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[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds Chapter 53

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Title Explanation: 人妖//Renyao - literal meaning is "demon"; but in game slang, it talks about a male playing a female character.

The way back to Xi Dan was not that bad, it only took about thirty minutes since there wasn't a traffic jam. Xia Chen sent Wu Han Ying to his apartment complex, then he said that he would be waiting for Wu Han Ying tomorrow at 9 o'clock so he could send him off to his interview.

Wu Han Ying nodded his head, then took the three bags containing the suits upstairs. Getting to the second floor of the building, he could still see the black car parked out front through the second floor window. Originally, he did not want Xia Chen to buy these clothes for him. If it was just one or two bucks, he would not reject the offer; but each of these suits are extremely expensive. Even the money in his bank account was not enough for one suit.

But once Xia Chen had decided on something, he would leave no room for rejection...Wu Han Ying had no choice but to accept them, Professor Xia was way to domineering. If he was to eat less for the next few months, maybe he would save enough money to pay the other back...

No one was at home, they probably went out already. Wu Han Ying unlocked the door and then went to his room to rest. First he took out the three suits and tried them on. They all fit him so well, but he felt quite strange with these suits on; maybe it was because he had never worn a suit before.

He carefully hung the suits up after trying them on, Wu Han Ying then rolled around on his bed, clutching his phone thinking whether he should send a text to Professor Xia or not. In the end, he sent a message saying that the suits fit him and asked if the other had gotten home or not.

A New Message 【Professor Xia】:

It's good that they fit you. I'm still outside, I have a gathering in the evening, not sure when I will get back.


The text was sent a few minutes after his, Wu Han Ying looked at the text several times and it seemed like the other was still driving, so he decided not to send a reply and simply let the other focus on driving.

He slowly got out of bed and had wanted to do some studying for his exams, but he really could not absorb any information right now. He decisively took out his laptop to play the game.

It looked like Love You 59 Seconds wasn't on QQ, Wu Han Ying directly logged into the game and saw that Xiao Wu. was standing in Da Li city.

{Guild}[Xiao Wu.]: I'm here

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Aiyo, Sao Zi you're on!

{Guild}[Xiao Wu.]: Xiao Xiao

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi you're finally here, I'm so bored today

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: There's no one in the guild, everyone decided to disappear all at once!

{Guild}[Xiao Wu.]: No wonder, it's rare for the guild to be this quiet

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi Sao Zi, let's do quests together

{Guild}[Xiao Wu.]: You're not doing your activities?

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: The activities are boring

{Guild}[Xiao Wu.]: Then let's go, I haven't finished Wu Yi's quests

Wu Han Ying looked through his friends list, as expected, no one was online. Even Love You 59 Seconds' name was gray.

Xiao Xiao Xiao sent over a team request, then the two of them headed to Wu Yi to do quests there. Xiao Wu.'s and Xiao Xiao Xiao's level were not that low, so they quickly finished those quests and collected a lot of gold; soon Xiao Wu.'s inventory was full.

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: (Going Crazy Expression)!! Boring!! So damn boring ah!

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: ......

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I want to see JQ! {Translator Input: JQ is BL in English XD}

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi, Lao Da is not on, don't you feel bored......

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: ......

Six dots appeared on Xiao Wu.'s head, but honestly speaking it did feel a bit boring. They unenthusiastically killed the monsters from Wu Yi map all the way to Plain Grassland map. Although it was not that hard to kill off the monsters and the quests were quite simple, his neck and shoulders were a bit sore.

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: Continue to do quests?

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Don't want (Going Crazy Expression)

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Let's explore the map!! Sooo bored

Wu Han Ying leaned his cheek on his hand while he let Xiao Wu. get dragged around the map by Xiao Xiao Xiao. The mood status on Xiao Xiao Xiao's head changed to --- exploring the map due to boredom.

Wu Han Ying looked at the time and saw that it was not even 3 o'clock yet. It really was a bit too boring...in the past it had always been lively in the guild channel, but today it was too quiet. Xiao Xiao Xiao was complaining about Love You 59 Seconds, Mo Shan Xi, and Qian Qian Junzi going to a gathering together. She was saying that she didn't know what time they would be back.

