Night Ranger

Other name: An Ye You Xia; Dark Night Ranger; 暗夜游侠

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Date released: 2015
Views: 13206

Author: Dark Blue Coconut Milk; 深蓝椰子汁

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Qidian International

Legendary player Marvin transmigrated to the eve of the Great Calamity. This was the end of the fourth era, all gods joined hands to destroy the Universe Magic Pool and the fourth Fate Tablet had begun maturing. All gods, demons, legends, devils, liches, dragons and other legendary creatures were appearing one after the other. In order to protect those he loved, Marvin has no other choice but to delve into the shadows. This is the story of a young ranger growing into the Ruler of the Night during the era of Chaos. ___ TL (temporary) – This is a story about transmigration into a game world. Marvin landed in the body of a young noble who just lost his territory to a pack of gnoll. But that’s not all! He had less than six month before the Great Calamity. He had half a year to get stronger and prepare his forces. Fortunately, he was one of the best players in “Feinan Continent”. Armed with his knowledge and experience, he will get rid of all obstacles in his path.
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