Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 5.1

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Late in the evening, Xi Mu Tian walked out of Rong Headquaters, and sat in his chauffeured Black Bentley. Pinching the bridge between his eyebrows, he enquired, "Tomorrow's conference, has it been announced to the executive branches?"

Answering promptly, Xioafeng replied, "Yes, President. All executive branches have been informed about the meeting. They know you'll be addressing them personally."

Before continuing, Xiaofeng slightly hesitated, "President, will you really relieve those few executives of their duties at the company? Rong Enterprises, is nothing like our Xi, these people have followed the old master since the beginning, and have a decent status in the society. Won't they try and challenge your authority?"

His eyes flashing the coldest of gleams, Mu Tian snorted, "Challenge me?… What the company needs right now is stability and profit, not men with status. I've studied Rong's structure and performance closely, on the surface, it emits glory, but on the inside, its rotting. Since father-in-law has given me the authority, I shall do my best to restructure it and generate maximum profits."

He further added, "Neither do I believe in working for charity, nor do I believed in making my employees suffer due to the incompetency of the top level. Rong's is not a non-profit organisation, it needs to be restructured to bring in stable profits."

Finishing what needed to be said, Mu Tian's eyes absentmindedly landed on the scene outside. Lifting his hand, he calmly motioned Old Liu, "stop the car."

Old Lui parked the car on the side, and let Mu Tian step out. Breathing in the familiar breeze, he saw the cherry blossom petals flutter in the light breeze. This scene was too familiar, it made him think of the little drunk kitten; her words, her warm embrace, the kiss, and her delicate body blushing at his every touch. Like the cherry blossoms at night, the little kitten had bloomed in his arms. Unknowingly, this beautiful memory had etched itself in his heart, and at the moment, it made him squirm uncomfortably.

What! Mu Tian was secretly stunned by the sudden physiological change in his body. Recently, he had been extremely busy with the two companies, and hadn't got any time to indulge in women to relieve his bodily stress. (T/N: LOL, now we know master does not rely on his hands 😜) Maybe, it was time I took a break, Mu Tian pondered, while getting back in the car.

A while later, the car turned to a gorgeous driveway of a luxurious European style villa. As the heavy wrought-iron gates automatically opened, Xi Mu Tian saw the shadow of man standing next to the pillars. Mu Tian couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at the person. Rolling the window down, he jested to the man, "You really a rare sight, Rong Fei Lin. Come on, get in the car."

Rong Fei Lin, sitting leisurely in Mu Tian's extravagant living room, saw him pour out two glasses of the finest wine, from his private bar. Sauntering over to Fei Lin, Mu Tian handed him a heavy crystal wine glass. Teasingly, he asked, "How come you're back? I thought you ran away to the remotest corner of the world. Father-in-law was really annoyed, said he would break you legs, even if he caught your shadow lurking around."

Sensing the humour in Mu Tian's tone, Rong Fei Lin helplessly glanced around the luxurious, yet extremely cold feeling living room. The place was like a ice-house, giving you chills, even in hottest days. It was this man, Mu Tian's aura, that shook everything. But, Fei Lin had to admit that while Mu Tian was high and dandy as a man, as a brother-in-law, he had been very considerate towards him.

Moreover, Rong Fei was self-aware of his status, he knew he did not have a legitimate claim on the business, even if he was the only son. He couldn't do anything about it. He neither had the capacity, nor the interest, to lead Rong enterprises. So, seeing Mu Tian taking his position instead, he did not really mind it, as his brother-in-law was extremely capable.

Observing Rong Fei's introspective look, Mu Tian cut his thoughts, "What's gotten into you? Did you get enlightened recently?"

"Enlightened!?" Ha! The image of Xia Xi Jin, in her birds-nest looking bedhead, scolding him, came to his mind. He couldn't help laugh out loud, and replied, "No, not really. It's just that I've been seeing a funny little girl lately."

Mu Tian frowned deeply. "Do you really not intend on coming back to Rong Enterprises?", he asked, and added,"Father-in-law's health is getting worse by the day. You're his only son, Fei Lin. Sooner, or later, you will inherit everything, even the company, you won't be able to hide away then. You might as well start thinking carefully, and for god sake's, help me handle this hot potato!"

Hearing Mu Tian's words, Rong Fei couldn't help but smirk slyly, "Who says I can't hide! And other than me, this only child of the great emperor Rong, doesn't he also have you, 'our family's great Gu Ye', Xi Mu Tian." (T/N: Gu ye= son-in-law)

While take another sip, he blatantly added, "And brother-in-law, everyone knows how much you like making money, and how much I like spending it. We both should stick to doing what we like, don't you think so?"

