Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 7

AS PROMISED A COMPLETE CHAP 7. Oh man! I think I died and reincarnated thrice, translating this chapter… phew!! Enjoy, Greaders, Enjoy!! Anyway, the part you’ve been waiting for begins here…..

Xia Xi Jin couldn't resist the advances of this daring man, as she basked in the heat of his passionate kisses and firm, sultry embrace. Baffled by the scene at play, her eyes remained wide open, as panic oozed out of her heart…..

Seeing her at such a close distance, Mu Tian couldn't believe how young she looked. As he sensed her slightly shudder, his eyes settled on her soft, jade-like face, that revealed tiny little goosebumps. Even in this state, she looked so delicious, reminding him of her luscious plump red lips, that tasted as sweet as the first time he had her.

Mu Tian couldn't deny that all this while, his mind was preoccupied by the thoughts of this little drunk kitten, and at the moment, her oozing tenderness made it hard to control his natural urges.

But seeing her like this, slightly unwilling and mostly scared, he couldn't force her any longer. So, he let go of her face, moved over, and snuggled her into his sitting lap. Since, he didn't want to dawdle around the subject anymore, he asked her straight-forwardly, "What is your relationship with Fei Lin?"

"Huh? What?" Xia Xi Jin's brain, all muffled, barely registered what he said. Confused, and breathless from their make-out session, she breathed uneasily, "Fei Lin….? Rong Fei Lin..!? You know him… too?"

Realising that she was muddle-headed, he softly held her chin, and pulled her face towards his, looking straight in her eyes. He didn't want her to avoid him, or dodge his question. "I'm asking you, what is Rong Fei Lin to you? Your Boyfriend?

He eyes urged her to answer his question, as his tone carried hints of jealousy, and sourness, which he wasn't aware of himself. He deeply cared about what her answer was at the end, even if he acted impressively nonchalant.

Xi Jin suddenly became aware of the situation. This man, simply wasn't interested in publishing her novel, and wanted to hold her indebted to him, as he tried his best to intrude in her private life. To her, this was simply unacceptable, and she wanted to leave right-away.

Wanting to break free, Xi Jin involuntarily squirmed in his lap. Reacting to the slightest of movement down below, Mu Tian satisfactorily hummed in her ear in a low sultry voice, "It seems like you want me too, ah!?"

Seeing him smirk slyly, Xi Jin became aware of his hardness rubbing into her soft spot. She flushed tomato red, and struggled to get off, as she gritted her teeth in vehemence, "You! Let me go..!".

Xi Mu Tian did not resist this time, and just let her go. Retrieving her bag, she rushed towards the door, and pulled it hard several times, but the door didn’t budge open.

Turning her head back towards the man on the sofa, who acted all nonchalant, comfortable, and elegant, she saw a fierce look streak his eyes, and an empty smile split on his face, that inexplicably warned her, that the big bad wolf was going to play with this little rabbit before he ate her.

Calming her raging heart, Xi Jin closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, revealing a bold and resolute expression when she opened them. After a moment’s silence, she hotly declared, "Mr. President. I do not believe that you and I have anything to do with each other. So, my personal life is none of your business. Besides, I was here on business, and since I don't see you negotiating a deal on my novel, I would request you to not waste any more of your precious time, and let me go."

Hearing her words, an ice-cold gleam flashed in his bottomless eyes. Mu Tian laughed coldly and sneered, " Nothing to do with each other!? Hmm… But I clearly do remember that you did a lot with me 'that' night. Its seems to me, that we were fairly connected. Won't you agree?"

His undiluted words made Xi Jin extremely embarrassed, and made her falter in her response. She spoke hesitantly, "That… 'that' night…. I was really drunk… I… It's wasn't like we weren't equally responsible… and it ended in a fair transaction…."

As Xi Jin spoke the last sentence, she immediately shut her mouth. She could sense that hearing her last few words, Mu Tian's face had sunk real low in an inexplicable darkness. So, she did not open her mouth again, as she had no idea what this man was capable of.

In his mind, Xi Jin's words had angered him to death. He never wanted to hear her call their intimate relationship as a monetary transaction, especially when he knew that he desired her too much, and wanted them to continue this relationship.

