Noire de Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training of the Fallen Vampire Princess~


Noire de Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training of the Fallen Vampire Princess~ Chapter 8

—–—–Chapter 9


「Absolutely not!」

The voice of refusal was echoing inside Eiji’s room.
The one who raised the voice, of course was the black-haired vampire princess.
While raising her eyebrows in displease, she also made an X sign with her hands crossed in front of her. Her rejection was shown in both speech and action.

「Absolutely? I feel like I had this conversation yesterday.」

Yesterday, Eiji asked for a fellatio but she refuse it like this.
However, there’s a clear reason as to why she refuse fellatio yesterday. But now, she refuse this other act because she simply dislike the notion.
What the black-haired vampire princess refused was…..

「Doing it in the butt…… Is absolutely strange!
I’m sorry for that strange act!」

It was the so-called anal sex.
Certainly, it could be called an abnormal play.. But it is also unexpected for Eiji that Noire was showing such strong rejection.
Seeing that she was still refusing, Eiji finally gave up..

I’ll brew black tea to fix your mood.」
「Speaking about black tea, how about tea bags?」
「Nope.. Yesterday I bought tea leaves and the pot…」
「Ehh, really!?」

Noire was really happy when she was offered black tea, she looks like she can’t wait for it.
Apparently, her bad mood was also blown away in an instant.

「Aah, we have to wait a bit for the water to boil.」
「I can if it’s just that…」

Eiji look at the vampire princess’ happy appearance with a bitter smile and went to the kitchen to boil the water.

He tear open the seal of the tea leaves he bought and took out three teaspoon of it and pour it inside the pot.

He close the lid and wait for it to steam a little. Then he pour the tea inside two prepared cups.
Afterwards he brought the two cups on a tray and present one of them to Noire.

「Here, go ahead.」
「Un, arigatou」

When Noire received the tea cup, she first brought it close to her nose to enjoy the smell.
Satisfied with the smell, she brought the tea cup toward her mouth and drink it.

「The tea leaves looks pretty good.
It’s not ba-…..」

Suddenly, Noire’s body trembled. And she looks like she want to say something.
She placed the cup she was holding in hands on the table and she placed her hands on her chest as if to hold her heart.

When she was about to fell, Eiji holds her in his arm.

T-that tea just now..!?」

Noire who was now aware of the sudden undulation inside her body glares at the brewer of the tea. Because he was the only other person inside the room.

「Aah, I hid a little of my blood inside your cup..」
「Huh!? W-What do you mean?!」

Being puzzled and anger, Noire’s face was slowly dyed red with excitement.
Although it was slowly strengthening, her love nectar had started to flow from her crotch.
Because it was mixed with the black tea, the effect of the blood was thinner. Although it is thinner it’s still impossible for her to handle the Magical Power that Eiji gave her
And also, it’s already impossible for her to stand up on her own.

Eiji carried Noire who is unable to resist anymore on top of the bed.
And because he put a rolled futon below her belly, her posture right now is where her ass is sticking out.
While Noire was embarrassed and protesting in silence, Eiji raised up her skirt..


Eiji put his hands on her black shorts contrary to her white skin and slowly peels it off. Of course, her shorts is already wet at the part where it touches with her crotch because of the overflowing nectar.
Noire’s stainless butt which eventually became exposed was reminiscent of the full moon(s) floating in the night sky.

「Ooh! It looks soft to touch.」
「D-don’t touch it!」

The flesh is thin, but the skin is soft to the touch.
Noire who tried to escape from his touch lacks the strength to do it.
After he feels her butt for a while, he finally gets in to the main dish. He puts his hands on her left and right butt and then he push it apart to opens her butt.
The butthole that was shown to his face was like a Chrysanthemum flower hidden in a mountain range.


Noire’s unclean and shameful hole was shown, and she scream in embarrassment.
However, the real attack on her lovely butt starts now..
Eiji took a breather and started to brought his face close to her anus and….

「Hyuuu!? D-Don’t do that!!」

When Eiji blows air to her butthole, it responds with twitching.
Noire was begging Eiji to stop, but Eiji just ignore her and keeps on blowing.

