Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 9.2

Here’s the last part of chapter 9. Enjoy! 

Standing on the balcony, Mu Tian lit a cigarette, and took a deep drag. From where he stood, he could clearly see the lawns of his grand villa surrounded by beautiful purple flowers which were gorgeously manicured by a professional gardening company. The sweet scent of these flowers suffused itself into the warm night breeze, spreading its fragrance all over his estate.

The fragrance reminded Mu Tian about how much Fei Luan loved these sweet- scented flowers. His bedroom, living room, and every other corner in his house had been filled by this rich, light scent, through Fei Luan insistence in the past.

Later, when she died, reading her diary that was left behind, Mu Tian vaguely understood that these flowers and their scent were meant to keep her memory alive in his heart and mind. So, from time to time, the perfume would pervade his senses and remind him of his late wife, her presence and her sweet scent.

As the light breeze carried the familiar sweet scent, Mu Tian couldn't help but fall into a deep trance reminiscing his time with Fei Luan, as he sat on the rocking chair in the balcony.

Inside their bedroom, Xi Jin, who had just taken a shower, exited their luxurious bathroom. She seemed a little surprised to not see Mu Tian waiting in their marital bed for her, like he used to previously. Although she found rolling in the sheets with him enjoyable, she was secretly relieved that today she wouldn't be endlessly tortured, and her delicate, hurting waist could get a breather.

However, waiting around the room for a while, she finally snuck around the balcony to find him.

Sensing a light movement behind him, Mu Tian turned his head towards the approaching figure, as his eyes gleamed a streak of insatiable desire. He strongly believed that his little drunk kitten was a diamond in the rough, whose beauty and presence couldn’t be recognised by just anybody. She herself was ignorant of her fine, jade-like delicate figure, behind that ordinary pair of jeans and T-shirt. For a woman, her face was everything, but for a man, especially Mu Tian, a woman's body was important.

Mu Tian felt really glad that at least, he got another chance at being happy and blissful. His little drunk kitten had brought him a sense of warmth, that would spread through his arms to his heart, whenever he held her. This kind of happiness, satisfaction, and warmth was something he had never felt before with Rong Fei Luan in his previous marriage.

Xi Jin's appearance at the moment, dazzled Mu Tian. She was wearing a black lace negligee, that was soft and light, and showed off her perfect curves as the moonlight shone on her jade-like body. The negligee was perfectly teasing as it was thin, and see through, and Mu Tian loved to see her dress-up like this every night.

It was an unspoken rule in his bedroom that Xi Jin wasn't allowed to wear any cartoon pyjamas, or large baggy Tee's, because they would dampen his desire for her and sour his mood.

Moreover, seeing her wearing cartoon pyjamas, Mu Tian did not like to be reminded that he was 12 years older to her. He wanted to indulge in her ever so often, but the little drunk kitten had to look like his wife, and not his daughter for him to do so.

Gently tugging her hand for her to fall in his chest, Mu Tian held her lovingly in his embrace, and mumbled in a deep voice, "I'm right here. Stay with me"

Xi Jin blushed and faintly smiled in his chest, as his feather-kisses pressed on her forehead.

Enjoying her scent, he approvingly mumbled, "Hmm… What a sweet-scent!"

Xi Jin nodded, "Yes ah! This place is so fragrant, even the bathing milk and shampoo smell the same, though their smell is little heavier."

"Rosemary… The fragrance is of Rosemary." Mu Tian replied in a slight daze.

After a short pause, he hugged her deeper and explained in a soft whisper, “The villa is filled with these shrubs and flowers, if you like it, I can arrange for them to be potted inside our bedroom tomorrow.”

Stunned by his willingness, Xi Jin shook her head disapprovingly and calmly declared, "I do not like the smell of Rosemary, I like Jasmine.”

