Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 3.1

Hello greaders, here's chap 3.1… Well.. there’s a reason why the ML is so cold and domineering….cause his past life's been a biatchh! *sob**sob* I feel for you, Xi Mu Tian.

Disconnecting the phone, Xi Mu Tian lit a cigarette between his lips, inhaled deeply, and slowly puffed out light, curling wisps of smoke. Pondering over previous nights matter, he felt that, for things to happen in life so unexpectedly, and then disappear momentarily, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment.

However, realising his melancholic mood, he couldn't help shake his head in slight dismay and laughed ludicrously, muttering, 'she's just a little girl!'. A little girl, who had made him miss her.

Interrupting his thoughts, a man requested his presence, "Master Xi, father Rong just woke up. He wishes to see you."

Mu Tian, hearing the man out, extinguished his cigarette, threw away the butt, and took unhurried steps towards the hospital ward.

In the hospital room, leaning against his pillow, Rong Hongsheng saw his son-in-law come in. Looking at him, Rong Hongsheng remembered the time when there was business rivalry between him and Mu Tian's father, which ended tragically when former president Xi had met an unfortunate event.

After the incident, father Rong had realised his mistake and regretted being rivals with Xi senior, admitting that the rivalry since the beginning, had been useless for their relationship. So, when he thought the time was right, he had disregarded the advice of his executives, and decided to marry his only daughter, Rong Fei Luan, to the surviving heir of Xi family, Xi Mu Tian.

Father Rong had paid great attention to Mu Tian after Xi Senior's death, and was very optimistic about his future. He vividly remembered the time when Mu Tian left his education abroad, and hurriedly joined Xi enterprises as a president, bearing all the responsibilities at such a young age. He was a talented young man; shrewd and smart, like a double edged silver sword, which could conquer the world easily. Even, his demeanour and skills had made the senior board of directors in the company obediently shut up, when he became the head.

Rong Hongsheng's perception of people was very good, and even when he hadn’t offered to support ‘new’ President Xi in the commercial sector in the beginning, he knew that Mu Tian would build a strong stable empire single-handedly.

After careful consideration, he had eventually decided to extend support to Mu Tian so he could gain a favour in return from him someday, like right now, when he required someone as strong as his son-in-law to stand next to him since he had no one else. 

For this reason, father Rong, on numerous occasions, had cursed his luck in dismay for not having a capable child to really on.

Even though he had lovingly fathered a pair of siblings, his eldest daughter, Rong Fei Luan, and her younger brother, Rong Fei Lin, tragedy had struck his family. 

Due to a rare congenital birth defect that was detected at a young age, the doctors had asserted that his daughter, Rong Fei Luan, would not live longer than 30 years of age. But not wanting to hamper his daughters happiness, he selfishly had her marry Mu Tian when she turned 25 years old. The marriage only lasted a year as she had suddenly passed away due to her worsening condition. (T/N: I can't even….. somebody stab him. Please!)

Though guilty, Hongsheng was extremely grateful that, regardless of the bitterness of the past, Mu Tian had never mentioned anything related to Fei Luan's illness to him, and had respectfully maintained his friendship with the Rong family, even if it was distant.

He wished that his own wayward son, Fei Lin was more like Mu Tian, because he knew that even though Mu Tian’s parents were no more, they would be proud and in peace in their grave, knowing how well their son did. While he, who was still alive and kicking in his sixties, couldn't get to enjoy filial piety, let alone success of his only prodigal son.

Facing his elder, Mu tian greeted Rong Hongsheng and enquired, "father-in-law, are you feeling better?"

Acknowledging his presence, father Rong nodded and replied enthusiastically  "Rest assured, I feel fine. Come sit next to this old man. Its been ages since I met you. You are an extremely busy man. Well since we could't meet to chit-chat as friends, then it is my good luck to meet you at the hospital."
(T/N: What a sweet mouth-piece he has. No wonder he fucked our ML over. I hate him, and his wife did too. Cunning piece of shit, this old man)

Seeing father Rong acting so jovially, Mu Tian knew that over the years, father Rong's heart condition had been declining. Knowing very well that the doctors had advised him against working anymore, he sighed, and repeated the doctors advice to father Rong, "Well, your old heart isn't young anymore, you should take extra care."

