Princess Insult


Princess Insult Volume 1 Chapter 2

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The voice in the crowd suddenly increased as if trying to scare the women

One person was walking in their direction

A warrior who is wrapped in black proudly moves

He was a migrant general of the rebel army

A chain was grasped in his hand which was connected to the young lady behind him

A sudden silence enveloped the crowd as they were stunned after seeing the girl

It was not because of her overwhelming beauty, but because she was princess Altonia!

She had a tiara on her head, with luxurious jewelry on her body

Her clothes were not expensive but elegant

There were two maids that were following right behind her

The audience tries to get close when the soldiers threaten then with their weapons

"Don't get any closer! This is a special court!"

As she entered the square her eyes fell upon the dead ministers near the gallows and rows of knights and were stripped and being fucked in the middle of the street

The princess tries to run towards them but can’t due to the chain

"Be quiet princess!"

The general attached the chain onto a nearby statue

"It is best to prepare yourself princess, your punishment will be more severe"

While they were waiting the dead bodies are removed off and disposed

And in that place stood two iron pillars with a few feet gap between them

"Get the princess here!"

Following the instructions of the court officer, the general took her and stood infront of the steel pillars

"Princess Altonia, being a member of the royal family you conspired against the immigrants. And lead to the death of many of our brothers. For this your sin is inevitable"

Everyone understood that these claims were just to frame the princess

As the crowd gets angry and starts cursing, the executioner looks through the official papers

Then waited for the crowd to calm down

"The special tribunals for ethnic will be established in a new kingdom through the discrimination policy between the kingdom and immigrants. The sin of the princess is to be the symbol of "national harmony" for the new kingdom. This will be compensated through the use of her body"

The executioner raises his voice and speaks

"Princess Altonia you have been ordered to make a blood-born child to succeed the throne of the new kingdom. This child will be born between you and unspecified immigrants!"

As he finished speaking the two maids head forth ands started to undress the princess

As she stood there she couldn't understand what was happening

As the princess she had the obligation to stand for the royal family and protect the people

If she chose to kill herself the soldiers would definitely kill everyone they would find

And finally accepting her fate she deepens her resolution to sacrifice her body for the public's safety

The maids come forth and remove her clothes till only the inner garments are visible

The moment the underwear is pulled off, only the tiara and jewelry were proof of her noble stature

Her white skin with freshness, her small well formed breast that is still developing

The princess hides her chest and pulls her knees together to keep her secret place from being exposed

When the two maids leave after their work the executioner blankly stares at the princess in front of him

While taking the princess by her hair, he pulls her near the stone pillars

And attaches each hand to each side of the pole

While her face is facing the crowd

They could now clearly see her breasts


The princess who feels shame tries to further shrivel and protect her crotch from being seen

The executioner than ties her legs to each pillar, so that even her knees could not close

The executioner finishing his work leaves the spot

"Don't look, please don't look"

As everyone watches the prince begs them to look away

But no one did, the surrounding atmosphere slowly changed

The princess being naked influenced the whole place

As the princess was trembling with disgrace, her body was spread in an X by the pillars

As they were watching the princess numerous immigrant soldiers started lining up

As the princess with only her tiara was naked in front of them

She could hear their conversations about gangbanging her

She watched as many swallowed their saliva, some licked their lips

Slowly the soldiers started making their way up the stage

Their destination – the crucified princess!!!