Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 9.1

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For Xi Jin, essentially the meaning of marriage didn't hold too much water. Except for sharing her bed with a man, she didn't feel her life could change too much. She would still eat, sleep, and write her novels, like the way she used to before. But after registering her marriage, She realised how Mu Tian's presence in her life shook things quite a bit.

Sometimes, she felt that maybe Mu Tian was just too strong, or maybe she didn't understand this aspect about men in general, where rolling in the sheets was like eating a meal. Even if Xi Jin felt exhausted and slightly unwilling, he would want her.

Besides being exhausted, Xi Jin couldn't deny that being married to Mu Tian had its advantages. She found that all her needs, and worries were delegated to this man overnight, and when it came to her health and happiness, he sincerely took her as his responsibility, even if it meant that in the process she would become a captive pig, who ate and slept, and didn't move a finger. She felt this was what it meant to be a part of the elite nurtured class.

But, it wasn't like the surreal-ness of the situation didn't pressure Xi Jin down. She felt miserable at times.

There were times when Xi Jin would wake up anxiously in the middle of the night, wondering why president Xi chose to marry her, as she spent the entire night figuring out different reasons for their flash marriage. But, knowing the limited capacity of her brain, she would push these ambiguous thoughts at the back of her mind, and continued to enjoy her current benefits.

In the short time that they got to know each other, Xi Jin also discovered that hiding things from Mu Tian was impossible, and that with Xiaofeng's help, it wasn't hard for him to find out things, like her friendly relationship with Fei Lin. To her surprise, Rong Fei Lin was not only related to Mu Tian, as his late wife's younger brother, aka. his brother-in-law, but was also the only heir of Rong Enterprises.

But if it was so, why did a guy like Fei Lin wrap himself around somebody like her? Xi Jin could hardly understand.

Pondering for sometime, she felt that men like Rong Fei Lin, who had the money and the means, were usually bored to death seeing all those delicate beauties from entertainment industry. So, there was a possibility that he found her, a brash dirty little girl, who slurped noodles and drooled casually, fresh and fun to tease. Anyhow, she never felt that he was fond of her, so it didn't matter why he followed her around.

Compared to other men, Xi Jin felt Mu Tian treated her really well, and left little scope for her to complain. Although very busy, Mu Tian made sure to have dinner with her everyday, and rarely forced her to attend social engagements with him. He also pushed forth her official book signing contract and set a date for the publication of the book for that same year, which made Xi Jin feel as if spring came early, and luck had poured itself on her.

Towards marriage and love, Xi Jin clearly felt that she could still act indifferent and ignorant, but witnessing Mu Tian's contribution towards her novel’s publishing, it made her feel extremely grateful towards him. Even though the two had an intimate relationship, she had never acknowledged any good feelings towards him, but his grace and help, had made her truly respect and appreciate him.

Xi Jin was very clear that if she did not have Mu Tian standing beside her as steady as Mount Tai, even if she wrote outstandingly well, she wouldn't have been published. Moreover, it was under President Xi Mu Tian's influence that she was able to sell her novel's rights to Rong's Media Company for producing a feature film or drama in the near future. At her age, being publicly recognised was a dream come true, even if it only included a small section of the society.

But, unfortunately, the joy and excitement of her success was momentary. She could hardly escape the feeling of thieving or embezzling her husband in their loveless, convenient marriage, and bitterly tried to accept the truth of her situation.

Similarly, Xi Mu Tian too struggled through a faint sense of regret. He felt his regret was more like an overflowing cup of wine, which he wanted to stop drinking, but his greed for Xi Jin couldn't quench his thirst, especially after Xi Jin had told him she didn't love him, not even a little.

In his heart, Mu Tian knew he was a little disappointed knowing that his little drunk kitten did not like him, and might have become absolutely stingy in love, like Eugenie Grandet [1], either because of the shadow of her cheating ex, or simply because he seemed cold-hearted to her.

Mu Tian knew his little drunk kitten wasn't nothing like Rong Fei Luan, who from a very young age had liked to follow him everywhere. Even when her body wasn't good, her eyes would pursue him everywhere trying to will him to pursue her back. He knew how much she had liked and loved him, yet he had never ever wanted to marry her. But in his heart and mind, his little drunk kitten….. he felt differently about her.

[1] Eugenie Grandet was a famous character from a very famous french novel published in 1833 by the same name. She is a foolish-in-love character, who learns to survive on her own the hard way. The man she loves betrays and cheats her, and in the end of the novel she marries a wealthy man who dies shorty after, and at 33 years of age, she becomes a widow, who is childless and has a ton of money. And she is actually happy with her situation in the end. It's actually one of the first novels I read on love and relationships when I was still in college as it had a strong take on early feminism and women's choice. It's funny that this book mentioned her and I laughed hard when I understood the reference. I couldn't believe Mu Tian called Xi Jin 'Eugenie Grandet’, and compared himself to 'Cruchot des Bonfons', the rich husband she married for money, who dies in the end. I have realised Mu Tian has a dry sense of Humour, which I'm kinda digging at the moment. If anyone is interested in reading it, contact me coz I have a soft copy of it

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