the miracle right ! Go for it!!”
“Not yet”
Fea shouted at her, but Yuri didn’t intend to proceed with something on the level of ‘this much’.
A ‘just enough’ amount of Divine Power won’t bring her any peace of mind. She want to make it as strong as possible, she want to make it as absolute as possible, she want to show it an overwhelming difference of power that would leave her opponent in despair.

– System Start-up –
Yuri muttered, and then from the wall inside the cockpit, a thin steel bar appeared.
It moved toward Yuri’s crotch and then connected itself with the Miko stone in that place.
Then as if it was waiting for Yuri’s instruction, it froze in its place while making a small rumbling sound.
“Why are you using that ? Isn’t it enough already”
“I need more. I won’t be able to create a strong one unless I reach a greater climax. I need a miracle strong enough let that thing experience despair”
With a snap of her finger, the steel bar start to rotate slowly. It’s stirring Yuri’s inside with the Miko Stone that it was connected with while also gradually increasing its speed.

『Yuri, you like being licked down there don’t you ? I’ll make sure to lick you until you cum tonight !』
“More, more!!”
When Shin’s words arrived to her ears, Yuri snapped her fingers again at the same time.
The movement of the steel bar then changed, the Miko Stone is stirring Yuri’s inside by drawing a big circle motion and moves as if it was the real thing. The rotation speed from the axis itself is unchanged, so the rough and fierce movement made love juices gushing out  uncontrollably from Yuri’s inside. Together with the gurgling wet sound, the love juices flowed to her legs and then drips to the floor.

『Of course I’m going to let out lot of semen inside Yuri too. You can drink some, but lot of it will go straight to your womb ! 』
Furthermore, the steel bar was now even moving in piston motion. The fierce movement made the Miko Stone rubbing against her whole vaginal wall and also knocked the entrance of her womb. All of those place were damaged by the battle with the Varaha earlier, however right now the inside of Yuri’s vagina is totally drenched in love juices, and the inside of her mind is filled with pink color thanks to Shin’s words. Even if she felt any pain, those sensation would soon get turned into a spiral of pleasure given by Shin.
Her nipples were erect to its limit, the fully exposed clitoris is convulsing, love juices is gushing out, urine is sprayed out until there’s none left, and intestinal fluid is trickling out from her gaping anus.
Even Fea who usually had an indifferent attitude toward this kind of thing is a bit taken aback when she looked at Yuri’s current situation where she could climax at anytime soon while keeping  the look of bliss on her face.
『Yuri, I love you !』
“I love you too, Shin-chan!”


At this time, the world changed.
Shin who was standing on top of the Seikishin’s shoulder to speak with Yuri is the first one to notice the changes. There were two magic circles expanding swiftly on the sky and the ground. The same force that composed the world are sucked from the surrounding into the two magic circle, and then it moved toward Shin’s opposite direction while contracting into a smaller diameter.

Shin will understand soon, no, he will be made to understand.
‘That’, Is the wrath of God that one should never invoke.

– Let there be light –

Yuri’s words resounded to the world.
In an instant, just like the moment when the Seikishin was summoned,  the world was enveloped in darkness. At the same time, a pillar of light stood on the place where the Varaha stood. The light, bright as if it was coming from the heaven itself, is shining on a concentrated spot as if it was trying to pierce the mortal land on the ground.

Shin cannot understand what it was
But he understood what it had done.

In the center of the Varaha’s torso, there was a hole bored in its huge body. The diameter of the hole is about 5 meters wide, and wind could flow through it as if there was nothing in there from the very beginning. Not a single drop of blood flowed out from the edge of the hole, and there’s no doubt that its heart, together with the mana stone, has been erased from existence.

Shin’s breath had stopped as he’s watching the unfolding scene before him.
And he was late to notice that the light of life hasn’t disappeared yet from the Varaha’s eyes.


“There’s…, no divine power left. But…, that should do it”
Yuri relaxes her body inside the Seikishin’s cockpit, there were liquid dripping from her lower body. Since she need to release the collection of divine power by going through a deep climax, Yuri felt as if her whole body had been completely drained in many ways. Even thought the Miko Stone is still connected with her, the additional feature that make it able to move had already disappeared to somewhere else.
She then returned a smile toward Fea who is staring at her with an amazed look.

“That was truly baffling. Was that really the miracle of Genesis that I heard from Okaa-sama ?”
“Who cares as long as we win~!”
Yuri made a V sign with her fingers and Fea could feel power leaving her body.
“But my lower body is all wet and sticky, it feels gross. Will it return to normal too after exiting the Seikishin ?”
“Maybe, it might return to normal together with your clothes”
Yuri is pointing to the lower half of her body that was drenched in all kind of body fluids. The scents that drifts around her body keeps switching from between one that would best be described as aromatic to one that is straightly offensive.
Then before the Seikishin starts to remake its barrier that was needed for the summoning process, when Yuri is trying to move her line of sight from Shin’s figure to the spot that it had come from, Fea finally noticed it.

“Yuri!! That guy isn’t dead yet!!””
The Varaha raises it’s cry at the same time with Fea’s speech.

“It must be because the power of the miracles was too strong !! It didn’t even notice that its body has died!”
“I, I already used all my power!!”
Yuri shouted when she heard Fea’s explanation. The Seikishin itself still has divine power inside it, however the power of [Miko] that was needed to make a connection with it has been fully exhausted from inside Yuri. it cannot move, and a Seikishin that can’t be given a command is only as good as an ornament. Blood was drained from Yuri’s face when she imagined the amount of destruction that would occur before the Varaha finally realized its own death, and also at the possibility that it might head toward Shin.

I don’t really understand what happened, but since it hasn’t fallen yet then that means it’s my turn for an all out attack right ?
And then she heard Gain’s voice.
When she moved her line of sight, Yuri can see the figure of Gain who had disappeared earlier holding his battle axe. He was leaping so high to the sky that make it seems like he was actually flying.
“Gain-san!!” “Musclehead!!”
The barrier is stopped right ? Then I’ll go with my full power!!
The arm that he used to hold his battle axe is swelling so much that it looks unnatural. The size would have doubled by estimate, and the muscle under it is bloating out as it is preparing to struck the wielded battle axe upon the Varaha who still continues to roar.

As Gain’s battle axe crashed into the Varaha’s skull, it let out an unexpected voice that would be unthinkable for a human. The blade of the battle axe broke and the handle had snapped too, in addition Gain’s body was blown away to a distance soon after, but there’s no doubt that he had broke the Varaha’s cranium.
The Varaha recognized without a doubt that it has received a fatal wound and then shouted out a weak cry, however the light of life hasn’t disappeared from its eyes. When the sense of crisis starts to loom before Yuri, his voice echoes inside the Seikishin’s cockpit.
This heavy machine gun is normally mounted on a vehicle, you ready for some pain ?
“Shin-chan!!” “Shin!!”
When she looked, Yuri saw Shin carrying a huge machine gun on top of the Seikishin’s shoulder.
The thing was not made to be shot with human arms, but Shin suppressed it with the power of Body Strengthening. He pulled the trigger in one stroke, and the ammunition belt moved like a water flowing in a stream. The expanded cartridge which numbers in two digit per second are scattered all over the surrounding and made clanking noises as it hit the Seikishin’s armor. The lump of violent destruction were all focused to the Varaha in front of Shin and then absorbed into its broken skull.

After a period of only ten or so seconds, the Varaha breathed its last life.
The body of the Disaster Class that has lost parts of its torso and head slumped down quietly and then rolled before the Seikishin’s feet.

It’s our victory