Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 2.3


Dear greaders, here’s the last part of chap 2… Also, this is one of my fav’s cause the MC throws a bomb of a line.

In the years Yang Xiaofeng had accompanied President Xi, he encountered so much that he had learnt the art of nonchalance. But, looking at the young girl, who his boss had spent the night with, sitting right in front of him, he was simply taken aback and had to promptly fix his calm demeanour.

Seeing her appearance, Xiaofeng recalled that the girl’s identity card had revealed that she was 24 years old. But the person sitting here, looked much younger; with pure innocent misty eyes like a clear lake, she looked nothing like a mature woman who would act risqué with an unknown man. (T/N: Acc. to this logic, innocent fresh-faced MC should’ve become a 100 yr old Loli-looking virgin with 12 cats)

Remembering the task at hand, Xiaofeng dispelled his thoughts, handed Xi Jin her big bag, and kept a shiny debit card on the table, reporting,

“Miss Xia, the card has ¥100,000 debit. The password is Miss Xia’s birthday. If Miss Xia is not satisfied with the amount, you can set an amount. Boss has offered to accomodate Miss Xia’s request.”

Being shocked to the core by his statement, Xi Jin’s astonished eyes, fell on the new debit card on the table. One Hundred thousand Chinese Yuan, for her, was an astronomical figure. She couldn’t believe her chastity was worth so much.

Recalling last night, although his appearance was a blur, Xi Jin vaguely knew that the man was of superior quality. Even though she had regretted it a little initially, at the moment, she felt, undeniably relaxed in her heart because she not only got rid of her useless proof of virginity, her hymen, but also got a chance to get over her heartbreak with Zhou Hang. Since, it was a win-win situation, she didn’t need to be bothered by this matter anymore.
(T/N: don’t be so scandalised, the Author did say ‘Hymen’, I didn’t add it, I just translated it. Geez!)

But the thing was, even though Xi Jin knew that she wasn’t quick-witted, she was sure that this man who called himself ‘the’ administrative assistant, was someone who worked closely with the man she had slept with, and so she couldn’t offend him. In fact, she felt, even though he had a fancy title, he was basically responsible for his boss’s personal needs and cleaning up after his mess. Realising she might be right, she laughed inwardly, while imagining him as a grown-ass man’s nanny.

Conscious of her current circumstances, Xi Jin felt that this was nothing short of a dramatic novel. The creative writing bit, was too strong. If she were to tell Hu Mei of this incident, she was sure she wouldn’t believe her, and probably mock her for cooking up a pretty decent plot for one of her own novels.

But then again, she had to deal with this hot potato at hand, no matter how unreal everything seemed. Slightly pouting her lips and tilting her head in deep thought, Xi Jin asked herself, ‘what would a female lead from a righteous novel do?’.. Hmm….wouldn’t she refuse it immediately, throw the money directly on the face of the man in question, and leave exaggeratedly in utter disgust… umm… Guess so. But what if the lead was like Hu Mei, wouldn’t the scene then drastically change, to something where the female lead would lazily sit on a chair with crossed legs, smiling arrogantly, complaining to the man that the money was too little and that he should focus on adding more zero’s to card… Damn!

Trying to read her thoughts, Xiaofeng, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel extremely suspicious of the woman, as he waited for her to make a choice. Observing her smirk freakishly at the card on the table, he wondered, ‘What would be her reaction? what would she say? Would she want more money, or would she resolve to act shamelessly, lunging at his boss’s thigh?’ (T/N: to hug the boss’s thigh= to gain a wealthy man’s favour)

Sensing his eyes, Xi Jin cut her weird thoughts short and straightened herself out. She stretched her hand out to take the card, picked it up, stuffed it into her bag, and looked around. Blinking a few times questioningly at Xiaofeng, she finally inquired,

“Umm… where are my clothes?”

“Ah.. Yes!”

Never expecting her to ask for her dirty old clothes back, Xiaofeng had a hard time hiding his displeasure. Calming himself, he could only call-in housekeeping to deliver her dry-cleaned clothes.

When her clean clothes arrived, Xi Jin immediately changed into them, properly packing the new dress and shoving it in her big bag. Then she went to hunt for her shoes around the suite. After finding them in a cabinet, she swiftly took the new pair off heels off, shoved them too, in her big bag. Stepping into her old pair of shoes, she couldn’t help but enjoy the comfort and warmth they gave her.

After shoving everything she needed, she hung the bag over her shoulders and turned to leave. But, then, she stopped. Remembering that she must thank the host, she looked at the handsome man and said,

“Ah! Yes! Your boss, the President! Please help me convey my deepest gratitude to him… he served me really well (last night)… bu-bye…”
(T/N: Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. She actually said that, she basically applauded him for his man-whoring skills. Let’s see if Xiaofeng conveys MC’s heartfelt message to his boss)

As the silhouette of the woman disappeared behind the door, Xiaofeng felt heavily confounded. That woman was really something. Not only did she not bother about her dirty appearance, but she also kept stuffing things in her damn big bag, like it had ginormous space, that could fit two dead bodies and an elephant! Money, Clothes, Shoes she did not refuse anything and took it all! Was money everything to her! She did not even bother asking him anything about the President. And what did she mean by those last words? What happened last night? Did she think the President was a Cowboy? (T/N: Cowboy or Niu Lang in Pinyin means man-whore/ gigilo/ man sex worker)

Our President, a cowboy……… Panic-stricken Xiaofeng hurriedly shook his head. Those two people simply were worlds apart. He was glad that the woman was easy to please, so they did not need to pay her more. Otherwise, following the commands of his boss, he could only fulfil the womans wishes.

Finally, completing his tasks for the day, Xiaofeng dialled Mu Tian’s number, and respectfully reported,

“President Xi, Miss Xia.. She took the money and the clothes.”