Waving dismissively, upon hearing his son-in-laws concern, Rong Hongsheng replied, " Who? Me! Ah.. Yes! Old, it's(heart) gotten really old.. compared to you, young folks. Haha… But then, if Rong Enterprises had somebody to take over, I would've taken voluntary retirement long ago."

Hearing this, with an raised eyebrow, Mu Tian unhurriedly replied, " There is… Fei Lin…"

Hearing this name, Rong Hongsheng face fell. Revealing displeasure at Mu Tians words, he replied harshly, "Do not mention that illegitimate son of mine. I have been in the hospital for so long and he hasn't bothered to call and check in if i'm even alive or not, let alone come here to see me… even though I have raised that illegitimate child till this day and we share the same space..…"

Discerning the dislike behind father Rong's words, Xi Mu Tian understood that Old master's annoyance with his son was superficial, cursing him only to vent out his frustration. But in reality, the father had cared for his son too much since childhood. If not, then the boy wouldn’t be able to lead the way of life he did, if he wasn’t pampered enough.

Fei Lin was famous for his lifestyle in the social circles. He was considered a wild horse, as his interests varied from indulging in car races in Mustangs, to climbing harsh mountains, then exploring the North Pole and going for an Arctic stroll..    

Mu Tian knew that all this came easy to Fei Lin because he was doted on excessively by father Rong. So, it was only natural that Rong Hongsheng could no longer control him and make him take responsibility of the family business. And Mu Tian understood that this was one of the main reasons why father-in-law wanted him to takeover Rong's leadership, but he simply did not intend to manage their business whatsoever.

Mu Tian felt, although, he was related to the Rong family, he was still an outsider. He was focused on expanding his control in the real estate and development sector, while Rong Enterprises had made its place in the entertainment world. The two companies had different prospects and goals as both enjoyed their position at the top in their own fields. Thus, mixing these two businesses, became unfavourable from his perspective.

More importantly, as a businessman, Mu Tian understood that Rong's power and prestige was slowly declining, and that father Rong’s purpose was for Xi to primarily help bring stability to his own company, so that later, Xi’s support could help Rong Fei Lin occupy the leader's position, and ease Rong Hongsheng’s  path to legally handover his chairmanship to his son.

Knowing, very well, that Rong Hongsheng wanted to take advantage of his status and ability to bring Rong enterprises back to its former glory, Mu Tian felt that this was a ruthless affair, one which could generate no real benefits for him, and as a businessman, he wouldn’t work for charity. Thus, he chose to ignore father Rong's complain a minute ago, and changed the topic of conversation by reminding him, "Father-in-law, since your body hasn't recovered, It's better you rest in bed for a few days. Do not hastily move around."

Clearly sensing his intention, Rong Hongsheng firmly spoke, "Mu tian, I know you want to avoid this subject, but you need not coax me. I know my own body.  Although Fei Luan is dead, you're still my son-in-law. I will not cower from asking you to help Rong's business as Fei Luan father…. Several projects backed by Rong's have already begun, and Fei Lin is not capable of handling them. He is too inexperienced. I cannot hand over a lifetime's worth of handwork, to be destroyed in the hands of my illegitimate son." (T/N: the word illegitimate is used purposely by the author repeatedly. It has a significant meaning which we'll find out in much later chapters. But i'm sure you must have thought if he loves him so much, how can the father call his son like that. Well its use is purposeful.)

Saying what he had to, Rong Hongsheng turned around and nodded at his attorney.

Lin Bo Yun immediately rushed over, removed a thick white document from the file, and handed it over to Mu Tian, explaining, " President Xi, this is chairman Rong's ‘new’ will. In case of chairman Rong's death, the share of Rong Enterprises would be divided equally between the two people…. Rong Fei Lin…..and you."

T/N: Phew!! I absolutely hated translating this part. It was so damn difficult!! I wanted to vomit blood. Also, it had no MC, was really sad from the ML’s perspective, and informationally loaded. But, its funny that the author hasn’t mentioned the ML’s age yet. Ofcourse, I know his age. But still…. Also that Rong Hongsheng; he ruined a good man’s personal life. Well, just take it like this– If there was no father Rong, there wouldn’t be this novel. So, he’s hateful but a very important character. Luckily, Chapter 3 ends with the next part, and it’ll have our cute MC showing off her little antics. Also, any editing errors please forgive this old mother.