Regaining his composure, Mu Tian stood up, and walked next to Xi Jin, who was standing in front of the closed door. As he came near her, Xi Jin jumped two steps away, struggling to hide in some tiny corner.

Ignoring her unwillingness, he grabbed her hand, and pulled her towards his writing desk. He lifted her up, and seated her on his ‘boss’ chair, while taking a pen out, as he gently commanded, " You sit here, write something about yourself, while I go attend this meeting for a while. Okay."

Left by herself, Xi Jin was simply shocked by this man's mercurial temperament. He left her alone, in here! What! And why!? Not making head or tail of the situation, XI Jin remained seated and lost, until she heard a soft *knock**knock* on the door, as she saw a beautiful woman enter the office, holding a delicate tray of snacks.

Seeing her seated at the President's table, the beautiful secretary could barely hide her surprise. Hurriedly, she laid down the tray of snacks on the table, that contained a glass of hot milk, and a box of Tiramisu pastries, as she smiled courteously towards Xi Jin, and turned to leave dutifully.

Xi Jin stared at the delicious milk and pastries for a half a day, before she could no longer resist her saliva from slobbering the president's table. The smell of the Tiramisu had churned her stomach empty, as she remembered that she actually forgot to have her breakfast in the morning.

Since she skipped her meal, she felt, it was only right that she ate these snacks, replenish her body, and resume talks with him later! So, turning her attention to the snacks, she gobbled up the pastries, quickly drank the hot milk, and let out a tiny burp…

Satiating her hunger, Xi Jin felt absolutely drowsy, and could barely keep her eyelids open, as she wasn't accustomed to staying up in the day, while she wrote throughout the night. So, the bright ambience of the luxurious office, and the warmth of the sun on her back, made her stretch her lazy waist, and spread half of herself on the president's table, while relaxing the lower half, seated on his chair. Soon, she fell in a deep slumber, and continued to play chess with Zhou Gong.
(T/N: "play chess with Zhou Gong" (与周公下棋)is used to refer to the state of being asleep and dreaming blissfully. Duke of Zhou was considered as one of the founding fathers of the Zhou Dynasty. He helped expand the Zhou territory to such an extent that it could be compared to modern France. His personal philosophy and merit had impressed Confucius so much, that Confucius would often dream about Zhou Gong. Hence, the use of this Chinese idiom.)

When Xi Mu Tian came in, he saw the little kitten sprawled on his desk, sleeping soundly. Her sleeping posture was extremely awkward, as she lightly snored, and slobbered his documents with her saliva. But, to Mu Tian, she was still a cute little beauty, who was clawing his heart with her cute paws .

Maybe human beings were like that, who would always find that a certain someone, who was ridiculous to others, but absolutely lovely to them. Thinking so, Mu Tian lifted her up from the chair carefully, as the little kitten adjusted herself in his embrace, and rubbed her face against his chest, enjoying his warmth and fresh fragrance.

A while later, President Xi Mu Tian carried the little kitten inside his room, placed her gently on the bed, and helped cover her delicate body, with the duvet. Xi Jin, in her deep slumber, seemed to enjoy the comfortable bed, as she quickly turned over, and snuggled around the fluffy pillows. Hu Mei had once said, " Xi Jin was the reincarnation of a dead pig, once asleep, she wouldn't get to know when she was sold and slaughtered.” The situation, at the moment, seemed much like that.

Sitting beside her, Mu Tian removed a few strands of hair that had been sticking to the side of her face. Her face was exactly like, the first time he had met her, delicately distinct and beautiful. After observing her for the longest time, Mu Tian decided to turn away and leave.

In all honesty, this time, Xiaofeng did not understand what were his boss's intentions. Although, the former mistress had passed away for so many years, the president had never acted this way. Perhaps, he was struck by the cupid's arrow and fell for Xi Jin, who was nothing but a common silly girl. But Xiaofeng wasn't ready to believe that, even if he knew that the president since 'that' night hadn't acted the same way, in matters regarding this little woman.

