Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 6.3

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When she heard that Xiaofeng had invited her to meet the President, the last glimmer of hope in Xi Jin's heart, left her. Momentarily, she pondered, why was she the one who was so scared to run away? She did not owe anyone anything! The two of them were equally involved in 'that' nights incident. Then why couldn't he accept this gracefully, and forget settling any debts with her?

Anyway, the purpose of her visit today, was for conducting official business regarding the publishing of her novel, so there was no need for her to be afraid. She needed to meet this man to get her work published, so she could rake millions. Assuming that Hu Mei would have called her an idiot for acting like this at the moment, she couldn't agree with Hu Mei more. But, wasn't this her only option?

Taking a few deep breaths, Xi Jin tried to calm down the rumbling thunder in her heart, as she absentmindedly reached, a heavy-looking, mahogany door. Startled, she heard two gentle knocks on the door, followed by Xiaofen's voice,

"President, Miss Xia is here."

Being gestured to go inside, Xi Jin had hesitantly took two small steps inside the room, when the door behind her shut soundly. What!! Why did he shut the door? Xi Jin helplessly lifted her head, when she was met by a a pair of bottomless eyes of a familiar-looking man. Stunned by the image, her mind flashed vague memories of the man 'that' night, who emitted a similar powerful aura, like the man sitting in front of her.

Regaining herself, her eyes travelled around the room. The lighting in the room was magnificent, bathing everything in its way, through those giant glass windows. The huge space of the office felt bright, spotless, elegantly distinct, while giving-off an elusive feel of luxury. The design was utilitarian, but modern, with cool undertone furnishings, that matched the man, who sat in it.

Surprisingly, the man in front of her, did not seat himself on the chair behind his work desk, but sat comfortably, on a the leather sofa. His long, sturdy legs were crossed leisurely, while a cigarette, dangling on the corner of his lips, exuded faint wisps of curling smoke. Those deep-set eyes, pierced through her weakening courage, as she couldn't help buckle her fingers tightly around the straps of her shoulder bag.

Despairingly, she blinked a couple of times, before settling her eyes on the man's superior face. Xi Jin wasn't a stupid woman, seeing this man, she understood that he could not be provoked, even in the slightest. So, she didn’t act hastily, and let him study her, make his judgments, as she felt his eyes on her.

Mu Tian felt a sense of disgust, examining her dressed, in a pair of old tattered trousers, a plain, faded shirt, and a pair of soiled, worn-out shoes. He couldn't understand how this woman managed to look so sloppy, every-time he met her. But, he couldn't deny the fact, that seeing her little face, which always seemed so clean and precious, comforted his heart so much, that he couldn’t resist her standing there, away from him, any longer. So, stubbing his cigarette in the ashtray, he lightly commanded,

"Come here."


As Xi Jin casually walked right next to him, she belatedly realised what she had done. Why the hell did you listen to him? she admonished herself, and decided to make a hasty retreat instead. But, as she took a step back, a sturdy hand grabbed her wrist firmly, and pulled her towards him.

Unable to grasp the situation, Xi Jin dazedly looked at those blazing hungry eyes, as she lay below Mu Tian on the sofa. The next second, she felt her mouth being heatedly captured and pried open, by this man, whose body embraced her tightly enough to not let her get away……

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