In the past, whenever Xiao Wu. logged in, Love You 59 Seconds would be the first one to notice. The other would send over a team invitation and then they would both go kill the monsters, mine or collect herbs. Wu Han Ying thought back to when there were two male characters running around on the screen being followed by a bunch of monsters...obviously those activities were really boring, but why didn't he feel bored at that time?

The two Emeis ran blindly around the map, they both entered Xue Yuan and as the blue scenery appeared in front of them, they saw that there was someone already waiting for them. Even though Xiao Wu. was still in the safe zone time, the screen turned red, someone is targeting him.

The other person was also an Emei, Wu Han Ying was shocked to see the screen flashing as his hands started to sweat. Since he was still in the safe zone time, his blood did not get reduced. He clicked on the other person and saw that their level was even lower than his...level 83...and the name of this small Emei was very special, 222.

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: 凸

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: What are you getting all crazy for!

Even though Xiao Wu.'s account didn't have inlaid stones, he was a few level's higher than 222 so his blood did not get reduced much for the time being.

Wu Han Ying was a bit dumbfound, even though theXue Yuan map does not increase the player's hatred level, it is a perfect place for killing other players. This was his first time seeing a lower level account trying to kill a higher level, not to mention they were in a team; even if Xiao Xiao Xiao's equipment wasn't of good quality, she was still a level 117 Emei.

Xiao Xiao Xiao immediately turned on slaughter mode. Wu Han Ying had to admit that 222's technique was really good, but no matter how good the other was, there was still a big gap between their levels; within a short amount of time the other laid dead on the ground.

{Nearby}[222]: ???

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Yo~yo~yo~died already~

Xiao Xiao Xiao ran over and stumbled all over the other's dead body, feeling that was not enough, she transformed into a big yellow duck and then turned to step all over the others dead body.

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Serves you right!

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I say to you, the almighty bangzhu, following us like this must mean you wish to be "abused" by us? {Translator's Input: abused here is a slang, in this case, Xiao Xiao was saying that they killed him yet he was still following them. So she indirectly said "are you a masochist or something?" but saying someone is masochist directly is just way too blunt, so they use this word "abused" to lessen the harsh meaning ^^}

{Nearby}[222]: The heck, I won't feel good if I don't kill you a few times

{Nearby}[Xiao Wu.]: ?

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: A nuthead. If you want to fight, go and look for Lao Da. Bullying our Sao Zi, you really are the lowest

222 was still lying on the ground, not rising up. Wu Han Ying looked at the conversation in the nearby channel and noticed something strange. It looked like Xiao Xiao Xiao knew who 222 was. Moreover, the other person also seemed to know him...

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Quack quack quack, Sao Zi Sao Zi, let me introduce you to this person

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Lying on the ground gnawing at us is the small account of the almighty bangzhu, Da Suan

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Such an 2* {Translator's Input: 2 = idiot/stupid, Chinese slang}

{Nearby}[222]: The heck! Revive me

Xiao Xiao Xiao was stunned for a moment, yet she still threw over a skill to revive 222 and buffed up his blood to full. There was nothing to lose for them, after all he cannot fight against them. If anything they can just "rape" him a few more times.

{Translator's Input: rape here is a game slang, not physically raping the person, but to repeatedly kill/slaughter someone with two or more players.}

Wu Han Ying read the words from Xiao Xiao Xiao and felt a bit surprised, if he remembered correctly, a few days ago there was a male account accompanying Bing*Xue around. That account was a Bangzhu account and the name was Da Suan.

That means earlier this person was trying to kill him? Wu Han Ying was a bit shocked. Looking at the situation now, it looked like the other person was letting his account get killed instead...

{Nearby}[222]: I'm looking for 59, where's he?

{Nearby}[Xiao Wu.]: He's not on

{Nearby}[222]: Shit!

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Didn't you get killed enough, do you want to look for Lao Da to be killed again

{Nearby}[222]: Then what about Junzi?

{Nearby}[Xiao Wu.]: Also not on...

