Rebirth of High Female Entropy

Other name: Chóngshēng zhī gāo mén dí nǚ"; Rebirth of Rich Family's Di Daughter; 重生之高门嫡女

Genre: Drama, Romance

Date released: 2016
Views: 684

Author: Qin Jane; 秦简

Status: Ongoing

Translator: myswallowtails

They killed her grandmother, murdered her brother, trampled her loved ones, and even took her own life. Because she trusted her wolf-ambitious stepmother and daughter. Because she mistakenly believed that a woman’s​ virtue is to have no talent, because of her noble status origin… Buried in the river water, Ou Yang, gritted her teeth and spoke words with rage between: “Many day and nights will pass until the next life, I, Ouyang Nuan in death was wronged, even becoming a devil, will not let you!” Once again she opened her eyes, Ou Yang came back to her twelve years old self, her forehead was injured that year, her brother fell into the water, and she was married three years ago … In this life, she will try to change everything to guard and protect those who cared for her from those with treacherous intent and spend a glorious life.
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