Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 3.2

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Looking up at the signboard of the high-end store, Xia Xi Jin hurriedly unzipped her bag and pulled out her new dress to check the label. Bingo! At last, she had hit the jackpot. By lords grace, the dress was a product of this luxury store, and Xi Jin could feel the joy, slowly seep out, from her every pore.

Xi Jin patted herself for identifying the brand correctly, even though she had little to with them. But, because of the nature of Hu Mei's work, Xi Jin had known about a few brands, and that fortunately helped her.

Standing at the store’s entrance, Xi Jin struggled with the idea of returning the dress because she did not have the purchase invoice. But after careful consideration, she concluded, that since the store was expensive to death, the customer service wouldn't make things too difficult for a person, who owned an expensive piece of their merchandise.

Xi Jin, holding the dress in her bosom like a precious baby, entered the magnificent store.

Upon her arrival, a charming saleswoman greeted her. "Ma'am, welcome! How can I help you? We just had our fresh spring collection displayed today, would you like to have a look…"

Acknowledging her greeting, Xi Jin looked at the saleswoman. Her face displayed a standard smile, which was neither warm nor cold, and her body carried an attitude which bordered between overbearing and humble. Even though Xi Jin was dressed in a simple jeans and T-shirt, the saleswoman remained professional and did not reveal the slightest contempt towards her.

Feeling relieved by her conduct, Xi Jin handed her the dress and inquired, "Is the dress, from this store?"

Being certain at a glance, the saleswoman nodded, "Yes ma'am. This is a limited edition piece from our recently launched Spring collection."

Confirming her thoughts, Xi Jin responded firmly, "Well, then I would like to return it."

Surprised by the woman's request, the saleswoman hesitantly replied, "Ma'am, for that, I will have to consult the store manager, could I request you to wait."

So, the saleswoman, courteously led Xia Xi Jin to the European styled customer parlor near the dressing rooms.

Stealing a quick glance around, Xi Jin’s eyes fell on a man sitting on an exquisite couch. As she sat down, she quickly checked him out. She couldn’t help but applaud secretly on how damn good-looking he was! Thanking her stars, she felt extremely lucky that she could virtually chew on an eye candy while waiting here. Nice!!

Handsomely dressed, sitting with one arm draped over the couch’s edge, and long legs comfortably crossed, the handsome man could sense her blatant stare. Prompting her to back off, he looked her straight in the eye. But Hu Mei’s family’s, Xi Jin, being the shameless and slow-witted women that she was, glared at him and said, "Mr. Who are you checking out !?" (T/n : Lol.. this is a classic case of 'the pot is calling the kettle black'. Man, no one can beat the MC)

Stunned by her guts, Rong Fei Lin's eyes instantly gleamed with a streak of excitement. Raising his eyebrows, he jested, "Well, if you weren't checking me out, then how would you know I was checking you out? Hmm..!?" 

Seeing her tongue-tied, he noticed the dress in her hand and curiously asked, "Is the dress yours?"

Detecting the doubt in his voice, Xi Jin, possessively holding the dress, chided, "Yes, It's mine. Why?"

Laughing heartily at her defensive reaction, Rong Fei Lin went to sit next to her. Leaning in, he whispered, "Did your boyfriend gift it to you?"

Xi Jin, sensing a change in his demeanour, ignored the man while thinking, this man was a real 'mother chicken'! (T/N: Advanced version of mother-fu****. I double checked on Well what she’s basically saying is she finds him annoying) But Rong fei Lin didn’t mind her hateful gaze and continued to jest her.

Recalling something, he unwittingly mentioned, "As far as I remember, this store does not have a return policy." But sensing the disappointment on her face, he  added, "But I know the boss of this store, we are friends. If you promise to invite me for a meal later, how about me helping you?"

Dumbfounded, Xi Jin looked at the man next to her and thought 'I agree, he's handsome but who does he think he is?'.

Reading her hateful expression, he purposely ran his fingers through his hair, as he smirkingly pumped her, "what, you don't believe it?"

Unconscious of someone entering the lounge from the other side, a gorgeous woman in her 30's, come over to them. She gave a slight nod and introduced herself, "Hello, I'm the store manager here, we are willing to accept the return of your purchase."

Hearing what she wanted, Xi Jin was about to feel relieved, when the beauty continued, "If I could trouble you to show us your purchase invoice, we can immediately help you with the return procedures."

Blinking anxiously, Xi Jin blurted, "But the invoice… I lost it. Is there a possibility for me to make a return without it?"

Shaking her head, the store manager firmly stated, "We are sorry, but without the invoice we cannot accept any returns."

While weighing the chagrin in her heart, Xi Jin heard the handsome man casually remark, "Since the dress has been determined to be from this store, and has no damage, the store should accommodate the client's request, even if she does't have the invoice. It is in the store's interest to make the return to maintain its image and clientele. It would be a shame to lose customers, don't you think… Miss. Store Manager!?"

Initially, when the beauty had met Xia Xi Jin, looking at her clothes and appearance, she knew that this girl wasn’t the one who purchased the dress. So she wanted to deny the return, make her anxious to return it in another way, and then finally accept it at a lower price. This would make the store a profitable return. However, hearing the man's threatening statement, she could no longer pursue this matter.

Everyone knew Rong Fei Lin was a diamond class member of the store and had a personal relationship with the store's owner. So, it was like shooting oneself in the foot if one were to ignore his suggestion, even if it was for someone else. Considering who she can offend, the beauty plastering a sweet smile, proffered "Since Mr. Rong has spoken in this matter himself, I'm willing to make an exception this time, and help this miss with the return."

Witnessing what had just happened, Xi Jin was left absolutely stunned. She couldn't believe that this annoying, flirtatious man could wield such an extraordinary status that his words alone sealed the deal. Soon, she followed the store manager out of the lounge for her refund .

On the other side, seeing her stunned, Rong Fei Lin was impressed with himself. But, seconds later, his face grew dark, as he saw her walk past him, carrying the refund, towards the store exit, without greeting or thanking him. He sneered inwardly, 'what an ungrateful girl!' Annoyed, Rong Fei Lin stood up and left.

Seconds later, the women who he accompanied to the store, came out of the dressing rooms. Looking around, catching his disappearing silhouette at the store exit, she anxiously called out to him, "Rong Fei! Hey, Fei Lin!!… Where the hell are you going…!??"

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