{Nearby}[222]: The ?? {Translator's Input: he meant to say "The motherfuck" but it got censored by the game system.}

{Nearby}[222]: They're not around at the most critical moment

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: What's the matter with you, Da Suan

{Nearby}[222]: Nothing, I'll leave

Wu Han Ying looked at 222 as he was leaving and saw that he only had a sliver left of his blood. As he watched him leave he couldn't help feeling a bit puzzled; the Emei only walked forward two steps and immediately laid flat on the ground.

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Did he trip over a stone and die?

{Nearby}[Xiao Wu.]: No =.=

Wu Han Ying looked straight ahead, thinking this was even worse than dying from tripping on a stone. Not too far from where they were stood a high level account...Da Suan...

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Split personality...

{Nearby}[222]: Bitch!

{Nearby}[222]: Xiao Xiao, kill him

Da Suan wanted to run away on his mount right after killing 222, but Xiao Xiao Xiao immediately used Knock Off Arrow. Then she continuously threw skills over to him and soon the other was killed. Da Suan fell on the ground and soon after disappeared from sight, maybe he went to Hell to drink the soup.

{Nearby}[Xiao Wu.]: Did you get hacked?

{Nearby}[222]: Shit! It's good if that's true

{World}[222]: Damn it Bing*Xue!! You backstabbing bitch! I'll kill you until you get driven out of the game!

After only one look at the world channel, Wu Han Ying immediately felt confused. Does this mean the person controlling Da Suan account is actually Bing*Xue?! Aren't they in the same group?

{Nearby}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: OMG...I'm getting a headache. What is the meaning of this, Da Suan? How is it that your woman is using your account to kill you?

{Nearby}[222]: The ???, that ? woman! Bitch

Xiao Xiao Xiao again threw over a skill to revive 222, then added him to the team.

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: What's going on?

{Team}[222]: Xiao Wu, are you a renyao?

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: (Angry Expression) I'm not adding you to the team so you can insult Sao Zi!

Wu Han Ying was shocked after getting asked like that. He did not expect Da Suan to be so straightforward. After seeing those two words "renyao", he felt even more 囧.

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: I'm a man

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: !!!!!!!!

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi! You're a man?!

{Team}[222]: Shit, you're really a renyao

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Ao Ao Ao, Sao Zi you you you you

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I'm so excited

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: ......

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: What are you all shitting about? Sao Zi can play whichever character he wants, you're not his mother, you can't tell him what to do

{Team}[222]: Have you told that to 59?

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: He knows

{Team}[222]: ......

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: He he he he he he! Lao Da already knows! When!

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Ao Ao Ao, and you two didn't even tell me!

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: Uh, when we first met, you told him I'm a man...

{Team}[222]: The heck, then one is willing to give and one is willing to receive {Translator Input: meaning a mutual understanding/relationship}

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: =口=

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Obviously, mutual feelings! (Laughing Expression)

{Team}[Xiao Wu.]: =口=

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: But what do their mutual feelings have to do with you, you're being killed by that bitch, not Lao Da =.=

{Team}[222]: ...come to YY

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Ok

Wu Han Ying felt quite puzzled, the other two had stopped talking and the three of them just stood there in Xue Yuan, not moving. Then he decided to get on YY...the others are idle, so he should be fine on idle too...

He went to the room from last time, as expected Xiao Xiao Xiao was inside along with Da Suan. The connection was quite bad on his side, by the time he got into the room they seemed to have finished the story; he heard Xiao Xiao Xiao heartily laughing hahaha.

"What is there to laugh about?" Da Suan's light lit up the same time a male voice could be heard. Of course it was not a mature voice like Love You 59 Seconds, it actually sounded like the voice of a high schooler.

"Sao Zi, you've come! It's so damn funny." Xiao Xiao Xiao did not pay heed to anyone's pride and kept on laughing, "Earlier Da Suan told me everything and he sure is an idiot that does not know how to please others."

"Why's that?"

Wu Han Ying looked for his mic and plugged it in. He then pressed F2, it seemed to be working.

