Noticing This Love


Noticing This Love Chapter 1

Scene. I heard the sound of the bouquet as it slid out of my hands and fell to the ground, I was stunned by the sight in front of me.

To prepare for this day, I had researched about the language of flowers, I even had a set of clothing put aside, my mind had been revolving around this day for a while now. At present time, I felt like dying, this had to be a mistake. It felt like half my soul was gone.

"It's not what it looks like, Angel-kun! This is, um…"

Cassie, the poster-girl for the bakery as well as my girlfriend, quickly let go of the man's body and shook her head as she sat up. Her soft and fluffy, flaxen hair shook, it felt like it would emit a sweet scent. Her eyes were filled with tears. The only thing that was different was what was on top of her. What a man and woman would be doing half-naked, there was no mistake.


The man who was under Cassie slowly raised his body up, his hoarse and sexy voice calling my name. He had beautiful silver hair, and slowly opened his bluish-purple eyes. Ah, again. Instead of choosing me, she also chose this bastard. My mind went blank, but I understood, I immediately turned around and ran away.

While cursing that stupid fool of a big brother.

The beginning of this story dates back to 13 years ago.

"We'll be gaining a new family member."

"I'll be joining your family, my name is Elvira. Please take care of me."

My usually silent father, Gilbert, said these outrageous words and it was followed by a soft and cheerful voice.

Mother, are you listening? My real mother had died soon after I was born, if my father was happy, I didn't have much to say as my family increased. So, I didn't know how I should react, I introduced myself as Chisaku Angel and hid behind my father. Someone crouched down to look at the me who was fidgeting, the person had on a wide smile.

"Your eyes are similar to Jill's!"

It would be cool in the future! She said in a joyful voice, she gently stroked my black hair with her beautiful soft hands, a soft, fluffy smell was coming from her, I looked to see who she was.

She had dazzling blonde hair, and was extremely beautiful, she felt like the sun.

"And this here is Sadias. He'll be your new older brother."

Here, nice to meet you. She encouraged the boy to come out from behind her, he had beautiful, silky, silver hair and bluish-purple eyes resembling the time between morning and night, he looked like a doll. If that woman was the sun, then he was like the moon. I timidly gave him a warm handshake, my heart felt a bit ticklish and was squeezed when he held my hand tightly, the beautiful child's cheeks dyed pink and he gave a small smile.

Let's be real. That was surely my first love. My heart throbbed at the sight of my older brother's cute smile, "brother, brother" I would walk around calling Sadias. My older brother was 10 years old and I was 7 years old. My older brother was a slow developer and looked fair and fragile. On the other hand, I was tall for my age, I protected my delicate older brother from the neighbouring hooligans. I was like a knight protecting their princess.

Sadias was always reading difficult books, I couldn't understand the contents at all, so I decided to pick up sword fighting. Leaving Sadias to study, I would grow stronger. My parents were both famous adventurers, so merciless training was awaiting.

When I got injured, Sadias would treat me, who was in tears. He apparently had a high aptitude for magic, and mastered healing magic as a child.

"Don't overdo it, Angel."

He said so with a sad look on his face, I stubbornly looked away as he was still healing the scratch on my knee.

"I have to become stronger to protect my brother… I'll be with brother forever and you can heal my injuries."

My face was beet red as I was speaking. I was seriously thinking of becoming strong like my father so that I could always stay with him.

Haha, I looked at Sadias to see him laughing, his cheeks had a light hue and his bluish-purple eyes were gently looking at me.

"Then it's a promise then."

He reached a slender white hand towards my neck, and suddenly bit into my clavicle. I trembled as he gently stroked my back, his tongue was licking up the blood that had been drawn out. I felt magical power flowing from there, followed by a gentle heat.

"Ah… What…"

"…Because this mark is on Angel, I can rush to you whenever you're injured."

Sadias looked genuinely happy as he licked his lips, I stared blankly. My gentle older brother kept me going in circles with his eccentricities, and before I realized it my hand was grabbed and I was home. I later checked the mirror to see that a small bluish-purple magic symbol was drawn on my clavicle.

From that point on, my dreams and plans went downhill.

My father was tall and well-built, his rough and silent demeanour was my ideal. His figure wielding a large sword was also cool. I was told since childhood that my black hair and sharp eyes were similar, so I thought I would grow up to be like him in the future. I inherited my bright green eyes from my mother. Sadias said my eyes resembled fresh leaves wet with morning dew.

My father was a head bigger than his peers at the age of 17. However, my growth seemed to peak at a younger age, my height had stopped at a point that was neither too tall or too short. Average. Even though I drank milk everyday.

On the other hand, Sadias kept growing. Eh, what happened to my small and cute older brother? This must be a joke. Now that I thought about it, his mother was also tall, it may have been expected. He grew a head taller than me.

Sadias's feminine appearance that looked like his mother, was now a beautiful, well put together man's face.

He's sexy, looks like a prince, his mysterious atmosphere is unbearable, he smells nice, I want to be held by him. I was tired of hearing people gossip about him everyday. Straight nose, bluish-purple eyes, thin lips. Silver hair that shines in the light. Although the number of eyes, nose and mouth were the same, it was unfair, I don't know how many times I've thought that. Even though our parents were different, we were still brought up with the same meals, it's strange.

And then his high magic aptitude, even though my older brother was training in swordsmanship, was exposed and unbelievably he was outed as a flawless superman.

He had also went by another name, the Super Man-whore (self-titled).

This is a Teaser.