[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds


[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds Chapter 35

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Translator's Note: At this moment in the game, Wu Han Ying is playing Love You 59 Seconds, and Xia Chen is playing Xiao Wu. I just remind you guys just in case ^^

He resolutely deleted the mail!

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: ......

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Saw it?

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: For keepsake

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: ......

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Wifey, let's continue to help you with Bang Bang Tang

It is a waste not to tease him; it wasn't a big deal, next time he just had to remember not to open Love You 59 Seconds' messages.

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ......

After seeing the other player take such a long time before he typed out those six dots, Wu Han Ying's mood immediately lifted. He dragged the cute little girl over to Wei San Ye in Suzhou to do the Timeless Ice Piece quest. Last time, he was bothered by Bing*Xue, so he wasn't able to collect 10 ice pieces; he really wasn't sure when he would be able to cobble together 400 pieces to exchange for a Bang Bang Tang.

Love You 59 Seconds is more familiar with the quest than him, so he finished the Timeless Ice Pieces much quicker while Wu Han Ying took on the errand of killing the monsters.

He opened the guild channel chat to take a look when he had nothing to do, the first thing that caught his eye was Bing*Xue's name and she was currently chatting with a few other people.

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Shifu ignored me today (Grievance)

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: I've been calling him for the whole day but no reply (Crying Expression)

Wu Han Ying felt somewhat irritated, he believed little girls can be a little whiny so that other people will find them adorable; however, looking at this Bing*Xue girl was not pleasing to his eyes.

Thinking that she even sent a private message to Love You 59 Seconds, it had angered him; Love You 59 Seconds you prick, you're married to my daughter and yet you still hook up with other girls! {Translator Input: I see that Wu Han Ying is getting jealous even though he does not admit it XDDD}

He suddenly thought of something, Bing*Xue obviously did not know that Love You 59 Seconds logging into Xiao Wu's account today. He looked down at the friend list shortcut key and saw that it was flashing. He clicked on the dialogue chat box and found that it was filled with Bing*Xue's messages.

Wu Han Ying and Love You 59 Seconds were using private chat, so they rarely used this dialogue chat box. The main reason was because he never paid attention to the notification sound, which means he usually missed the messages that were sent to him; moreover, the dialogue chat box tended to block his game view.

All the messages were sent around 10 o'clock, which would be when they were hunting down the villains together. At that time, they were in a very messy situation since his bad leading had drove everyone crazy, so at that time he really did not have time to pay attention to any notification alerts.

Bing*Xue sent over a total of 10 messages, first it was about the villains appearing in Wudang and she wanted Shifu to take her along. Then she said that she saw someone carrying a green Bang Bang Tang and it looked very cute, she also mentioned that she likes the green color and then she asked Love You 59 Seconds which color he likes. A whole bunch of blah blah and blah blah, then it was followed by a bunch of little chic crying emoticons that looked very aggrieved. Finally she said that he is ignoring her.

Wu Han Ying noticed he was a bit strange today, after looking at a bunch of crying emoticons he did not even feel guilty at all, instead he felt happy and satisfied =口=

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Shifu, now you help Bangzhu with Bang Bang Tang

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Obviously I want to do it first

Wu Han Ying looked a bit at the guild channel, but did not intend on answering her. Bing*Xue along with a few other members started to complain, he did not know those people and did not want to say anything. The more they talked the more high{original text} they got. They kept talking about his precious daughter being this and that.

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Bangzhu why are you only at level 50+, I'm already at level 65

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: It's the first time I saw such a low level Bangzhu

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: This account is not her small account ah

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: This originally is Shifu's guild and he let her be Bangzhu

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: I'm much more powerful when compared to Bangzhu ah

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: With such a low level, how can she manage the guild

Wu Han Ying wanted to smash his keyboard and throw his mouse at that Bing*Xue girl.

{Guild}[Love You 59 Seconds]: My wife is the most powerful

{Guild}[Xiao Wu]: Bing*Xue

{Guild}[Xiao Wu]: Luoyang Arena

Love You 59 Seconds' and Xiao Wu's messages seemingly appeared at the same time.

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Bangzhu, go to the Luoyang Arena for what ah

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: I'm at the stall nearby

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I was about to log out, but now I have something fun to watch

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi V5

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Bangzhu, what are you getting mad for

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Your level is lower than mine

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: I'm ten levels higher than you

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Even if I win, Shifu will still ignore me (Grievance)

{Guild}[Qian Qian Junzi]: Sao Zi, team up with me, I'll come to help

{Guild}[Xiang Zuo Kan]: Sao Zi V5

{Guild}[Xiao Wu]: Stop your blabbering

{Guild}[Xiao Wu]: Luoyang Arena or Yan Nan

{Guild}[Bing*Xue]: Shifu, you see; don't blame me, it's Bangzhu that wants me to go

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Go, wifey, go! Go, wifey, go!

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ......

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Return to the city first, then come to the Arena

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Whatever you say, my wife

When he arrived at Luoyang, he immediately received a request to join the team from Xiao Xiao, Qian Qian Junzi and Xiang Zuo Kan; after he joined Wo Ben Chun Jie also joined the team.