Although Xi Jin felt Mu Tian's body stiffened at her response, she ignored it and continued to explain, "In the courtyard of the Sacred Heart Orphanage, there were two small jasmine shrubs planted near our rooms. They smelled heavenly, and looked beautiful… Me and Hu Mei would often pick some flowers from it secretly, and put them in dean mother's tea….. instantly the tea would become appealing to the nose…. Also, me and Hu Mei would make jasmine necklaces with string and thread….. since we couldn't wear it in front of mother, we would hide it under our pillows and in the night get sweet fragrant dreams…"

While Xi Jin continued to ramble for half a day, she didn't hear Mu Tian interrupt her. He silently stood listening to her without the slightest of movements.

Stepping out of her husbands embrace, she saw him standing like a statue staring at the beautiful garden from their balcony, not knowing if he heard a word she said. He seemed soulless at the moment.

Xi Jin sighed heavily. What am I doing here? She suddenly felt that this place wasn't meant for her! It was too big, and if she got the chance, she would never leave her room, and lurk around the ginormous house as she was scared that she’d get lost. The place felt like a labyrinth, that was cold, and devoid of any feelings of being a warm home for her, even if she was the wife of the master of the house.

Feeling a little helpless and reluctant to stay any longer, she hesitantly asked the very dazed Mu Tian, "Mu Tian, tomorrow you'll be flying on your business trip to France… since this would be a long trip, can I go home for a few days?"

"Go 'home'!?" Mu Tian frowned instantly. He seemed annoyed about what she said, and with a long, gloomy face asked her, "Is this not your home?"

Realising what he meant, she bowed her head down, and replied pitifully, "I mean Mu Tian, Hu Mei would be back from her work trip, and the last time I spoke to her I couldn't explain things to her properly.. so I need to…."

Before Xi Jin could finish, Mu Tian drew her closer, held her chin gently, and raised her face to meet his eyes. "Xi Jin, remember this. You and I are husband and wife, and this is our home…. or is it that you don't like our home?" Mu Tian asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Xi Jin hurriedly waved her hands in denial. She wasn't stupid as she sensed the coldness in his tone. She quickly explained," No! Mu Tian, it's nothing like that…… It's just, the house is too big for me… and when you leave me here, I get lonely and scared. I don't like how this place feels in your absence."

"Scared!!?" Mu Tian muttered softly as he pondered on what she said.

After a short pause, he leaned in and pecked her sweet lips. He gently coaxed her, "I agree, this place is a bit big. So, I'm sorry that have to go on this trip alone urgently.. But next time, I will bring you along with me, to play around and have fun, as our honeymoon. While I am away, I can have you moved to our apartment in the city which would be closer to your friend place too. But, little kitten, you have to remember to be good! Okay! Promise me."

Xi Jin couldn't help but blush at his words of endearment and care. She always felt that Mu Tian treated her like a little delicate doll, a child. He would endlessly spoil her, but he would also place strict restrictions on her. As his wife, she was forced to listen to him, and so, nodded unconvincingly.

Unsatisfied by her perfunctory response, Mu Tian embraced her harder, when he leaned in her ear and whispered dangerously, "huh.. Baby did you hear what I said?"

Feeling flustered, Xi Jin pushed his chest away to stand straight.

However, Mu Tan caught up with her body, as one of his hands made its way inside her negligee, while the other hand tightly held her waist. As his fingers began tormenting her, Xi Jin could hardly hold her breath. Aroused by her pleasure-seeking body, Mu Tian's lips placed heated wet kisses, little bites and licks around the nape of her neck. Reaching her ear, he bit it lightly, and whispered innocently while mirth shone in his eyes, "Little drunk kitten, can't you agree with me for once? Do you have to be angry with me! huh?"

Gripping his tormenting hand tighter, she surrendered, and mumbled incoherently, "Oh, I agree. I promise I'll be good."

As the words left her mouth, Xi Jin realised that while she previously thought that Mu tian loved to indulge in her to fulfil his insatiable appetite, in truth, ‘indulgence’ had slowly become his favourite method to punish her.

Although they were constantly intimate with each other, Xi Jin knew very well that feelings of love did not exist between the two. But, she couldn't deny that there were times when she forgot how big the distance between their hearts and mind was, like that between heaven and earth.

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