President Wife is A Man


President Wife is A Man Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 - Secret Hideout

Through the long and desolate path, bushes and several big tall trees entered  his eyes . Push aside the bushes, a small meadow appeared . Poking through the bushes, Jiang Qi looked at the surrounding area. Ke Yan really is here ?

Thinking just now he wanted to find Ke Yan but could not find him. Instead he bumped into Yang Shao Yu so he ask him. Yang Shao Yu was looking at him in surprise but shortly afterwards told him where to find Ke Yan.

Watching Yang Shao Yu muttering away, in Jiang Qi mind could only think that this guy should not have problem, right? His actions were quite strange...

He drill out from the bushes covered with leaves but the more he walk it seems as if the place become more secluded. Where is this ah?

Where’s Ke Yan?

I should have not gone to a wrong place, right.

When Jiang Qi finally see Ke Yan, he do not know how many bushes has he drilled out from. He threaded upon the grassland lightly walking towards Ke Yan. Do not know is it because of waiting for Jiang Qi for a long time, Ke Yan actually has fallen asleep on the grass with half of his face covered by his book.   

Jiang Qi could not help but think of the fairy tales books he read during his childhood. A Prince cutting off all the thistles and thorns outside the castle and once inside found a Princess sleeping soundly and printed her lips with a kiss.

Thinking of it, Jiang Qi felt funny. He is not a Prince and Ke Yan not a Princess not to mention that both of them actually men… he unable to hold his smile and the mood become somewhat dim. He gently picked up the book covering Ke Yan’s face away.

Ke Yan eyes suddenly opened, almost scared Jiang Qi to let go of the book back on his face.

Ke Yan grabbed Jiang Qi’s hand and pulled him down...with a turn Jiang Qi was being pressed by Ke Yan under his body…..

At first, Jiang Qi felt a hell of a fright with Ke Yan sudden movement, felt Ke Yan pulled him down and when he back from God, he already beneath Ke Yan’s body.

“En? Ke Yan?” Jiang Qi’s eyes looking at Ke Yan full of doubt.

Ke Yan eyes darken and took the book fallen on the grass and cover Jiang Qi's eyes, to block Jiang Qi's line of sight.

Wait until Jiang Qi take off the book, Ke Yan already leaning on the tree trunk reading another book.

The atmosphere seems a little bit strange, or is it only his own weird piece of mind?

Jiang Qi looked at the book in his hand, impressively it was the book he has not finished reading previously.

Opened up the book, he went to sit right next to Ke Yan. Together leaning on the tree trunk. The tree bark was somewhat uneven , making leaning on it uncomfortable: “How did you find this place?”

“Shao Yu found it.”

“How did he find it?” Jiang Qi really like this place so he casually asked: “Yang Shao Yu also come here to read ah?” This place is really a good place to read books. With the shade of the tree blocking the ray of light, when reading it will not feel dazzling.

“He come here for a date with the girls.”

“Ah?” Jiang Qi never expected this place turned out to be a lover's hideout.

“Are we here to see him dating?”

Ke Yan was amused by Jiang Qi: “I do not want to see that bastard flirting with some girls,” he paused for a moment and said, “and now he goes to the library to date."

Jiang Qi was temporarily dumbfounded followed by a laughter: “ Also correct...ha ha... library have more girls.”

Ke Yan narrowed his eyes and coldly smile.


When Yang Shao Yu saw Ke Yan’s cold smile, he froze... and his smile immediately withered. A person who usually never smile suddenly looking at you and smile...this feeling... truthfully very intriguing, especially when that person is Ke Yan. He estimated Ke Yan’s number of smile has not exceeded more than five times.

Let alone when that smile seems a little cold, hence, Yang Shao Yu can not help but get goose bumps all over. Dryly laugh, he asked: “ Why are you looking for me?”

Sure enough...after a while Yang Shao Yu was sent to bend over his waist with eyes full of tears, courtesy of his current darling. His heart bitter.

Well, in fact, it served him right. How can just arrived already tell her to go.

Aiya the tribute lost... forget it ba. At first Yang Shao Yu wanted to find another beauty to complain about his bitter heart: “wait…” Ke Yan called out to Yang Shao Yu who already prepared to go: “ Tell Jiang Qi I’m here.”

Yang Shaoyu turned around in anger, obediently went to find Jiang Qi. While walking he  still thinking: ‘Such a good place do not to find a girl to date...instead to find a man, crazy ah? Men can date meh? Two men how to date ah’. Yang Shao Yu continuously grumbled to himself along the way. His dating time has been scraped clean so he felt really angry. But he could only blame himself for being unlucky. Even wanting to find another beauty to complain has to be shelved since he was ordered to look for Jiang Qi and it makes Yang Shao Yu more anguished. But since he do not dare to revolt against Ke Yan so can only grumbled quietly on his own to vent his anger.  

“Wait a minute.”Yang Shao Yu’s head has been plugged with an idea, flashing on and off inside his mind. Maybe... man and man can date, this is nothing but...Ke Yan and Jiang Qi?

Will not it!!!

Yang Shao Yu’s face at once turned a little bit unsightly and this expression did not change until he found Jiang Qi. That is why Jiang Qi has that baffled impression on Yang Shao Yu when they met later.  

But at this moment the party involved was sleeping soundly with his head resting on Ke Yan’s leg. A small bug flitted above Jiang Qi’s nose was sent flying by Ke Yan’s book.  

Jiang Qi felt a burst of cool breeze blowing his face and opened his eyes. First thing to see is white colour of a shirt, gradually raised his head along the white path and came into his eyes was….. Ke Yan...really Ke Yan it?

Jiang Qi shocked to scare got up from Ke Yan’s leg… really do not know when he had fallen asleep and how long he has slept.

“How long have I been sleeping?” Jiang Qi asked.

Ke Yan did not answer however his hand stretched toward the corner of Jiang Qi’s mouth to wipe.

Jiang Qi’s face immediately turned red, really anxious to drill into a hole. He even drooling….