Pen Down A Marriage


Pen Down A Marriage Chapter 1 part1

Oh man!!! I'm so excited for you guys to read the first chapter. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed posting it. And so the novel begins…

President Mu Tian strode out of the hotel lobby with an air of indifference. His bold demeanour, handsome-chiselled features, and a tall, straight silhouette exuded a cold, murderous aura that made people fear breathing-in, let alone sharing the same space with him. It was said, be it a man or a woman, one could only avoid crossing paths with this fine specimen of a man. However, not everybody was lucky enough to get on with their lives without provoking the big bad wolf and could only suffer in silence. (T/N: well you haven't guessed it wrong, it is the female lead whose bad days our coming. Just take it as she's virtually blind in perceiving trouble throughout the novel. In future, you might wanna punch her in the face.)

In front of the hotel, Old drive Liu waiting by the car, respectfully opened the door of the black Bentley. Xi Mu Tian gracefully slid into the backseat and the car made its way out. Mu tian gently pressed his long slender fingers against his creased forehead cursing inwardly for drinking a little to much.

Old Liu, assessing the scene through the rear-view mirror, humbly suggested, "Would you need a prescription for that headache/hangover?" President Xi grinningly answered, "No need. Open the windows, I want to feel the wind outside."

As the windows rolled down, a burst of warm night breeze carrying tender pink petals swept across President Xi's face. Mu Tian with his subtle frown could not help but admire the blooming cherry blossoms that beautifully adorned the road on both sides.

On one side, the cherry blossom petals drifted along the sparkling river in the dull iridescent night light painting an amazingly seductive picture. In Mu Tian's eyes, the light coming from the lampposts over the meandering river made it look like a necklace of clear glistening pearls. It seemed otherworldly.

"Stop the car. I'm going to take a walk. You wait for me in the car."

Old Liu in his surprise swept a glance at his boss and parked the car by the roadside. Opening the door, Mu Tian stepped out of the car and couldn't help but steal a long deep- calming breath in this deep surreal night. 

While taking the steps along the path that lead to the riverside below, Mu Tian could see the willow trees on the sides sprouting new baby leaves as the winter breeze dissipated, carrying with it bold spring colours.

At the riverfront, Mu Tian took a few steps towards the benches meant for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. He sits down, leans his broad back on the bench and breathes in the tranquility that makes his headache almost disappear. However, as he began to feel at peace, a burst of wail-like singing, mixed with lewd curses entered his hears, which only got clearer and nearer by the second. (T/N: male lead be going like- WTF! Also, the song that is said to be sung here is just a made up song which is being vented out by the person in question. Please people who have had a heartbreak recently don't ask me about the song later its fictitious like the book itself.)

"Love is nothing but a game…. it's nothing surprising…. hiccup!….. man is nothing but a toy….. hiccup!….. what is this L.O.V.E!!??…. hiccup!…. what is meant by love……. I do not give a damn if the man I like is rich or poor…. hiccup!….. I do not miss a man…… No magic whatsoever… hiccup!… ZHOU HANG! YOU MOTHERFUCKER, YOU GO DIE! YOU CHEAP MAN… MAY YOUR MOTHER (referring to herself strangely) FIND A MAN 1000 TIMES BETTER THAN YOU, YOU CRAZY BASTARD!!…… hiccup!"

Moving his curious gaze towards the source of the wailing, Mu Tian could see that not far from where he sat a woman was trying to walk towards his direction. In her drunken stupor, the woman was staggering on her two feet, one foot stumbling, while the other barely holding her up. She was swaying like a leaf barely keeping herself of the ground. The scene made Mu Tian frown and tighten his lips thin in disgust. To see a woman wail and complain out of nowhere in the middle of the night while being completely hungover, for President Xi nothing could be more hateful. Especially when it ruined his rare time of peace.

As Xi Mu Tian stood up and picked up his pace to walk back, the woman ran unceremoniously towards his front causing a small collision between the two. Instinctively, Mu Tian held her arms being conscious of her drunken state while the woman in her attempt to find stable support slumped most of her weight on him.As  she wrapped herself on him like a koala bear, she began giggling,

"Hehehe (laugh-laugh)…..MEN!!… hiccup!…. You are ALSO a MAN…. Great Ah!!…… I tell you… hiccup!…. Men are Bastards… SIMPLY BASTARDS!

As she said this, her tiny hands clutched the tie and tucked him towards her. This sudden action made Mu Tian throw the woman directly into the river. Even if he could not throw her in the river, he simply wanted to throw her of himself. Since pitying a woman wasn't a part of his etiquette, he could only pull her off him. 

Mu Tian suddenly clenched his hands around her wrists, one by one taking of her fingers of his tie in disgust. He then pushed her heavily making the drunk woman unsteady on her feet causing her to fall flat on the ground without the strength to getup.

Turning to leave, Mu tian takes two steps when he looks back at the woman lying motionlessly on the ground like a frozen corpse. He sighs and cursing inwardly walks towards the woman and bends down down to check on her. However, not a second later, the woman immediately clings onto Mu Tian while slyly giggling,

"Hehehe…. Caught you!… you are a dead man now…. cannot run anymore…. cannot run from me… hehe!!!!"

T/N: So how do you find Part 1 of the first chapter. I think the heroine is pretty cute in her drunken stupor. She's especially a sly fox in the last bit… tricking the male lead into letting her get into his embrace. Also, the male lead is cold and colder in his actions towards her but then she is a stranger and he does go back to check on her. Anyway the exciting bit has just begun. Its only the first part of the first chapter and there's a long way to go. I promise I won't make you wait to long. But do lemme know your thoughts on the quality of the translation as well as the novel itself. Are you interested in reading it further. Please subscribe and comment down below if you feel this blog is worthy. Thanks! XOXO