"Ah ah ah ah ah! Sao Zi, your voice is so pleasing to the ears! Ao ao, is this the so-called gentle uke? Ao ao ao, no no no, a shy uke! Hahaha, a perfect match with Lao Da!"

A burst of howling was coming from his headset, it startled Wu Han Ying so much that he couldn't help but frown. On the other side Da Suan started to curse out, "Think of your dignity, dignity, I still need my ears."

Xiao Wu: =口=

"Xiao Wu, once you adapt you'll be fine. Just ignore her." Da Suan seemed to have quite a bit of experience, so he was quick to shield Xiao Xiao Xiao away and then told the story to Wu Han Ying again.

Wu Han Ying felt 囧囧 as he listened to the story. It was true that Bing*Xue was currently logged into Da Suan's account. Speaking of which, Da Suan and Love You 59 Seconds used to be in the same guild. Love You 59 Seconds was the bangzhu, and Da Suan was the Deputy Leader. Their personalities are quite opposite from each other. Love Yout 59 Seconds is the forever paralysis face with a strong character, while Da Suan has a quick temper.

The time Xiao Wu first met Love You 59 Seconds, there had been some disagreements in the guild, as a result Love You 59 Seconds left the guild and then immediately joined Xiao Wu's "Ding Feng Bo".

Although the two of them don't share the same opinion, they had been in the same guild for a long time, so they do not harbor any "deep hatred" to each other. His helping Bing*Xue was because Love You 59 Seconds left the guild without saying anything to him.

Today when Da Suan logged into the game, he saw the newly added people were chatting with Bing*Xue. They were saying something like Xiao Wu is actually a renyao and was deceiving people like Love You 59 Seconds into giving him stuff and money. She even said that Love You 59 Seconds has a fiancee, yet Xiao Wu pretended to be pitiful and made Love You 59 Seconds kick both her and the fiancee out of the guild.

At first, Da Suan also felt angry when listening to this; especially when he thought about how Xiao Wu was a renyao tricking money out of people and how Love You 59 Seconds was still blindly protecting him. Later on, everyone got so angry that they went off topic and he honestly did not know how the quarrel started to spark.

Bing*Xue was cursing Xiao Wu out and then turned to insult Love You 59 Seconds. She was saying things like: he prefers men over women, such a creepy person and the like. To summarize it, she was saying he ignored such a fine woman like her and went chasing after a renyao, he is such a mental person.

Da Suan is someone with a hot temper, before it had even been confirmed whether Xiao Wu is renyao or not, she had already started to insult Love You 59 Seconds. Really, that was too much. He did not get to kick people out of the guild, instead he was being kicked out of his own account.

His first thought that was that it was his bad luck that his account was hacked to where he could not log on. However, when he logged into his small account, he saw that his own account was cussing out both Xiao Wu and Love You 59 Seconds. Thankfully it was early in the day, so not that many people were on.

"My poor little brother, it was you that gave her your account information." Xiao Xiao Xiao sympathetically sighed, but it sounded a little like a schadenfreude*...

{Translator Input: schadenfreude - pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.}

Wu Han Ying was staring at the screen with his mouth gaping open for a long moment. Well no wonder Da Suan immediately rushed over to slaughter him at first sight, what bad luck.

"Xiao Wu, when will 59 come back? Tell him to hurry back, so he can help me "rape" that bitch. Damn it, even Junzi is not on. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today!"


Dark gloomy clouds appeared, how would he know when Love You 59 Seconds was supposed to come back...He was about to reply back with his answer, when he suddenly heard Xiao Xiao Xiao's scream in the headset. He was pretty sure his heart rate jumped to 200.

Da Suan calmly asked, "What's it?"

"How is it that we are all dead!"

"Is it the monsters? Well, it's our fault for being idled in Xue Yuan."

Wu Han Ying quickly maximized the game window after hearing that...Sure enough, the three of them were queueing next to Meng Po to get their soup. They were so immersed in their chat that no one paid attention to the game...

Right when Wu Han Ying got out of Hell, he saw the system notification...of course, the monsters were not the culprits...


End of Chapter 53