Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 8.1

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When Xi Jin said that she didn't love him, the veins on Mu Tian's forehead popped out green with rage. If not for her utterly confused, innocent face, he would have strangled this little kitten to death, on an impulse.

Usually, Mu Tian was known for his patience and composure in the commercial industry, but at the moment, this little kitten was testing his self-control too much, trying to quaff the patience out of this saint.

To afraid to say anything, Xi Jin hesitantly raised her head to read his expression, when Mu Tian captured her with his own body. With one hand holding the back of her lean neck, and the other, pressing her down on the bed, his hot, wet kisses captivated her sweet luscious red mouth.

The kisses were nothing like the ones they had shared before. Pouring all his anger, and frustration in them, Mu Tian deepened every kiss he could, sucking on her delicious tongue and lips, unwilling to separate himself from her. His intensity made Xi Jin's heart thump erratically in chaos, and mind dazed and dizzy…

As he let go of her after the longest time, her small face blushed red as a beet root, and gasped for fresh air, staring at the man whose fiery expression from earlier, had calmed down considerably.


Unexpectedly, the growling of Xi Jin's empty stomach echoed clearly in the quietness of his large room. Mu Tian, seeing her embarrassed face, chuckled softly. Patting her head gently, he jested, "Since it seems like you've agreed. Mrs. Xi, let's go for dinner."

"Mrs. Xi?" What!!

Hearing him call her like this, discomfort grew in Xi Jin's heart. She couldn't adapt to this 'new' title in a jiffy, and all this seemed to way to forced to her. But, before she could voice her discontent, Mu tian grabbed her hand, and pulled her out of the bed for dinner.

Flustered by his unabashed behaviour, she tried to shake-off his hand, and anxiously spluttered, "President Xi… hey…Xi Mu Tian…. let me go!!

However, she momentarily discovered that, as long as Mu Tian had thought of doing something, it was impossible for him to not do it.

Being hurriedly pulled out of the room and down the opulent staircase, through the luxuriously glass panelled corridor, Xi Jin no longer wasted her breath and chose to admire this beautiful villa, that was glamorously bathed in the iridescent light from the gorgeous crystal chandeliers.

Reaching the door of the dinning hall, Mu Tian led Xi Jin to the long rectangular dinner table, that had candles lit over it, as the dullness of the lights in the hall mixed with brightness of the candles, created a dream-like ambience. Siting down, Xi Jin blinked a few times, trying to accept this reality.

Soon, a few servers wearing sharp uniforms came in carrying several western dishes. Looking at the daunting cutlery at the table, Xi Jin felt out of sorts, as she had never indulged herself in western food or dinning.

The difference between their lifestyles was just too stark to ignore. So, Xi Jin felt that Mr. fancy pants had simply lost his marbles, to ask for her hand in marriage.

Sensing her awkwardness, Mu Tian stood up and walked over to her seat. Gently leaning from behind her, he held her hands, and taught her how to use the cutlery. His hands were nice, soft and warm, spreading a feeling of peace and calm in her restless heart.

Mu Tian taught her patiently, just like a father to his children. He was serious in teaching her the technique, even if the little kitten was slightly reluctant, and mostly struggled through her meal. Tired from putting so much effort in finishing her meal, she put down her cutlery, and hesitantly asked, "Do you eat such meals, everyday?"

Puzzled by her question, Mu Tian frowned, "Why? You do not like western cuisine, or do you prefer Chinese instead?… What would you like to eat? Is it Cantonese, or maybe Hangzhou cuisine?"

Once again, Xi Jin felt that the distance between them was way too big, that they could barely communicate their feelings, forget understanding them. This would only cause problem in the future if they married, so she decided to be frank, and firmly stated, "I like to eat basic homemade dishes like, fish, pork chops, plain rice, tomato soup…"

"That's simple. Done! I promise you that every meal would be like this."

Momentarily, dumfounded by his instant approval, Xi Jin hurriedly retorted, "I mean, occasionally we can eat such meals, but normally we could eat other things."

Xi Jin sighed in relief, after she said this, since eating such meals everyday would have definitely given her severe nausea. This man had to be kidding, right!?

But reading her thoughts, Mu Tian interrupted, "You are too thin, so you need to eat nutritious meals everyday. I'll personally look into it. Anyway, give me your resident ID card, tomorrow we'll need to register our marriage."


Blinking anxiously, Xi Jin couldn't understand why he was in such a hurry. She felt like he was already bulldozing her with his marriage proposal, and now his insistence on hurrying with registration, made Xi Jin reconsider her decision to be his wife.

Suddenly, she realised that in such a situation, she could only depend on Hu Mei's advise, because she would surely not leave her in dire straits.

Thinking things through, she said to him in a small voice, "Umm… Mu Tian, about the marriage, I think I would like to consult my best friend."

Raising his eyebrow, Mu tian couldn't help widen his smirk. Taking her hand in his, he led her out of the dining hall towards his plush living room. Siting on the expensive couch, he handed her the phone, stating matter of factly, "Call her now. I do not like waiting."

"uh.. okay."

Staring at the phone for a while, Xi Jin slowly pressed the digits of Hu Mei's cellphone. Placing the speaker carefully on her ear, she heard the phone ring twice, before she picked up. "Hello, this is Hu Mei. How may I help you?"

Listening to Hu Mei's pleasant and crisp voice, instead of her brash usual self, Xi Jin felt nervous and swallowed her saliva. Sneaking a quick peak at the leisurely sitting man in front, she cowardly squeaked, "Hu Mei, This is Xi Jin."

Sounding busy, she immediately replied, "Xia Xi Jin, what is it, why did you call? Did you get sick? Be quick, I'm in the middle of something. Do you need money, or did that Zhou Hang come to find you? That fucking moron, wait till I, this old mother teaches him a lesson…."

Suddenly hearing her ex's name, Xi Jin felt really embarrassed and clutched the phone in her hand tighter. She stopped Hu Mei before she could say more, and answered, "No, nothing like that…. Hu Mei, It's just that… I’m getting married."

T/n: I can understand Hu Mei’s feeling at that last sentence, especially because last month my best friend did the same thing to me. So, she was setup with this guy on a blind date by her parents, and they liked each other instantly. They even decided to get married the very same day. When she told me this, I choked on my milkshake, and had milk running down my nostrils. Sadly, she’s getting married this fall, and I don’t feel like giving her a wedding gift. TRAITOR!!! I don’t even know the guy.