Luoyang Arena is the liveliest at night, there were quite a large number of people gathering in the area.

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Tu Tu logged out to head to bed, what a pity

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi Sao Zi, no need to be nice to her, just sec-kill her

{Team}[Qian Qian Junzi]: Sao Zi, Go Go

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Gather up

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi Sao Zi

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I'm worshiping you more and more

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi, you're getting more and more cool

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: ......

Everyone waited for more than ten minutes before they saw Bing*Xue in a deep pink dress enter the scene on her ride, the other team also had two men.

Wu Han Ying felt a little nervous, even though he was not the one doing the PK...

Before he could get over his nervousness, the screen suddenly changed to transmission as he entered the arena.

The PK would start in ten seconds.

Wu Han Ying hastily moved Love You 59 Seconds account to stand next to Qian Qian Junzi and the others on the side.

Both Bing*Xue and Xiao Wu are Wudang class, but Bing*Xue is 10-level higher than Xiao Wu; obviously Xiao Wu is at a disadvantage. Not to mention she does not even possess an F1 (level 1) artifact, while the opponent already has an F3 (level 3) artifact.

Right when the PK started, Wu Han Ying thought he felt his eyes bulge to the point of almost popping out of their sockets. Previously he saw Love You 59 Seconds sec-killed other people and thought the other was so cool because the other man's opponent fell dead on the ground within seconds; but today the other man was using a low level account. After watching him today did he understand what it means when someone is being called coquettish, he had very coquettish movements...

As the PK started, Bing*Xue threw over a bunch of skills first, but Xiao Wu had already disappeared somewhere.

Even though both of them are of a far range attack class and are not suitable to play hit and run, it is a different story with hide and seek. Xiao Wu led Bing*Xue on a merry chase of running all around the field a few laps, the other could not directly attack Xiao Wu in one blow.

Wu Han Ying looked at the screen for a long time, but he saw Xiao Wu's shadow everywhere; he figured Bing*Xue's PK technique probably isn't that much better than his since she had been standing in the middle of the field for half a day, not knowing where to go.

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: !!! Sao Zi, you're an expert!

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi, you've been playing the pig to eat the tiger!! {Translator Input: Chinese proverb - means to pretend to be weak to lower your opponent's defenses.}

{Guild}[Feng-er Sha-er Wo Tu]: I'm here~e~e!!

{Guild}[Feng-er Sha-er Wo Tu]: Xiao Xiao!! Where're you!! Live report!!

{Guild}[Xiang Zuo Kan]: Sao Zi is so powerful

{Guild}[Feng-er Sha-er Wo Tu]: Really, *starry eyes*!!

{Guild}[Qian Qian Junzi]: Such coquettish techniques

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: No need to worry, Sao Zi will certainly win

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi, fighting~~~

Wu Han Ying looked at Xiao Wu's blood bar; she still had two-third left while her opponent only had a little bit of blood left. Certainly the other would not stand two more attacks; he could not help but laugh at that thought.

But he did not get to laugh out loud because Bing*Xue's blood bar suddenly became full.

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I ??? Bing*Xue {Translator Input: Xiao Xiao wanted to type, "Fuck you" but because of the foul language detection program, it got censored LOL}

{Guild}[Feng-er Sha-er Wo Tu]: What ??? happened {Translator Input: "what the fuck happened" is what Tu Tu wrote}

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: I ??? you ? Bing*Xue, used red medicine {HP medicine} at the PK field!!

{Guild}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Don't you understand the rules ah

Wu Han Ying was stunned at first, but after reading Xiao Xiao Xiao's words, he understood that the other player used red medicine to fill up her blood. Although he had never tried his hand in PK at the arena, he did know a little bit about the PK rules: to never use pets, red medicine, or blue medicine {MP potion}.

Basically, the red and blue medicine in TLBB do not have cool down times, so it is forbidden to use them at the PK field; if this rule wasn't in place, those with a lot of money would have the upper hand.

Wu Han Ying also got angry, What is this? Shamelessly playing dirty.

The entire chat channel was filled with message after message concerning the use of the red medicine, regardless of that, in the end Xiao Wu with only two-thirds of her blood bar left gloriously killed Bing*Xue since she did not give her another chance to fill up her blood.

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: My wife is so powerful

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: (Smiling Expression)

{Team}[Xiao Xiao Xiao~]: Sao Zi Sao Zi, I worship you

{Team}[Xiang Zuo Kan]: Sao Zi, you're so strong

After everyone teleported out of the PK field to buff up their blood, the guild channel began to get lively again. Bing*Xue made a bunch of crying emoticons and kept saying that Xiao Xiao Xiao was scolding her for nothing; it was her first time doing PK, so she did not know she can't refill her blood during Arena PK. She even said everyone was taking Bangzhu's side and no one came to comfort her. She also said that there were many people on Bangzhu's team present to give her supporting skills and no one was there to give her some buff, so it was obvious that she would lose.

Wu Han Ying felt his blood boiling up; what was she basing her statement that everyone was giving Xiao Wu supporting buffs on? He really could not contain his anger and was about to curse back, when the screen suddenly got dark...the power was cut...


End of Chapter 35