Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 6.1

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"Xi Mu Tian, when this, Laozhong and old master Rong were struggling to build this Rong empire, you were a just little prince wearing diapers, and today, you want me to retreat from my position, just try!"

Startled by the aggrieved voice, President Xi deeply frowned, as he raised his head to see who had caused the ruckus.

He put is his pen down, as he saw Xiaofeng trying to turn away the old executive, and motioned Xiaofeng with his hand, "Let him stay."

When Han Zhongkun had heard that his position was under-threat, he rushed fumingly to meet this 'new' Managing Director. Possibly afraid of his previous position and prestige, the security did not stop him from making a trip to the 30th floor, straight to the big boss.

Han Zhongkun was one of Rong Honsheng's oldest advisor in the company. It was true that they had struggled together to bring the company glory and fame, but when it was time to share the spoils, Rong Hongsheng eliminated the competition, and took the company's throne for himself. He hated him for this.

But now, when Hongsheng was at his weakest, Han Zhongkun wanted to stay close to grab the opportunity for himself. He had done too much to keep his position, how could could he let Mu Tian, the new MD, succeed.

Walking towards his work desk, Han Zhongkun threw the file in front of Mu Tian, and snapped, "Xi Mu Tian, what is the meaning of this? Why have I been transferred to Vietnamese branch? Does the MD want to make me 'wear tight shoes'? This command, I will simply not accept." (T/n: to make someone ‘wear tight shoes’ means to make things difficult for someone)

"Do not accept!? Okay, I see, Han laozhong isn't young anymore, maybe it would be better for you to enjoy your time with your grandchildren at home", Mu Tian replied nonchalantly.

"Xi Mu Tian, you dare….." Hang Zhongun spitted vehemently.

Seeing Han Zhongkun's old face flushed with anger, Mu Tian pulled a pile of documents from his drawer, and threw it on table, "Or are you ready to speak publicly about these?"

Hurriedly, Han Zhongkun picked up the document, and opened it. Upon a single glance, his old face whitened, as he as fiercely gritted, " President Xi Mu Tian, you are ruthless, I'll leave."

As he made his way to the door, he stopped before exiting, and continued, " Your great father-in-law knows best how to 'wear and tear a donkey'. Xi Mu Tian, I'll wait and see how your, Rongjia Gu Ye's, fate turns out." Smirking slyly, he left. (T/n: ‘wear and tear a donkey’= to use someone and drag them away/ eliminate them)

Getting back to his previous work, President Xi, without raising his head, ordered, "Xiaofeng, dismiss everyone from security on 30th floor, and replace them urgently."

Xiaofeng promptly replied, "Yes, President."

But before complying with President's new orders, Xiaofeng handed a brief file to Mu Tian, "President, this is Miss Xia's detailed personal information."

Raising his eyebrow, Mu Tian turned the file open expectantly. Going through a few pages, he asked, "Sacred Heart Orphanage, why does it seem familiar?"

Xiaofeng briefly responded, " Last year, we bought a strip of a land in the suburbs, to start the project for building the General Hospital. We had acquired the deeds of several households in that neighbourhood, and compensated them well, but this orphanage disagreed with the compensation, and weren't ready to relocate. Ever since there has been a deadlock between Xi's and the dean of the orphanage. The dean isn't ready to negotiate. In addition, Xi Xia Jin, is one of the orphans from that place…"

Waiting for Xiaofeng to continue, President Xi raised his head, looking at him impatiently.

Slightly hesitant, xioafeng continued briefly, "The $100,000 that you ordered me to present her, Miss Xia anonymously donated it to this orphanage. Since it was transferred directly from our your personal account, so the recipient of the money was clearly stated."

Mu Tian slightly nodded at this piece of information, and continued to look at the brief info of Hu Mei. Xiaofeng continued to explain, " This woman is Miss Xia's close friend, who grew up with her at the orphanage since they were infants. She is in the Public Relations department at Rong Enterprises."

While Mu Tian secretly admired Xiaofeng's skill on researching, he heard Xioafeng mention Xia Xi jinn's, first and only boyfriend, Zhou Hang.

As he felt chill run through his back, Xiaofeng quickly explained, "A few days ago, he reportedly got married to another woman, who was also their former classmate."

This revelation made Mu Tian think about 'that' night, and how the little drunk kitten had kept wailing about men being terrible, and how much she hated them. Certainly, this was the reason, he thought.

He briskly closed the file, and firmly enquired, "How does Rong Fei Lin know her?"

Xiafeng shook his head, and responded, "This is something even I found strange. These two people have no connections to each other whatsoever, and hence, their conditions for knowing each other are really mysterious at this point."

Hearing Xiaofeng's response, Mu Tian tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table. Pondering for a while, he said, "Fine, then go and arrange a meeting for Miss Xia to come here at noon, tomorrow. Inform her, the company needs to talk about the publication of her novel."

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