「Hyaa! Aahuu! Uuaaa!」

Each time Eiji blows air to her butthole, it keeps twitching. To the touchless feeling towards her ass, Noire grasped the bedsheets tightly with her face down on the bed.
When Eiji cease to blowing, she lose her strength and drops down feeling tired.


And then, Eiji moved to the next step towards the vampire princess who was still in fatigue with rough breath.
He pushed apart her butt with his thumb and middle finger of his left hand.
And then, he touch and tickles her butthole with his free hand..

「Hyaaaa!? Ya-yamete..!
I-it’s dirty!! Don’t touch it..!」

Eiji’s blood that was mixed with the black tea was a few drops, and Noire only drank a sip. The total amount of blood that was taken by the body was quite small.
Therefore, it’s not the same like what happened on the first day where she could pass out. And her mind and words are still clear.
Even though her mind was clear, in this case, it will become useless.
Thinking clearly won’t help her to escape from shame.
And Noire’s face was already dyed red in shame from being touched in the ass, and she tried to hide it by pushing her face toward a pillow.

It was an act to hide herself from shame, She did not notice that she was feeling the fingers that was dancing on the bottom of her buttocks more clearer than before as her view was sealed.

As the finger moves to trace the edges of her anus, her anus was twitching and her back was shaking.

While her anus was twitching, it looks as if it was welcoming his finger. Savoring that scene, Eiji lets out a laugh.

Whether that laughter was heard, Noire keeps on shaking her head as she shriveled her head towards the pillow.

And Eiji move his hands on her butt.
He then put his index finger from both hands at the edges of her anus, and slowly pull it apart to expand her butthole..
And then, he look inside of her inner ass that was opened like a mouth.

「Stop…. D-don’t look!!
T-that place..!! Don’t look inside!!」
「It’s okay if you’re shy, it’s pink colored all the way.」

Being shamed from looking inside her ass was already enough to make her want to die. And Noire was raising a scream while pushing her face toward the pillow that silenced her screams.

Noire who was still pushing her face toward the pillow, didn’t see what Eiji was going to do.

Of course, even if she saw what Eiji was going to do, she won’t be able to do anything to stop him..


Noire suddenly felt pain and pressure on her ass. And then, Noire raised a scream with a bit of sensuality in her voice.
When she raised her head from the pillow and looked behind, what she saw was Eiji’s right hand little finger was hiding inside her ass.
Given what she felt earlier, what he did can be imagine. Eiji pushed his little finger inside her ass.

「Wha- what is…? …. Fi-fi-finger!?
So-sounaaa…… Pu-putting your f-finger inside my a-ass…..」

And when he started to rotate his finger in that state, her inside was twisted and a friction was felt. To the sudden feeling that springs up, Noire unexpectedly raised her voice.
When she was desperately thinking that the feeling she felt from her asshole was unpleasant, she did not notice that her pussy was already flowing with her love nectar.
Still, she would have realised that in her heart and that it will be tough. So she started to beg Eiji to stop the torture..

「P-pl-please…. Pull it out….」
「Aah, wakatta..」

To Noire’s begging to pull out his finger from her butthole, Eiji obediently pull it out. At that moment when Eiji was pulling out his finger, Noire felt pleasure from her butt and Noire unexpectedly lets out a moan.
However, although Noire was letting out a moan from being relieved at his finger being pulled out… She was confronted with his finger, and she suddenly let out a foolish sound.
Moreover, it was his ring finger that was a bit thicker that he putted in this time…

「Let’s slowly widen Noire’s butthole by doing it like this.」
「I-I-Iyaaaaa… I don’t want that…!!」

Noire is seriously loathed Eiji and his tortures, but her resistance was weakened as soon as he started to move his finger inside her.
The feeling of pressure was still there, but the pain she felt earlier is gone. Instead, Noire felt a numbing pleasure that came from her butt. It crawled through her waist and went to her head.
For her to feel something like that, it was undeniable that she was feeling pleasured.

—–—–Chapter 9