Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 8.2


On the other side of the line, there was a moment of absolute silence. Sighing deeply, Hu Mei responded in a calm, sincere voice, "Jin, I think you are severely ill, please do not ignore it. If you have a high temperature, go to my bedside table and take an antibiotic. Drink lots of water, and go see the doctor first thing in the morning. Got it!"


Hearing Hu Mei's response, Xi Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry. Flustered red in embarrassment, Xi Jin retorted, "No, no… I'm fine.. really! I'm not playing around, I'm telling you the truth."

Holding the phone silently for half a days time, Hu Mei asked helplessly, "Jin, are you writing a bit for your novel, because in reality…. who would be blind enough to marry you!!?"

Pouting, Xi Jin looked at the man who sat leisurely, while reading the newspaper. Feeling ridiculous, she breathed deeply, "Hu Mei, what can I say, this is really happening."

Giving up on Xi Jin, Hu Mei laughed disbelievingly. She jested, "Jin, don't tell me, that the man who wants to marry you is extremely handsome, super rich, and has a 'lion-hearted spirit'… haha!"

Stunned by Hu Mei's constant sense of disbelief, Xi Jin felt frustrated, funny, confused, helpless, all at the same time. Before she could convince her anymore, Hu Mei cried impatiently "Xia Xi Jin, can we discuss this wonderful plot of your novel later… Please!? And you know what, if there is a man like that, who is blind enough to marry you, then I surrender, go get married. Now I have a fucking job to do. So, I'll call you back tomorrow, or maybe day after… I don't know. Bye!"

As she heard the phone being disconnected abruptly, Xi Jin started at the phone in utter disbelief. What just happened? Did Hu Mei just agree to my marriage? Or did she think I was kidding? She said 'yes' right!!?

Ignoring her puzzled look, Mu Tian interrupted her, as he put the newspaper down. "Done with the call?"

"Hmm. Yes. Done." Xi Jin nodded her head slightly.

"Great! Where's your resident ID?"

Seeing Mu Tian's eagerness, Xi Jin no longer bothered to reject whatever he was doing. Looking around the room, she asked curiously, "Where's my bag?"

Walking straight out of the room for a while, Mu Tian came back in, carrying a new branded handbag. As he handed it to her, he firmly stated, "I threw it away, it was filthy. Now all your belongings are in here. Okay?….I asked Xioafeng to get you a new one until you like something better."

Shocked by his blatant admission, Xi Jin shrieked, feeling extremely annoyed "What!! Threw it away?… Mu Tian, who the hell are you to throw my things away. Huh!!??"

Seeing her nearly jump at him in her unadulterated rage, his eyes couldn't resist admiring her small delicate body, her big fearless eyes, and her naked jade-skinned waist. The little kitten looked adorably irresistible, but her hair looked dirty, and messy.

No longer resisting the fire burning within his heart, Mu Tian snatched the handbag, picked her up, and jostled her on his shoulders.

Xi Jin, scared to death, by his shameless move, yelled angrily, "Mu Tian, you put me down right now…… Mu Tian, I want to go home, Leave me alone…. Let me go!!"

Ignoring her yells and her useless struggle, Mu Tian carried her straight into his bedroom strolling casually towards his bathroom, kicking the bathroom door open with a loud bang… Then, standing in front of the sweet-smelling, steaming hot jacuzzi, he tossed her playfully into it.

Smilingly smugly, Mu Tian leaned towards her wet body, and confessed in a low, sultry voice, "You seem really dirty, my Little wildcat. Let me help you clean yourself."


Not waiting for Xi Jin to react, Mu Tian tugged at her clothes, and undressed her in a blink of an eye.

Xi Jin's body blushed red in embarrassment, as she tried to cover herself pitifully with her tiny hands. But, Mu Tian wasn't bothered by her shyness, and hurriedly undressed himself next, throwing his clothes in a small pile, on top of her clothes next to the tub.

What is this man doing!!!!

Unable to deal with her embarrassment, Xi Jin felt like digging her head in the pool of water 'like an ostrich'. She didn't dare imagine what could happen next, and confronted him while avoiding his eyes, "Xi Mu Tian! We aren't married yet!"

Laughing heartily for a while, Xi Mu Tian whispered calmly, "How is this related to marriage. I just want to hold you."

After his cool breath tickled her ear, Xi Jin felt a sudden warmth spread on her back, as Mu Tian snaked his arms around her, embracing her naked body, and sticking hers closely to his. Soon, the two bodies became inseparable in the hot, steamy water.

Closing her eyes tightly to block out this dream-like reality, Xi Jin tried her best to put an end to this spring-like dream.

Although this wasn't their first time being this intimate, her drunken state that night had made her bold and unconscious of his and her actions, but right now, things seemed very different….

Mu Tians hand gently stroked the curves of her body, moving his hands along her soft peaks, towards her belly, and down to her soft flesh, caressing her neither heavily nor lightly, in sync with the pressure of the warm, comforting water. As each of his moves made her tremble repeatedly, Xi Jin lost all sense of reality, closing her eyes tightly.

Seeing her shy away from their moment of intimacy, Mu Tian leaned in her ear, whispering words that carried his hot, steamy breath into her itching, sensitive ears. "My little drunk kitten, open your eyes and look at me…I'm your man."

Listening to his sultry, hoarse words, Xi Jin gasped in pleasure. She opened her eyes, and gazed deep in the eyes of her man. His eyes blazed fire and desire, reflecting her face in his fierce eyes. At that moment, all he held in eyes, was her, only her.

As Mu Tian lifted her in position, he gently held her waist, and lowered Xi Jin slowly onto his waiting, eager hardness, making her moan irresistibly, 'ahhh…………………'

T/N: The author I believe is a sadist who likes to leave these ESSENTIAL_TO_MY_LIFE_SCENES on purpose. I think, when I’ll finish translating this novel, I’m gonna write a fan-smut myself. I’ll use all my perverted knowledge wisely and make readers have nosebleeds. And the story would be cool as fuck too.. Maybe I’ll take advise from you guys about the genre of the novel. Anyway, right now XXJ & XMT are married 100% in practice, and 0% in theory. If You Know What I Mean!😜 😜 😎 😎