Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 4.1

Hello, my precious Greaders, we begin Chap 4.1. Just a lil note. There’s a time-lapse between the last part of ch.3 and this chapter, I guess of about a couple of weeks. So do not get confused. You haven’t missed anything in between. It’s just how the Author chose to write these chapters. I, also apologize, if their are editing errors.

Xi Jin was in the middle of a beautiful dream, when she heard the shrill noise of the door-bell ringing repeatedly. Clenching her teeth, she tried to cut the 'headache-inducing' noise out, by pulling the pillow over her head. Unable to bear it any longer, she snapped frustratingly, "Arghh!! What the hell……"

Rubbing her disoriented head, she mumbled curses profusely. Soon, the shrill sound of the bell was replaced by loud bangs on the door, followed by a familiar man's rude yells. "Xia Xi Jin! *bang,bang,bang* Open the door… *bang,bang,bang*    I bought breakfast… Get up already!"

Rong Fei Lin… Again!

Suddenly feeling defeated because of her lack of sleep, Xia Xi Jin caught her pillow and bit it hard, all the while imagining it as Rong Fei Lin's disgusting meat. The hell.. If she could only…

Actually, Xi Jin was pretty clueless about how 'she' got involved with this ruffian, who had the thickest face on planet earth. She had tried to shake him off several times before, but he always came back and stuck to her, like a leech.

Suddenly, recalling her first interaction with Fei Lin, Xi Jin remembered that when she was younger, she was taught by her foster-mother to be thrifty when going out. So, when Rong Fei Lin caught up to her out of the store that day, demanding a thank you meal, she had acted 'thrifty' and invited him over to her place.

Later, being the good hostess that she was, she felt that she had entertained him very well, considering her pitiful means. But, she could never imagine that the man would be so touched by her 'generousness', that he would personally visit her everyday, dropping by every morning, and leaving only in the middle of the night! Which, unfortunately, became the primary cause of her never-ending misery.

Stomping her feet towards the door, she angrily opened it, "Rong Fei Lin! Are you so damn free that you've considered my home as your workplace!?"

Leaning against the door frame, pretty amused, Rong Fei Lin handed her the soy milk and Chinese fried fritters. Waking her up everyday, he had become accustomed to her freakish appearance in the mornings. In fact, at the moment, he enjoyed seeing her crow's nest like bed-head. He felt, it was quite artistic.

Extending his slender fingers, Fei Lin tugged at her messy locks gently, and complained mildly, "Out of shampoo again!? So dirty and oily."

Stunned by his words, Xi Jin flicked his hand away, ran straight to the bath and slammed the door, as the sound of rushing water from inside the bath, filled the small living room.

Rong Fei Lin could not help but laugh heartily. He had never met anyone like her, this little weirdo. Recalling the first time he had met her, at that time, she didn't look that bad. So, when she left the store without saying anything, he chose to follow her and demand her for a thank you meal. Who knew that she would not only agree, but would also invite him over to her place!?

However, when he saw her place, he felt like he had entered a dog house. Not only was her place small, but was indeed very dirty. Later, out of nowhere, the girl had brought two cups of instant noodles and shoved one to him. Passing him the hot water and chopsticks, she had grumbled with her mouth full, "Eat it."

At the time, looking at her, Fei Lin had felt’chirping birds, circle around his head’. What thank you meal! She gave him a bowl of packaged cup noodles that he needed to prepare himself. But seeing that the girl had been hogging down the noodles like a hungry devil eating flesh to death, it had really stirred up his appetite, making him gulp down the cup noodles to his stomach’s content, eventually learning to enjoying them, as much as, abalone porridge, or greek style oats.

Moreover, since she had no air of pretence whatsoever, he felt she was brashly adorable, and spending time alone with her made him feel warm and comfortable. So, in truth, he had never intended to wrap himself around her, but her personality, her charm was unlike any of the woman he had met before, so he decided to push himself closer to her.

Cutting his thoughts short, Xi Jin walked out of the bath, wearing a baggy outfit and fluffy white towel, that clung to her head.

Going straight to the coffee table, She slurped on the soy milk, and bit into the delicious fritter, making happy noises.

Watching her eat happily, Rong Fei Lin felt undeniably good, like he was raising a small little kitten. He knew that she made her living by writing web novels, and preferred staying indoors, ignoring her meals, typing words endlessly in her computer, kneading, knocking, frowning, and tugging her hair on her head, in frustration. Seeing her like this, made Fei Lin's mood unbearable. So, he would come everyday, to fill up her little belly and keep a check on her.

Getting back to feeding his little kitten, Fei Lin stabbed a straw in another pack of soy milk, and pushed it in front of her, inquiring, "So, how was yesterday? Will there be good news?"

Xi Jin suddenly felt a ball of pressure in her chest, shoving the Chinese fritter in her mouth in frustration, chewing heavily, she pushed it down her throat. After a while, she asked him begrudgingly, "Rong Fei Lin, tell me the truth, why do you come here everyday??"

Leisurely biting the fritter, chewing and swallowing it elegantly, he answered,           " well, I'm simply so bored, that I wanna have fun with a person whose as interesting as me. Get it!"

Continuing , he jested, "Well, now since you know the reason, and have had me compliment you for being someone as awesome as me, don't you think you should reward me with my first kiss?"


Xi Jin enjoying the soy milk at the moment, sprayed the contents in her mouth all over, astonished by his unbelievable request. Cleaning her face, she admonished him, "What first kiss!!? I think you lost your virginity 800 years ago. Do you even remember how many women you've had your hands on? Geez, unbelievable!"

Hearing her mock him, Rong Fei eyes flashed mirth as he playfully questioned her, "Oh really! Then, what about you? Have you had your first kiss? Or first night? Was it the man who gifted you the dress? hmm..?"

Blinking anxiously, Xi Jin flushed red as she warned him, "Stay out of my business and stop bothering me. I need to get back to writing, even though my inspiration seems to have dried up….shoot!"

As she got up to leave, Fei Lin pulled her close to him. Sensing her temper, he began to coax her, "You always stay at home, how can you possibly find inspiration? Go out with me… we can play around outside for a change, and I promise you when you come back, the opportunity you're waiting for will come to you."

Leaving her standing undecided, Rong Fei Lin rushed to her room and took some time to find something decent to wear. Reaching her closet, he felt helpless; the woman was clearly a mess. However, finding a suitable pair, he walked to her and shoved a pair of clean denim jeans and white T-shirt, into her chest, as he urged her to, “Hurry up and change your clothes.”

Being pushed around by Fei Lin, Xi Jin for the first time felt, even though she was pretty easy-going, she wouldn’t mind being treated like a delicate woman, who didn’t get things shoved in her chest, because she too, had a little meat and dignity attached to her chest!

T/N: That was pretty fast wasn’t it. I really didn’t mind that the author chose not to waste time in building up the relationship b/w these two people excessively. It’s pretty self-evident. You know that’s one of things I like about this novel. The author simply doesn’t waste the reader’s time. I think that’s a plus point for me. Let me know your thoughts. Also, RFL was pretty spot on about his guess over her first time wasn’t he?? It’s like he’s done that too, to a lot women he slept with. LOL. Rich Guys and their vanity. Anyway, enjoy!! XOXO