Moreover, Xiaofen was stunned by his master's gentle actions towards the woman. This follow-up scenario to 'that' night's incident was just too powerful and so it wasn’t wise to ignore the possibility, that Miss Xia could actually be the next Mrs. President!

Perhaps the bed was just too comfortable for Xi Jin, that when she woke up, the sun had already set, and the walls were bathed in dim yellow lights, which only made the whole room feel rather warm and cosy. Blinking her eyes a few time, and then rubbing them a little sore, she mumbled, "Where am I?"

"You're at my house, and finally you're up. For a moment there, I thought you would sleep until the next morning."

As she heard his deep, calm voice, Xi Jin turned her eyes towards Mu tian, who sat in an armchair placed, right at the front of the scenic window. Unsettled by the feeling of being at his place, she couldn't understand how matters related to publishing of her novel, landed her in his bed, yet again! Feeling helpless and absolutely frustrated, she wanted to pull out all her hair on her head.

But even if she was really stupid, at the moment, she understood that this dignified president's intentions were not pure anymore. Was it money or was it sex, she couldn't understand what he wanted in the end. He was a magnificent man, what could he possibly want from her? Unwilling to beat around the bush, she asked directly, "Mr. President, what is it that you want from me in the end?"

"Xi Mu Tian, call me Xi Mu Tian." he urged her willingly.

Flushed pink by his response, Xi Jin felt embarrassed by his sudden request. According to her, calling him by his name, was just too intimate, and so she decided to call him President Xi. Clearing her throat, she asked once again, a bit more firmly, "ahem, ahem…President Xi, can you please tell me, what is it that you want from me?"

Hearing her question, in the dim warm light, Mu tian's eyes shone brightly, he answered resolutely, "I am Xi Mu Tian, 36 years old, a widower, my parents are deceased, I have a few assists, and Miss Xia Xi Jin I want to marry you."

"WHAT!!??" Xia Xi Jin's ears popped at his bold declaration. Shocked to the end of her wits, Xi Jin couldn't believe he asked her to marry her! And what few assets!?Wasn't he being too damn humble. If what he owned was considered 'few' or 'little', then she couldn't even compare herself to a beggar. Anyway, she felt his admission was too abrupt, and had left Xi Jin speechless, at the moment.

Well aware of Xi Jin's reluctance towards such a marriage, Mu Tian did not want to give her any chance to resist his offer. Since the beginning of his life, what he wanted, could only belong to him. Thus, he chose to use every trick up his sleeve to have her marry him, even if it was on an impulse.

Luring her to not miss this opportunity, he prodded, "If you marry me, you can continue writing your novels, and I guarantee you that I will not interfere. More importantly, I'll help resolve all the issues related to the Sacred Heart Orphanage."

Stunned by his offer, she immediately enquired, "How did you know about the orphanage?"

But, recalling her little conversation with Hu Mei, she remembered that it was indeed Xi enterprises, that had wanted to relocate the orphanage to build a General Hospital.

Mu Tian couldn't believe that he was being this ridiculous, in wooing this little kitten into marrying him. But he knew that to seal the deal, such measures were relatively effective and necessary, as he didn't wish to waste any more time.

Thinking about his next move, Mu Tian stood up and walked towards her, on the bed. Under the dim light, his tall, muscular body, approached her slowly, exhibiting a lazy charm. He leaned right in front of her, and using a hoarse, but sultry, low tone, he sincerely promised, "As long as you marry me, I guarantee that in this lifetime, unconditional donations would be made to the Scared Heart Orphanage, and all the children there, would get free medical assistance around the clock, at any Xi hospital."

Affected by his words, Xi Jin couldn't understand something, and asked him, "Why do you want to marry me? I don't think I'm worthy of you, or your time and efforts."

Mu Tian chuckled hearing her self-depreciating response, and answered, "Well, I don't know either…

The silence, after their small conversation, made the whole room awkward. Xi Jin's face was already heating up by his close proximity on her bed, as if, she could almost feel his warm breath on her skin. But relying on her instinct, she pulled herself back, before saying what she had to. Mustering up the courage once again, she mumbled, "But… but, I do not love you…."

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