Rise of the Wasteland


Rise of the Wasteland Chapter 201

Chapter 100        How Did You Decide the Service Fee?

"You're crazy!" Yuan Mei was screaming while she stood in front of her stall. She mourned, "Do you know what you did? You've committed a crime! You'll be arrested once the cops arrive. I don't think it's worth it even if you're trying to please me."

Zhou Qingfeng realized that he may have been too violent after he saw the young woman burst into tears. He was probably affected by the massacre in the Wasteland. He believed that he had shown them mercy by not killing them. In fact, he had violated the laws of the current world.

"I… I…" Zhou Qingfeng, too, was speechless.

"Follow me, we'll surrender ourselves and claim that we were defending ourselves. I'll say that you were only protecting me as I was bullied by these hooligans."

The young woman pulled Zhou Qingfeng's arm as she wanted him to report to the cops.

However, Zhou Qingfeng broke free. He then sighed, "Sister, don't be so innocent. There's actually a difference between self-defense and too much of it."

"Well... I think that you should stop overthinking it. Just take the money and go back home. I'll deal with the current situation. By the way, don't forget to leave the oranges for me. I still want them."

"How are you going to solve it? You could still ask for mercy if you were to surrender to the cops now. There's no way you'll be able to hide this. Just listen to me, I'll try my best to help you," the young woman still insisted on dragging Zhou Qingfeng to the police station.

Zhou Qingfeng suddenly got angry and he howled, "Enough is enough. You won't need to know how I'm going to deal with the situation. It's no wonder you're born as a woman. You're annoying, weak, and the bullying served you right! I'll trash you if you dare to make a single noise from now on. Just take the money and f*ck off! I'm going to say it one last time - leave the situation to me."

Yuan Mei was extremely afraid of Zhou Qingfeng, especially when he got angry. She received the money from Zhou Qingfeng and scurried away after being stared at by him. However, she did not go too far as she was still worried about the whole situation. She went back to hide in the corner of the street as she wanted to see how Zhou Qingfeng was going to deal with the situation.

Zhou Qingfeng took a deep breath and walked towards the hooligans. He whispered in their ears, "Brothers, I truly apologize! I was indeed too rude and impetuous. I shouldn't have attacked you guys so treacherously. But if something was meant to happen, it will! I'm afraid that I can't keep you guys alive."

The hooligans thought that Zhou Qingfeng was finally afraid of them when he first apologized. They kept scolding him even though they were still in throbbing pain. However, they were clueless when they heard what he said in the end.

"Bro, keep cool. Please don't act blatantly!"

"Bro, what are you trying to do? Can't we just admit that it's our fault? I guarantee you that this won't happen again. I admit that it's our fault! It's our fault, it's… noooooo......."

"Help, he's… he's going to kill us all! Someone, please call the police, call the police!"

The hooligans kept screaming as they desperately wriggled on the ground. However, Zhou Qingfeng walked towards them with a sullen face. He squeezed and twisted their necks. In just the blink of an eye, they were all dead.

Corpses: low-value supplies. Corpses are low-value supplies regardless of which world we're in, and that's why I'll be able to bring them to the Wasteland!

"Hahaha… mother f*cker, don't blame me for being too ruthless. It's all your fault!" Zhou Qingfeng smiled mischievously.

The hooligans were all dead, except for the gang leader. He fainted after he got kicked by Zhou Qingfeng, but he suddenly regained consciousness. His hip was thoroughly crushed and fractured. He had a massive internal bleed. He had originally arrived at the point where his life was in danger, but somehow, he had managed to stay alive, just to see the scene where Zhou Qingfeng killed his four subordinates.

"Bro, it's all my fault. I've already admitted that it was my fault, was that not enough?"

The gang leader was strong and muscular. But, at that moment, he could not even move as he laid on the ground. "Bro, please forgive me! I'll give you whatever you want. I'll apologize to the young woman, I'll even prostrate myself, would that be enough? Please… Let me go!"

"Go to hell. Just don't be a hooligan in your next life," Zhou Qingfeng squeezed and twisted the neck of the last hooligan without much hesitation.

Zhou Qingfeng ended five human lives in just the blink of an eye. He threw a few vigilant glances at his surroundings. After confirming that there was no one, he moved all the corpses to the top of the stall.

The residential area had not been maintained for years. After the stagnation of their pipe network facilities, Tianyang city began to experience an economic recession. They did not have the time to install security cameras in their residential area. Therefore, public security in their area has always been poor. Basically, no one comes out at night.

Zhou Qingfeng pushed the stall that was filled with oranges and corpses in the direction of his house. After confirming that there was no one around, he first grabbed the five corpses and in just a few steps, he managed to carry them all the way back to his house. He then carried the two hundred pounds of oranges back to his house. The only thing he left outside his house was the worn-out stall.

Meanwhile, after Zhou Qingfeng left the area, Yuan Mei finally came out of the corner. She had a clear vision of Zhou Qingfeng's entire killing process. She could even hear the pleas of the hooligans before their deaths. Her legs turned jelly every time she watched Zhou Qingfeng kill. In the end, she wet her pants as she was frightened.

The young woman finally came out from her hiding spot after Zhou Qingfeng entered his house. She considered reporting to the cops, but she was simply too timid for that. Moreover, Zhou Qingfeng had saved her from trouble several times hence, she did not want to betray him.

"But, why did he carry all the corpses back to his house? The corpses would rot sooner or later. He wouldn't be able to conceal the news by then."

The young woman was clueless. In the end, she returned to her own house.

However, Guo Jiaming was already waiting for her the moment she entered her house. He dashed towards her in anger and said, "Are you having an affair with the kid next door?"

The young woman's mind was gone. It was empty and spinning. She did not eat or bathe after returning home. She only lied down on her bed like she had a serious disease. She turned her body sideways and refused to say even a single word.

Guo Jiaming was anxious when he saw the look on his wife's face, "You're having an affair, am I right? I've been wondering why he's been treating you nicely these few days. You better admit it. We didn't have a child after being married for so many years, yet for some reason, you're pregnant now? Am I going to father a bastard?"

The young woman remained silent. Her mind was fully occupied by Zhou Qingfeng's homicidal acts. She was still wondering about reporting to the cops

However, Guo Jiaming felt angry the more he thought about it. He then scolded his wife after she found out that she had wet her pants, "Son of a b*tch, you're indeed having an affair! How dare you cheat on me? I was two-timed!"

"Did you guys just have sex? You are truly a disgrace to mankind! You've always lacked desire when I fingered you. But now, you even wet your pants when he fingers you? Are you just trying to infuriate me? This is f*cking horrible, I want to divorce you, I want to divorce you right now."

Guo Jiaming's voice was perhaps a little bit too loud. With her back towards him, his wife spoke in a monotone, "Shut up. Young Zhou will kill you for sure if he was to find out what you're talking about."

"Are you telling me to shut up?" Guo Jiaming was so angry that his face turned green. He lifted his hand as he wanted to beat his wife. However, all of a sudden, he saw a pile of cash inside Yuan Mei's pocket. He immediately took the money out of her pocket and started counting it. To his surprise, there were several thousand of yuan inside her pocket.

"How did you get this money?" Guo Jiaming asked her anxiously. "Did the kid give it to you?"

"Yes, he forced me to take it," Yuan Mei replied in a daze. Her mind was still in a mess.

"He even pays you money?" Guo Jiaming recounted the money several times. He then laid next to his wife and asked, "Tell me honestly, is this the money you get from having sex with him once or the money you get from having sex with him several times? How did the two of you decide the service fee?"