Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 6.2

When Xia Xi Jin received the phone call that evening, she was left dumbfounded. In her lost stupor, she didn’t recognise that the person on the line, was none other than, Special Assistant, Yang Xiaofeng. After confirming the date and time, she hurriedly, hung up the phone.

Suddenly remembering, that she had only taken down the address of the publishing company, but not their name, she felt a little helpless. However, realising that she was in no position to choose who she wanted to be published under, she couldn’t afford to loose this opportunity. Excited, she danced around the house for a half a day, without being aware of her best friends’ absence.

Around dinner time, she felt the house was too quiet, and waited for Hu Mei’s return. Coincidentally, turning towards the coffee table, her eyes fell on a scribbled yellow post-it note. It read, “Sleepy Pig, I am going on a business trip scheduled for the whole month, so do not wait for me. Remember to eat proper meals, do not rely on instant noodles, and sleep on time. If your heart feels uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact a doctor- Take care, Hu Mei.”

Xi Jin read the note twice, and pouted. Since childhood, Xi Jin’s heart had been weak, but the doctors had insisted that, as she would grow older, the condition would gradually improve. Although, she had the congenital defect since birth, growing up, she had never fallen ill severely.  But, dean mother and Hu Mei were watchful of her, and would nag endlessly, forbidding her from doing things that would negatively impact her, like spending the day with Rong Fei Lin at the amusement park. 

That day, she was seriously worried that her heart had been stimulated so crazy by the scary rides, that her condition would have worsened anytime. But, in the end, she came out alright.

Holding the address in her hands again, Xi Jin swirled around in excitement. She, absentmindedly, counted on her fingertips, the money that she would make if the book became popular, and wondered, if she would become a best seller author soon.

Recalling, how envious she was, to see lines and lines of readers, waiting for various authors signature at the bookstore, Xi Jin felt that, for the first time, she too was closer to her dream of signing copies of her novel in her fans hands.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Witnessing the magnificence of the scene in front, Xi Jin couldn’t believe her eyes. A brilliant skyscraper hid itself in the clouds, while its glass panels shone brightly around all four sides, illuminated into glory, by the blazing summer sun. At the top, two words were engraved that emitted virtual strength and pride, as she heavily breathed the name, “Rong Enterprises.”

Although Xi Jin mostly lived like a hermit, almost separated from the outside world, she still knew about Rong Enterprises. It was a powerful corporation in the entertainment industry, of which, both Hu Mei and Zhou Hang had been a part since graduation. Zhou Hang’s publishing company, and Hu Mei PR company were both subsidiaries of Rong Enterprises. So, she knew the ‘might’ of this company.

Checking the address once again, Xi Jin carefully compared the address with that on the top of the building. Confirming that there was no mistake, she suddenly felt depressed, and wanted to turn, and leave. But, she stopped. 

In her heart, Xi Jin searched for her strength, to move forward, since publishing the novel meant everything, especially when she was already here. Thinking, ‘maybe my luck might work’, she took a deep breath, and decided to test her luck.

Checking her attire once more, which was naturally worlds apart from those, who belonged to this elite world, Xi Jin walked, with a deep sense of courage, towards the receptionist.

Glancing over at Xi Jin, the receptionist hid her surprise and did not reveal the slightest look of contempt.

When Xi Jin explained to her the purpose of her visit, the receptionist, courteously, led her directly to a private elevator, and pressed the call button, motioning Xi Jin to enter, “Please Miss Xia, they are waiting for you on the 30th floor.”

“30th floor?”

Slightly stunned, Xi Jin stole a quick glance around the elevator as she got in. The sharp yellow lights inside the elevator, only increased the tension in her heart. Biting her lips, she waited to reach her destination. As the elevator stopped at the designated floor, the doors opened, revealing a familiar looking man, that was Special Assistant, Yang Xiaofeng.

Shocked to the limits of her wits, Xi Jin immediately recognised the face of this man. While his face seemed calm, to Xin Jin, it looked more like a pale ghost, whom she wanted to run away from, that to somewhere far-far away.

She felt this scenario was absolutely ridiculous. She had no idea, that the so-called President would be provoked to, such an extent, by ‘that’ night’s incident, that he would corner her in this way. She knew it was too late to run now.

As if he had read her mind, Xiaofeng slightly stepped forward, and respectfully gestured, “Miss Xia, please come with me. The president is waiting for you.”