Rebirth Junior High School: The Exceling Top Student Goddess


Rebirth Junior High School: The Exceling Top Student Goddess Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Back to 13 years old (3)

"Yun Hua, you say that you like me, you should be able to prove it right?"

"If my, Qin Ziheng's, fiancée doesn't even have this much courage… hehe, how can she match up with me?"

"Nine o'clock tonight. I'll wait for you in the sports equipment room."

Seeing the message on her phone, Yun Hua lowered her head and smiled with ridicule.

She opened the drawer on her school desk, sure enough, there was a bag inside. As for the contents of that bag, she couldn't forget even if she wanted to. A set of black lace underwear!

At this moment, the music teacher was playing on their phone; a pop song was playing in the background as the lesson. The classroom was filled with the chattering voices of inattentive students.

It was the beginning of the second year of school, all the students had just returned from summer vacation and their thoughts had yet to join them in their classrooms.

Yun Hua was sitting at the very back and her head was resting on top of her desk, her hand was tightly clutching the bag in the drawer while her face wore an obstructed bloodthirsty smile.

At this moment, she was finally sure… She had been reborn!

That's right, reborn!

She had returned to the time when she was 13 years old, the second year of junior high school.

At this time, she had not been disfigured, her legs weren't wasted, and nor was her reputation damned to the lowest levels of hell. Her marriage contract with Qi Ziheng was still in place and she hadn't been locked up in the mental hospital, tortured to the point where she was dead but her eyes were not closed.

Perhaps because her life was too miserable, even god couldn't stay put and watch on any longer. So she had been given this second chance at life.

Yun Hua resolved to herself from the bottom of her heart, she would not live her life with a kind and naïve heart this time around!

Apart from herself and her mother, she wouldn't trust anyone else.

Those who had taken advantage of her kind heart and trust but then turned around and pushed her to hell, she would not let them go. She would make them all pay; the blood that she had shed because of them would be repaid drop by drop.

She, Yun Hua, wouldn't suffer through life this time. She would live with honor, with happiness and dignity. She wanted to live a beautiful and fulfilling life this time around!

As for those who had killed her, she wanted them to know what true hell was. Even if they begged for death, she wouldn't let them have it!


Touching the contents of the desk drawer, her lips hooked up again. It all started tonight.

She picked up her phone and opened QQ, she messaged: "Of course I dare to go; only I am fit to be your fiancée! However, the sports equipment room is too far away, wouldn't the file room be better?"

Pressing send, her fingers nearly started trembling.

Soon her phone buzzed with another message: "Okay, I'll wait for you. Don't let me down."

Yun Hua put down her phone; her mind was almost washed over by a wave of uncontrollable anger.

The matter that took place during her second year of school, how could she forget?

She had only recently found out that her senior Qi Ziheng whom she had long been infatuated with had an engagement with her because of her grandfather!

This was Qi Ziheng! Qi Ziheng! He was Nanxi Middle School's basketball team captain, the Piano Prince who was brimming with talent.

Not to mention, this senior of hers had a handsome face that made people blush. Only God knew how many girls pretended to pass by his classroom just to get a glimpse of his face.

Not only that, Qi Ziheng's family had countless eyes glued to them at any time.

What kind of thing were those young idols on TV when compared to this sort of person? Qi Ziheng was a true prince, a guy with looks, talents, and an influential family.

It was too common for girls to crush on Qi Ziheng, and a lot of these crushes were anything but subtle.

But that it all they are. They were just crushes harbored by little girls who giggled about them to their friends. The distance between these ordinary girls and Qi Ziheng was too large, so large that one couldn't even imagine a real relationship between them.

The girls only dared to write in their diaries; with delicate lettering, they stuff their love letters into Qi Ziheng's desk. There were the occasional ones who fanaticized that their love would be returned.

Yun Hua and 80% of the girls in Nanxia Middle School were in love with Qi Ziheng, only she had one more reason to love him than all the other girls. In her most embarrassing and helpless moment, he had helped her. He was the life-saving straw that had dragged her out of despair…

However, all of this turned out to be nothing but delusion.

In the beginning of her second year, the pie that Yun Hua dreamed of fell from the sky and banged her on the head!

Incredibly, she and Qi Ziheng senior have a marriage contract!