Rebirth of Brotherly Love


Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 4

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At the time of death, our body's weight will be reduced by 21 grams. Scientists say that those 21 grams are from the loss of water as our body stops functioning. Others say that it is from the loss of our souls.

The plane exploded in the air, the probability of escape is equivalent to zero… so why is he still awake?

An Luo felt as if he's fallen into a bottomless abyss. There was no darkness, no light, no sound, only his consciousness remained. He seemed to see many familiar faces; his mother, father, Gege… They come one after another ceaselessly, swaying along with the passage of time.

Is this not the legendary world of death?

An Luo struggled in the endless darkness to stay awake, but his eyelids were extremely heavy. In the end, he could only eventually shut his eyes.

He didn't know how long he was out until vaguely, he became aware of a white blur of light. At the same time, his ears caught onto a sharp sound: "Send more people to help in the seventh emergency operating room!"

With this call, there were hurried footsteps along with the mechanical noises of the monitors in the room. He heard a man calmly said, "Xiao Zhang, help with the central venous catheter, I'll do the catheterization. Continue to monitor the blood pressure!"

"Dr. Zhou, it is fixed."

"Inject a milligram of adrenaline, quickly! Continue CPR!"

"Dr. Zhou, the patient still has no heartbeat."

"Everyone step back and give me a defibrillator, 300 Joules."

"300 Joules once!"

"300 Joules twice!"

"Go up to 360 Joules."

"360 Joules once!"

"360 Joules twice!"

"Dr. Zhou, it's still not working!"

Dropping… and dropping… the heart rate on the monitor never showed anything other than a straight line. The man lying on the operating table wasn't breathing, heartbeat nonexistant. His face was as white as a piece of paper, body covered with terrible wounds.

He looked very young, but at the moment, he didn't show any signs of life. When he was delivered here, his heart had already stopped; the hope of salvaging it was exceedingly slim.

The nurse whispered, "Dr. Zhou, the rescue time has been over 30 minutes. Is it possible to quit?"

According to the default rules in the medical field, 30 minutes is the max time to save a patient whose heartbeat has stopped. After that, nothing can be done. They have no other choice but to give up and declare clinical death.

But now, the man lying on the operating table is…

The man called Zhou, who was named Zhou Chengping, was a doctor on duty for the night shift at the emergency department. He didn't expect that the half-dead patient carried in in the middle of the night would be someone he was very familiar with.

Zhou Chengping stood in silence for a moment, then said, "Xiao Zhang, go out and write a notice of critical illness. Tell the family members so they can be psychologically prepared." He paused before turning around to continue, "Nurse, give me a transmission line."

The nurse asked doubtfully, "What are you going to do with it?"

He replied, "I'm going to connect it to the veins of his right atrium, then to an external heart rate monitor and see if it works. This is the last resort, if it doesn't work, declare death."


A moment later, a cry sounded from the operating room: "Dr. Zhou, he has a heartbeat."

The heartbeat curve on the monitor showed a violent fluctuation until it gradually became regular. The frequency of respiration began to recover, blood pressure slowly rising to the norm. The young life lying on the operating table suddenly appeared to regain its vitality.

Looking at the curve on the monitor, the head nurse exclaimed, "It's a miracle, he is saved!"

Zhou Chengping looked back and stared at it. After confirming that the indications were indeed normal, he allowed himself relief. "It is a good thing." Silence, then, "Alright, quickly call Xiao Zhang back."

When called back to the operating room, Xiao Zhang was puzzled, "Dr. Zhou, what happened?"

"An Laoye Ze has a weak heart. If we tell him that his grandson is in critical condition, I reckon he'd faint on the spot. Then, we'd have another case to deal with before we're done with this one."

"So what are you going to say?" the nurse asked.

He thought and said, "I’ll tell An Laoye Ze that the rescue was a success and that his heartbeat and breathing has returned to normal. As long as he gets through this crisis, he will live."

The head nurse was silent. "And what about the injuries on his body?" He looked down to the wounds covering the body of the man lying on the operating table, used to the sight after caring for various types of patients. "His legs are severely fracture, still needing a orthopedic surgeon to continue on with the operation. But, even if it's successful, we can't say for sure if he'd be able to walk in the future."

