Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu


Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Displaying One's Real Abilities


I chanted my magic and a pale white light covered the Knight's body.

Something that looked like a white dense mist gathered around his missing left arm and gradually shaped itself into an arm.

The haze dimly radiated white. It was the same light that was covering his body, although the shades were different.

Gold particles intertwined like a lamé1)cloth made from silver and gold thread inside of the white haze and it sparkled.

The Knight shone for just a few minutes and when the light settled down, his left arm was back.

The Knight looked at his left arm for a while, dumbfounded and then gradually opened and closed his fist.

He continued to open and close his fist so I got a little worried and asked, but there didn't seem to be any problems.

I'm glad. I did it properly.

That somewhat made me happy and I smiled.

The Knight stopped gripping his fist and stared at it, absentmindedly.


"What's wrong?"

He called out to me in a quiet voice, so I tilted my head wondering what was wrong. He grabbed my hands which I had placed on my lap.

It happened so suddenly that I inadvertently cried out in surprise, but the Knight didn't let go of my hand.

"…… Thank you."

His usual light hearted personality was nowhere to be found. His brows were creased and he looked like he would burst into tears while thanking me.

"Mhm, you're welcome?"

"Why are you saying it like a question?"

"No, nothing……"

It was somewhat embarrassing being thanked so I inadvertently phrased it like a question. The Knight dropped his shoulders, crestfallen and returned to his usual self.

I'm a bit relieved.

It was sort of nerve wracking to not see him act like his normal self.

People usually touched each other casually, but when it was done seriously, it was too much.

It was the same for the Knight. When we smiled wryly at each other, I unexpectedly felt eyes on me.

I was bothered by it so I looked around. All the patients in this room were staring at me.

Their gazes were full of surprise and anticipation.

Ah, yup, that's right.

I suddenly grew his arm back.

I felt it when I first entered the room too, but all the patients in this room were suffering from the same type of injuries; they had all lost some part of their body, whether it be arms or legs.

It depended what they had lost, but the people in this room would probably quit the Knight Order after they were discharged from the hospital.

They were probably thinking that I'd heal them as well since I had already healed someone in the same room as them.

Well, the ship has already sailed so why don't I heal them all?

I exhaled and asked the Knight to bring me MP Potions from the research institute, regardless of rank.

Even though he's injured, his arm is healed so it's fine if I ask him to run an errand for me, right?

Although I have a lot of MP, if I heal everyone then I might run out half-way through.

He happily undertook the errand and I sent him off with, "Well then, see you". When the Knight got off the bed and took a few steps he raised his voice, "Huh?"

"What's wrong?"

I thought something was wrong and called out to him but the Knight didn't reply. For some reason he was stomping and stretching on the spot.

I heard a rustling sound after a while and he turned to look my way after he finished confirming things.

"It even healed my old wounds."


What the Knight was saying was, that it wasn't just his arm, but also his previous injured knee that was healed.

He said that the discomfort was completely gone.

When I said that magic was awesome because it could even heal old wounds, he told me that magic did not normally heal old wounds.

Eh? Is this also because of my accursed 50% increase?

Or did I just use too much magic?

But I would hate it if people didn't recover because I used my magic powers half-hearted, so I didn't think too deeply about it.

Let's think about the fact that I healed old wounds later. For now, I decided to concentrate on treating these people.

I healed everyone in the room, one by one.

Regardless of the wound being big or small, external or internal, magic healed everything.

If that's the case then magic's really handy, huh?

All the people who were treated were all surprised at what had healed and they were all tearing up while saying thanks.

No, some people were actually crying.

It's the first time I've seen a man cry so I'm pretty impatient.

I finished healing everyone and turned around to go home when I saw a crowd of people by the entrance of the room.

They had noticed that I was finished because they started entering the room. They were listening to the people in the room.

I called out to one of them and talked to them. He said he'd heard a racket and came to check it out.

Well yeah. Some people who were healed were screaming loudly with joy.

The people who'd entered this room all knew the people in this room. So of course, they also knew how serious their injuries were.

Well, most of the people who were hospitalised were all injured from the subjugation, so they're all colleagues.

Anyone would be happy to see that their colleagues had recovered and shouts of joy were coming from here and there.

They tangled with the people who I treated and thanked me.

Well ~, ah, I did some good, I thought in self-satisfaction. I left the hospital room thinking that I should head back to the research institute and encountered the Knight carrying the MP Potions.

Oh yeah, I asked him to go fetch me some potions just in case I ran out of MP half-way through.

Surprisingly, I had enough MP to heal everyone in that room.

I'd intended on using a lot of magic power to heal the people with lost limbs but it seemed that 『Heal』didn't use that much MP.

However, I felt bad if I don't use it because he went to fetch it for me.

Well, I've already practiced so should I heal the other people as well?

Yup, let's do that.

At any rate, I felt that I was at a level where I couldn't keep insisting that I was an ordinary person anyways.

I became defiant and decided to the treat the patients in the other rooms.

I tried to carry the MP Potions by myself, but the Knight and the other people around me stopped me and carried it for me.

I headed to the next room. There was a line of curious onlookers behind the Knight carrying the MP Potions.

I felt like a doctor making her rounds in certain dramas.

It's extremely embarrassing to be observed, but it wasn't like I could do anything about it, so I gave up.

Thus, I treated each person one by one while drinking MP Potions. But there were a lot of people in this hospital.

I got tired of just using 『Heal』and then I remembered that I read about area recovery magic before in a book.

I want to try it out.

I already finished healing the people with lost limbs and the only patients with relatively lighter wounds remained.

I could always use 『Heal』again even if I failed and healed incompletely or if the magic didn't activate.

In the next room, I walked all the way to the middle and stopped. This time, instead of concentrating it into my palm, I released my magic so that it filled the entire room.

Even if I said I released it, I had never done it before so I concentrated and just imagined that the magic was being pushed out of my body.

"『Area Heal』"

While casting the magic, I felt magic power coming out of my body. Something that looked like a magic circle was drawn onto the floor with me at the centre.

The lines of the magic circle were drawn in a white light. The area enclosed by the magic circle was covered in a white haze filled with golden lamé, just like when 『Heal』was casted.

It was very magical. The scene that I thought was indeed fantasy, disappeared within seconds.

I looked around to see if it'd worked and everyone who was in the magic circle, all seemed to have healed.

Everyone checked the conditions of their injuries and smiled when they saw that it'd all healed.

Alright! I decided to make a triumphant pose in my mind when a voice called out to me from behind.

"Today you're casting…… Area recovery?"

When I turned around to face the familiar voice, I saw the Director and Captain.

"Yes. Why are you here, Director?"

"For crying out loud! You were late in returning and the guy from the 3rd Knight Order came to take the MP Potions. I was worried so I came."

"I'm sorry……"

He told me seemingly shocked. I apologised and he smiled, wryly.

"Even so, you've really gone wild."

"No, I didn't……"

"Ah, I saw people who'd lost their arms and legs regain them a while ago. I was surprised."

The Captain said after the Director, pressing for answers.

Yup, even I think I overdid it a bit, but it couldn't be helped, you know!

They were expecting it.

I had to respond to their expectations.




I'm sorry.

I also wanted to try out magic.

"Well, but you did well."

The Captain said that when I hung my head down in shame while reflecting on my actions. The Director and Captain both tapped me on the shoulders in appreciation.

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