Shaking his head in defeat, Mu Tian chuckled, "Tell me why did you look for me today? Did father Rong freeze your credit card again, or did you make trouble somewhere, and need your brother-in-law to settle it?"

Finding his brother-in-laws words funny, Rong Fei Lin laughed, "Personally, I did not feel it before, but today, after seeing your attitude, I've realised, that brother-in-law is indeed powerful. Father Rong is worrying for no reason at all!"

Handing the wine-glass back to Mu Tian, Rong Fei Lin stood up. "I'll take my leave then, brother-in-law."

As he turned to leave, he suddenly remembered something. Picking an apple from the fruit bowl on the table near the exit, he urged Mu Tian, "Brother-in-law, I have a friend who writes incredible novels, and I've personally read some of her manuscripts. I've sent one to your inbox. Please see if you could help her."

Mu Tian responded with a smile, "Is it from that funny little girl you were mentioning just now? How? Has your taste changed in women?"

Scratching his head, Fei Lin earnestly answered, "Brother-in-law, in short, please take a look! The girl writes really well, but she never had the opportunity to showcase it. I'm just asking you to read it, I know this won't violate your work ethics."

Saying what he had to, Rong Fei Lin waved a hand to Mu Tian, and left.

A while later, Mu Tian entered his study, in his bathrobe, after taking a relaxing shower. He sat in front of his computer, and remembered Rong Fei's request. So, he went online and checked his mailbox. He instantly saw a manuscript from Rong Fei LIn, sitting right at the top. Clicking on the file, Mu Tian was stunned by the clear, bold words, on the front page of the manuscript. The title of the novel read "Love in Time", but this wasn't what had caught Mu Tian attention. Instead, it was the pseudonym that the author had used to call herself, which read 'Qingqing Xi Jin'.

The name instantly reminded, Mu Tian of the little drunk kitten. When he saw her ID back then, he had never imagined that her name could be connected to something so poetic, reminding him of a famous line from the odes of Zheng, which read, 'Qingqing Xi Jin, long my heart'. Mumbling the words softly, he felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart, as memories of 'that' night flooded in.                 (T/N: So, the odes of Zheng are a set of 21 poems, that are known famously as Ancient classics, published in the Book of Songs, a.k.a, Book of Poetry, from the Pre-Qin & Han era. The line is originally written as 青青子衿,悠悠我心 or Qingqing Xi Jin, long my heart, where 'long my heart' denotes 'to yearn for his love or keep him in her heart forever'. It took me ages to find this. LOL)

Hurriedly, Mu Tian clicked on the author's details on the last page, and leaned in closer to the screen. Reading the real name of the author, Mu Tian's cold aura made the room freeze in time. After blinking a few times, he felt a sudden rush of anger and jealousy, flush-out the feelings he had, a few moments ago, in his heart.

Although, Mu Tian hadn't thought of the little drunk kitten as someone, who would push herself into someones's bed for their favour. But, at this moment, he couldn't believe that the woman, right after sleeping with him, would rush to rope in Rong Enterprises young master, Fei Lin.

Thinking about how happy she had been to receive the clothes and the money, Mu tian had initially thought that whatever had happened had followed a natural course, and didn't think of it too much. But, he could have never imagined that the kitten had arms that could hug any thigh. Maybe I was wrong! Maybe they were different women with same name, he thought anxiously.

Once again to verify his thoughts, he took out her personal information and checked her social security number. Suddenly, the last ray of hope also disappeared. Exhausted, Mu tian fell back on his chair, and tried to calm down his twitching nerves.

Lighting up a cigarette, he took a deep drag, and puffed it out smoothly. Then, walking out of his study, he dialled a number on his cellphone, "Xiaofeng, find detailed personal documentation on Xia Xi Jin, and hand it to me tomorrow. Remember, it should have everything. Get it!"

Hanging up the phone, as a deep fire blazed in his eyes, Mu Tian mumbled, "Xia Xi Jin, how should I handle you..? Aren't you too bold."

T/N: Sooooooo……. what do you think? I can’t believe I forgot so much of the novel that it feels like I’m reading it for the first time. Anyhow, that just makes me more excited. I kinda like the interaction b/w the ML & OL. But XXJ is gonna have a hot potato stuck on her head soon. I swear I don’t remember what happens from now on, but I can feel its going to fun and dramatic. XOXO