Zhou Chengping sighed. "His father said on the line that An Laoye Ze's heart is not good and should not be stimulated." He took off his sterile clothes and continued, "First, send him to the intensive care unit. No one is allowed to visit. I'll talk to his family."


Sure enough, as Zhou Chengping walked out of the operation room, he saw the family members anxiously sitting on the side waiting. The grandfather, An Guangyao, and father, An Yudong, were in place with the butler, Wu Ba, standing like a flagpole on the side. When he saw Zhou Chengping, An Laoye Ze stood upright with his cane and asked in a husky tone, "Chengping, how is the situation?"

Zhou Chengping smiled slightly and said, "Rest assure. His heartbeat and breathing has returned to normal. As long as the risk period passes, there will not be much of a problem."

An Laoye Ze finally relaxed. Clutching Zhou Chengping's hand, he said, "Thank you… thank you, Chengping. My home's Xiao Luo was saved thanks to you."

Zhou Chengping gently patted his hand to show comfort and glanced at An Yudong. Catching his signal, An Yudong instantly walked over to support his elderly father, and said, "Dad, you've been waiting here for most of the night. Go home and rest."

"Rest? How can I peacefully rest?!" An Laoye Ze sharply looked at his son. With a solemn face, he sternly asked, "Where are the idiots? Their older brother is in the operating room fighting death and they still haven't returned?"

An Yudong smiled sheepishly. "They just called. All of them said they were busy with something and couldn't make it…"

The elder frowned, interrupting him, "What is more important than their brother in the emergency room?"

His son whispered, "An Yan is in Paris participating in Fashion Week, temporarily not allowed to leave, An Mo is in New York's art exhibition, which isn't over, and An Ze is preparing to graduate from design. There is no way the three of them can immediately return…"

An Laoye Ze ferociously slammed his cane on the floor, ordering, "Tell them to come back within three days, no exceptions!"

An Yudong hurried to pacify him, "Dad, don't get too excited, I will urge them to come back. Xiao Luo has been saved, so there should be no problems. I have to deal with things here, you go home and rest, okay?"

At this, An Laoye Ze nodded. "Alright, I will go back in advance." However, two steps later, he circled back and said, "When An Luo wakes up, remember to inform me at once."

An Yudong nodded. "Certainly."

After finally managing to persuade An Laoye Ze, An Yudong was relieved. He looked up at Zhou Chengping, solemnly saying, "Chengping, tell me the truth. How is An Luo?"

Zhou Chengping dropped his smile, whispering, "The situation is not optimistic."

"It doesn't matter. Say it as it is."

"Although he was pulled back to life, his legs are very seriously injured. The right leg bone has a comminuted fracture, so it is difficult to say if he can walk normally in the future."

An Yudong frowned. "Are there other injuries besides the fracture?"

"There are no other traumatic injuries." Zhou Chengping paused. "What's crucial is the fracture. I'm afraid that he may not be able to bear the psychological damage if he can only use a wheelchair afterwards."

An Yudong was silent for a while. "Don't tell this matter to my father. With his heart disease, I'm worried that he will become too emotional and have an accident. As for Xiao Luo's leg injury, please get the best orthopedic surgeon to save it."

The younger man nodded. "I understand. I'll contact the orthopedic side and have them do the surgery when he is stable."

An Yudong gently let out a breath. "Good, then you hurry along now. And also, for today, thank you so much."

Smiling slightly, Zhou Chengping replied, "You should go back. Staying here is useless, I'll let you know when he wakes up."

He nodded, and with the butler, An Yudong turned away.

Zhou Chengping walked to the lounge and poured a cup of hot water for himself. He sat on the sofa, rubbing his swollen temple. Just as he was about to close his eyes and ease the fatigue, the phone in his pocket rang.

The caller ID displayed two words-An Ze.

He accepted the call, bringing the phone to his ears. A deep and muffled voice asked a simple question in a flat tone, "How is my Ge?"


Dropping: To be honest, I don’t know why the author wrote dropping when his heart never beat in the first place. A mistake maybe?

Nurse(巡迴護士): Directly translates to circuit nurse(I was very confused). Not 100% sure, but I think it refers to critical care nurses(or just simply ICU nurses). They treat critically ill or unstable patients with the utmost care.

Laoye Ze(老爺子): old father; polite appellation for an elderly male(refers to his grandfather, An Guangyao)